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laws and cosmic pinciples. Consult Man's Higher Consciousness constantly, as your perpetual help and stimulus. Tell others of Mon's Higher Conscious-. Hilton Hotema - The Genesis Of Hilton Hotema - Ancient Secret of Personal Power, Tetragrammaton. Hilton Hotema - Mystery Man of the Bible Appolonius the Nazarene. Click link bellow and free register to download ebook: MAN'S HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS BY PROF. HILTON HOTEMA. DOWNLOAD FROM.

Mans Higher Consciousness Pdf

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It is the 1 primary indicator of self-awareness in non-human animals. In exceptional cases this can be pursued with such acuteness, that it gives rise to branches of learning that are identified as philosophical or metaphysical. It is possible to approach the subject of human consciousness, or the human psyche, from various angles and schools of thought, and the ones that come readily to mind in our contemporary times are those that are to be found in the various schools of western psychology.

Those who are familiar with the works of Freud will agree that there is no acknowledgement of either the will or the soul as understood by esotericists in his writings, and all motivational strivings in a human being are attributed to basic drives and urges of a physical nature, with particular emphasis on the sexual. His interests included Eastern and Western philosophy, alchemy, astrology, sociology, and literature and the arts.

In contrast with the above the esoteric tradition and its formulations of the Self or the human psyche can be said to reach back into antiquity. The terms atma, buddhi, and manas, as used in theosophical literature and the books of Alice A. Bailey, are of Sanskrit origin, and part of the terminology by which the ancients tried to make sense of the higher states of human consciousness. Taken each in turn, atma can be correlated with spirit, buddhi with intuition, and manas with the intellectual faculty, or the mind.

There are various branches of esoteric study which each use their own method and terminology when dealing with different levels of consciousness and the constitution of a human being.

To avoid any misunderstandings or confusion, it needs to be pointed out that in this article consciousness will be discussed in the context in which it was presented by the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, and his amanuensis, Alice A. In order to understand the various degrees of consciousness, it is first necessary to look at the constitution of human beings, and clearly distinguish between their various vehicles whereby they are able to engage with the realities of life.

The constitutional model that will be discussed is in use by theosophists, and esotericists who follow the teachings of Alice A. Bailey and the Tibetan. Once these distinctions are understood it will be easier to grasp the meaning of the different types of consciousness with which the spiritual seeker needs to get acquainted once he or she is determined to tread the Spiritual Path.

The first thing that needs to be remembered regarding the human constitution is that each of its vehicles or bodies corresponds to a parallel level or plane which goes into the making of the world in which we function. Thus we have, from the lowest to the highest, or from the most concrete to the most subtle, the following gradations: Physical vehicle — Physical plane Etheric vehicle — Etheric plane Astral Emotional vehicle — Astral plane Lower mental vehicle Concrete mind — Lower mental plane Causal or Soul vehicle Son of Mind — Causal plane Higher mental vehicle Abstract mind — Higher mental plane Buddhic Intuitional vehicle — Buddhic plane Atmic Spiritual vehicle — Atmic plane Monadic vehicle — Monadic plane To a layman the above might appear as foreign and bewildering, but once these vehicles are sorted into their respective groups such as the threefold personality, the three aspects of the mind, and the Spiritual Triad, their interaction and relationship to each other can be better understood and appreciated.

The first grouping to be considered is the threefold personality, which consists of the physical- etheric, astral and lower mental vehicles, and is that vital part of the human constitution by means of which we interact with our environment and fellow human beings. For the majority of humanity the next great step on the evolutionary ladder is an integrated personality, by means of which the physical, astral and lower mental vehicles are fully integrated, and can thus work as a unit.

Presently the greater part of humanity is still astrally centered, and needs to be uplifted by means of a proper education, so that the lower mental plane can become accessible to them. This will do much to dissipate the glamour in which the masses are caught up, and open up the path to the higher realities.

The soul, or causal body, is receiving much attention in all esoteric schools that offer discipleship training, because it is on the level of the soul that all true disciples are united. The 3 soul occupies the midway point between the concrete mind and the spiritual or higher mind, and is thus a mediator between the lower world of concrete manifestation, and the world of the spirit. In Christian terms it is the Inner Christ, or what St.

Soul consciousness is only possible when the personality recognises the soul as the true inner self, and thus allows itself to be inspired and guided. The Spiritual Triad is the last grouping under consideration, and stands in the same relationship to the monad as the personality to the soul. It is the triad that is formed by atma, buddhi and manas, which respectively stand for the spiritual will, the intuition, and the spiritual, or higher mind.

On a microcosmic, or human level, it is a replica of the Holy Trinity, with the spiritual will standing for the Father aspect; buddhi, or intuition standing for the Son aspect; and the higher mind standing for the Holy Spirit aspect. In Hinduism these aspects would translate into the trinity of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. It is by using the light of the soul that the disciple is able to create a pathway of light between the personality and the Spiritual Triad, and thereby access the spiritual will, intuitive understanding and the higher mind.

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Its state of awareness is very different to soul consciousness, which is fundamentally magnetic, and thus group conscious. Its nature is pure Spirit, 11 and all that one can assume is that it radiates the unadulterated Will of God with dynamic intensity. Brahman is the Atman and the Atman is the Brahman. Unlike the Vedas, which are the earliest document of the human mind that we possess, 13and which are written in poetic and symbolic form, the Upanishads are philosophical, and expound Hindu thought in more direct language, although they do retain some of the poetic tone.

Achieving Higher States of Consciousness

He writes that the transcendent conception of God held in the Rig- Veda is being transformed into an immanent one in the Upanishads, and that the Brahman and the Atman, the cosmic and the psychical principles, are looked upon as identical. As this truth dawns on him, his aspiration is fired, and his yearning for truth finds ways and means to quench the thirst in his soul.

Lead me from the unreal to the real! Lead me from darkness to light! Lead me from death to immortality! It is expressive of the sincerest yearning of the spiritual seeker who will stop at nothing in his desire to experience the highest truth. In Alice A. Bailey explains that it refers to the three aspects of glamour, namely maya, glamour, and illusion. These three aspects are considered the major obstacles that prevent humanity from the realisation that the phenomenal world of the three lower planes, namely the physical, astral and concrete mental are only transitory, and that true joy and fulfilment is only to be found in the realm of the soul.

This is the mediating factor producing the Transfiguration of the personality, and a centre of radiant light upon the mental plane. This statement is true whether one is speaking of an individual or of that focal point of light which is formed by the mental unity and the clear thinking of advanced humanity. These, through the power of their unified mind, will succeed in ridding the world of some aspects of the Great Illusion. These glamours embody the unreal and present them to the prisoners of the astral plane, leading them to mistake them for the Reality.

The imprisonment by glamour can be ended by the activity of the Technique of Light, utilised by those who work — in group formation — for the dissipation of glamour and for the emergence in the consciousness of men of a clear conception and recognition of the nature of Reality. Teach me the truth. Ask for another boon. Release me from this. Have vast expanses of land, and live as many years as you desire.

Or choose another gift that you think equal to this, and enjoy it with wealth and long life. Be a ruler of this vast earth. I will grant you all your desires. Ask for any wishes in the world of mortals, however hard to obtain.

To attend on you I will give you fair maidens with chariots and musical instruments. For Islam, one cannot claim that the aforementioned state of the highest level of consciousness whereby the soul, no longer in a state of turmoil, expressed metaphorically in these verses, isn't an all encompassing and most general specification for the real purpose of life's journey! Provided of course, one believes that man's life has some inherent purpose, and which the secular humanists who posit the wholly material conception of man, do not accept.

Nor do they accept the notion of Revelation. The empirical role of the superior intellect — and not merely the abstract thought expounded by secular humanists to sell it to the world — in crafting mankind's value system, and thus its direction of evolution, is examined in the essay: Morality derived from the Intellect leads to Enslavement!

Islam's conception of higher states of consciousness commences with the recipe outlined in Surah al-Asr, and culminates in the soul that art at rest, for every spiritual being who defines itself as more than just the materialist collection of physical atoms and bio-chemical reactions.

Anyone, of any persuasion and belief system, except the Richard Dawkins variety of course, can strive in that path of the well-lived life which is Islam's prescription for the journey to increasing levels of consciousness, without giving up their own natural socialization into their respective tribes, nations and religions.

This often neglected aspect of a profoundly spiritual world religion which claims to be moral guidance for a well lived life, is examined in the article: Islam and Knowledge vs.

Hilton Hotema - Man's Higher Consciousness

Socialization PDF. It is evidently easy to miss this higher state of spiritual consciousness in which material striving is now first-cause driven by spiritual realizations rather than by the Darwinian instinct for survival, when the propaganda machinery worldwide is so brazenly distorting the religion of Islam. The tortuous beliefs and practices of the Muslim world, so ensconced in the straight-jacket of socialization and culture, betraying their own bankruptcy in higher states of consciousness, does not help absorb and expatiate the religion of Islam either.

Subversion of Spirituality This subversion of preventing the public from seeking higher states of consciousness to increase their spirituality coefficient has evidently been necessary in all organized religions which have been adopted as state religions of empires.

Its legacy is found in the many vestigial of what speciously passes as the moral code of conduct taught by Jesus Christ throughout the world.

The Muslim Caliphates distorted Islam to dominate the world with dynastic empires of their own that came to rival and surpass the Roman empire for over seven hundred years. The white man's burden replaced that for the next seven hundred years. Today, the creed of Secular Humanism is distorting all religions to construct world government, a new global empire of the oligarchy that goes by the name of New World Order.

Once that capacity is developed, everything else naturally follows; like being free and able to add two plus two correctly, and to proclaim the result publicly without fear, from which all freedoms naturally follow. The new meaning imparted by virtually every organized religion to spiritualism is in fact pretty standard. It is to limit spirituality to rituals of personal worship even if practiced collectively in congregations , to personal loving of personal God, to personal piety, to personal morality, to personal charity, etc.

The principal motivation for the practice of religion and spirituality has been most diabolically pushed off to merely seeking selfish rewards in some afterlife for one's personal morality. This has an immediate and direct impact on society. Primacy of the sociopaths and empires now comes to flourish at the macro social levels because the public mind is primed not to interdict it.

It is no longer part of the moral code for the well lived life. That omission over time becomes naturally ingrained as the meaning of religion and fosters servitude and obedience to rulers generation after generation.

If you can get to heaven on the prayer mat while giving alms to the indigent as the peak of your spirituality, what's the point of standing up to evil and their enslaving systems of power and getting needlessly butchered in the process! The fast-path to heaven is infinitely better. Looks familiar? Solution Space It should be self-evident by now that only by embarking on that spiritual journey is man able to take care of the principal issues raised in the main article examining the limitations of the documentary Thrive , of overcoming the predatory instincts that create primacy, deprivation, and servitude to fellow man.

Some ancient spiritual societies like those practicing Shamanism in the Amazonian jungles tickle this spiritual hunger leading to their higher states of consciousness and spiritual healing, with aphrodisiacs. Mystics and monks throughout the ages have tickled this spiritual hunger to develop their higher levels of consciousness with meditation, self-denial and, like the character in Rudyard Kipling's Kim, by making long journeys in search of the river of the arrow.

Howsoever the spiritual hunger is first tickled, some take short-cuts and others take long-paths, the striving for its satiation that is devoid of acts for the well lived life, remains barren and still-born!

It is unable to transform society at the macro social levels. The instincts for primacy consequently remain unbridled and unleashed among the best minds of the sociopaths, and their predatory practices become more and more sophisticated over time.

The macro social civilizational challenge for mankind is to lay the foundation of the spiritual man among hoi polloi, to raise their states of consciousness, so that they can at least defend themselves from Social Darwinianism. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Awaken the World Within. We Do Not Die.

The Facts of Nutrition. The Magic Wand. Long Life in Florida. Mystery of Man. Hilton Hotema.

He claimed to have become a vegan at age 9 after reading a book in school, and grew up to become a rather well-known writer and researcher on alternative health and spirituality.

He lived to be 92 years of age and claimed he owed his long life to having spent most of it as a breatharian-fruitarian. Product details File Size: Hauraki Publishing January 18, Publication Date: January 18, Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Not Enabled. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention hilton hotema read this book ever read read for many book and read human knowledge changed eating body fasting health truth food including learned lies society wisdom.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified Purchase. It took nearly a year of listening to his interviews before I decided to give this book a read. I found it so interesting and so compelling that I bought a second copy so that I have an everyday copy to carry with me and a backup in case I lose the original.

Since beginning Man's Higher Consciousness, I have read about ten other Hilton Hotema books and I really wish the publishers would make all of Hilton Hotema's books available in electronic form.

It appears that the author sometimes repeated entire chapters from his prior books, but the Hotema material is such uncommon knowledge that the repetitions were beneficial and worked well for me. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book changed my view on life in a deep way. I have implemented the part of having clean air in my home, and my son is benefiting tremendously from it.

He had always had a hard time breathing at night since he was little.

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Now that we leave our window open at night in our bedroom he has no difficultly sleeping and breathing. It is winter time but we still do it. We had thought his congestion was from his diet, but when it would clear up when we changed his eating habits it would go away for sometime, but then come back.Heart Disease.

Time s have changed. A must-read for any health-conscious individual. From Plato's depiction of mind control in his seminal Myth of the Cave years ago; to Machiavelli's The Prince which virtually underwrites the practice of modern day statecraft and is the cardinal basis of its state secrecy laws with which the public should be kept uninformed; to Hegel's technique of synthesis from deliberate destruction through the clash of opposites, called the Hegelian Dialectic, which is being used today for Machiavellianly maneuvering the world into a particular direction; to Freud's discovery of the irrational mind which is today used most cunningly for behavior control by exploiting man's natural fears and baser instincts that are buried deep within his sub conscious: from marketing political theories to egregious lifestyles and soap bars; is one continuous axis of management of hoi polloi for the narrow self-interests of the few.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. It entails the following: a freeing of the yogi from the three worlds; the ability to focus the attention indefinitely and at will; polarisation of the consciousness in the ego, or soul; the recognition of the lower man as simply an instrument for communicating with the three lower planes; the acquisition of the faculty of contemplation, or the attitude of the real Identity towards the realm of the soul; and the ability to transmit to the brain, via the controlled mind, the knowledge of the self and its kingdom to the man on the physical plane.

By internal conditions, I mean inner disciplines like meditation, contemplation, sacrifice, charitable service, work against negativity, cultivation of positive attitudes, and so on.

It is winter time but we still do it.