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The Playbook by Barney Stinson (with Matt Kuhn) - Free download as PDF File . pdf), Based on an episode of CBS's hit comedy How I Met Your Mother, the. Download THE PLAYBOOK by Barney This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Our partners will collect. C O D E. As seen on CBS's how i. met your mother. Barney Stinson with Matt Kuhn . A: Your mailman is a Bro, your father was once a Bro, and the boy who.

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Now, with the help of The Playbook, you'll be able to approach any beautiful woman, discover her download The Playbook PDF for FREE. Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) was a truly legen -- wait for it! -- dary smooth talker on "How I Met Your Mother." According to his own blog. The Playbook is a book authored by Barney Stinson that contains a collection of scams Barney uses for picking up women. The Playbook was first seen in the.

Beta-testing a play in a foreign environment safeguards you from any emotional damage, physical harm, or heaven forbid, your bros giving you crap for striking out.

A good one will let you sample their wares at little to no cost if you promise to promptly return them. This is done for safety. If you tried to run an advanced play like The Land Mine Whisperer without the proper experience, you could wind up seriously hurting your chances of getting laid.

How are you? Cheetos-stained jeans, sandals, and a hysterically ironic screen-print T-shirt. You A.

How many ladies have you been with? In the above picture, you are most likely A. The proof exists in prehistoric cave paintings.

The Playbook (book)

Cavemen would return home from a hunt carrying one of their buddies, Urk, on their shoulders. To help sell the story, they drew pictures of the event on the wall using charcoal and ochre. On the next hunt the men would quickly kill an animal and then spend the rest of the day choreographing the big reenactment and arguing over which cave chicks would look the best clothed.

Creating the myth of the all-day hunt served two purposes for cavemen: it got one guy some easy action and got the rest out of a full day of gathering and nagging.

That would be The I Love You—which of course had an extra level of complexity before the invention of language. Tragically, they were all destroyed by a gaggle of angry nuns.

Lily pulls aside Claire, a woman at the bar, warning her of Barney's villainy, and she sits down with the rest of the gang as they explain the events that lead up to that night. Barney and Robin were coping with the end of their relationship in their own different ways.

Robin said she wanted to throw herself into her career, but Marshall and Ted are convinced she will find the love of her life, citing several friends who gave up on dating to focus on their work, only to be married months later.

Barney, on the other hand, decides to re-enter the dating scene with a vengeance, using his sacred "Playbook". The book describes a set of con artist scenarios designed by Barney to manipulate girls into bed.

Meanwhile, Lily tries to set up Ted with Shelly, a fellow teacher. When she had originally tried to get them to meet, Lily found Ted and Marshall in the middle of a chicken-finger mouth-stuffing attempt, so she convinced her coworker that Ted wasn't there.

Bring it to her owner, who just happens to be a single girl.

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Pretend to be super heartbroken about your breakup with your ex. Your friends, feeling bad for you, set you up with someone new.

Your friends do all the hard work for you, and the girl believes them, because why would they lie about something like this? Think of a fancy, unique name. Create fake websites praising this fake person for all his prestigious achievements. Tell girls how famous you are.

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They google you and are impressed by your success. No one wants to be catfished, and googling someone is the easiest way to spot a catfish.

All those phony sites will convince her you're the real deal. Walk up to girl. Tell her it's great to see her again and that you're sorry, but you can't remember her name.

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When she says she doesn't know you, tell her you're Brian's friend. Literally everyone knows a Brian. She'll feel bad about forgetting you.Make sure you are operating within this window. How are you?

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The gang heads over, and Barney tells them he plans to seduce the blonde by the bar. Page numbers given above correspond to the published version. Why it would work: As if you need an explanation for this one.

Barney Stinson with Matt Kuhn. Bummers leg irons can cause mild chafing. Dress like Ted.

Grow a beard. Why it would work: Girls are scientifically attracted to firefighters.