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Sei Shonagon's Pillow Book (Makura no Soshi) is the private journal of a lady-in- waiting to the Empress of Japan written during the 's. Sei served her. The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon Volume I & II. Home · The Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF Elements of Mathematics Book B EM Problem Book Volume I. The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon Volume I & II. Read more · The Pillow Book of Lady The Cool Part of His Pillow · Read more · The Cool Part of His Pillow.

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Shonagon, Sei - The Pillow Book of Sei - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. The Pillow Book. Pillow Book Volume 1 Pillow Book Volume 2 Pls don't ask me for the 10 Miles of Peach Blossom file. I think I have been clear enough on that. Pillow Book Volume 1 Pillow Book Volume 2 Pls don't ask me for the 10 Miles If anyone has it, can you please send me the other 3L3W pdf??.

It was also known as the Peach Festival Memo no seiriru. We haven't seen any other dog like him recently, have rave? Some of us insisted that it was Okinamaro; others that it was not. When I called Okinamaro, he always used to come to me, wagging his tail.

But this dog does not react at all. No, it cannot be the same one. How could any dog be alive after being flogged by two strong men? On the following morning I went to attend the empress while her hair was being dressed and she was performing her ablutions. I was holding up the mirror for her when the dog we had seen on the previous evening slunk into the room and crouched next to one of the pillars.

How sad to think he is dead! I wonder what body he has been born into this time. It was astounding. So this really was. Okinamarol Quin; previous night it was to avoid betraying himself that he had refused to answer to his name.

We were immensely moved and pleased. All the ladies gathered round, and Her Majesty summoned Lady Ukon. When the empress explained what had happened, everyone talked and laughed with great excitement. A room with a large table adioining the imperial dining room. Yet even now, when I remember how he whimpered and trembled in response to our sympathy, it strikes me as a strange and moving scene; when people talk to me about it, I start crying myself. One day we were sitting in the room, laughing at the paintings and remarking how unpleasant they were.

Toward noon the major counselor, Fujiwara no Korechika,m arrived. A group of ladies-in—waiting was seated behind the bamboo blinds. Their cherry-color Chinese jackets hung loosely over their shoulders with the collars pulled back; they wore robes of Wisteria, golden yellow, and other colors, many of which showed beneath the blind covering the half shutter.

Make way. When the chainberlains had brought all the dishes into the chamber, they came to announce that dinner was ready, and His Majesty left by the middle door. After accompanying the emperor, Koreehika retumed to his previous place on the veranda beside the cherry blossoms.

The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon Volume I & II

The empress pushed aside her curtain of state and came forward as far as the threshold. Hugging pillow, also called a Dutch wife. His cock still inside me, the man answered a call from his mother in Tokyo. Suicidal sects. After the Japanese occupied Singapore, they purged the island.

The death toll is claimed by some to be The Japanese claim 5 The truth is buried in between.

The Red and White Song Competition. Akina Nakamori. The old Chinese poets The old Chinese poets composed a poem after walking just a few short steps. The closest I came to this was to write a lousy sestina in my head after walking up and down the Bronxville park bounded on one side by train tracks and on the other by a motorway. Walking in a cemetery is charming when there is light. In the fall the leaves litter the graves and give them a melancholic look of being forsaken.

The bare branches in the winter bring out the grittiness of the stones. In the spring, when the trees put on their freshest green and the birds are almost intelligible, the cemetery turns into a sculpture garden like the Tuileries. The deepest darkness I know is the long night marches during National Service, the battalion strung out in a single file, scraping over the humpbacked ground, wading waistdeep across a river as black as tar, pressing through impenetrable thorn.

The worst thing that could happen was to lose contact. All that kept the line together was the blue Cyalume straw on the back of the helmet of the man in front, and of the man in front of him.

It is so comforting to walk along a familiar path. The mind returns from observing, deciding, and judging to itself. It is like wandering out and walking home at the same time. He did immediately leave, but only so he could send Princess Jiheng back.

Without any warning, Donghua had held Fengjiu so gently in that force field that even Xiao Yan had felt startled for a moment, much less Jiheng. As Xiao Yan recovered, he saw Jiheng's face draining away like a white parchment.

She was biting her lips, almost bleeding herself and forgetting to even wipe the tears streaming down her cheeks. Her look of complete devastation worried him so. Xiao Yan was a brute. Slashing people he had done, comforting people he had not.

But since Jiheng was his beloved, he decided to give comforting a try. He found a small ring of pines and set Jiheng on a stone seat in the center of the forest.

He thought seeing lively things might help her feel better at this time. Old tears were still on Jiheng's eye corners when new tears came out, gushing like rainwater, washing away the layer of make-up on her face. It pained Xiao Yan. He was pained, but he felt Jiheng indeed deserved to be the person he loved she was still so pretty in her ruined make-up. Xiao Yan was still thinking on how to approach her when he heard Jiheng speak first.

Tears on her pale face had not dried. Sounding somewhat cold, she said to Xiao Yan: You think I'm funny, don't you? It was this way that year with Minsu; it's still this way today with Dijun.

You look down on me, don't you? Xiao Yan was flattered and somewhat surprised that Jiheng cared about his opinion of her. He momentarily could not control his excitement as the corner of his mouth inadvertently twitched upwards three degrees.

This appearance in Jiheng's eyes was no different than a ridicule. Jiheng lowered her head and stared at her hands. At length she said, You do think I'm funny.

You stayed to bring me back, but you're actually 9 Three Lives Three Worlds, the Pillow Book 2 staying to ridicule me? If you've seen enough and laughed enough, go away. I think I'm funny as well.

The Pillow Book.pdf - The Pillow Book.pdf - SE1 SIlONAGON...

She pressed her lips tightly and said no more. Jiheng kept saying she was ridiculous, making Xiao Yan's heart weigh heavily. He felt a little aggrieved, but also a little angry. Although he knew Donghua and Fengjiu arrived at this point because of his effort, and it was also what he wanted, hurting Jiheng wasn't something he wished for. This, of course, wasn't his fault. Fengjiu was his friend, it wasn't her fault either. Then, it could only be Donghua's fault. Xiao Yan's eyes burned brightly.

He clenched his fists and angrily told Jiheng: There's nothing to laugh at you for. A thousand mistakes are all Ice Face's fault. It was he who promised to marry you, although by leaving on the wedding day, you might not have made him happy, but you have lowered yourself to him already, but he still would not change his mind.

How unreasonable of him. You don't need to be pained by him! Here, he felt this was a good time to pry the corner and hastened to add: This old man I mean, I heard a very good poem from the mortal realm: 'Let go of thy past memories, cherish the one in front of thee'1.

You should also set your sight from Ice Face and turn to someone else. When he finished, he looked to Jiheng with loving eyes, while inwardly trying to see if he had remembered the poetry lines correctly. It was difficult to wax poetic like this, unfortunately, Jiheng didn't pay any attention. She only stayed quiet for a moment and then suddenly said to him: I'm not Xuyang's true sister.

My father was actually a water serpent from Mount Baishui. You may have heard of his name, he was the fiercest warrior under Dijun during prehistoric times - Menghao. Tears gently rolled down her face. She sounded hoarse. The Story of the Western Wing is a popular play adapted from this story with a revised happy ending.

Xuyang's sister wasn't really his sister, this was indeed quite maddening. Normally he would be very intrigued, but at this time he was waiting for Jiheng's reaction to his confession, then Jiheng told him something totally unrelated. He felt a bit hurt, is he being ignored? Of course he had heard of Menghao's fame. During Donghua's campaign to unify the six realms, he was head of the army, a subordinate under Donghua's throne, a strategist who by sitting inside his war tent could win from thousands of miles away; he had always been well-regarded by Donghua.

Later on when Donghua retired to Taichen Palace, Menghao and the other generals also went into seclusion. But in legends, the places that these generals retired to were the best mountain ranges in the Lower Realm.

Why did only Menghao Shenjun go to a godforsaken place like Mount Baishui? Jiheng looked to the distance and slowly said, My father fell in love with my mother and parted ways with Dijun to go to the South land. With the Dragon Lock, he imprisoned him in the white lake where he remained as the protector of the Longnao plant months after months, years after years. Mother never told me about these things. Then three hundred years ago, when brother punished Minsu to Mount Baishui, I snuck there to save him and that was how I found out.

Xiao Yan gradually took interest in the story and momentarily forgot his grief as he continuously nodded to her words. No wonder nobody knew Menghao Shenjun's whereabouts after he went into seclusion. It turned out the famous general suffered defeat due to a woman. It was really a case of suffering defeat due to love. Hundreds of them bit into me.

At this, she slightly shuddered. Xiao Yan could not help but also shudder as he listened. My life was on the brink when it was Father who broke out of the Dragon Lock to save me, she continued.

However, he was also fatally poisoned.

She choked back her tears: Before Father passed away, we met Dijun. Father entrusted me to him, begging him to take care of me and treat the Qiushui poison in my body.

Without looking at Xiao Yan's shocked expression, she went on: Father knew I loved Minsu, but he thought Royal Brother Xuyang would be as wicked as his father.

Even if I saved Minsu, it was still a hopeless trap as Minsu would certainly be brought back. He asked Dijun to marry me so that Brother would let his guard down. Then I could take advantage of the two months of marriage preparation to prepare our escape. Father expected if I returned, no matter where I went, my brother would patrol me more tightly, so only a marriage could help. He begged Dijun to marry me that night to cover for me and Minsu to escape.

She looked up to Xiao Yan. Dijun has always valued the men who fought alongside him during prehistoric times. So when my father asked him to help protect me on his deathbed, he gave his promise. Her voice was getting hoarse, her eyes full of sadness, welling with tears as she went on: Even Zhonglin who is Dijun's loyal attendant also felt I must repay Dijun for the kindness he has bestowed on me.

When Dijun came to Fanyin Valley to lecture, he often allowed me attend to his needs. If not for that, I wouldn't have fallen in love again. Throughout these two hundred years, I sink deeper and deeper each day into this tragic situation.

In this world, there's nothing easier than loving Dijun, but there's nothing more difficult than receiving his love. On Jiuchongtian, Zhonglin was very caring toward me, yet these days I can't help but resent him.

She buried her face into her palms, tears seeping through her fingers. In hindsight, Zhihe and I weren't any different, but funnily enough, I used to hate her. To Dijun, there are only two kinds of women in this world: the one who can be his queen, and everyone else.

But today I finally understand, there's actually no such thing as karma and reason, it's all luck and chance.

Xiao Yan was quiet. Most of the things Jiheng said were completely different from what he knew. It made him very confused.

Shonagon, Sei - The Pillow Book of Sei Shōnagon..pdf

He thought he needed to straighten his mind a little. In daylight, desolate snowfall blanketed the sky. The green pines stood tall as though they had existed for thousands of years. At length, Jiheng raised her head.

Her face no long carried a feeble misery, but her complexion remained somewhat pale. She faintly told Xiao Yan: I am telling you so much today because I hope you will let go of your feelings for me. She hung her head and said, You must think I'm being ridiculous to arrive at this conclusion after thinking for so long? She clenched her hands, her fingernails seemed to dig into her palms, but her voice stayed light. Since I like Dijun and have persisted for more than years, I still want to have a try at this love.

Who Dijun chooses is still not definite. Xiao Yan quietly looked at Jiheng's bleeding palms. He wanted to hold them, but decided against it. He thought for a while and suddenly understood Jiheng's meaning.

The King didn't like her, yet although she was sad, she still intended to fight that battle again. This came as a shock to Xiao Yan. On one hand, Jiheng was so beautiful that it was ridiculous Ice Face didn't like her.

On the other hand, intuition told him this was a good thing. His heart suddenly felt uplifted. The road to pursuing Jiheng seemed to have become a lot smoother overnight. If this was the case, he didn't need to rush. If Jiheng didn't pay attention to him, he could wait. The more beautiful one became, the easier it was to be muddled. But no one stayed muddle his whole life. What if she stayed muddled for overlong? He was a little hesitant. Xiao Yan scratched his head.

Himself so muddled, it seemed he couldn't help a muddled Jiheng. If she was bent on winning Donghua back, nothing of concern should happen for now. He also needed to have some time for himself. Gazing to the moonlight from the eastern mountain, if he was not mistaken, several hours had passed.

He wondered if Ice Face had brought Fengjiu out or not. Xiao Yan frowned at this thought and then hastily ran to Jieyou Spring to look for them. When he arrived at the spring, he was baffled at what he saw. Xiao Yan remembered that when they were at Jieyou Spring the first time, everything was laid in ruins, the water in the stream had also been muddy. Only a few hours passed and above the peaceful ground now formed a lake, surrounding the center of the water body were four pythons and the Aranya Dream.

In turned out Fanyin Valley had its share of capable hotshots. Xiao Yan rode on a cloud into the air to take a look at this genius. This genius was the Third Prince. On the rising waves were a marble table and chairs, and a concluding chess game. His Third Highness was holding a stone while leisurely conversing with Meng Shao.

The monstrous waves laid tamely under his soles like domesticated hawks. Logically speaking, not only should he be able to move the lake that held the force field trapping Donghua and Fengjiu in a short amount of time, even ten lakes would be nothing for a water god in charge of the four seas.

It was just that he always saw Liansong dressing so opulently, he thought nepotism was at 14 Three Lives Three Worlds, the Pillow Book 2 play when Tianjun granted him this title. He now witnessed with his own eyes that Liansong was indeed talented. Xiao Yan flew to the waves and heard Meng Shao reporting to Liansong: Although it is possible to rescue someone by entering the dream according to legends, in reality, I heard the dream contains unpredictable perils.

Reportedly, there was someone who also went inside the dream but didn't know the rule that disallows magic. Not only was he unable to save his friend, he also made the dream shatter and ended up going to the underworld with the person he came to save Meng Shao knitted his brow and lowered his voice to a whisper: I'm very worried.

Dijun's magic is remarkable, but Aranya's Dream does not tolerate strong magic. The chances of this entire matter were slim to begin with. They've been in there for quite a long time. I'm only afraid Dijun and Princess Jiuge's prospects are more grim than good. Xiao Yan stumbled on a wave and only heard Meng Shao's first few words. He added in annoyance: What kind of a dream is this? You all protect it like a soft-shell egg that can't be touched.

From what I see, since it's ominous no matter what route we choose, why not just crack it with a hammer and see if they're dead or alive.

Except for his profound magic, there's nothing good about Ice Face. His magic can be used to protect Xiao Jiu when the dream collapses. He's lived for so long, I don't see what difference it makes for him to have a few less years to earn money! His words led Meng Shao to respond. Since Dijun's magic is useless inside Aranya's Dream, compared to the two of them dying in the dream, although this way is desperate, at least it might work.

Meng Shao had been present at court for more than a century, so his observance was a little better than Xiao Yan. Although he felt more worried for Fengjiu, seeing that Liansong seemed to believe in Donghua, he added: Of course, everything would still be decided according to Your Highness. One was speaking from worry, the other from resentment. Compared to those two, the Third Prince was unmoving and perfectly calm. I'm intrigued whether this dream can really trap Donghua.

But you are saying that Donghua's magic cannot be cast inside Aranya's Dream and he wouldn't have any other way. This, I don't very much agree with. The Third Prince put away the chess pieces into its box as he carelessly looked at Meng Shao and said to him, You are from here.

You must have read one or two history books during your school days. Don't tell me you can't remember it was written in the annals that in prehistoric times, Donghua was the leader of the 72 generals? Meng Shao flustered as he nodded. This question did appear on one of the exams many moons ago.

Because he did not pass, the book remained in his memory many years later. If one of the 72 generals who served under Donghua in ancient lore reappeared today, no one would stand a chance. They were truly formidable. The Third Prince politely smiled. The generals in prehistoric times bowed down to Donghua because he was good at fighting, but for him to sit atop the world, it wasn't only due to his almighty magic, he pointed to his head, but also this.

When he finished speaking, he whipped out his personal Jiyue spear to gesture the bet and smiled to Meng Shao and Xiao Yan: Gentlemen, your wagers. Although she was always feeling hazy and didn't know anything that was going on, occasionally she could feel something. She was being hugged by someone. She felt she knew the person who was hugging her, but for some reason she could not think of his name.

She could smell the waffling scent of white sandalwood in the air; it was a familiar scent. But this sort of familiarity was somehow very distant, and it made her skeptical. After being held for a long time, she seemed to fall into a soft surface.

Feeling more comfortable, she relaxed into the arms that were holding her. Because she wasn't fully conscious and her body was in excruciating pain most of the time, she felt extremely tired. Lying like this was to her liking, it was comfortable. Yet pain was a persistent visitor. She wasn't very good at enduring pain. She could guess that she had made a sound or two whenever she couldn't bear it. Each time a bout of horrid pain passed over her, there was always an arm holding her close, feeding her one spoon after another of some kind of liquid.

The strong smell was blood-like, it did not taste pleasant at all. But each time it reached her throat, her pain subsided greatly; she deemed it must be good stuff. When she choked, someone slowly patted her back. When she became anxious, someone held her hand. When she whimpered, he hugged her close in his arms.

So she kept whimpering, even if nothing was the matter; she whimpered whenever she remembered to. By the time her mind began to regain cognition, she tried to determine the identity of the person tending to her.

But the more she tried to think, the more her mind clouded up. Time flowed like water in a stream, soundlessly on and on. In her muddled state of mind, her eyes foggily passed over many familiar faces. At last they stopped on a matron who dressed and moved ever so elegantly. She was her mother's mother, her maternal grandmother, the elderly Lady Fumi. Her head started to ache. At this point, Grandmother was sitting in her family's guest hall speaking to Mother about something.

Although Lady Fumi seemed friendly enough, she was actually a very terrifying elderly fairy.

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Her goal in life was to marry off all of her daughters to great men. With her careful calculations, all seven daughters indeed found great matches.

She was undoubtedly the backbone of the family. But after marrying all of her daughters away, she began to feel the lonely emptiness in life. She felt empty for two thousand years until Fengjiu's father brought the family back to visit on her grandfather's birthday one day.

Her father brought her to present tea to her grandmother. Her elderly grandmother who was at the depth of her bleak winter days was delighted to discover that her oldest granddaughter Fengjiu was now over 30, years old. It was the ripe age to begin finding for her a husband.

Her elderly grandmother had found a new pursuit in life, and from that day on she graced her eldest daughter's home as a regular guest. Fengjiu hid outside the small garden and tried her best to listen in on what her grandmother was telling her mother. She heard Grandmother say: The reason why I am planning Jiu-er's marriage this early is so that she may make a good choice.

With Jiu-er's looks and character, she must be married into an established family. For example, last time your 2nd brother-in-law recommended the South Sea Water God's younger son.

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He does have good looks and a prestigious background, but he holds no real title, it was such a pity. I think that for a man to be worthy of Jiu-er, he should have some power in addition to a distinguished background, only then does he have potential. What's more, I'm not too fond of generals. Take your fourth brother-in-law for example.

He may hold a high position, but her marriage had always made me ill with worry.

If she didn't starve herself pining for him back then, I wouldn't have handed such a good child to a brute. What's so good about a general?

Fighting and killing all the time, never knowing how to be gentle and kind.I assure you all that this is purely for educational purposes. She was a very pretty cat, and His Majesty saw to it that she was treated with the greatest care. Through the thin gossamer curtain, the sky appeared to be a large screen while the ground was like a long carpet.

He raised his hand to receive it and lightly took a sip. I was holding up the mirror for her when the dog we had seen on the previous evening slunk into the room and crouched next to one of the pillars.