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the power to show it to the world. Will it be controversial 2 Does it live up to the promise of. Understanding Comics? Happily, the answer to both questions is yes!. Alan Moore's Writing For Comics David Chelsea - Perspective for Comic Book Artists. COMICS - Scott McCloud - Understanding Comics - The Invisible Art. Scott McCloud - Making - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free.

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the power to show it to the world. Will it be controversial? Does it live up to the promise of. Understanding Comics? Happily, the answer to both questions is yes!. Making Valeria Meza. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the button above. Making and Drawing: Comics in the Understanding Comics. Scott McCloud Arduino !.

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Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Implementation was accompanied by surveys and weekly participant observations and was followed by an interactive meeting to assess youth engagement, determine project acceptability, and solicit suggestions for curriculum changes.

Youth participants stated that they liked the project and gained knowledge of the harmful effects of commercial tobacco use but wanted better integration of comic book creation, decision making, and Native storytelling themes. Conclusion Previous health-related comic book projects did not recruit youth as active producers of content.

This curriculum shows promise as a culturally appropriate intervention to help Native youth adopt healthy decision-making skills and healthy behaviors by creating their own comic books. This high prevalence may be due to a combination of circumstances, including easy access to tobacco, socioeconomic life stresses, and parental and peer influences [ 3 , 4 ].

Given this background, developing healthy decision-making skills is vitally important for Native youth. To address disparities in commercial tobacco use by this population, the Native People for Cancer Control program at the University of Washington partners with tribes in Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and North and South Dakota to improve cancer education, training, and outcomes.

Program staff developed a grassroots youth program known as the Native Comic Book Project NCBP as an education and outreach intervention integrating comic book creation and healthy decision making with Native storytelling. Comic books have been used in the USA and worldwide as health educational tools to communicate with diverse audiences [ 10 - 16 ].

A history of the National Institutes of Health states that comic books were part of its public health educational campaigns as early as the s [ 17 ].

In Seattle, the King County Public Health Department produced a free comic book on preparing for pandemic flu, available in 19 languages to residents of King County, Washington [ 19 ]. However, few studies of comic books have assessed their effectiveness as educational tools. In one such study, the World Health Organization designed an educational comic book for Egyptian school children as part of a program to eliminate lymphatic filariasis.

The comic significantly reduced fear of the disease and promoted positive attitudes both toward affected patients and toward mass drug administration as the prevention method of choice [ 20 ]. Another study, focusing on hepatitis awareness, involved more than 1, French secondary school students who received a comic strip illustrating various scenarios of hepatitis C infection.

Pre- and post-intervention assessments showed that knowledge significantly increased in students who read the comic strip [ 21 ]. In a third example, high school students in Gabon received an intervention targeting knowledge, attitudes, and behavior concerning AIDS in the form of a comic book about condom use. Additionally, the authors found that each comic book was read by an average of 7. Notably, all these educational comic books were produced by adults and professional organizations for youth, not by the target audience themselves.

Staff therefore developed the content of the NCBP along with a series of train-the-trainer sessions to build the skills needed to implement the project. Staff then tested the feasibility and acceptability of the train-the-trainer sessions and conducted a pilot test of the NCBP itself.

It was adapted from Dr. The Comic Book Project emphasizes creativity and self-expression, as students produce their own comics from the initial stage of brainstorming an idea through the final production [ 24 ]. In subsequent years, the Comic Book Project was implemented in additional cities across the USA, reaching more than 50, youth. It was eventually expanded to include thousands more youth in after-school programs focused on financial literacy across New York City.

Bitz and others to develop the NCBP.

The Native Comic Book Project: Native Youth Making Comics and Healthy Decisions

Because a primary goal of the NCBP is to improve the health of Native youth and their communities, we incorporated a new and integral component, namely, teaching youth how to make healthy choices in daily life. Our leading partner in this endeavor was the Decision Education Foundation [ 25 ], particularly Chris Spetzler, who helped us incorporate sound decision-making principles [ 26 ]. Native People for Cancer Control also partnered with Roger Fernandes, a Native storyteller, educator, and artist in the Seattle area, to incorporate Native storytelling.

The NCBP was designed to be delivered in a series of 1- or 2-h sessions that can be implemented either during a 2-day workshop or over several weeks.Several options are available here.

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