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Friday, February 14, 2020

Documents Similar To Aung Yin Nyein-Romanbots World. Uploaded by. The Myanmar Times · Myanmar Blue Book. Uploaded by. Soe Sithu Naing. Root Changer:P. Bitcoin (). Type - About Bitcoin (Part 1). End Date 17 6 ( AM) Contact Email [email protected] Website. Romanbot World PDF (Aung Yin Nyein). Not for Conservatives. Adult Fiction. Warning. This book can change your conservative thoughs.

Aung Yin Nyein Book

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One Response to “Best seller Aung Yin Nyein's Book”. Authour Aung Yin Nyein is on run - All Things Myanmar Burmese @ July 2nd, at. 65, Aung Aye (Yangon Tat Ka Tho). 66, Aung Chaint. 67, Aung 11, BaMa Khit U Ba Yin. 12, Bamaw Thein Pae . 49, Khoon Cho Nyein Chan. 50, Khu Khu. Radio Yin Khone Than - Myanmar Book Download. The Pa'O (Pa-O, Myanmar Blog» Knowledge Base» Best seller Aung Yin Nyein's Book. View Navigation.

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Hundred Myanmar Classis series introduced to the people today is one the achievements of the Sarpay Beikman and is a compilation of outstanding literary works that emerged from the early days of Myanmar literature to the year It includes books and papers which were relied upon by Myanmar literature communities and were influential in those days.

Publishing the hundred Myanmar classic series is aimed at providing opportunities to our next generation to get easy access to the influential books and to develop their spirit of book loving through reading and enjoying literature. However, it was found that publishing such kind of a book series needs collective efforts from all in reality though just thinking for publishing is easy.

The Union Minister also expressed thanks to those who contributed their works in publishing the book series. He also requested the experts to continue to contribute towards the remaining tasks as their expertise was playing an important role in publishing the books.

Union Minister Dr.

Erotica author facing obscenity charge

Pe Myint presented a set of books as a token of appreciation to the authors who wrote the preface and who assisted in writing the Myanmar classic book series. Saya U Aye Cho M.

A accepted them on behalf of the contributors. Following this, Union Minister Dr.

The first 18+ book was published in Myanmar (Review)

Pe Myint and attendees took commemorative photographs. The ceremony was attended by officials from the Ministry of Information, members of the committee for publishing the Myanmar classic book series, authors who wrote introductory chapters and assisted with the edition, family members of the writers, departmental heads and others.

Each volume is pages, and will be distributed throughout the country by the Sarpay Beikman books shops in Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw. These books are being sold for Ks. The ministry of information officially allowed the book to be published in early June.

But later they blocked publication due to many bad feedback from readers. It made me to read the book. I read it to write review articles.


I will share you. The writer, Aung Yin Nyein, read a lot of books and what greatest psychological professor said.

Then he extended his idea and opinion in books. What the writer want to say is not to block freedom of people. The writer has the following character 1. I want him learn Buddha teaching.

He just grew up in life where fake Buddhists live. But his book is ruining other people mind too. There no need any explanations.

His book is proving that he have over sex desire. He was cheated by people He was cheated by people, especially by conservatives. May be his wife cheated him too.

He is having lots of pain feeling for it. Then he tried to point it out.Coin Wallet..

Known for his satirical drawings of politicians, Lee Ha distributed his drawings in public places in the run-up to the Presidential election in summer Professor Aung-Thwin: Thank you for asking me. Despite a promise in to allow the return of Burmese citizens living in exile, Moe Hein, former editor of the Sunlight journal, his wife and four year old son, all American citizens, and previously on the blacklist, were denied entry to Burma in June There no need any explanations.

Nicholas Farrelly: We should now turn more directly to some of your copious historical writings.