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Using databases in C# can be daunting for developers moving from VB6, VBA, or . For example: “C# Database Basics by Michael Schmalz. NET, which enables your C# programs to interact with a database. In Part 2, " In this chapter, you learned the basics of databases and SQL Server. In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect C# application to Microsoft SQL Server Database and Access data. We will also learn Insert.

C# Database Basics Pdf

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because it covers programming SQL Server using C# .. The database life cycle consists of the following stages, from the basic steps involved in. SYBEX Sample Chapter. Mastering. ™. C#. ™. Database. Programming. Jason Price. Chapter .. Control class; this class provides the basic functionality for the . Working with data and databases in C# certainly can be daunting if you're coming from VB6, VBA, or Access. With this hands-on guide, you'll.

In this screen, we will confirm all the settings which were carried on the previous screens. Choose the option "Yes" to include sensitive data in the connection string Click on the "Next" button. In the next screen, click on the "Next" button to confirm the creation of the connection string In this step, Choose the tables of Demotb, which will be shown in the next screen.

This table will now become an available data source in the C project When you click the Finish button, Visual Studio will now ensure that the application can query all the rows in the table Demotb. Step 5 Now that the data source is defined, we now need to connect the TutorialID and TutorialName textbox to the demotb table.

When you click on the Text property of either the TutorialID or TutorialName textbox, you will now see that the binding source to Demotb is available. For the first text box choose the Tutorial ID. Repeat this step for the second textbox and choose the field as TutorialName.

C# Database Basics (pdf)

The below steps shows how we can navigate to each control and change the binding accordingly. Click on the Tutorial ID control.

In the Properties window, you will see the properties of the TutorialID textbox. Go to the text property and click on the down arrow button. When you click the down arrow button, you will see the demotbBinding Source option.

Choose the Tutorial ID one. Repeat the above 3 steps for the Tutorial Name text box. The reason we do this is that the Binding Navigator also needs to know which table it needs to refer to.

The Binding Navigator is used to select the next or previous record in the table. So even though the data source is added to the project as a whole and to the text box control, we still need to ensure the Binding Navigator also has a link to our data source.

Ms Access connect C#.pdf

In order to do this, we need to click the Binding navigator object, go to the Binding Source property and choose the one that is available Next, we need to go to the Properties window so that we can make the change to Binding Source property. When all of the above steps are executed successfully, you will get the below-mentioned output. Output:- Now when the project is launched, you can see that the textboxes automatically get the values from the table.

When you click the Next button on the Navigator, it automatically goes to the next record in the table. And the values of the next record automatically come in the text boxes C DataGridView Data Grids are used to display data from a table in a grid-like format. When a user sees's table data, they normally prefer seeing all the table rows in one shot.

This can be achieved if we can display the data in a grid on the form. C and Visual Studio have inbuilt data grids, this can be used to display data. Let's take a look at an example of this. In our example, we will have a data grid, which will be used to display the Tutorial ID and Tutorial Name values from the demotb table. The DataGridView control is used in Visual Studio to display the rows of a table in a grid-like format. Step 2 In the next step, we need to connect our data grid to the database.

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In the last section, we had created a project data source. Let's use the same data source in our example. First, you need to choose the grid and click on the arrow in the grid. This will bring up the grid configuration options. In the configuration options, just choose the data source as demotbBindingSource which was the data source created in the earlier section.

If all the above steps are executed as shown, you will get the below-mentioned output. Output:- From the output, you can see that the grid was populated by the values from the database. C has all the commands which are required to work with databases. This involves establishing a connection to the database.

You can perform operations such as select, update, insert and delete using the commands in C. The DataReader object in C is used to hold all the data returned by the database. NET tab. In order to use this we have to include the namespace: 'using Microsoft.

VisualBasic' Creating a primary key in the dataTable: In this app. AddWithKey But as we don't have any primarykey column in M.

Access table, we have to create a primary key column in datatable. Eg: ds.

Eg: using System; using System. Data; using System.

Forms; using System. OleDb; using Microsoft. Fill ds, "student" ; ds. ToString ; textBox2. ToString ; textBox3. ExecuteNonQuery ; con.But obviously, users don't want to see data sent via message boxes and would want better controls to display the data. For this we have to add reference to Microsoft.

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Table of Contents. Choose the Tutorial ID one.

Next, we will create the command object, which is used to execute the SQL statement against the database. He believes that nothing will turn into a reality without them. The next is the "Output" which will contain all the table values. Readers who will benefit highly from this reference are undergraduate or graduate students majoring in computer science and engineering, graduate students in all engineering departments, and software engineers and researchers in academic and industrial fields.