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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Buy Leading 01 by Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Michael Moritz (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. 'Leading' was a series of anecdotes in management and leadership lessons by from Life and My Years at Manchester United by Sir Alex Ferguson The investor Sir Michael Moritz helped Sir Alex write the book and his. The book is a second go at Sir Alex's biography, this time focusing solely on his .. Det finns flera aspekter i boken Leading av Sir Alex Ferguson, legendarisk.

Sir Alex Ferguson Leading Book

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Editorial Reviews. Review. This is as good as Ferguson's last book. Both are about being a Sir Alex Ferguson is a former Scottish player and manager who managed Manchester United from to His time at the club has led to. Leading and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle .. Sir Alex Ferguson is a former Scottish player and manager who managed. Sir Alex Ferguson's new book, Leading, is full of fascinating insights into a managerial career that spanned over four decades and saw him accumulate a glut of.

He was fearless when it came to getting rid of high profiled players who undermined his control. Moreover, he never tried to be friends with his players as he saw it to be a recipe for failure.

Sir Alex Ferguson book: 15 things we learned from former Manchester United manager

Instead he made sure to keep authority, whilst trying to create a tightly knit atmosphere. When United moved to their new training ground, Carrington in , Ferguson claimed he wanted one dining room for everyone rather than splitting staff from players, as he wanted to create a team based culture.

I feel that the links made to the business world are quite repetitive and almost forced in some places. Whilst there is no doubt Ferguson is one of the greatest leaders to ever live and his some of his ideas and methods can be taken into the business world, many of the ideas in the book I feel are limited to football.

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As well as getting a look at what made Sir Alex Ferguson tick, you also learn about famous situations, like player contract problems, which are particularly interesting to football fanatics. This book might not be for you if you have little knowledge of football as many of the references will have little meaning.

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Alex Ferguson's Lessons on Leading

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Just simple, straight-forward advice from a man who knows a lot about leading others — on the pitch, in the boardroom, and possibly as importantly in the canteen and the laundry. Given the conversational style, it is almost inevitable that Ferguson occasionally repeats himself or talks around an issue that could be relayed in far fewer words.

Equally, there are a few factual and proofreading errors that slip through, but no one was expecting a literary tour de force. More irritating are the occasions where arguments are poorly made or contradictory statements made.

Leading Summary

Readers who know Ferguson from his footballing days will not be surprised by much in the book. There are no startling revelations about his practice as a manager, but rather some good solid advice sewn together by some interesting asides from his own past.

The trick, as with most good advice, is not in knowing it but in implementing it. Although it is impossible for me to say, being an avid fan of Ferguson, I do wonder if those who are less familiar with him and come to the book purely from a business perspective will find his advice a little more useful.

The lack of fancy models, needless acronyms, and all the other guff that comes with so many management books should be indicative of exactly how useful a successful man like Ferguson actually found all the intellectual paraphernalia that floats around business management. If ever you wanted to hear the value of hard work and repeatedly getting the simple things right, then Ferguson is the man to relay the message.Focus on the big things.

The trick, as with most good advice, is not in knowing it but in implementing it. Ferguson is one of the toughest disciplinarians in soccer.

Regardless of what the team is involved in, finding the formula to their success is the secret sauce that every leader tries to emulate. Embedded within the sharing by Sir Alex are relevant lessons for entrepreneurs who want to build enduring companies.

And this is where the title of the book is apt; it's called 'Leading', not 'Managing'.

Reader Reviews

Ferguson then recognized that high expectations only serve to put pressure on players. His daily routine was strenuous.

Build strong basic foundations. David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney were all known to stay late after training to perfect their free kicks.