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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Sailesh Surendran. -1 26 comments Links to this post..,,,.?..?. ramanichandran ramani chandran rc tamil novel story -2 3 comments Links to this post,., "? basic manners?". Irul maraitha nizhal - Ebook download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

Irul Maraitha Nizhal Pdf

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Download Irul maraitha nizhal DOWNLOAD PDF - MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Short Description. Download Irul maraitha. Today in site 'Irul Maraitha Nizhal' novel was listed in RC I wish to make a pdf of the novel - any ideas how to import a blog to pdf?:). Ramanichandran novels (Irul Maraitha Nizhal - Full story). Irul Maraitha Nizhal is just another a romantic love story of by Ramanichandran. You can preview this.

Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Anjusanju Start date Jun 14, Anjusanju Friends's of Penmai Jun 14, Hi friends, i read this novel in an other blog.

Fortunately, today i got the scribd link of this novel.. Sorry friends, I dont know the writer name Irul maraitha nizhal. Last edited: Jun 14, Joined Jan 10, Messages Likes Location chennai. Joined Nov 21, Messages 1, Likes Location karur. Kalai, check this Irul maraitha nizhal. Joined Aug 20, Messages 1, Likes Location chennai.

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Serial Stories. Healthy and Nutritive Foods. Introduce Yourself here! Sponsored Links. Whenever i feel disturbed i start reading Ur story. When s your next story starts. Reg Kavi. Awesome story!!! Loved the way it is written. Waiting for more like this one I read it in one go Keep up the good work.

Hi thenu I loved reading your story. Hai thenu, very nice story.. Rc story mathiri ithuvum romanticka iruku.. I am eagerly waiting for ur next novel.. By Shalini. Hello Thenu, iam sophia. Irul maraitha Nizhal very good work. It is a honey breeze novel like RC.

Iam also very inspired by her romantic novels and started to write like you. I liked ur way of writing very much. Nalla thamizh ezhuthu nadai. I wish for your all success. Hi thenu!!! Rely superb story great thoughts.. Eagally expctng ur nxt stry.. Keep wrtng 4 us.. May god bless u.. Amazing story U r multitalented and u have impressed me to a gr8 extent I am overwhelmed by your response and wishes.

Thanks Irene! Your observation is right. My best friend's name starts with S and hence the dedication of names.

I have Bhanu's id.. Thanks Praba for the notes on typos. Thena, i read your irul maraitha nizhal. Many thanks, Barathy. Dear Thena, inthe novel enakku Gethai pondrathu.. All the readers, once you've finished reading this story, Kindly listen to Panituli panituli from kanda naal mudhal movie.

You'll be mesmerise Hi Thena, Nice one Though the story line is the usual one,the way u wrote it is very good This is better than RC novels.. Keep writing Hi Thenu, this story was awesome.. Romba nalla ezzhuthi irukkeenga.. Keep writing: Hi Thenu, Is this is your pen name or real name.

Your name also sounds sweet like your writing, drawing and many other talents. Where do you live? Just curious. I got to know your blog only through my friend.

I am reading ample number of times to pass my time in Dubai. Drishti pattu da pooguthu. Do mail in my id about yourself. Just wanted to know about you. I was outside India for the last 29 years and my time spent in reading lots of RC books, several other authors and also english books.


RC always reminds me of Mills and Boon books but the indian version. So happy to see that there is some one who is having equal talent like her. Or you in anyway related to her. Good luck my personal id is prablakshmi gmail. Looking forward to hear from you and waiting to read your next story soon.

Good luck. Enakum ezhudhanumnu aasai vandhuduchu na idhu varaikum yarukum comments ezhudhunandhu kidaiyadhu i impressed with your writing ,keep on writing ur webpage design also quite nice i'm looking fwd for ur next novel.

Hi thena Wow super romantic story i lve to read this story. Pls continue to write thena. I' m big fan of rc mam. I m waiting for ur next story All the very best Hi Thenu, nice story, very pleasing to read. As a big fan of RC mam i am very much eager to see ur next romantic story.

All the best Keep up the good work and continue it Am happy that we have got another person with similar writings of RC. You are a great writer, I can't read tamil, well but made a lot effort to read it. There is a lot conversation between the hero and heroin. It is beautiful romantic story. You are class of your own.

Irul maraitha nizhal

Even RC books can't come close. Pls keep writing. I am actually angry with you. After writing such a beautiful love story, you have left us hungry for more.

Now we won't know when you will write again. Pls for the sake of your fans do write a another novel soon. Hi Thenu, Thanks Thenu for giving such a good treat for our eyes and memory. The story was completely filled and overflowed with love it showed your passion towards writing and made us to move.

Please make us happy and yourself with an other novel soon. By Arthi. Enjoyed very much. Keep writing Rohini Colombo. After long period, reading a fantastic story. Now I like I left my office work just bcoz of your story UNgalukku mathum yeppadi ipadi different a yosikka tonuthu???

Hi thena, I loved the novel,very gripping and the way you wrote is fantastic. Hi sir, I read your novel in frist time,. Hi, very very very nice story. I laugh, cry, sad, angry, emotional wif d story. So nice. Hi thena, I love this story like RC mam's story 'kathelennum solaille'. I love this story very much. Hi Thena, When will u write the other novel. Every one are eagerly waiting for your second novel.

Your novel is so mesmerizing like Illayaraja's music.

HiThenu, Excellent story. I enjoyed the story very much.

Hi thenu , Excellent story. JAIHO to u Hi Thenu, It's is an amazing work, coudn't believe that it is your first story. Very well narrated, citations used, the flow etc. Well done! Best wishes, Ammu. Hi thenu! Very nice story just can't believe it's ur first story!

Please continue ur writing. Waiting for ur next story! Hi thenu: Remba nalla love story. Hero heroin name la iruthu yellame karpanaikkum yetta varnanai. Padikkum pothu yellam kan mun nilalaadiyathu. Rendu peroda emotion ah alaga sooniga. Enna antha story la erunthu miindu varamudila. Remba nalla irukku. All the best for your next story. Hai Thenu: Nice Novel!! Tons of thanks to the Writer..!! Waiting for another cute Love Story..!!

Best wishes to the Writer..!! Hai Thenu, Its really a fantastic story. Keep up your good work. Enjoyed well. This is Santhya..!! Proud to have an amazing Writer from IT field..

Congratulations for the wonderful work and All the best for upcoming cute stories..!! Keep up the Same..!! Best Wishes from Santhya Babu: Just Now I finished reading this novel I thought I is RC Novel Where are the other stories of yours ya Regards, Divya.

Can not stop reading halfway All the best for your future stories Regards, divya. Thanks Divya! I am very happy to hear from you all. Thanks for taking the time to share your valuable comments with me. Sivaranjani, Loved ur comments and thanks for the dialogue recaps. Took me to la-la land. Dear Thenu, very very good novel. Waiting for the next one. Please engalukkaga seekirame. Thanks, PadmaSathish. Is it your novel or RC Madam's novel. Please confirm. Dear Anonymous, Irul maraitha nizhal is written by me.

Original writer is Thenu. Thanks for asking. Hi thenu, I raed the Story in a strentch really superb. Its Shows u have raed Rc novel Regulraly too gud keep writing.

A gr8 start and plz do continue writing And priya ka's comments were so good and genuine Rasika pa: I am waiting for your next story. Hi Superb story. Hi, If anyone said it is ur first novel -it is very hard to believe, and the way you narrated the whole story is very much impressive and it is gives feel to be in the character itself.

Its heart touching and your comments in between conversation of nandhan and mithuna was highlight. Thank you for such a wonderfull story and its become one of may favourite also. After RC i like your writing very much. Continue the same Bharathi M R. Hi, how did u end up with such a nice love story? Plz do treat us with another story soon. Nandhan and Mithuna U dont believe, These r my kids name ;- this is another reason i like the story..

But never ever compare u with RC. U r such a wonderful narrator, n dont put urself behind her.

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U be a total individual n give us nice stories like this forever. Though u have her glimpses here n there in ur stories, ur first story is a super duper hit. All the best n hearty wishes.

Very nicely written story. But of course as all have commented, very similar to Ramani Chandran work. I am sure the next one will be more in your own style. Very good work and keep it up. Such a wonderful story Hai Thenu Superb Story Sapdakuda marathuten Avlo interest ah ore moochula padichuten Thank you for tis story Keep rocking Hai Thenu Sister, Story sema Super I love it Ore Moochula Padichuten Avlo Interesting ah irunthuchu Sapdakuda Marathuten..

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Vaira Malar. Thena February 26, at 9: I have Bhanu's id.. Divya Bharathi June 14, at Midhuna and Nalandhan lingering in my mind too. Hi Thenu, Very well written. Got a feel of reading RAmani chandran and Jaya shakthi novel together. Thanks for that. New posts.