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Bogar 7000 Book

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Bogar also called as Bogar saptha kaandam is the masterpiece by Siddhar Bogar. This book deals with almost all subjects of Siddha Medicine especially. Bogar is the masterpiece by Siddhar Bogar. It contains songs. It deals with almost all subjects of siddha medicine especially of metals and minerals. Bogar Sapthakaandam. Uploaded by byeshu. Copyright: nghf rj fhl - 1. Mdjkh iwj Mghj mlg uzkh Ia ghj thdjkh The Library Book. Susan Orlean.

Soombu - Aniseed and its medicinal value8.

Bogar 7000

Kaadi- Vinegar and its medicinal value9. Kasakasa - Poppy seed and itsmedicinal value Eye care and exercise for eyes while working oncomputers Tips of using food as medicine Madulam -Pomegranate benefits Neem - Vembu benefits Murungai - DrumStick benefits Kovaikai benefits Seethapazam - Custard fruitsbenefits Karuvepilai benefits Arugam Pil benefits Sundaikai Sadugupai Poondu Peerkangai Mavilangam Athimathuram They had flown and crossed several yojanas in few minutes.

Owing to the colour of alloy mixture it was reddish and he coined it Sempuravi in Tamil the red chariot.

The typical shape described by him appeared like temple chariot. Since it resembled the gopura vimana of temple, the flying plane was called a vimana.

In my view, he is the only siddha to have constructed and operated several airplanes to fly across seven seas carrying rishis and Chinese folks on a joy ride. In fifth kanto, he mentions the sea abutting Gulf and Gujarat coast as Krishna samudra.

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He was the one who built a gigantic ship with wood and iron measuring yards in length, yards in breadth and yards in height. It had seven tiers, decks and a fort of 64 apartments with sufficient glass windows facing North-South and doors facing East-West.

His ship ran on powerful steam engines. With well laid hard core pipes to carry hot steam across the floor to operate pistons in turbine engines and rotate the propeller, he ensured the pipes were leak proof and conveyed high pressure hot steam.

With high rise chimneys for letting out smoke, he erected the steering on the top deck to facilitate his view of sail. Details on ship building are described in his songs No: The magnitude of iron, glass and ropes required, the overall labour involved in the execution of project with perfect trigonometry, hydraulics, mechanics and dynamics of viscosity —buoyancy, would certainly leave us guessing.

In song , he narrates how he designed the Aero-chariot, the Vaan Rathaa, much to the astonishment of kings. His vertical chariot measuring 30 yards in breadth, yards in height with 3 cylindrical stages had strong base with wheels and adjustable stilt to support corners.

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It ran without being pulled by horses Asvamilla vandi. He describes the structure as fuelled by burning coal to heat the boiler.

The hot steam rotated the magnetic propeller to swiftly rise up the sky with booming noise. Bogar says that all panchabootha elements play a vital role in the flight dynamics.

He flew over China over a range of 30 km in sky. However, readers may imagine the basic shape of the temple Rathas of South India as shown here. It is understood he used black magnets to improve electromagnetic force.

In song , he describes the route travelled and the cities to which he had flown. He had used the Tamil system of linear scale Kaadham, meaning 10 miles. It appears the plane driven with joystick also obeyed to oral command.

Bogar 7000 3m Kaandam

Bestowed with Lahima, siddhas generally travelled the space through flying mode Gegana siddhi by keeping a special Gulikha in mouth till they descended to earth. The fuel power had run down and your flight is again on earth my son.

The songs give a hint that he was active in society until he went into samadhi around 7AD. Besides airplane and steamer, Bogar had invented many scientific tools for the welfare of mankind.

Personally I am of the opinion that many literary works of Tamil siddhas were not explored in the past and research being restricted to Sanskrit scriptures.

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With proper approach and research, it can be established that several advanced scientific methodologies were put to use in ancient Bharatham. The third kanto of Sapthakaandam throws light on the technical innovations of the scientist, siddha Bogar. He is the pioneer of many modern tools that are presently used.Image of Siddhar Bogar alias Boganathar.

Sundaikai Chandrasekar, a resident of Chennai is an HR specialist and trainer. They had no recourse but to advise Moolan's wife to let the sage wander as he like.

It is in describing these chakras, situated at the axis of the etheric body, that Yogis and Mystics have had difficulty in describing their subtle and enigmatic nature. This allows the practitioner to observe the mind and it's movements without being drawn back into the compulsive identification with thought.

The third kanto of Sapthakaandam throws light on the technical innovations of the scientist, siddha Bogar. The place of the initiator, guru, is an important aspect in the method of Siddhas. Pudhina - Methi- and its medicinal value6. Introduction In all languages there have been poets and mystics who have practiced an alchemy of words.