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Falling Away Penelope Douglas Pdf Download. 1/3. Falling Away Penelope Douglas Pdf Download. 2/3. Also by Penelope Douglas The Fall. From the New Adult sensation and New York Times bestselling author of Rival Jaxon is the guy she's supposed to avoid. K.C. is the girl he won't let get away. Penelope Douglas - Falling Away - dokument [*.pdf] Praise for the Fall Away series 'I read this book in one sitting. Rival was as gripping as it.

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Read "Falling Away" by Penelope Douglas available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. From the New Adult sensation and. Simple Way to Read Online Aflame (Fall Away, #4) by Penelope Douglas Book or Download in PDF and Epub hi, my fellowship readers. This is. Editorial Reviews. Review. "[The] chemistry is downright explosive." Publishers Weekly. About the Author. Penelope Douglas is the New York Times and USA.

I owe my daughter lots of trips to the park, and my husband ,,, well, you know what I owe you, honey.

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And I'll get on that. Totally soon. I promise. To my support system at New American Library, all of whom put up with my endless questions and work hard to protect my vision for the Fall Away Series.

Thank you, Kerry, Isabel, and Courtney for your trust, advice, and help. You're always working, and I always feel important. Thanks to you, Miriam and Mike, for staying on top of everything and taking care of me. To my street team, the House of PenDragon, who are a wonderful group of women-and one guy-who hold one another up and create a community of friendship and fun times. Needless to say, I laugh my butt off watching your conversations online, and I enjoy seeing how close you all have become.

Bananas forever! Thank you for walking with me through this process and being honest. To Vibeke Courtney.

Plain and simple, this is all you. If I had never met you, I might never have tried writing a book. And without you, it would never have been successful. My writing was nearly all narration before you got your hands on it, and you helped create my voice. Thank you, thank you, thank you. To the readers and reviewers, thank you for keeping my work alive and showing your love and support!

Your feedback, thoughts, and ideas have been incredibly important as these stories developed, and I always write with you in mind. I hope I can continue to give you characters you want to reread over and over again!

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Three whole years. I'd had a boyfriend for three whole years, and I still had more orgasms when I was by myself. That was what I'd forgotten to add to my to-do list for tomorrow. It wasn't likely I'd forget to pack for college, but everything needed to go on the list so it could be checked off. It once made me giggle, but now it kind of made me want to bite him.

And a pharmacy run, I remembered. I wanted to stock up on my pill so I wouldn't have to worry about it for a while. Packing and the pharmacy. Don't forget, K.

Liam thrust his hips between my legs, and I rolled my eyes. We were still clothed, but I wasn't sure he realized that. If I weren't so tired, I'd laugh. He rarely got drunk after all-tonight only because it was an end-of-summer bash.

And although I'd never been overwhelmed with a desire for sex, I did love that he tried to jump my bones at every opportunity. It made me feel wanted. But it just wasn't happening tonight.

Let's lock up the car and walk to your house. I felt guilty for not being more into it lately. I felt guilty for not helping him get into it tonight. And I felt guilty for making mental additions to my to-do list while he was trying-keyword, trying-to get it on with me. We hadn't made love in a long time, and I didn't know what my problem was anymore. His head sank into my shoulder, and I felt the weight of his hundred and eighty pounds collapse on my body.

He didn't move, and I let out a sigh, relaxing into the passenger seat of his Camaro, my muscles burning from trying to support his body weight all this time. He'd given up.

Thank God. But then I groaned, registering that his body had gone a little too still, except for the slow, soft rhythm of his breathing. Not only that, but in my eyes, she completely outshines the others and is probably my favorite character in this series. So where did things go wrong? The snarky and outwardly perfect girl had cracks after all. And let me tell you, it tore me apart to read about this vulnerable side of hers, especially when her struggles and pain seemed so obvious…yet no one saw.

No one noticed her, except for Jax, the one guy she tries so hard to avoid. All I remember from before was that he had a horrid family life living with his psycho father and has been either overlooked or viewed as trash.

Because individually? The author nailed that part, and did an amazing job with the character development that explained motives and made me feel for them. Nevertheless, the lack of a tangible emotional bond between the two weakened the romance, plus a scene near the end of the book absolutely made me flip my shit and rant to my wall for a whole hour. Because you know what that part told me?

That when the going got tough, Jax scurried away with his tailed tucked between his legs. That KC was the one strong enough to shoulder the hurt and burden all alone.

I really did struggle with my rating. My mind was sweeping between the star range for hours. Falling Away is the 3rd book in the Fall Away series and if you want, can be read as a standalone.

View all 93 comments. Mar 29, Geri Reads rated it it was amazing. Full disclosure. So I was a bit apprehensive reading the ARC. But something happened as I started to read this. I slowly fell in love with one of its characters. And no, it wasn't Jax. That doesn't mean he wasn't lovable but falling in love with the hero is almost a given. In this book, it was the heroine who stole my heart. Carter was known as the girl who has it all.

On the ou 4. On the outside at least. But on the inside she was unraveling until everything came crashing down and KC found herself back in Sherbourne Falls, living in Tate's house, serving community service. This brought her back into Jaxon Trent's life. Jax Trent has been quite a revelation ever since being introduced as Jared's younger brother in Bully. He was smart, cunning, mysterious and self-assured despite his relatively young age. He's always wanted KC, but being a year younger than her, he wasn't quite in her league, until this summer.

When this two met again, KC wasn't the same young woman who left for college a year ago, and Jax certainly wasn't the boy she remembered. But the attraction that's been simmering between them finally exploded. And boy, their chemistry was sizzling. But more than their romance, this book was also about their individual journey.

And as much as I loved Jax's journey to adulthood so to speak, it was KC's story which made this a very satisfying and emotional read for me. She was a revelation. I wasn't quite sure how Ms. Douglas was going to pull off redeeming KC's character after what happened in Bully, but after reading this book, everything made sense about her.

As a reader, I went on that journey with her. It was painful and beautiful at the same time. KC had so much growing up to do and by the end of the book, she finally came full circle. And Jax's journey? Well, let's just say that what we've known so far based off of Jared's story from Until You doesn't even begin to describe the atrocious hand life has dealt him with.

In a way, his journey mirrors KC as he finally stopped allowing his past to shape his future. I loved his relationship with Cirian Fallon's dad and Jared. I loved that they weren't always lovey-dovey bros and I loved how the author highlighted their differences as much as their similarities.

Unlike its predecessor, which I felt just skims the surface of the couple's relationship and individual journey, Falling Away took its time to get expose each character's motivations.

It also allowed me to get to know them fully, which made me root for their HEA even more. Overall, this book rank right up there with Until You as my favorite in the series. KC was definitely a revelation. I didn't expect to fall in love with her as much as I did.

An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. View all 54 comments. Nothing wowing. Jax was a typical Penelope Douglas hero Where I made my mistake was going to the end and reading the teaser for Aflame.

Because now I'm so pissed. And annoyed. And Sadly, this bit of news has now affected my enjoyment of this book. Just so I could get the full picture, I did go and read this scene. That's what! It's time for us to break up View all 95 comments. Jul 11, Jennifer Kyle rated it really liked it. Her home life is a mess and it turns out that she has suffered abuse and loss all through out of her life.

She has always been attracted to Jaxon and vice versa. This hot connection rivals the previous book. I wanted to undo do you.

I totally bought their connection and the sex scenes were crazy hot! That car scene and the carnival scene had smoke coming out of my damn Kindle. However, the scenes were so damn hot and advanced that I think it exceeded their ages. I think the author would be more successful writing adult books, hell even erotica. Jaxon is two years younger than K. He has always been attracted to K. I truly loved them together. Be warned Jaxon makes a major douche move because his feelings of being unworthy when he finds out the depths of K.

I didn't like it but I got where he was coming from and so did K. Push and pull. Give and take. Still Jaxon was my type of book boyfriend. He was strong and arrogant while being protective and clever. Bite me, hit me, scream at me. I don't care. View all 74 comments. I think, it even was till some point. Bully and Until You are one of my top favorites books and since I wasn't a fan of Rival, suffice to say that I was both nervous and excited to read this one.

And when I started, I loved it until I didn't. It started very well. All that push and pull, hot and cold, love and hate I love it in books. There were some serious hot moments. Jax was deliciously sexy, alhpa male and KC seemed likeable comparing to her in Bully. Their almost relationship was growing on me and I was thinking, yes! And just when I thought everything will be nice and dandy, Jax goes and does this He distance himself, no call, no visit, no word for a few days.

When KC finds out he's throwing a party about which he didn't say a thing to her , she goes to check and find out what's going on. Jax is busy "entertaining" some other bimbo and is surprised to see KC, which means he didn't set that up for KC to break up with her, he just went back to his old habits.

And I was just wondering if he would go through with the bimbo if she hadn't shown up. It wasn't cheating per se, but still not right when MCs have interest in each other.

Options d'achat

Then his reaction to her showing up, please, puff, all my sympathy for him just vanished. It's just summer fun, now fuck me or fuck off. Ok, I'm not that unforgiving and I would have even forgiven him, but lack of grovelling just made it impossible. I want my hero, when he's wrong, to grovel , sadly, you will get none of it here. On the contrary, he acted like real piece of shit afterward.

Falling Away

And I don't want you to love me. Just come when I call, and get in my bed when I say. Shitty thing, because I actually started to like her. And while the most part of the book was very good, it left me disappointed in the end.

The more I think about it, the less I care actually. I don't care about characters or their story anymore, done with it and forgotten. Also, creating drama for the sake of drama, no bueno for me. Not to mention, Jax was eighteen, no way could he be that independent, all the money, parties, sexual experience, fancy redecorated house, running the Loop, police connections, mysterious job And can someone please just shut Madoc up?

I didn't like him in Rival, I didn't like him here, spoiled, whining, little brat.

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Just saying View all 76 comments. Jan 05, Nikki rated it it was ok Shelves: Well shit y'all. I had to step away before I could even write this if that is any indication.

So, some background shall we? This story is about K. Can you tell I hated K. A LOT. If you didn't read Bully or you forgot.. Oh and they ki Well shit y'all. Oh and they kissed in front her BFF Tate too. So these 2 goobers had a thing for each other for years but K.

Jax is not really nice to K.

See a Problem?

I wanted to dirty you up. But then I got to know you. You're gutless and helpless and I've never met anyone so desperate to get out of her own skin. So of course you find out that everything wasn't pretty pink roses for K. Her family sucked really bad. Lots of mamma drama and you find out that K. Very messed up, but still I had a hard time sympathizing with her.

Jax, on the otherhand, had a shit life. You knew that going in, but you really found out how freaking bad he had it. And I loved that he turned a corner, he was a smart kid, built a good life for himself with the help of Jared and his mom. So of course these 2 can't stay away from each other and lots of hot and actually tender moments ensure. I slowly started turning the corner with K. So where did it all go to shit, you ask?? They have their little catch phrase "only ever you" and they are together.

But Jax then sees K. C's journal where she professes her love for him and freaks the shit out. So what does he do? He pushes her away. How does he push her away? Well of course by feeling up and kissing not lips another girl right in front of her.

And suggesting a threesome with her and this sloot. Oh and, it wasn't like a setup situation where he knew she was coming, he didn't see her. So what if K. Would he have been balls deep? So you know that quote I put above about Jax telling K. Cheating, that was cheating for me.

The story ended and I was literally just like meh. Oh but then we get this "teaser.

It started like this.. Followed by a little So here's your spoiler. I will say, if you have any plans on reading this book, like seriously, don't read this until you're done. It will ruin it. But if not, and you want to see what all the fuss is about, lehgoo!! He doesn't know what to do with the rest of his life and Tate's going to be a doctor and knows her path. So Jared just springs it on Tate, that he needs to "figure things out. I just need time. Space, to figure out who I am and what I want.

What happens when you find what you are looking for? I don't know yet. You didn't come in here to tell me you'll be back. That you'll call or we'll text. You came in here to break up with me. So when you are done screaming, seriously WTF is happening here?? How can you torture us through Bully and now break these 2 apart again to set them up on an inevitable path of hooking up with other people?

How can you expect a reader to stay the course through that and just be ok with them coming back together? No way I can stick around for that and won't be continuing on with this series. View all comments. Jan 06, Beverly rated it really liked it. When I picked this one up to read I really just thought it would be a hot little college romance, but it was so much more. These two characters have been through so much and are both emotionally damaged. From the outside it appears K.

Carter has it all. She is dating her long time boyfriend, is intelligent, and comes from a good, wealthy family but on the inside she is crumbling. Falling Away picks up with K. I was immediately surprised to see the perfect K.

Carter was on probation and had finally broken up with Liam. Coming home brings back so many feelings, two being her broken relationship with her mother and the one guy she could never forget: Jaxon Trent.

Castaway by her mother for her embarrassing behavior K. She runs into Jax pretty quickly since they are living next door to each other. Jax has always had a thing for K. Watching these two navigate their feelings and emotional problems was frustrating to say the least, but it felt real to me. Throughout the summer they learn how to be around each other, how to forgive, accept and love. These two may be emotional stunted, but they definitely had the physical part of the relationship down.

I really enjoyed reading about this characters and how they made me think afterwards. I was discussing this with a friend and the more I thought on it the more heartbroken I was for these two.

I recommend this story if you are a fan of the series. Oh and well played Ms. Douglas, I am dying for Aflame!!

View all 66 comments. Jan 22, Candace rated it really liked it Shelves: Ever since we were introduced to Jax in 'Bully', I have been looking forward to reading his story.

As a character, he was endearing and captivating. Despite his youth, it was clear that he had been forced to grow up early, enduring more than anyone should ever have to at the hands of the father that should have protected him. In 'Falling Away', Jax is all grown up and making his own way. No longer just a flirtatious kid, he's all man now!

Despite all the changes, some things have stayed the same Ever since we were introduced to Jax in 'Bully', I have been looking forward to reading his story. Despite all the changes, some things have stayed the same Surprisingly, it was K. I didn't really like her much in the earlier books in this series. She had seemed selfish and insincere to me. However, this book really showed another side to K. It showed a more vulnerable, human side to her.

In contrast, Jax became less likable to me. Gone was the sweet kid, replaced by a hardened man. He seemed to take a few lessons from the early, "bully" Jared. All things said, I did enjoy this story. It wasn't what I had expected, but it was great. I did think that K. View all 18 comments.

This is my go-to book when I'm sad. Who is this even supposed to be? I really liked Jax in the last book, and loved him in this one. I loved the idea of him being in love with K. C, but I really didn't want these two to have a happy ending! Penelope really knows how to built tension between her characters, but as soon a This is my go-to book when I'm sad. Penelope really knows how to built tension between her characters, but as soon as they get together the magic disappears and i lose interest in them.

All they ever want to do it jump each other and have sex and blah blah blah, same old possessive crap. It doesn't help that these books are really predictable! Maybe that's why i loved Bully so much, Jared and Tate didn't get together till the very end. At least it's not a revenge story. Second half Caitlin Stasey has always been my K.

Favorite quotes. View all 32 comments. This is the third couple that we have visited in the Fall Away series and follows K. He doesnt call me that, though.. Falling Away: The Fall Away.. Fall Away 1 by Penelope Douglas 17 download locations x. A piece only she ever filled. I couldnt see her and not want her.

Or not want to hate her.. Carter has always followed the rules, until.. Misconduct ebook: penelope douglas.. Search EN Hello. Sign in Your Account Try.. Falling Away Fall..But he never forgot her. I am NOT happy at all with this turn of events and I have to say that teaser cast a dark shadow on the whole series for me.

The girl-I didn't recognize her from school-was completely naked, lying on her stomach on the couch. See all 23 questions about Falling Away…. Download the top eBooks today. Be warned Jaxon makes a major douche move because his feelings of being unworthy when he finds out the depths of K.