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Visual Basic Keywords and Syntax. 5. Console Applications. Creating a NET 4. However, that support didn't mean that Visual Studio wasn't still. PROFESSIONAL VISUAL BASIC AND NET 4 5 PROGRAMMING socket. professional visual basic pdf. Visual Basic is a. Trademarks: Wiley, the Wiley logo, Wrox, the Wrox logo, Programmer to . 5. A Closer Look at Intermediate Language. 7. Support for Object Orientation and Interfaces NET 4. Now the language offers productivity features. Windows Store Apps and past 15 years, Visual Basic and C++ have undergone expansion.

Professional Visual Basic 2012_and_.net_4.5 Programming .pdf

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In fact, the outlook for professional Visual Basic programmers has never been . Chapter 5: Working with XaML Windows 8 applications use the XAML . Learn Microsoft Visual Basic , and a second book designed for more NET 4 Programming Step by Step, by Tim Patrick (Microsoft Press, ). Trademarks: Wiley, Wrox, the Wrox logo, Wrox Programmer to NET , because Visual Studio includes a built-in version of the web NuGet works on both Visual Studio and Visual Studio , and you can. Read an Excerpt Chapter (PDF) Index (PDF) Table of Contents (PDF) NET web programming with Visual Basic, Windows workflow, and threading. You'll explore This updated version of Professional Visual Basic retains its Summary CHAPTER 5: ADVANCED LANGUAGE CONSTRUCTS

Besides my readers, I owe a lot to other people who helped me write this book. First of all, a big thanks goes out to Brian Herrmann and Kim Cofer for their editorial work.

Once again, it was a pleasure to work with you! I also want to thank Damien Foggon for his many useful suggestions he provided as a technical editor. All of you really helped shape this book.

Many thanks also to the people from Wrox for their support and contributions to this book. Anne has done most of the new designs used in this book and I highly appreciate her input. Thanks again, Anne!

The concert pictures you see in this book come from Nigel D. Nudds, who kindly let me use pictures from his collection. Finally, I would like to thank my lovely girlfriend Fleur for her support during this project.

Who Are You? What Are You Allowed to Do? Things that were only possible on thick client apps are becoming a reality on the web.

With browsers get- ting faster and better each day, with more common tasks becoming available as reusable libraries, and with open sourcing of nearly all big web frameworks, our world wide web is a happening place. Penetration of mobile devices and the varied mobile app development technologies are making devel- opers further consider the open and accessible web as their medium of expression.

During this time, client side libraries like jQuery and jQuery mobile, and server-side technologies like ASP. On top of all this, free tools like Visual Web Developer make web development more fun than ever before. It is indeed a joy to be a web developer these days, and it is nice to see this book come out and make becoming web developer approachable for everyone.

NET Insiders group, in which we bounce feature ideas and pre-release products even before they ever get to public beta. Imar has been a constant source of feedback for the team during the development process and I am certain he will continue to be so even in the future.

In Beginning ASP.

5 Programming Course Kit

Whether you are just starting web development or upgrading to ASP. It is my pleasure to know Imar, and I want to thank him for his contribution to our community. His insights and thoughts were invaluable the product team behind ASP.

NET and Visual Studio. I hope his insights will help you too. Vishal R. With ASP. Together they form the platform to create dynamic and interactive websites. NET 2. While main- taining backward compatibility with sites built using these older versions, ASP. With each new release of Visual Studio since Visual Studio , I am surprised by the sheer amount of new functionality and changes Microsoft has been able to put in the product. Visual Studio is no exception. The UI of Visual Studio has been updated to the Windows 8 design look and feel to bet- ter align with other products from Microsoft.

My favorite new feature is probably the Page Inspector that helps you debug client-side as well as server-side code at the same time. I discuss the Page Inspector in Chapter I mention and discuss these new features throughout this book where appropriate.

For a complete list of all new features in ASP. NET website: NET probably the most attractive and compelling web develop- ment technologies available today. With the knowledge you gain from this book, you create a great foundation to build any type of website, ranging from simple hobby-related websites to sites you may be creat- ing for commercial purposes.

Anyone new to web programming should be able to follow along because no prior background in web development is assumed, although it helps if you do have a basic understanding of HTML and the web in general. The book starts at the very beginning of web development by showing you how to obtain and install Visual Studio.

The chapters that follow gradually introduce you to new tech- nologies, building on top of the knowledge gained in the previous chapters. Do you have a strong preference for Visual Basic over C or the other way around? Or do you think both languages are equally cool? Even if you have some experience with prior versions of ASP. NET, you may gain a lot from this book. Although many concepts from previous versions are brought forward into ASP. NET websites.

The chapter closes with an overview of the customization options that Visual Studio gives you. NET pages. In this chapter, you see how to make good use of these tools. Additionally, you learn about CSS, the language that is used to format web pages. They enable you to create complex and feature-rich websites with very little code. This chapter introduces you to the large number of server controls that are available, explains what they are used for, and shows you how to use them.

NET Server Controls can get you a long way in creating web pages, you are likely to use a programming language to enhance your pages. This chapter serves as an introduction to programming with a strong focus on programming web pages. Best of all: Skins and themes help you to centralize the looks of controls and other visual ele- ments in your site. You also see how to create a base page that helps to centralize program- ming code that you need on all pages in your site.

NET comes with a number of navigation controls. These controls are used to build the navigation structure of your site. You also learn how to programmatically send users from one page to another. As such, they are great for repeating content such as menus, banners, and so on. In this chapter, you learn how to create and use user controls and enhance them with some programmatic intelligence. This chapter shows you how to accept, validate, and process user input using ASP. Additionally, you see how to send e-mail from your ASP.

In this chapter you learn how to use the built-in Ajax features to enhance the presence of your web pages, resulting in a smoother interaction with the website. In this chapter you learn the basics of jQuery and see how to add rich visual effects and animations to your web pages.

You learn the flast. In addition, you are introduced to the database tools found in Visual Studio that help you create and manage your SQL Server databases. NET data-bound and data source controls to create a rich interface that enables your users to interact with the data in the data- base that these controls target.

The ADO.

The Guide To Resume Tailoring

You also see how to work with strongly typed data controls to make it easier to write code with fewer errors. You see how to change the visual appearance of your data through the use of control styles. You also see how to interact with the data-bound controls and how to speed up your website by keeping a local copy of frequently accessed data. This chapter shows you how to make use of the built-in ASP.

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NET features related to security. You learn about a number of application services that facilitate security.

You also learn how to let users sign up for an account on your website, how to distinguish between anonymous and logged-on users, and how to man- age the users in your system. NET web pages. You also get a good look at the Page Inspector that has been introduced in Visual Studio But how exactly do you do that?

What are the things you need to know and understand to put your website out in the wild? Using the famous Wrox Try It Out and How It Works sections, you are guided through a task step by step, detailing important things as you progress through the task.

Each Try It Out task is followed by a detailed How It Works section that explains the steps you performed in the exercise. Later chapters do not assume you followed and carried out the tasks from the exercise sections of previous chapters. Chapter 1 shows you how to obtain and install Visual Studio , which in turn installs the Microsoft.

Murachs ado net 4 database programming with vb 2010 pdf jobs

NET Framework version 4. They usually consist of a set of steps. Each step has a number. Follow the steps through with your copy of the code. NOTE Boxes like this one hold important, not-to-be forgotten information that is directly relevant to the surrounding text. Be sure to read these carefully when you get stuck in an exercise.

As for styles in the text: URLs within the text are presented like this: Entering a tinyurl. For example: Dim roles As New ArrayList roles. Add "Administrators" roles. Add "ContentManagers" To put emphasis on a block of code surrounded by other code, I use a bolded font like this: The sample code that comes with this book has the code typically on a single line.

This is done to make the screen text stand out from the rest of the text. If somehow this link no longer works, go to www. If you extract the source, make sure you maintain the original folder structure that is part of flast. The different decompression tools use different names for this feature, but look for a feature like Use Folder Names or Maintain Directory Structure. If everything turned out correctly, you should end up with the structure shown in Figure I So, you should open a folder such as C: If you want to follow along in both programming languages, create a second folder called C: This way, the two sites can coexist without any problems.

Sticking to this structure ensures a smooth execution of the Try It Out exercises in this book. Incorrectly mixing or nesting these folders makes it harder to carry out the exercises and may even lead to unexpected situations and errors.

Whenever you run into an issue or error that is not explained in this book, ensure that your site structure is still closely related to the one presented here. However, no one is perfect, and mistakes do occur.

By sending in errata you may save another reader hours of frustration and at the same time you will be helping me provide even higher quality information. Then, on the book details page, click the Errata link. On this page you can view all errata that has been submitted for this book and posted by Wrox editors.

The forums are a web-based system for you to post messages relating to Wrox books and related technologies and interact with other readers and technology users. The forums offer a subscription feature to e-mail you topics of interest of your choosing when new posts are made to the forums.

At p2p. To join the forums, just follow these steps: Go to p2p. Read the terms of use and click Agree. Complete the required information to join as well as any optional information you wish to provide and click Submit. You will receive an e-mail with information describing how to verify your account and com- plete the joining process.

Comdex .NET 4.5 Programming Course Kit

You can read messages in the forums without joining P2P but in order to post your own messages, you must join which is free. After you join, you can post new messages and respond to messages other users post. You can read messages at any time on the web. If you would like to have new messages from a particu- lar forum e-mailed to you, click the Subscribe to this Forum icon by the forum name in the forum listing.

NET Framework 1.

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NET, the part of the. NET Framework that enables you to build rich web applications. The introduction of ASP. NET 1. With classic ASP, your program- ming logic was often scattered throughout the HTML of the page, making it hard to make changes to the page later. This made it easier for the many Visual Basic desktop programmers to make the switch to web applications. NET that enabled developers to create and code their web applications visually.

Despite the many advantages of ASP. NET also meant an increase in complexity and the knowledge needed to build applications with it, making it harder for many new programmers to get started with ASP. After the initial release in , Microsoft released another version of the. NET Framework called. NET Many people saw this as a service pack for the initial release, although it also brought a lot of new enhancements in both the framework and the development tools.

To the pleasant surprise of many developers around the world, Microsoft had again been able to drastically improve and expand the product, adding many features and tools that helped reduce the complexity that was introduced with ASP. New wizards and smart controls made it possible to reduce the code required to build an application, decreasing the learning curve for new developers and increasing their productivity. NET 3. NET 4 in March NET 4 releases, leaving many of the beloved features in place while adding new features and tools in other areas.

If you know the basics of Visual Basic, youre ready to learn to develop server-side web applications with ASP. And thats where this book comes in: Anne Boehm This Visual Basic book has been a favourite of developers ever since the 1st edition came out in Now, this 5th Edition is a self-paced, professional book that shows how to use Visual Studio , VB , and the.

NET 4. It is a data programming visual basic, visual basic book, windows forms applications, data programming book, professional database applications. Web Development By: Product Description: This book has provided me with the information to jump right into creating web applications with Visual Basic. It is an excellent training guide and at the same time, it provides real-world examples that can be reused in multiple projects and applications.

A developer's comment web programming, application, asp. Ray Harris Want to create websites that deliver the fast response times, dynamic user interfaces, and special effects that today's users expect? Then this is the book for you! Whether you're just starting out in JavaScript or whether you're ready to move into DOM scripting, it gives you the skills you need.

This practical, hands-on training and reference guide is perfect for developers who need to learn MySQL.If you want to try out the full version of Visual Studio , which also contains the web components, you can sign up for a free trial on the Microsoft site at http: NET The Visual Basic language essentials Chapter 4.

In addition, you are introduced to the database tools found in Visual Studio that help you create and manage your SQL Server databases.

His career progression was swift carrying him through security engineering and into architecture where he earned a lead role. You also see how to create a base page that helps to centralize program- ming code that you need on all pages in your site.