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In addition to the standard library, there is a growing collection of several thousand components (from individual programs and modules to packages and entire. PDF (US-Letter paper size), Download (ca. 13 MiB) HTML Help .chm) files are made available in the "Windows" section on the Python download page. Python's standard library covers a wide range of modules. Everything from usually don't have to import this module; Python does that for you when necessary.

Python Standard Library Pdf

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The Python standard library by example / Doug Hellmann. p. cm. Includes index. ISBN (pbk.: alk. paper). 1. Python (Computer program. 1 Listing the modules in the standard library? This package includes lists of all of the standard libraries for Python , , , , and The Python standard library contains well over modules, although the exact number varies between distributions. Not all of these modules are.

This module lets you implement queue data structures.

These are data structures that let you add and retrieve entries according to a specific rule. Finally, priority queues let you retrieve objects according to the order in which they are sorted. Sometimes using the standard os and subprocess libraries can be a bit of a headache.

Survey of Tools

The sh library provides a neat alternative. It lets you call any program as if it were an ordinary function — useful for automating workflows and tasks, all from within Python. This allows for rapid development times. However, there are few things more annoying than a runtime error caused by a simple typing issue.

Since Python 3. They also allow you to use type checking tools to catch those stray TypeErrors before runtime. Probably worthwhile if you are working on large, complex projects! The probability of finding duplicates in a given set is extremely low. Even with a trillion UUIDs, the probability of a duplicate existing is much, much less than one-in-a-billion.

The Python Standard Library by Example (Developer's Library)

Pretty good for two lines of code. Virtual environments This is probably my favorite Python thing of all.

Chances are you are working on multiple Python projects at any one time. Unfortunately, sometimes two projects will rely on different versions of the same dependency. Which do you install on your system?

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The wikipedia module makes accessing this API almost embarrassingly convenient. Have a go running the line below: import antigravity Never change, Python. Never change. It is a data formatting language, and is a superset of JSON. Unlike JSON, it can store more complex objects and refer to its own elements. You can also write comments, making it particularly suited to writing configuration files. Ever needed to form a dictionary out of two lists?

Above The Fold Books

Each tuple groups the elements of the input objects by their positional index. Statistical Calculations Chapter 6.

The File System 6. Platform-Independent Manipulation of Filenames 6. File System Paths as Objects 6. Filename Pattern Matching 6. Unix-Style Glob Pattern Matching 6.

Read Text Files Efficiently 6. Temporary File System Objects 6.

High-Level File Operations 6. Compare Files 6. Memory-Map Files 6.

String Encoding and Decoding 6. Data Persistence and Exchange 7. Object Serialization 7. Persistent Storage of Objects 7. Unix Key-Value Databases 7. Embedded Relational Database 7. Comma-Separated Value Files Chapter 8.

Data Compression and Archiving 8. GNU zlib Compression 8. Tar Archive Access 8. Cryptography 9.

Cryptographic Hashing 9. Cryptographic Message Signing and Verification Chapter Concurrency with Processes, Threads, and Coroutines Spawning Additional Processes Asynchronous System Events Manage Concurrent Operations Within a Process Manage Processes Like Threads Manage Pools of Concurrent Tasks Chapter Networking Internet Addresses Network Communication Creating Network Servers Chapter The Internet Split URLs into Components Network Resource Access Internet Spider Access Control Base Classes for Implementing Web Servers HTTP Cookies Displays Web Pages Universally Unique Identifiers JavaScript Object Notation Email Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Client Sample Mail Servers Manipulate Email Archives Application Building Blocks Command-Line Option and Argument Parsing Command-Line Option Parsing The GNU readline Library Secure Password Prompt Line-Oriented Command Processors Parse Shell-Style Syntaxes Work with Configuration Files Report Status, Error, and Informational Messages Command-Line Filter Framework Program Shutdown Callbacks Timed Event Scheduler Chapter Internationalization and Localization Message Catalogs Developer Tools Online Help for Modules Testing Through Documentation Automated Testing Framework Follow Program Flow Secure Password Prompt Includes sample code and command line interface; Google group and documentation.

File System Paths as Objects 6.

Sample scripts for e-mail will be really useful for any Python programmer. Read Text Files Efficiently 6. Pretty good for two lines of code.

The Mouse Vs. The Python

Recently updated to Python 3. The default is True. The GNU readline Library