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Visual Black Book is a comprehensive reference and problem-solving guide for Visual Basic programmers. It covers Visual tips. NET Black Book Edition is a comprehensive reference and NET. Plus readers will learn the crucial Visual Basic tool set in detail. The book will help you to understand full power of windows application, and will teach you deployment of windows and web applications and building windows.

Next, add a button to Form1 in the same manner, as illustrated in Figure 1. Visual Basic 6. These are the controls that will appear in our application.

The next step is to customize them; in this case, start by changing the caption of the button from "Button1" to "Click Me.

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Next, move to the Properties window at the lower right of the IDE; this lists the properties of the currently selected control or object if you can't see the Properties window, select the View Properties Window menu item. Click the Text property no longer the Caption property of Visual Basic 6. You set properties of objects such as this button to customize them, and we'll be doing so throughout the book.

The Properties window lists properties like the Text property on the left and their values on the right; to change a property's value, you only have to edit its setting and press Enter. In the same way, erase the text in the text box by using its Text property in the Properties window, giving you the result you see in Figure 1.

Visual Basic has done a lot of programming for us to get us to this point, but it can't do everything; in particular, it's up to us to add some code to place the message "Hello from Visual Basic" in the text box when the user clicks the button.

To associate code with the button, you just double-click the button, as you would in Visual Basic 6.

Find the part of the code that handles clicks of the button, which looks like this this will also look different to Visual Basic 6. EventArgs Handles Button1.

Click End Sub To place the text we want in the text box when the user clicks the button, type this code directly into the code window, as you see in Figure 1. Click TextBox1. The application starts, as you see in Figure 1. That's itour first program is a success. To close the application, click the X button at upper right, as you would with any Windows application. This is the magic of Visual Basicwith one line of code, we've created a functioning application. That's our first Visual Basic application, already up and running.

Make sure you save the WinHello application Visual Basic will save all files when it runs an application, but you also can use the File Save All menu item before moving on.

If you look in the IDE's title bar and in the tabs above the code window in Figure 1. In fact, all this is pretty familiar to Visual Basic 6.

Solution 2

This application will do the same as the Windows application we've just seen, but it'll run on a Web server and appear in a browser. Give this new application the name WebHello, as you see in Figure 1.

You can enter the location of your server in the Location box in the New Projects dialog box; if you have IIS running on your local machine, Visual Basic will find it and use that server by default, as you see in Figure 1. As you also can see in Figure 1. You can see a note in the Web form under designcalled a pageat the center of the IDE that says that we're using the Grid layout mode.

In this mode, controls will stay where you position them, just as they did when we created our Windows application. The other layout mode is the Flow layout mode; in this mode, the controls in your application will move around, as they would in a standard Web page, depending on where the browser wants to put them.

If your Web application happens to start in Flow layout mode, click the Web form itself, then set the pageLayout property in the Pproperties window at lower right to GridLayoutif you've used Visual Basic before, you're already familiar with the properties window; it's also covered in detail later in this chapter.

Now we can design our new Web application just as we did the Windows applicationclick the Web forms item in the toolbox, and add both a text box and a button to the Web form, as you see in Figure 1.

And, as before, we can double-click the button to open its associated code, as you see in Figure 1. Dreamtech Press; 1 edition Language: English ISBN Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Programming in VB. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review.

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The book is just awesome. The author has explained each and every detail of visual basic. NET very thoroughly in almost pages. I haven't finished reading all the pages but much I have done, that is really appreciable.

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The book contains every thing what programmer actually needs, it contains sufficient definitions of basic elements of VB for any interviews,has a wide problem solving techniques, explanation to all the forms and controls is really awesome, OOP concepts are explained too preciously and logically.

The content of the book are really precious. A bit outdated but what an beginner needs while learning a completely new language.

But yeah, be careful. If you are an absolute beginner that is you don't have basic idea of what an programming language is, then don't go for this book. The best book for vb. Net beginners. Good Book for professionals. Even if you never plan to touch a lick of assembly code in your entire professional career, this book is a fantastic and thoroughly useful read.

Visual Basic .NET

I was a mere Visual Basic programmer when I found this book along with The Zen of Code Optimization , picked it up on a lark, and I could barely put it down. It's that good. Abrash isn't just a seminal figure in the software engineering community , he's also one of the best technical writers you'll ever find. That's why he's one of my programming heroes , directly alongside Steve McConnell.

Visual Basic .NET Programming Black Book

His Graphics Programming Black Book is similarly great, and covers topics so general and wide ranging that the title becomes a bit of a misnomer. Best of all, it's available online for free courtesy of Byte , so you can sample it yourself.

I know what you're thinking. And assembly language. Plus it's from, like, , which is approximately in computer years. It's of no interest to me as a programmer.The Complete Reference.

The best book for vb. Srishti Gulati rated it it was amazing Sep 16, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. You are. Naura rated it it was ok Apr 23, The logical starting place for speeding up word counting would be David's original Pascal code, but I'm much more comfortable with C, [so I created] a loose approximation of David's word count program, translated to C.

More filters. Also the programs written in Visual basic can use windows API. Sajad Subhan marked it as to-read Oct 31,