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Bhartṛhari—Nītiśatakam. “Knowledge is such a treasure which cannot be stolen” . IS (): Specification for Portland pozzolana cement, Part 1: Flyash. Jun 4, “Knowledge is such a treasure which cannot be stolen”. IS (): Specification for Portland-pozzolana cement, Part 2: calcined clay. (1) The PPC is marked as 33 grade cement (there are no specification for higher grade of cement in ppc). (2) Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) to have strength equivalent to that of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) 33 Grade (IS sixth revision) cement. According to IS code you.

Is 1489 Pdf

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Buy BIS IS PORTLAND POZZOLANA CEMENT - SPECIFICATION - PART 1: FLY ASH BASED from SAI Global. Portland pozzolona cement, fly ash based is an intimately interground mixture of Portland cement clinker / ordinary Portland cement and pozzolana with the. Internet Archive BookReader. IS Specification for Portland pozzolana cement, Part 1: Flyash based. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled.

List of IS Codes for Cement and Concrete

IS: — methods of sampling of bricks for tests. IS: — methods of testing of bricks.

IS: ; ; — mild steel of grade I. IS: ; — mild steel of grade II. IS: — specifications for hard drawn steel wire fabric for reinforcing concrete.

List of IS Codes for Cement and Concrete

IS: — specifications for plain hard drawn steel wire fabric for prestressed concrete. IS: — specifications for high tensile strength steel bar for prestressed concrete. IS: — specifications for steel for general purposes.

IS: — specifications for rolled steel made from structural steel. IS: — specifications for prime coat for structural steel.

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IS: — specifications for synthetic enamel paint for structural steel. Specification for 33 Grade ordinary portland cement IS - 2.

Specification for Rapid hardening portland cement IS - 3. Methods of physical test for hydraulic cement IS - 5. Method of chemical analysis of hydraulic cement IS - 6. Method of sampling for hydraulic cement IS - 7.

IS - 2 Code of practice for preparation and use of masonry mortar IS - E Cement Concrete 1 Specification for coarse and fine aggregate. ASTM-C 2 The standard method of test for the effect of organic materials in fine aggregate on strength of mortar. ASTM C. IS — 4 Hard drawn steel wire for concrete reinforcement. Pipes 1 Specifications for pre cast concrete pipes.

IS — 2 Methods of Tests for concrete pipes. Effect of Aggregate-Cement Ratio on Engineering Properties of Pervious Concrete Pervious concrete is a composite type of material containing coarse aggregate, little or no fine aggregate, cement and water.

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In pervious concrete, carefully controlled amount of water and cementitious materials are used to Read More Recent Advances in - Self-Compacting Concrete In line of advanced concrete technology and research self-compacting concrete SCC contribute an innovative role for the development and its implementations worldwide. SCC, also known as self-leveling concrete Read More Life-Cycle Management of Concrete Structures A concrete structure is required to maintain its functions and performance during its design service life.

However, serious damages have been sometimes found, which may be caused by physical and chemical actions.

Read More Green, Sustainable Construction: Solutions for Affordable Housing Concrete is the second most consumed material in the world after water and it is used most widely in the construction industry due to its high compressive strength and other properties.

Aesthetical Integration in High Performance Concrete for Infra Construction Concrete, the wonder material that has shaped our surroundings, was invented in the midth century, and continues to be the most widely used construction material.

Concrete came to architects and designers as a boon Read More Comparative Study of concrete mix design using IS and ACI methods with and without super-plasticizer Concrete is a composite material consisting of cement, water, and aggregates. These ingredients can be mixed in different ratios to attain desired strengths.

Though rough mix ratios for different strengths Read MoreDate Calibration Result of Calibration Test records indicating details of standard values and observed values for each equipment to be kept in proforma for which various columns be devised; as required Name of Equipment Action taken if equipment found defective Sl.

Materials Other than Cement and Aggregate.

In all other cases one bag from each nozzle shall be checked once in two hours. Methods of physical tests for hydraulic cement, Part 2: Pricing for a pre-ordered book is estimated and subject to change.

IS: — methods of sampling of bricks for tests.