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The Castle in the Attic is a children's fantasy novel by Elizabeth Winthrop and illustrator Trina Schart Hyman, first published in The novel has won the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award and. Sold by: Book Depository US. Have one to sell? Book 1 of 2 in the Castle In The Attic Series . Explore our editors' picks for the best kids' books of the month. The Castle In The Attic Book Series (2 Books). From Book 1. One of the classic fantastical adventures of all time! William has just received the best present of his .

Castle In The Attic Book

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The Castle in the Attic book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. One of the classic fantastical adventures of all time!Will. The Castle in the Attic by Elizabeth Winthrop. Buy. Look Inside | Teacher's . Counting on Grace · The Battle for the Castle. See all books by Elizabeth Winthrop. Find the complete The Castle In The Attic book series by Elizabeth Winthrop. Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Free US shipping on orders over.

Phillips from going away, William has Sir Simon shrink her with a magic token he stole from the wizard, Alastor. However, William and Sir Simon lack the ability to return Mrs. Phillips to her true size as the half of the token that can do so is with Alastor, and Mrs. Phillips falls into a depression. Learning of a legend that states that when there is a lady, a knight, and a squire , a quest can be undertaken to stop Alastor, William decides to become a squire to undo his mistake.

As he will be shrunk willingly, he will return to his world at the exact moment he left, but Mrs.

Phillips will lose all the time she spent in the castle until William enters. William has Sir Simon shrink him and he enters the castle to join his two friends. While traveling through a magical forest, Sir Simon is tempted by the apparition of his old horse Moonlight, leaves the path and disappears, after having warned William that doing just that will cause one to get lost forever.

William manages to make it through the forest on his own and encounters an old man at an apple tree. After getting a specific apple for him, the old man reverts into a young man and reveals he was under a spell. Alastor is a wizard and casts spells on people. Sir Simon refers to Alastor's token as a magic token that has evil magical powers on one side.

Alastor sometimes asks Sir Simon to help him make potions and salves for stomachaches and bone injuries. When Elinore tries to explain something to William, she references the world of magic and compares it to the natural world. The townspeople believe that magic is the tool Alastor used to defeat Sir Simon. Lord Luck, good luck charms and luck in general are also referenced in the story. Authority Roles William is an only child and lives with his mom and dad in New York.

His parents are married, and both work full time. William's mom is a pediatrician and a member of the school board. She has night office hours and monthly evening meetings for the school board. When she is home before William is asleep, it is a tradition for them to talk about the day together. William and his parents eat breakfast together in the mornings, talking about school and work.

When William's parents aren't home at night for dinner, he and Elinore eat together. Elinore stays with the family during the week and goes to her own apartment on the weekends.

William's parents appreciate, respect and trust Elinore. They are sad she is returning to England and want her to stay in contact. William's parents each talk to William about Elinore leaving.

William's mom gives William a hug and affirms him. William's dad indicates he will try to be home to eat dinner with William on the nights William's mom has to work or attend a meeting. William's dad builds a moat for the castle.

It is one of the first projects William remembers his dad following through on and completing. Elinore attends William's meets and sometimes his practices.

She also helps him with his gymnastic routines at home. Elinore encourages William, but also gently expresses her disappointment when William makes bad choices. At the same time, she gives grace and space for William to own up to choices, make better decisions and apologize as needed.

After William takes two of Elinore's belongings because he hopes she won't leave without them, he eventually has the courage to return them. When he does, Elinore shows compassion, kindness and understanding. After William apologizes for shrinking her, Elinore and William are able to restore their relationship and move on.

Elinore gives suggestions on how William can make his gymnastic routine stronger when he is training for his journey with Sir Simon. William's gymnastics coach works the team hard and challenges William to work with excellence.

William likes his coach, and the coach shows Elinore how to spot William in his routines. Sir Simon chides William for deceiving Elinore.

Tell the whole chp 17? Ahmed I am sorry not sorry but I am not your servant. See all 4 questions about The Castle in the Attic…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 18, Echo rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I can't even tell you how fast those turkeys got ready for bed while we were reading this, I hope I can find another one that captures their attention as much because I've gotten used to not fighting for bedtime when I remind them about reading.

View all 4 comments. Sep 21, Rebecca McNutt rated it really liked it Shelves: This is one of those childhood books that really sticks with you long after you read it. It's a little dated but still a fantastic story. Dec 29, Amanda rated it liked it. I've read it before in 5th grade, but reading it again, I think I would recommend it for even younger kids than that. It's a pretty good story, but the plot is paced a little strangely. The book is halfway over before they even go into the castle and on their adventure, which makes it seem to me like the adventure part moves much more quickly than it should.

I would have liked less of William's whining and self-pity and more of his self-discovery as he went on his adventure. Other than that, my only complaint would be the many, many moments in which the story read like an episode of Full House -- it was rather cheesy in parts, but I suppose that is to be expected to an extent with children's books. Otherwise, it's a pretty solid and rather exciting story for kids.

I remember this book being read to me by my teacher in 2nd grade and being awed by how awesome and compelling it was. Now as a young woman who just picked up this book again years later the magic still has not faded and is just as wonderful as it was all those years ago. If you want to read a book that is very entertaining and will keep you turning the pages, this is the book for you.

I know this book isn't obscure, but it totally needs to get more attention! The funny thing about this book when I remember this book being read to me by my teacher in 2nd grade and being awed by how awesome and compelling it was. The funny thing about this book when it was read to me in the 2nd grade was it was the first book being read to me that had no pictures.

When I noticed my teacher was showing us pictures, I asked her why. She told me there weren't any. Even though it was like osmotic shock at first to not get a book with no pictures, the wording and descriptions in this book were so vivid and memorable I was able to imagine what was going on in the book in no time.

Maybe this is one reason why this book has a special place in my heart.

So yes, this is a great, quick YA Fantasy read that I can easily recommend to everybody. I lost interest at about forty minutes. Seemed well written. Audio CD 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful: Great Fantasy, October 15, I enjoyed this book so much, I have listened to it twice.

She says,"He is old enough to take care of himself now. Before she parts for England, Mrs. Phillips gives William a very special gift. She takes him up to the attic and shows him a very large, fully functional castle. He has to be brave, in order to have the castle, which has been in Mrs. Phillips family for many many years. There is only one knight that comes with the castle, the silver knight. Phillips tells William that there is a story passed down through her family, that the silver knight is under a spell, and that one day he will come back to life.


There is magic, spells and trickery within the walls of the castle. Not only will William need to be brave and stand on his own, but he will need to help end an evil curse. You will enjoy reading about the life and times of the silver knight, as you join William on an adventure, back to the times of knights and ladies. Jill Ammon Vanderwood author: Through the Rug Through The Rug 2: Jan 27, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: I remember reading this as a child, though I don't remember if it was for an assignment or on my own.

It was certainly the type of book I enjoyed then. As an adult, I can see the elements that appealed to me as a child, but I can also see some of the things I wouldn't have considered as a child. For one thing, though the main character is a boy, this is not a book for most boys. William is a very sensitive boy, who plays gymnastics, and cries periodically. The story is mostly about the castle he I remember reading this as a child, though I don't remember if it was for an assignment or on my own.

The story is mostly about the castle he is given by his departing housekeeper, and how William interacts with the housekeeper and the castle. Reminicant of the Indian in the Cupboard, this features a short travel back to the time of the castle to go on a quest to undo the mistake he made and rescue his new friend.

This book is suitable for early grades--somewhere between yrs old, though the story is perhaps suitable for children younger then the reading level. Dec 08, Danica Midlil rated it did not like it Shelves: All the Lessons are very heavy-handed and moralistic.

The main character forever self-examines all his mistakes and regrets them earnestly. Everything this kid did was earnest! There was never a moment of silliness or sarcasm!

I do not buy that this kid is ten. No way! He comes across as years younger than ten. Perhaps a believable seven? I think getting an intermediate grade boy to read this all the way th I think this book is an excellent example of what adults think kids SHOULD like in books. I think getting an intermediate grade boy to read this all the way through would be incredibly difficult. There is NO humor.

I didn't even realize that was possible.

The "sensitive" William is forever crying and whining and moping. The main character comes off as a real goody-goody Dork! My guess is that this has not aged well. Boys in must have been very different.

Can't believe this was chosen for Battle of the Books. Oct 09, Krissy rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I read this in elementary school and adored it. Somebody else described it as being "magical," and for a kid I would agree. Castles and knights and fantasy kingdoms-- the stuff kids' dreams are made of. I read it again in college for an adolescent lit. But, hey, it wasn't written for adults in the first place, so big deal if my grown-up mind wasn't as hooked as the child of yesteryear.

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I still give it four stars, merely because t I read this in elementary school and adored it. I still give it four stars, merely because the first time I read it, as a kid, I really loved it An enchanting yet odd little fantasy.

William definitely not Bill, or god forbid, Billy is a sensitive and a bit of a loner. He has one other friend in his fifth grade class, and that connection derives from their shared social status.

Castle in the Attic

William is dreamy, but also disciplined and driven as a gymnast. His parents are achievers and doers who have the best intentions, and very little time, for him. The warmth in William's life comes from the English nanny his parents have hired, Mrs. Phi An enchanting yet odd little fantasy. But now she is getting ready to return to her homeland, and William, feeling deserted, chokes on his own rage. A parting gift from Mrs.They said no more about the Silver Knight.

Every day she spends here, she loses time in her own world. She's planning to take the four-thirty bus. Phillips is set to depart. She seemed at home with Sir Simon, which William knew should make him happy, but it didn't. Alastor sometimes asks Sir Simon to help him make potions and salves for stomachaches and bone injuries.

At last, he sat back on his heels. At last, the small man felt steady enough to support himself, and William drew his hand away. Retrieved from " https: William jumps right into the adventure w The cover is what drew me in from the beginning.