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Growing Taller Secrets book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Growing Taller Secrets, second addition is a completely rewritten s. Growing Taller Secrets, second addition is a completely rewritten study on Growing Taller Secrets and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Robert Grand has been working on the subject of human Published his first book Growing Taller Secrets in

Grow Taller Secrets Book

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The original book by Robert Grand on how to grow taller - #1 bestseller worldwide for over 12 years - the only real guide to increase your height naturally . Unofficial PDF version by SURMA Growing Taller Secrets Everything The e- Book had a very tight security where you could only view it on a. As the most important How I Grow Taller Secrets review modern German students, he stated in the book the cause of the issue about German.

Moreover, the program also helps you release the right hormones, do the right exercises, and correct your posture at all. Here are things that you will learn how to become taller with the Grow Taller Secrets guide: To have a whole picture of this product, you can watch this video: Here are things that the Grow Taller Secrets guide will give you after helping you say goodbye to the short physique that seems like an inborn feature: It is so simple!

Here is something users said about this guide: That is the strongest honor-based guarantee from the author to prevent doubts rising from your mind! Now, after reading carefully this writing about the Grow Taller Secrets guide, you may have something unclear about it. Do not hesitate! I am here to provide you the exact answers for every question you may have about the product!

Just leave your comments below and I am glad to answer all! Move both of your arms horizontally to the back thencrossing them in the front, pushing as far as possible. Rotate your both arms vertically, try to doit fast fig. Bend your body to the right side with left hand up , to the left side with right handup fig. Think of every muscle in your body and make it work, but do not tryanything too hard for you.

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Remember, your muscles have to be warm and relaxed, not big andsolid. You need to gain height, not muscles. Cooling-DownCooling-down is just as important as warming-up.

This is a process of returning heart rate andbreathing back to normal. This is very, very important. At first, hold your hands together on topof your head and try to reach as high as possible by stretching all your body fig.

Try toimagine that somebody is trying to pull you up holding your hands. Do it for one minute whileyou are walking slowly. After that, move your hands together in a very slow circular motionwithout touching each other. Every time your hands rise up, stretch your legs and spine as muchas possible.

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Dont forget, do not stop walking. Slow walking will prevent blood frompooling in the legs, which could cause dizziness and blackouts. Always include a warm-up and cool-down in your program. This is as important as basicexercise and skipping these steps may cause health problems.

When you do something reallyimportant, you need to be prepared to have good results. Otherwise, you may spoil everything. Dont experiment with your health, just follow my advice.

By being prepared, outdoor exercise can be enjoyable and safe during any season. Tips for exercising in heat and humidity: Drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration caused by excessive sweating can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Drink fluids before, during, and after exercise even if you dont feel thirsty. Dress for the heat.

Wear loose-fitting, light-colored, and lightweight clothes. Cotton is best when sweat-soaked because it has a cooling effect. Use common sense. As a rule, the higher the air temperature, the lower the humidity must be to avoid risk of heat injury.

For example, when air temperature exceeds 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you are at risk if the humidity exceeds 50 percent. During very hot and humid spells, exercise in the cool indoors or go swimming. Take time to adjust. The body takes time to acclimatize to hot weather. It takes 7 to 14 days to fully acclimatize, therefore gradually increase your exercise time. Tips for exercising when its cold and wet: Dress in multiple layers of clothing.

The outer layer should protect you from wind, rain, or snow.

Cold temperatures, dampness, and wind increase the risk of hypothermia. Sweat cools the body quickly during cold weather, while wind evaporates it faster. Wear fabrics that insulate and keep moisture away. Fabrics made of wool and polypropylene are good, while cotton retains moisture. Protect special body parts like your head, face, hands, and feet. Mittens are better than gloves. Cover the head with a wool cap.

Shield the face with a scarf or high collar. Wear socks that retain heat and keep moisture away. Do not drink alcohol before or during a workout - it makes the body lose heat faster. Warm-up indoors before exercising outside. Warming your muscles will help prevent injury. I do not recommend exercising outside if the weather conditions are too severe. If You are a Bodybuilder or Weightlifter 7 8. If you are a bodybuilderyou have less chance of maximizing your growth.

If you dont want to quit bodybuilding, Irecommend doing all muscle exercises at a slower pace. You might even try this during yourbodybuilding workout: Hold muscles in tension for as long as possible without moving. This willmake your muscles very strong but not so big.

Always relax all your muscles after a workout bystretching, hanging on the chin-up bar, and any other exercises that you feel comfortable with,which you will see in my program. Most of these exercises are good for relaxing muscles. Weight lifting in a standing position also has adverse effects on your growth. On the other hand,weight lifting is incredibly effective at increasing growth hormone level in the blood, especiallywhen you are lifting maximum weight.

The reason for this is the stress exerted on the body,which, as I mentioned previously, causes growth hormone release. To play it safe, you can workon your shoulders, chest, and arm muscles, lifting weights while lying in a horizontal position. Morning Exercise ProgramThe exercises which are the base of my method, are not only great for achieving all of yourgrowth potential, but are also good for losing weight, keeping your body in good shape, makingyour heart work more efficiently, and improving your health in many other ways.

You need to do these exercises days a week and for at least one hour each day. It is crucial tonot stop doing the exercises suddenly, because this program should be a continuous process inorder to get positive results.

In other words: The best place for morning exercise is outdoors, in a park near you, but a gym or fitness club willdo in severe weather conditions see section on exercising in extreme weather conditions.

Hold your hands up on a horizontal bar over your head. The bar should be high enough to keep your feet off the ground. Completely relax your body, every part of it relaxing technique is very important and will be explained in the other lesson. Hands are the only part of your body that you should be kept as strong and muscular as possible because you will need to do this particular exercise very often later Ill explain how to make your hands stronger.

Keep this position of hanging on horizontal bar for about seconds or less if your hands are not strong enough for beginners. Take a one minute break and repeat. Try to reach some high overhanging object like the branch of a tree with your fingertips by jumping in the same spot and pushing up with both of your feet at the same time.

Then try bending your legs at the knees, bending down your body, and then stretching your body and legs. Do these jumps with all your power, jumping as high as possible. Make 10 jumps. Do not rush, have seconds intervals between them. Rest afterward by walking slowly for minutes.

Now you should jump in the same spot while trying to reach the same object and using one leg at a time: Do slow motion exercises for minutes to reduce your heartbeat. Stand straight while placing your legs in a wide but comfortable and firm position. Lock your hands together at the back of your head. Bend your body down toward your left leg then slowly pull back up to the standing position, then bend toward the center between your legs and back to the straight position, then bend toward your right leg and back to the straight position, switching at every bend.

Do not bend your legs. Try to keep them straight. This might be hard at the beginning, and it may even hurt in the muscles at the back of your legs.

But this is the way it should be. Dont bend your neck too much; try to keep it straight in one line with the body. After each series of bends left, center, and right make one to the back, while keeping yourbalance fig.

Do 3 series of these light body bends. Then do 5 series of pushing down ashard as possible. Try not to tense up your body; let it be relaxed.

Take 1 minute of slow walking,then do 5 more series of the same bends left, center, right , but this time let your hands touch thefloor with every bend fig. Now your heart should be beating fast. The technique below is very practical to reduce yourheartbeat and get a lot of extra energy for your body. Walk slowly for a while. Hold both your arms horizontally in one line with your palms up so youlook like a cross fig. Imagine a lot of pure energy around your body.

Breathe the air intoyour lungs and slowly move your arms up and then down in front of you, letting the air out fig. While doing this, imagine grabbing the outside energy and inserting it into your body.

Do this a few times, until your heartbeat has lessened and you feel rested. Hold up on the horizontal bar, relaxing for the first few seconds, then lift your legs up, bending them at your knees, as high as possible. Keep this position for seconds, 9 Rest for 2 minutes, and then repeat this exercise one more time. Take a break for minutes. Do the reaching jumps with a running start. Move back about feet meters from the object you want to reach.

Run slowly toward this object making the last two steps faster, then jump while pushing up with both of your feet and stretching your body out to touch the object with your both hands. Do these leaps 5 times, then, after a short break, repeat them 10 times using one leg to jump, switching from left to right and back each time. Explained above are the basic steps you will need to do every day, times a week as I hadmentioned before.

I will now give you some more information about these exercises: Another trick: As I said before, the best place to do these morning exercises is outdoors, perhaps in a park. Clean and fresh air is the perfect environment for getting maximum results from this workout. Your blood will be rich in oxygen, which will give a lot of energy for your body.

It will not onlyhelp you to grow faster, but it will also provide fresh air which improves the health of every partof your body and your mind. Morning Exercises at HomeIn case you want to do morning exercises at home, first make sure you have enough room inyour house, and that no neighbors will be disturbed, and that there is no furniture around to breakwhile you do jumps.

Here is what you will need…First you need to have a horizontal bar in your room. This is going to be your main exerciseequipment.

No matter where you do your morning exercise you will need a horizontal bar athome. It is a special bar made for home use. It can be installed between two vertical surfaces walls that are close to each other, or on the doorframe. It must be high enough so your feetshould not touch the floor when you hang on the bar. Dont forget, you will be growing taller,and one day you may be too tall for the height of the bar. The distance from your feet to the floorwhen hanging should be inches.

Think again. Make it your goal, do your best, and one day your friends might not recognize you. You can buythis type of bar at your local sports equipment store, or you can order it from this website: You need fresh air and your blood needs oxygen. The indoor morningexercise program is almost the same as the outdoor program. The difference is that you might nothave enough room for running and running jumps, unless you have a home gym with a track forrunning, or you do this workout at your local fitness center.

If you dont have enough room for the outdoor program, here is an alternative: When you are warming-up, you can skip the slow run and do light, relaxing jumps instead. Atreadmill would be a great piece of exercise equipment to own because slow running is the mostpowerful exercise for improving and keeping your health in good shape. For the goal we aretrying to achieve, it is not necessary to have this kind of equipment.

Running is just a good wayto prepare yourself for the main exercise. You can also replace distance running with running inplace continuous light jogging, keeping both legs pumping.

An indoor object that can be usedin this program instead of the tree branch is any high overhanging object that you can only reachby jumping, such as a ceiling or a cloth placed high enough so that it is hard for you to reach. Considering that you are at home, you can do some exercises that you are not usually able to dooutdoors nevertheless I still prefer the great outdoors for morning exercise. The following twoexercises are good for stretching your back, legs and abdominal muscles, all areas which areimportant for your bodys ability to grow.

Sit down on the floor preferably on the rug , placing legs together and straight in front of you do not bend the knees. Hold your hands under your calves as far as you can reach and pushyour body towards your legs, hard enough to feel a little pain in your calves. Hold this positionfor two seconds, then release. Do it 4 times, then once while pushing your body down as hard aspossible for seconds.

Lay down on the floor on your back after that and rest for 1 minute fig. Lay down on the floor with your face down. Place your hands on the floor under yourshoulders fig. Slowly push up with your arms, straighten them, lifting your upper body offthe floor, and arch your back. Your lower body should be relaxed fig. Your head should beas high as possible. Hold this position for seconds.

Do it 3 more times pushing harder eachtime. Sit on the floor, keeping legs together and strait. Bend your body towards your toes trying totouch them. It is very important not to bend your legs fig. These 3 exercises are good to do at the end of your warm-up.

Morning exercises are a very important part of the procedure for growing taller, but this is notenough for maximum results.

I want you to understand that growing is a continuous process. Therefore, in order to give your body encouragement to grow, you need to be committed toexercise continuously.

Even on days when you dont do morning exercises which you should notskip for more that 2 days in a row , the rest of the program still applies. For the rest of your dayyou should not forget your goal. The following activities are crucial…Physical Activities During the DayYour PostureYou need to change the way you sit, the way you stand, and the way you walk. Right now, whilereading this text, pay attention to your posture. Is your neck bent down a little, trying to holdyour heavy head, or are you are holding your head straight up?

How about your spine? Is itstraight or does it look like a question mark? See what I mean? Yes, this is important for yourbody. Spinal disks should have as little pressure as possible, and way to minimize pressure onyour spine is to keep your back straight at all times. Try to imagine that your body is growing right now really quickly. Slowly stretch all your bodyup, making it look like you are growing one inch in seconds. Try to put your head as high aspossible.

Stay in this position for a few seconds, then relax while keeping the same pose. This isthe posture you should keep for the rest of your life. It will not only make it easier for your bodyto grow, this position of the body will prevent many diseases in the future. Even your brain willwork better in this posture. Furthermore, it will be hard to get tired in a straight-up position. Spread your shoulders wider but not so much as to beuncomfortable. During the day, no matter what you do, stretch your body up as I mentioned above at anyconvenient moment.

Force your body to grow and do it right.

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Imagine your body lengtheninginstantly and try to feel it. JumpsI do not recommend doing jumps 1 hour before and after meals or 1 hour before sleep. But useany convenient moment to do them: A fitness club is a great place to do jumps. You need to do jumps every day. Playing basketball or volleyball is the best way to reach your jumpsgoal. If you go above jumps, so much the better. Jumps are very important foraccomplishing your maximum growth. Chin-Up BarThe chin-up bar should be your best friend for as long as you are working on this program, andhopefully long after.

Any time you have a moment to hang on the bar, just do it. There are anendless number of exercises you can do on the chin-up bar, but many of them could causeinjuries unless you are an expert at gymnastics. All you need to do in this program is hang,relaxing your body, even if it is difficult to relax when you start.

For some people it might behard to hold onto the bar; their hands might not be strong enough.

Growing Taller Secrets

If you are one of those peopleyou should push yourself to do it anyway, and each time you go on the bar, it will become easierto hold yourself up than it was the time before, because your hands will be getting stronger. Let's look at some general rules and statistics, which may not necessarily apply to you, but will give you some ideas of what your chances are and how much more you can grow: The general pace of gaining height for most children between the ages of 3 and early adolescence is about 2 inches 5 cm per year.

It can definitely fluctuate. No one grows with the constant pace. In years of early adolescence, for example, sex hormones often contribute to a much faster growth rate.

Different time of the year also shows different growth rates, such as late spring and summer is time when children are generally growing faster than in the fall and winter.

By the way, why do you think late spring and summer are so height productive? Because during these periods we unintentionally do more right things for the body to grow faster. When you will finish reading this book, you will understand exactly how it happens. Under normal circumstances, the age at which we stop growing fluctuate very substantially.

Girls are almost always stop growing earlier than boys, on average 3 - 4 years earlier, which happens anywhere between ages of 14 and Boys stop growing anywhere between ages of 17 and Please also understand that these age limits can be increased by up to 3 to 5 more years of growth for boys and girls if they do something about it, which this book is all about. Those are statistics, but what about me — you would ask. It is impossible to predict precisely when you will stop growing, however there are five factors you can use to give yourself a clue: The first factor is when your puberty begins, which is usually between ages of 8 and 13 for girls, 10 and 15 for boys.

The later your puberty begins — the longer you will continue to grow.

Grow Taller Secrets - Natural Height Growth

By the way, during first two years from when the puberty starts, it is normal to expect a very active growth spurt for boys and girls. At this time they can gain as much as 3 to 5 inches 7cm — 12cm per year. The second factor is our genetics. Genes microscopic particles that give our body instructions on how it should be developed were inherited to us from our past generations through our parents and will be inherited from us to our children and future generations.

Genes are responsible for the likeliness we have to our parents and close relatives because we share great number of them. It means that you are an architect of not only your destiny but also your body.

Yes, an average person's height can be different as much as 14 inches 35 cm , or even more, depending on those other factors! In other words, if everything done wrong, a person's final height can be 14 inches shorter than if everything done right starting from birth! That is a huge difference! Those "other" factors are what this book is all about. You should not be discouraged if everyone in your family is short. Use this book as a guide, and you will have much greater chance of growing taller than anyone in your family.

Based on our research, most people who follow this program add 2 to 5 inches 5 — 13 cm to their final height, often even more, sometimes much more.

That is why it is very possible that your parents could be much taller would they do everything their body needed to grow taller. After learning from the course about every aspect of what makes the body grow, find out from your parents what they did or did not do correctly in their childhood if they will remember. The third factor is age.

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It does not mean that a person in his or her late teens or early—mid twenties is unlikely to grow. In fact, most people of that age who follow Growing Taller Secrets book, increase their growth greatly.

It's just the impact of the program is more significant if it is done at younger age. In other words, the sooner you start - the closer you can get to your maximum height potential.

There is such a term as "bone age" which shows how mature your bones are. Your bone age may well be different from your real age, and the less mature your bones are usually the result of delayed puberty - the more time they have to grow, more mature - less time.

To find-out, doctors usually take X-rays of bones and compare them with bone X-rays of an average person in your age. The fourth factor is how you were raised during first years of your life. You should understand that there are number of factors that not you, but your parents had control over since the moment of conception.

We will discuss all of these factors in full detail in the book. It is very important to know especially for parents of a young child. The fifth factor is … well — what you will do from now on.

It is your knowledge, your belief and your actions. This course will serve you as a guide to make this "fifth factor" as the most powerful factor in your body's development. What about adults? Can a person increase height after bones were completely fused? The answer is YES, it is possible, completely safely and naturally. Just keep in mind that after bone plates were fused, bones can no longer grow.

There are other ways however to make it work, which we will discuss in full detail in the book. An average adult can permanently increase body's length by 1 — 2 inches 2. How can I increase my height faster? We'd like to let you in on a little secret: there are many very important things you can do and should do to improve the way you body grows, which are all fully described in the book, but there is one thing that stand above all to make you grow taller and much faster — the correct balance of Human Growth Hormone HGH in the body.

This is what a large portion of the book is dedicated to.Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Are you sure you want to Yes No.

Your last meal should be hours before you go to sleep. Look what our dear author wrote…this is the original text of the official book sold byhim. Actions Shares. Learn in full detail all aspects of human growth and development starting from conception up until when bones can no longer grow, and most importantly how to increase height safely and naturally. The book is packed with information that most doctors don t even know, especially those doctors who don t tell us that heigh Growing Taller Secrets, second addition is a completely rewritten study on how human body grows and develops, and how to force the body to grow taller naturally, without the use of any drugs or chemicals.

My program is not a panacea for every single problemthat causes poor growth. No one grows with the constant pace.