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Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Original King James Bibles PDF – Authorised Version Check out Lazarus Publishing in Ohio to purchase an Authorized King James Bible. “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalm 4 of God — the Bible (the Authorized King James Bible in English). It is appropriate. King James Version . for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes . And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his.

The King James Bible (pdf) 100 - Try It

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king became, against all odds, the most beloved English book. Issue . Test your Bible knowledge by identifying the book of the KJV (and if you're Abridged (four minute sessions) — a companion guide in PDF for this version can. I do not want to be silent on the very important subject of the KJV. Bible. .. prophecies, all % right, then we know that book had to be produced by someone. Forgotten and Lost Books of the Bible, KJV Apocrypha and other lost scriptures FREE PDF's DOWNLOADS - All Of The Apocryphal Books Of The King James Version .. Click Here And Check Out Her YT Page. . ALL the early gospels into a single 'super gospel,' consisting of over different sources .

With such an initial handicap, even bright lower class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves from their assigned lot in life. Our King said through the profits of old in the divine scripture that his people where ordained to be free and that while we are in the world we are to be no part of the world.

The Almighty has now sent me to testify to you that the day of redemption is near and He is coming and we His saints are coming with him. We the people of God shall bear witness of the truth and testify against those who have imposed stumbling stones upon us His people. While I understand that prophesy clearly states that the enemy is not that of flesh and blood, but of the evil wicked spirit forces of the Machine Nations, He also says, we are not to accept the mark of the beast, and as per Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW Check out Gail Riplinger, Perfection vs.

Can you be so kindly so kindly to email the website so that I can study from the truth as well. My email address will be provided within the field reply. Thank you and greatly appreciate it in advance. How do you download the text as one pdf file? Your pdf reader loads the pages individually and there has to be at least a thousand separate pages.

It will take an eternity to attempt to download all those pages. Nevermind; I found the original file and was able to download it as one pdf instead separate pages. Hello…can you please tell me where to download it…. Hello, Sophia, kindly share your link to download this original KJV file as one pdf file.

Translators of the King James Bible Version of 1611

As you said, it will take eternity to download all these pages separately…. Would you help. Deleted content on how to obtain files using non-standard practices. Whilst normally I would allow this to assist viewers get downloads. Due to the huge sizes of these files thus due to server load etc. I would suggest that viewers visit the Download a Bible page linked at the top and request there.

There were 1st, 2nd, 3rd additions. I am looking for the 1st addition published. The 3rd addition, I have: There is no 1st addition to study to see what was changed. I am doing a study as to why, the English speaking peoples have, substituted the word hell for original words of the original text of the Bible. I have searched most sites and always come up with the same old addition. Please feel free to download the first edition from our site here: I am trying to download the kj version but only can download 1 page at a time.

Can you please tell me how to download the entire book? Also if you have a separate kjv apocrypha, would like to have the separate apocrypha as well. Thank You. They do have the whole thing in one download. They just have it on a different page: I found a different scan of one at http: Hello, What is the source from which OriginalBibles. This book has a number of bad pages wherein the pages are incomplete. The following pages are damaged and incomplete: I have the same book in DjVu format with the same bad pages.

I have since this past month extracted every page image from my DjVu version in full resolution, and individually straightened and cropped each page as much as possible and then resized each page to be the identical in height to make all pages more readable, and reassembled in a fresh PDF, with all facing pages paired as in the original book, and included full bookmarks to easily navigate to each book and section.

I also stretched the Cover page to remove the skew and make it appear shaped more like fresh from the printer. Removing all that unused black space and other space outside the pages, makes this a better quality PDF with a smaller file size. I was unable to do much with those pages that were incomplete scans. Believe me it takes a lot of photo shop hours to perform that much editing to pages, but the results are well worth it.

A Textual History of the King James Bible

Assuming I could obtain better copies of those poor pages, I would be happy to share this better copy with any who want it. We have finished uploading the much higher resolution online readable versions of the KJV on this same page which you can now view. All pages should now be complete and at a higher resolution than before. By tomorrow we should also have a PDF download to replace the old version on our download page, but it is about 1. I do have Adobe Acrobat, but it is not opening.

Thank you very much! Click on the button that says no pdf on the page to view as many smartphones do not support pdf in a website.

The corrected pages look great. Thank you very much for making the better quality pages available. I now have those incomplete pages edited and put in my newer copy of that PDF. You sure saved my project. As I said, if any one does want a copy of this cropped and aligned PDF with bookmarks that make reading much better, just let me know where I can upload it for anyone to access.

Item Preview

Please feel free to upload to one of the online file systems e. Dropbox, Google docs etc and post the link here! Like your copy, even after all the trimming of black space borders, the PDF file size is still quite large since mine is also a High Resolution copy of the same pages.

I have a torrent file that folks can download a copy of this, if that mode of download is permissible here. My upload connection is very slow, so for me to upload to another site, I would need to go somewhere else where I can access a faster upload connection to upload it.

Let me know if the torrent file would work or if you need it actually uploaded to another website as you suggest. I downloaded the file from the torrent file… I love how all the chapters are bookmarked in the pdf file!

I wish I would have read the comments before printing all of the New Testament and most of the Apocrypha….

The Original King James Bible 1611 PDF

I will upload this new pdf file to my website to make it easier accessible. Thanks so much for this!!! I am extremely distrustful of the many and modern and alleged translations and versions of His Word! Very happy, I am. Just keep in mind that if it is not working, the Editor here said he was working on an upgrade to a higher resolution version that may be a couple of days before ready.

So if that link does not work, just try back a bit later to see if he has that ready yet. If you want to give a torrent link you can add it here… but you will find that uploading it only once even if it does take time to some online service will be better than having possibly s of computers trying to get your torrent file from your home computer broadband over the next many years!

If anyone is interested in my High Resolution Edited PDF of these same pages that cropped the black space around the pages, and straightened each page, and resized each page to make more easily readable, thus reducing the overall file size to nearly 1GB, a webpage where you can get a peer-to-peer torrent to download this book using a p2p bit torrent software, go to the following;.

Later maybe someone with a faster upload connection can post this book to another direct download site like this Site Editor as suggested, but for now, some peers already have copies of this book and should be able to seed for your download quicker than I can upload it.

The way the bit torrent works, is if 2 folks are downloading this book, then they can share with several others faster than a single computer uploading as the Editor thought it works. For example if 5 were downloading, the bites I would upload would be distributed to the several different downloads each getting a different part , and those parts would be shared with the others that did not get the same parts.

Ergo, I would upload once but several would get the same since they would be sharing parts with each other until all have the full download. On the other hand, if only a single download is present, and I am the only one seeding, then yes, I would have to upload the entire file to a single person, but when the swarm is larger than one, it is more efficient to share a single copy to a large swarm than it is to a single downloader.

In other words, the more seeds in the swarm of this that are available, the faster the download takes place. There are many free bit torrent managers that will all manager this download if someone does not have one and simply searches for one to download using Google search. I personally feel that to view very large pdf files some other pdf viewers should be used such as evince or mupdf They work on Windows, Linux and iOS.

I have also uploaded it to DropBox however, the file is too large to preview on the DropBox site so you would have to download it from there.

Thank you Ricky. I greatly appreciate your time and effort in your project.

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I cannot specifically speak to Gail's later material, but as for the 4 videos about versions of the Old and New Testaments, they are on track. Those videos mp4 need to be watched by anyone in ministry, and anyone seeking truth.

Certainly it is SAD that most pastors are too afraid, too gutless, too many cowards for most of them to personally study or deal with theses issues. Chosing between Jesus or Mamon love of money , is the choice that hard, really?

There is a subtle seduction by which the junior leadership ; in churches are both pressured and seduced into SILENCE, so that Pastors are NOT confronted Biblically, which they should be by other leaders in the church, and so the entire church is compromised, first by the Senior leadership, but then further by the OTHER leaders even Laymen leaders who refuse to stand for truth, and are willing to put their own congregation in the way of HARM, in many ways and on many levels.

To act in that manner is a betrayal of their office and a further betrayal of Jesus Christ. You know who you are ;. When Pastoring becomes about the money, and when Seminaries professors are paid high salaries, given tenure, comfort and status, they seem to STOP caring ; about the spiritual wellbeing of those they are supposed to be helping ;. And that seems to happen real fast, and even faster in official or state sponsored or state funded churches or denominations.

Yes, the road to hell, paved with good intentions ;, and full of pretty sights, sounds, and counterfeit ;. Now if you feel comfortable, enough to ignore BOTH the information, and the steps needed to inform yourself, then I guess you have just declared where your allegiance is, and is not. Don't worry, Free drugs, Free demons ;. Let those who think that modern versions are authentic, deal with the actual questions raised, and then test themselves against the results.

Those who truly believe that they have the truth have nothing to fear.

A Textual History of the King James Bible

On the other hand, being deceived, and having mistakenly chosen consciously or not to believe falsehoods ; by your seminary-trained Pastors ;,THAT may have an impact on your eternal understanding, reaching far beyond your current perception.

See what happens when the lines are blurred and the hidden connections are revealed in this most astonishing of documents. Boldly break the rules of theology and scholarship. Transcend the barriers of conventional thought and grasp what lies beyond it.

God is speaking to us by His Eternal Word, through which these things can now be known. One of the great hallmarks of the four canonical gospels is that despite their many similarities, each of them presents Jesus in a slightly different way. Even so, there were far more than four gospels that emerged during the early years of Christianity.

In fact, there were, dozens, perhaps hundreds of gospels, each focusing different periods of Jesus' life, as well as differing aspects of his teaching and ministry. Could there be the same unity between these gospels as there is between the four? One way to find out would be to combine them all into a single work and simply see what kind of Jesus they collectively present.

The Super Gospel represents the first systematic effort to integrate all of the ancient gospels into a single readable text.Vatican explorers were encouraged to take over indigenous lands and enslave the people. By Robert Ferrell The canonical writings themselves do not limit themselves to the usage of the 24 books that were supposedly canonical at the time of the early Church.

Allen makes the same suggestion, Translating, p. Bod contains within it one good reason why it should be printed from: it had become so unwieldy in places because of the extent of the annotation that the translators may have felt that further interleaved corrections would have been too difficult both for themselves and for the printer.

The italics and the margin, both of which were given some attention in MS 98 and the NT annotations, are untouched. Not all variant readings or ambiguities are noted, and this sometimes leads to problems for later editors, particularly in cases where the translators give a reading that differs from the received understanding of the text.

Variety would still have to be accounted for, together with a very much larger list of readings reproduced in all editions to that are peculiar, sometimes very peculiar, to the first edition.