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Friday, November 8, 2019

This is a guide to the basic elements that make up Skype. Have a read, it will help you get to know us a little better. Our logo. Our typeface. If you have a spine, visit our complete brand guidelines at Username: skype. Password: br4nd. Page 2. 3. Contents. 4. A conversation. Detailed information regarding Skype's brand guidelines.

Skype Brand Book Pdf

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Thanks to Issuu, there's an online version of Skype's Brand Book. Download PDF versions of the Skype Brand Books here: Download the. Skype Brandbook. 1. How welook. 2. This is a guide to the basic elementsthat make up Skype. Have a read, it willhelp you get to know us a little. Skype Brand Identity Book and Guidelines are another example of corporate identities done right. Some argue that this set of guidelines could.

Being absolutely meticulous with all of their branding initiatives.

They store much of their downloadable content on Brand Folder , a digital asset manager. It provides easy access to both press assets and visual mockups for users.

View the full Slack style guide here. Netflix Brand Guidelines Netflix is constantly expanding to new product offerings, geographic regions, and languages.

1. Nike Football

Their brand style guide is simple and to the point. View the full Netflix style guide here. WhatsApp Brand Guidelines WhatsApp, a messenger application, has combined their values, attributes, and design principles into their own single-page domain. View the full WhatsApp style guide here.

View the full Skype style guide here. Snapchat Brand Guidelines As a young, fast-growing social media brand, SnapChat has made many different kinds of waves. View the full Snapchat style guide here.

LinkedIn Brand Guidelines Given LinkedIn is all about connecting the business world and building your personal brand, it would make sense that they have developed a strong style guide.

LinkedIn promotes a clean, cross-cultural image that all their users can quickly identify. They cover everything from downloadable assets, color palettes, and social media etiquette.

Skype Logo and Brand Guidelines

View the full LinkedIn style guide here. Microsoft Brand Guidelines Microsoft has a multitude of brands under their umbrella, and keeping track of all of them is a complicated task.

View the full Microsoft style guide here. They have a large portfolio with multiple reseller and consultant programs so the rules need to perfect.

10 examples of great brand guidelines

View the full Adobe style guide here. It makes sense that their brand style guide is comprehensive and visually appealing. They take advantage of whitespace when needed and use high-quality photography everywhere else.

View the full Instagram style guide here. Well I ruined that hiding spot.

100 Brand Style Guides You Should See Before Designing Yours

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A final sample is requested. Lets talk Hungarian Skype.

A brand guide can be especially useful for new employees. Join the movement and take a look via pinterest here. And while they surely use the same photo more than once, at a retail level you'd be hard-pressed to find more than one of each picture.