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Kaleb - Nicole KB. Zane - Nicole KB. Travis - Nicole KB. Braydon - Nicole MB. Jun 2, at am. Kaleb - Nicole KB. Zane - Nicole KB. Travis - Nicole KB. Braydon - Nicole . Nicole Edwards - Kaleb (Alluring Indulgence) - dokument [*.epub] Kaleb An Kaleb could barely make out his youngest brothers words as Zane doubled over in.

Zane Nicole Edwards Epub

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Nicole Edwards - Inked on Paper (epub) - dokument [*.epub] Inked ON Paper Also by Nicole Edwards The Alluring Indulgence Series Kaleb Zane Travis. New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards launched her Zane. Alluring Indulgence (Series). Book 2. Nicole Edwards Author Jameson Adams. Alluring Indulgence (Series). Nicole Edwards Author (). cover image of Zane . Zane. Alluring Indulgence (Series). Nicole Edwards Author ().

Would you mind going by there?

Considering Adrian and I had been on the outs for a few weeks, it probably wouldn't hurt for me to make an effort to calm the waters, per se. And if it would ease Gavin's mind, I'd gladly do it. Trouble's my middle name. A few of them bumped into me, jostling me around as I tried to squeeze through the masses spilling out of the bars and onto the streets. Ten minutes later, I had made it up the four flights of stairs to Adrian's apartment.

It took a minute to catch my breath, but once I did, I pounded on the door, then stepped back to wait for him to answer. Music sounded from inside and I figured he couldn't hear me over the noise. Trying the knob, I found it unlocked, so I let myself inside. The place looked just as empty and threadbare as the last time I'd been there.

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Another noise sounded as I made my way down the narrow hall, past the bathroom, but it definitely wasn't music I heard. I felt my chest tighten and my stomach roll, but still, I closed the gap to the door, put my hand on the jamb, and peered inside. And there he was,,, The lying, cheating son of a bitch. Adrian Dennis, the man I'd been dating for the past eight months, was buried balls deep in some bitch's,,, "Such a tight ass, baby," Adrian growled, his hips pounding against the woman currently bent in half before him.

Make her beg for more. Lovin' that ass, baby," Adrian roared, continuing to plow the woman hard and fast. As though he sensed they had company-more company, obviously-Adrian's eyes slid toward me, and a cocky smile formed on his face.


We made eye contact briefly, and the first thing I noticed was there wasn't an ounce of remorse in his ocean-blue gaze. The second thing that stood out was how he never stopped fucking the woman now squealing for him to "hit it harder.

Right after I beat the shit out of him. But I couldn't do that. One, I had no desire to spend the night in jail. And two, Adrian really wasn't worth the time or effort. While the threesome continued, I finally broke out of my stupor and forced my feet to move. Pivoting back toward the door, I didn't stop until I was down the stairs and out on the sidewalk.

Despite the anger and hatred that swelled in my chest, tears blurred my vision. I tried blaming it on the brutally cold wind that pummeled me as I made my way over one block to my apartment, but unfortunately, I knew that wasn't the reason for the tears.

What the hell was I going to tell Gavin? That I'd found his brother fucking two chicks tonight?

That it was evident Adrian didn't give two shits about me? That I'd been a fucking idiot? Damn it.

He needed air. Needed … something. A firm hand touched his shoulder, and he focused long enough to realize his oldest son was standing at his side. Where am I? You okay? Not even a little bit. Then it all came back to him in a rush of noise and light mingling with the stench of disinfectant and disease.

He was in the emergency room waiting area because they had taken Lorrie back for some tests. He remembered the nurse had kindly asked him to wait out here because he was a nervous wreck and he was making the doctor uneasy. And yeah, damn it, he was a fucking nervous wreck. How could he not be? His wife was sick.

He needed to pull himself together. Although he towered over Kylie by a solid foot, outweighed her by God only knew how much, it seemed she had more strength in her hand than he had in his entire body.

Sawyer was standing on the side of the road, holding up a sign that said 'will work for sex'. I shit you not.

This was Sawyer Walker they were talking about, so Kaleb shouldn't have been all that surprised really. But, he'd been hard pressed to keep his jaw out of his lap as he drove past his brother standing shirtless, wearing jeans and shit kickers while standing on the side of the road holding up the damn sign. To top it off, there was a truck full of women pulled over talking to him.

Kaleb wasn't all that worried about their father and what he thought about Sawyer's wild and crazy antics. It was their mother they actually had to worry about. Curtis Walker would laugh right along with Zane, but Lorrie Walker would be fit to be tied. But that was Sawyer for you. At thirty three, he wasn't supposed to be the wildest of the seven of them, but he even gave Zane a run for his money.

The screen door slammed and Zane sat upright, immediately choking on his laughter. As Travis made his way into the small kitchen, Kaleb barely suppressed a groan. Telling Travis anything that didn't pertain to Walker Demolition was like telling their mother as far as Kaleb was concerned. The oldest of the Walker boys at thirty five, Travis had turned into an old man in recent years - at least as far as his mood was concerned.

Not that there ever was a good time to have this conversation with Travis, but now certainly wasn't it. You'd think he'd be ready to sell off a portion of that land by now. He's all but lost every one of his crops and to tell you the truth, I'm getting damn tired of waiting. Until he had the chance to talk to Zoey about it, he wasn't ready to spread the devastating news.

Not to mention, it wouldn't matter what he told Travis because until he had a firm agreement from Carl, none of it mattered.

His oldest brother would just get even more pissed off than he already was. Walker Demolition - the company Kaleb and his brothers had built from the ground up - had grown leaps and bounds over the last few years, and instead of being content with what they'd built, Travis was ready to venture in another direction, expand their horizon's he'd said.

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Instead of focusing solely on tearing shit up, Travis had come up with the idea to build a resort. Not that Kaleb didn't think it was a brilliant idea because he did. He was just content with the tearing shit up part.

The plans he'd seen for a mega resort the likes of which their small town had never seen, were underway. They'd received the necessary approvals, and now the only thing left to do was to secure the land. Travis had already bought out two of their adjacent neighbors, acquiring a good three hundred acres of decrepit old farmland, but he hadn't been satisfied with that. Now he was looking for another hundred that backed up to what they'd already purchased.

Only this land belonged to Carl Stranford, an ornery old farmer who had been giving them the runaround for the better part of the last six months.

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Maybe some of your macho intimidation will make him come to a decision. Zane was the youngest of seven and considering the age difference between him and Travis, he didn't remember much of the Travis they had all grown up with. The fun loving, hang on by the seat of your pants guy they'd all wanted to be like.I tried blaming it on the brutally cold wind that pummeled me as I made my way over one block to my apartment, but unfortunately, I knew that wasn't the reason for the tears.

Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise , without the prior written permission of both the copyright owner and the above publisher of this book. But I hope you enjoy it just the same because I had fun writing it. He and Zoey spent many days sitting right there on the very same maroon and green, flowery couch Kaleb sat on now, talking, laughing and avoiding the glares of one ornery old man who continuously traipsed back and forth through the room, making sure the up-to-no-good teenage boy in his living room wasn't somehow taking advantage of his sweet little girl.

He was just content with the tearing shit up part.