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SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: The Comprehensive Guide: Computer Science Books @ SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: Computer Science Books @ Bring your data presentations into focus with this comprehensive guide to SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence. Updated for Webi , this book will teach you .

Sap Businessobjects Web Intelligence Book

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Got SAP BI? Now learn how to use it. Master analytics with our books on BOBJ WebI, SAP Lumira, and more!. In this pattern, we deploy SAP BusinessObjects BI platform on Linux. This pattern uses one web server, two application servers (Tomcat 7), and. Any ideas if there is a book coming out soon? I'm at the point where I Thoughts? SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform.

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Then, users may do almost everything they want with data to get the best insight. Thereupon, they are provided with different capabilities, including information drilling, slicing, and on demand formatting.

Finally, a lot of weight was attached to mobility - users no longer need to be tied to their desks. With Web Intelligence software they may ask questions and analyze data as well as identify occurring trends and tendencies regardless of where they actually are.

All the options can be accessed by them in the office and on the road as well. Efficient and comprehensive access to information is the core of any successful analysis.

That is why users of SAP BusinessObjects solution may easily access the data which originates from different sources at the same time. The type of the source also doesn't matter - the product ensures required flexibility and compatibility.

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However, it sometimes happen that the organization information may not actually be sufficient. In such cases, Web Intelligence software offers its users a chance to supply the company information with data from their own sources.

Eventually, it's understood that the answer to a single business question may be hidden in different data sources, divided into separate elements. The SAP solution allows to pick up all these elements from different sources and put them into an integral whole so that the problem could be quickly solved without a need for separate approaches to each of data sources.

Not every insight into data is required and - at once - not every one is reliable and trusted. SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence ensures the highest level of data trustworthiness by leveraging the common business terms and the semantic layer.

Simultaneously, it keeps an eye on transparency and visibility which are indispensable within the sources of information and report details as well. The last but not the least, the solution allows users to share their reports securely with other users, equally well as customers, partners, managers, and stakeholders all over the world. SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence benefits The ones above are the features and practical aspects of the Web Intelligence solution, which definitely influence on the problem solving and decision making process.

But that's a general approach. I've been doing WebI XI 3.

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In consideration of the following courses, I was thinking maybe do some book training which I like for the first course. I found this book which looks decent. Any ideas if there is a 4. I'm at the point where I need to start looking at this, so waiting is not an option, unless the 4.

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If you feel the training course are too much, you always buy the SAP Press book. Web Intelligence.

Since 4. It seems like the delta of 4.

We are working on a book for 4. It is currently on our project list which is subject to change. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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This question has been undeleted.Efficient and comprehensive access to information is the core of any successful analysis. See how to get it in their hands. The Web Intelligence Report Panel Tweets by e3zine. Gabe has more than 15 years of business analytics managerial and software engineering experience with extensive expertise around business intelligence, financial reporting, and decision analytics.

Once - in most of cases - it bases on data analysis which, if provided manually, could last even a month or two, the need for efficient system to support the business problems solving is highlighting.

Ajay Gupta.