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Ni No Kuni - The Wizard's Companion - English v4 - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. The Wizard's Companion for Ni No . This is an unofficial community for discussion, news, and anything else related to the video game Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch or Ni no. Im going to download the game from the ps store when its available, and i realize that this is digitally in the game, but id really like a copy of the.

Ni No Kuni Magic Book Pdf

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Uploaded by: ANNICE . The included book PDF looks like it's just the PS3 book in PDF form. . Re: the Magic Master ( DS) / Wizard's Companion (PS3) book differences, there are. Hino said in an interview he wants to bring Ninokuni to America. . need to do a spell. and pirates will likely scan the book and put up a pdf or. Downstairs in the fireplace is a magic book (魔法の本), called Magic Master ( マジックマスター), the name of the physical guidebook you get if you buy the DS.

Generally speaking, normal monsters should never give you any trouble but mini-bosses can be a bit difficult if you haven't gotten lost and levelled up a ton compared to what the game expects. Especially effective attacks will return red letters; in this case fireball will.

Weak attacks will return blue letters, and if you hit a monster with an attack that's the same element as it wind attack to a wind monster etc it'll heal the monster. Oliver says "Finally made it through the forest!

It's just a bit further to Goroneeru Kingdom, if we go south we'll be see it". Oliver says "Yeah! But Goroneeru Kingdom is a strange name I think it's a normal name though Anyway let's go! These sparkles will appear periodically in dungeons and the overworld, and the items there regrow after about half an hour but don't worry about picking them up because all the same items become purchasable later on.

After this screen you arrive in the overworld; Shizuku says the kingdom's to the South-East, and on the right if you look at the top-screen. Bag menu items: The door's closed Let's try asking.


Oliver says "What, is he sick? This is dependant on magic! Oliver, the only one who can solve this situation is you! Save the listless gate-guard with your magic! A box pops up asking if you want to accept this quest, hit yes and a "You've accepted! Taking heart pieces, he steals people's attack power. The right guard's missing 'motivatoin' so if you find someone who has an extra piece of that, take it and we can restore him back to normal.

Look, there's one more guard and he has so much tension it's to the point of being scary. He definitely has an extra piece of motivation. Take it from him. You get an "orange drop" after you do so; Shizuku says it's made from the heart's appreciation of being restored back to normal. You can use them later on for your pets.

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Go to its wiki page for more info. If a person has a quest you can take, or if you've currently accepted a quest from them, their speech bubble will be yellow. The gate will be drawn up and Shizuku will say "You've solved things! You can only take a heart piece from a person one time, so if you need the same heart piece later on you can't get it from that guardman again. Oliver's looking around and says "Various stuff's different!

People's clothing is kinda strange! We've gotta get you some World 1 clothing, fast! If you talk to villagers after this cutscene they all say stuff like "What strange, fashionable clothes you have! I too travelled to various countries when I was young! One says the king owns a strong magical wand but doesn't do magic anymore. This is King Nyandal's castle, Koroneeru castle!

You can't meet him with those strange yellow travelling clothes! If you want to meet him go down into the town and exchange them". Meaning, later you can go back there and get quests from the ghost. In the left side of town is a pink owl shop - that's the clothing shop, the old lady says if she gets the King's permission then she'll make clothes for you.

Other books: CARD MAGIC BOOK

Anyway, after this you can find people to take quests from. Quests aren't usually automatically "completed", you have to go and talk to the quest-giver again to get your stamps and complete it. Confused about quest or stamp redeeming? Look here. Once you have three stamps, talk to the guard at the top of town again - he now says "sure you have the stamps, but you need normal clothes".

Go to the pink owl shop; the old lady says that in the past they used to receive a lot of otherworldly travellers from North Forest and they'd exchange their clothes for normal ones; also that faeries used to be more common, but that modern kids don't know about any of this stuff.

She says come back tomorrow and she'll have taken in the seams on an adult adventurer's clothing so a kid can wear them. Go to the inn on the right side of town, it has a blue fish on the ground in front of it , and talk to the lady there to spend the night.

Cutscene, Oliver dreams of his mother: No matter what happens, go to them. Who's that someone?

Ni no Kuni DS fan translation released

They're someone important to both you and me. Just keep going, you have to know the truth no matter how hard it is. Every time from now on, if you sleep at an inn you have a chance of going to a dream world which can give you special items.

Anyway, go and pick up your clothing, go into the castle, almost get to the king's room and then be told that you can't go in there right now; he's been listless ever since the thing he liked was stolen.

What's that thing? No one knows. You now have to go back to Oliver's world and find the King's "other self" to get the hint as to what's wrong, so Shizuku tells Oliver to use the gate spell you can use it from anywhere, you don't have to be in the town square in either world to use it for example.

Go to Leila's shop and Oliver will ask for her cat Frank. Leila says "Oliver, you What should I say, I wonder You alright? Where's Frank? Frank, Frank? He's always around here though Use the gate spell again to go back to world 2.

Go back into the kingdom, visit the pink owl shop and the old lady'll have a quest "I think what was stolen from the King was an ear picker; you meet various kinds of people, don't you know something? Inside the sewers a ill-mannered rat is living there, he's probably done something again". Talking to people around town, it becomes clear that the rat steals anything sparkly or precious to people and he's been getting worse and worse since the townspeople have been so lethargic they haven't bothered to even scold him like they did before.

Now's a good time to walk out of the kingdom and do the Old Tree quest and two Overworld Monster quests if you want. Lost and can't find the waterway? Go to the town square with the fountain, then go to the lower-right path.

Alternatively, go to the upper-right from the weapon shop. At the underground entrance the sewers which are rumoured to have monsters and "no one ever comes back from there! Instead he gives his imagine to you and you go in his place; nickname his imagine. In this next room is where you can smash the last vase for the cat coin quest. Advancing into the room, a battle will come up.

You have to click and drag the bird imagine and replace the orange imagine with it. You can even replace fainted characters with fresh characters, since you can hit "replace" at any time and replace a character even when it's not the one currently in use.

Replacing characters doesn't cost you a battle turn either. If a character faints, after the battle they'll automatically be restored with about 1 HP, so you can just use heal on them. If Oliver faints it doesn't matter, you won't lose the game, it's just that you can't let all 3 party members be fainted at the same time. By the way, I think the imagines are stronger than Shizuku so I normally replace him with someone else.

Hit the up arrow on the directional pad to switch the menu back to the normal attack menu. Now complete the battle as normal. Don't worry about using up all of your MP because there will always be save statues before boss battles and sometimes just randomly in the middle of the dungeon too. Once you've gone up one screen and then to the upper-right, you'll find a statue of the cat king.

Remember, you don't have to actually draw the spell, just cast it from your spellbook menu.

To the upper-right is another cat statue. Cast Fireball only on the middle candlestick. Now go upwards and fight the purple mouse mini-boss. A blue portal will open up transporting you to outside of the sewers. Now go talk to the king. Unfortunately you have to manually draw "take heart" and "give heart" every single time.

If you forgot what the spell looks like, just preview it in your spellbook. Oliver tells the king that he's going to defeat Jabo, who responds with basically "Do you know what you're saying? The king says that he used to be able to do all kinds of magic in the past, but Jabo sealed everyone so that they can each only remember their own specialty - in the King's case, water magic note the fish all over in his town. Can't wait to get my hands on it next month! Thx for the pics!

I've come to realize that even though it's a handheld, I never bring it with me out in public. I don't have time to just sit around and enjoy myself unfortunately. Aug 17, 24, Philippines psnprofiles. Doesn't this defeat the purpose of being a portable game? Sure it's cool though. Hopefully they localize both versions. Jonnyram Member. Jun 8, 19, 0 0 Neo Tokyo. Bebpo said:. LiK Member. Mar 26, , 1 0 MA twitter. Fucking importing this. Zeouterlimits Member. Apr 2, 16, 0 0 Ireland www.

LiK said:. JustAnotherOtaku Member. Feb 10, 9, 0 0 Belfast, Northern Ireland twitter. Zeouterlimits said:. Yeah, I'm considering it too. Jul 19, 1, 0 0 Apple Valley, CA.

Dachande Member. Jun 24, 3, 0 0 UK. Jun 7, , 1 0 Jonnyram said:. Maybe they'll release an epub version for iPhone. That would be nice. Or if some online dude just scans it all and makes a PDF? I'm sure it'll happen.

Dec 5, 4, 0 0 Sweden. Pretty much the only game I can see myself playing with a Move controller, that thing was built for this game. Huh, thanks for that. But cool. But what does that mean for localisation..

Aokage Pretty nice guy apart from the blue shadows thing Feb 28, 2, 0 0. Shiggy Member. Jun 10, 26, 1 1, NoE will release it in Europe BLagiver Banned. Waiting to play this before playing the ps3 one. OnePointZero Member. Count me in the "surprised that the spaniard translation came out way before the english one" camp, which is the one I started playing back in april. I have to say that it got boring pretty quickly, even though I have kept it on my radar for many years, and the monster design is pretty bland.

Anyway, the production values for a DS game are through the roof! Koppai Member. Hell I bought the game off GAF and never played it. Sappharad Member. Aeana said: They seem to be taking credit for it in the linked thread, so I'm a bit confused by that. Perhaps there's extra stuff in there. I'm too lazy to pull out my book to find out. But the terminology in there is definitely the same as PS3. SinCItyAssassin Member. Dec 10, Oct 25, 8, Finally, I kept a sealed copy of the DS version in my collection, now I can just play this.

Dandy Crocodile Community Resetter Member.

Studio Ghibli’s Video Game Play: The Media Convergence of Ni no Kuni

This was my first import game ever and honestly it was kinda boring but I'll probably check out the patch for fun. FantasticMrSnake Member. Nice, i'll give it a try, I remember getting this used in some shop while i was on holiday in japan, and i tried to ask if it was only in japanese I didn't know but it was imposible for the guy to understand my question, so screw it, i brought it.

EarthPainting Member.

Oct 26, 2, Town adjacent to Silent Hill. Probably my favourite version of the two, though it's still a Level 5 RPG at the end of the day. If you can stomach those, this version has slightly better pacing, lacks those inconsequential 'ho ho the boy is going to the place, we shall prepare and definitely not fail this time' scenes that the home console version had all over the place, it makes you actually use the book, and it's just generally got a lot less frustrating battle system.

Story stops at a more natural point too. Much like the PS3 version, it looks incredibly for its platform. I do wonder how much of this game's gimmick will be diminished though if you replace the physical book by a PDF. Good to see they were able to make a translation for it either way.

Dec 10, 1. Hi there! I'm the lead translator for the project. Glad to see some interest over here! We tried to use terminology from the PS3 game as much as possible save ourselves time when working on the book translation, but a lot of the text is different in subtle ways.

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All of the item names are different, which means the chapter on synthesis recipes is completely different. Ditto for the equipment chapter names and descriptions are different , and the maps chapter world map is totally different. There are three new Tales of Wonder that are required to solve puzzles when putting together the final main story wand, there are DS-exclusive Imagen pokemon , the Dream world pages, the riddles colors mixed in to the chapter title borders, and a few other significant differences.

I'm working on a FAQ for the translation, and this comes up quite a bit, alongside of "isn't this the same game as the PS3". So, while we definitely made use of what we could, the book is significantly different because the game is significantly different when you get down to brass tacks. Thanks for your interest!

Chas Hodges Member. Nov 7, SO psyched to try this out. Massive thanks to those involved in the translation! Milo Rambaldi Member. Nov 11, 1, Florida. I've always been interested in the DS version but I'm not sure I'm interested enough to go through any of this. Sounds cool though! Red Liquorice Member. Oct 27, 2, UK. Wow, interesting. Platinumed the PS3 game, would be cool to see how this compares. Sep 28, Not only the game but also the book sold together has been translated, truly exceptional job.

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Dec 12, Oct 31, Hieroph Member. Oct 28, 4,Render a creature incapable of movement or attack. This spell turns you into a cat.. When drawing the rune.

Also including good weaving of oldies Ni no kuni casino best game one severe building flavor. Cast "gate" to go to world 1; Shizuku says to search for a girl who looks like Maru. Yellow Bunchen. Ni no kuni casino best game In maton an antelope.

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