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Saturday, April 27, 2019

“Creating A Bug Free Mind” is book one of a two-book experience. “Creating Your Bug Free Mind”, then the second book “Using A Bug Free Mind” will. “Creating”. A Bug Free Mind. The World's 1st. Antivirus For The Human Mind. Powered by Saltori Thinking. The Secret To Progress. Everything is just the illusion. Creating A Bug Free Mind - The Secret to Progress by Andy Shaw This is the first part of the Bug Free Mind Process which eliminates all negative thoughts.

Creating A Bug Free Mind Pdf

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Creating A Bug Free Mind - The Secret to progress in any area of life to open up the pdf file of the first 5 chapters of this phenomenal book. NOTE: Over. Create a Bug Free Mind -Andy Shaw - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. A great goal to seek would be the. Using A Bug Free Mind (Chpts. ) - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) Also By Andy Shaw Creating A Bug Free Mind Money For Nothing And Your.

Thank you for your gift. I am dealing with both health and money appearance issues..

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AND I still intend to get to the strength of intent for me to take the next step, the whole step, by whatever means.. Again, Andy, thank you for this.

I find that I am taking it in in a way that is gathering all I have known and practiced into a simple, clear, direct, and personal way that is very revealing and compelling. Haha -they sure understand the importance of having bug-free technology!

Your Rich Uncle was simply, super-savvy and spot on! If only all parents could be as simple and positively powerful as he! Nowadays combining appropriate frequencies with mind tools makes people like you the saviours of our troubled world.

Please keep on helping us all, directly and indirectly…and by the Hundredth Monkey Effect too! Andy and very proud of such wonderful and kind people as You teach a people here to get much more attractive and much more confident.

Andy Shaw – Part 1 – Creating a Bug Free Mind

I ever never guess to be a rich person. Trust me when people are loving you and highly respecting You its everything for me. Just I creat tv channel sahar-tv network just it was my dream to teach those people who really wants how to respect others and media is the only way to change and courage how to live and respect others around over the world.

Kind regards. Hi Andy, I tried the 15 secs exercise and it was so amazing that I bought the audio and the books without hesitation. I am waiting for the books to come. The only thing is that I am so busy with work as I am a very disorganized person. I need to find time to read and or to listen to the audios, so that I can grasp all that you mentioned in the 1st five chapters that I have downloaded until I received the books.

The 15 Secs trick is already helping me a lot.

I need to master my mind at all cost. It is also amazing on how much you are committed to my success when I see all the e-mails you send me already. Very much appreciated. Hi Andy.. I have watched the 5 audios and i am very thankful and of its content. Observing mind attitudes and situations will be a focus of mine ,gosh, my Brain has a lot of work to do..

Hi Andy.

I have not been able to open my emails for quite awhile, until now. So I will thank you for continuing to send them.

Thank you for all your support. Thank you again Mary Australia. Andiiiiii thank you very much. Just a question: However, nothing happens on neither of the video pages you sent me. I had read the first 5 chapters before and had applied the 15 second technique.

Did notice this time that even though I enjoyed the experience that my nutter wanted to jump ahead and speed it up. My nutter convinced me that the books were too expensive, so I did not purchase them. Here I am a year or more latter and my life has not improved. I still carry the same baggage or maybe it is different in small ways but still baggage!

I still do not understand that I tell myself that I am going to do something faithfully starting today and it lasts maybe a day or a few weeks, etc. No real change. I guess it is the nutter taking back control. What do you say Andy? Thank you, Cathy. Hi Andy, Have read your first five chapters to your book and loved them cant wait for the launching wrote to you before but never got a response. Thank you so much and looking forward to a great life!!

Gregory U. Andy, many thanks and much appreciation for the video downloads as well as the other emails. I like your approach: Once again, thanks. Andy I plan to pay for the books on payday as just for reading these articals it has helped me a lot…That thought about writing a book on my past prison ext once my mind is clean and ready I will then write that book, to do it now is not the right time…ed.

Yes sirrreee Bob. I have trained myself to be able to stop thought on command but nothing has changed in my life. What is supposed to happen? Hi Andy I am falling behind with the competition please could you advise what the closing date will be after the last question is posted as I am trying to really value the information in the book which is taking some time. Please can you also advise if the 15 minutes of positive thought is meant to be 15 minutes or snippets of 15 seconds throughout the day.

Book is brilliant though thankyou, definitely considering the books if I can afford them. I have no credit card and that was all the money I had now what??? Please contact my guys on the help desk here: Thanks so much for these 5 chapters. Having tried many personal development books, courses, healings, meditations to help with my issues and failing miserably each time.

So these chapters were just what I needed to help retore my hope and I have now purchased the 2 books!

Creating and using a bug free mind - First Date (feat. Too $hort)-50 Cent.mp3

Thank You,,,Sincerely,,,Cliff Gant. Here it is: Dont get me wrang! I mean what I did consider from your books I apply it Am 19 years old and this is the best time to read your books …………………… give a child a book and change the world that what did happend for Albert Einstein!!!

Dont believe what I say…… just know it!!! Hi Andy Your system is saving me. I am ready to start these first five chapters again and with more conviction.

I also listen to your other audio lessons on the law of attraction…. I have been fighting for years to overcome the ego messages and self limiting BS that was in there and will continue to do so. So far you have saved my marriage as instead of doing what I have always done, i didnt push my husband away instead I told him I was struggling and asked for his help and told him just how much I loved him.

Tell me this please, I have so much to give and have had limited success, I have achieved some monumental goals and also held myself back in other areas. Tell me — Should I concentrate on the bug free mind and just that or should I also at the same time get a specialist book to deal with my fear of abandonment which makes trust sooooooo difficult. I dont want to side track myself ….

Your email address will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Skip to content. Have an opinion on these 5 Chapters? Please share it with us below.

We care about what you think! Thank you Andy. I will read them. Sincerely, Sondra Nielsen. Buddy says: Is anyone else having this trouble Buddy. Andy Shaw says: Best wishes, Andy. Scott says: Hi I just keep getting error messages and no link? Hi Andy Got it!! Thank you ,and Great weekend!! Bill says: Hi Andy, I am also having the same issue with the audio download. Thanks, Bill. Hi Bill, Thank you, will get the tech department to investigate.

Linda Rasmussen says: Thanks, Andy. It worked! And thanks for sharing these tools! I appreciate it! Alain says: Nannce says: Yahia Grim says: Bonjour tout le monde, Bonjour Andy Merci infiniment pour le cadeaux. Hi Yahia, I do not speak French myself so I know what you mean… I am planning to get everything translated into several different languages but unfortunately not for the next couple of years. Winston says: Best regards Winston.

Laura Scott says: Sania says: Ruth Shaw says: Mel says: Melanie McKaba says: Emu says: Have fun! Sylvia says: Declan says: Hi Andy Can you kindly let me know if you have gotten my mail as it is saying some moderation is required.

Ta Declan. Hi Declan, As far as I know everything seems fine. Hi Declan, Yes I got to it The problem you have with not being able to stick to it is just a flawed part of your thinking which can be fixed. JB says: Thank you for providing an audio format. For me it helps immensely. Many thanks Andy. Meg says: Hi Meg, Have a go at reloading the page in a new browser, ie chrome or Firefox. Renata says: Hi Renata, The techniques in the first 5 chapters are mainly control techniques. Suzanne Benoit says: Hi Suzanne, Thank you for the wonderful compliments, they are always appreciated As for is focusing on a dot no mind.

Lina says: Hi Lina, Using your other senses is perfect, go deeper on that and it makes it easier. Best wishes Andy. Very powerful 15 seconds. Thank you for this great tool. I will use it often. Yvonne says: Lynne says: Hi Lynne, As you are no doubt fully aware better than most, we cannot control the actions of those around us.

Issie Olwage says: Kind Regards Issie. Tatiana Brown says: Tim says: Thanks, Tim. Toral says: Tonya says: Rachel says: I have never received any questions to answer and I have only found one video to watch which I have now watched numerous times I look forward to a day where I can go to work for a place or at a place that I love and feel appreciated, I look forward to one day being able to be a mother, I long for the day of being thin, not severely obese and miserable looking in the mirror.

So I am reading ‘Creating A Bug Free Mind’

Hi Rachel, The only person on Earth who can decide you are useless and worthless is you. Laura says: George Contreras says: Hi George, Yep they are books and audio books and they are on sale here for a little while longer: Liliana Claudia says: Cheryl brooks says: Mark M says: Anjara says: Anjara Alexi…excited! Patricia says: Lalaka Mamanzay says: Nath says: Thanks a lot. Mary Hammond says: Brian says: Kadiii says: Jacqueline says: Thanks, Jacqueline. Cathy says: Gregory says: Fay says: Will Charlesworth says: Edward says: Dana says: Nick says: Dan harris says: Hi Edward, Please contact my guys on the help desk here: Santina says: Dear Mr Shaw Thanks so much for these 5 chapters.

Regena says: Hello Andy Where is the link to learn about the books when they are published again? Hi Regena, Here it is: Deborah Fletcher says: I am so grateful you created all this and are sharing it…. Thank you Deborah. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. A Bug Free Mind. Proudly powered by WordPress.

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Terms of Use. Contact Us. The first week in February I checked the never used milk locker at my front door and lo and behold the books were in there left by our postman who neglected to inform me. Over the following month, I read it 3 times took extensive notes and highlighted to my heart's desire. I began applying the techniques and had many an aha moment. Just like promised by Andy I literally felt lighter as many worn out neural pathways were shut down and new methods of thinking were opened.

My hardware ie my mind was getting a total reset and this process continued for the following months. With a little bit of anxiety, I started reading Book 2: Using a Bug-Free Mind and after a month of reading and rereading I was ready to have my first go at Design work which after many false starts I finally settled into the flow and at the end of it I had a list of over 25 well-constructed designs with depth and emotion and fluidity.

And it t0ok less than a week for the magic to begin physical manifestations. One of my designs was a Tag Heuer watch and exactly 7 days after I had started on a daily regime of force shield activation and design visualisation one of my dear friends gave me a Tag Heuer watch as a gift for starting to look for work. And this was just the beginning of my manifestations over the next 6 months things I had barely written full designs for appeared in my life and within a year life-changing experiences such as finding paid employment and place to live independently had come into being.


Also, even more, obtuse designs came into being such as being clean and sober plus living a health-conscious lifestyle. The book set delivers on all it's promises if you read and reread and then apply it. Manifestation of your designs is not hocus pocus but quantum physics at its very basic level.Chapter 6 You Are Truly Amazing!

But that is not my motivation for writing it… Any self-help book will do that. Todd Herman.

A Bug Free Mind Andy Shaw PDF Review 1 A Bug Free Mind Andy Shaw PDF Review 1 - Page 54

Hi Andy, Is having a good healthy diet helpful in working with your bug free mind program?? You will tell others what a revelation this book is and how wonderful you now feel.

Have fun! It has already started its campaign against it.