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Ściągnij nagrania, klucze odpowiedzi, słowniczki i wyjaśnienia gramatyczne. Student Reference. New English Plus 2 Options and Teacher's Resource Disk Wordlists (PDF, MB); New English Plus 2 Starter-Unit 8 Student's Book Audio. Workbook answer key ENGLISH PLUS 2 WORKbOOK 2 Answer key 2 1 notes 4 teacher 4 wife 2 exam 5 homework Language focus (page 9) 5 sister 3 book. Materiały ćwiczeniowe – Klucz odpowiedzi English Plus Options dla klasy VII 4 test 5 timetable 6 book 1 1 on the phone 2 at school 3 in bed 4 on the bus.

Odpowiedzi Do English Plus 2 Free + Pdf

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Workbook answer key ENGLISH PLUS 4. 1 book The Da Vinci Code? .. 2 1 board. 5 come across. 2 check in. 6 turn back. 3 book. 7 fasten. This book is not meant to be changed in any way. ISBN T's 04/04/ ΜΜ Page 2. 2 She was laid off when they modernized the company, then made 6 He's resting at the moment, and considering taking a sabbatical to write a book.

You are on page 1of 2 Search inside document Listening 4 Complete the sentences with the geographical features words.

Use five of the words. Its really big! Reading 3 I met Beyonc!

Then answer the questions. Alain Robert is one of the worlds greatest Writing daredevils. He climbs tall buildings around the world. Some people call him the human 10 Complete the sentences with when, while or spiderman!

One day Alain forgot his keys, so he climbed up 3 Quick! He had a bad fall while heard the news. In while he was climbing in 11 Write about a dangerous journey. Which three ideas in 1 does the boy mention? Has he prepared well for the exam? C slept badly because of nerves.

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D was tired. Use one rule twice. B yesterday.

C four days ago. D two months ago. B does sport. C revises. D plays matches. D he knows the answer to only two questions.

What would you like to do?

D he goes home to help his mum. In small teams, students use these letters to make as many words as they can in three minutes. The team with the most correctly spelled words wins. Example answers continue, assess, count, time, mess, aim, ten, tease, mouse, mountain, nose, steam, minute, section, team, meat, nine, tent, see, seen, contain, neat, seat, etc.

Draw attention to the model dialogue. Elicit opinions from different students around the class.

Ask students if the boy has prepared well for the exam. Are you OK? It just makes me too tired to think on the day of the exam. BOY: The problem is that I only started studying for the exam yesterday. GIRL: Why? BOY: I know but I hate revising.

I prefer to leave revision to the last minute. GIRL: Really? I remember more if I study for short periods every day. BOY: The problem is that I never have time to study. And I always have a match on Saturday. And then I need to go out at the weekend too, you know, to relax.

BOY: Seven?

Anyway, if I do two questions really well, I can pass. He said that in this exam you have to answer everything. BOY: Did he?

You can study some of the other topics during the lunch break. BOY: Yes, in theory, I could.

But Mum brought me to school in her car this morning because I was so tired and I left my books and papers in the car. There are lots of exams this year so you can try to get a higher mark next time. Key The boy mentions ideas 5, 7 and In pairs or small groups, students take it in turns to ask and answer the questions about preparing for exams. Extra activity Students develop a list of top five revision tips. Elicit ideas from students around the class and agree on a list that students can copy into their notebooks and add new ideas to during the unit.

Homework Refer students to the Workbook, page 5. Remind students that they can use one rule twice. Refer students to the Grammar reference on page Ask students to think of an example sentence for each rule in exercise 1.

If they seem familiar with the use of gerunds and infinitives, go through the Grammar guide exercises quickly with the whole class. T41 Gateway plus 4 TB.

Draw attention to the example sentences. In a less confident class, give students time to note down their ideas before they discuss them in pairs or small groups. Ask some students to share their sentences with the class. It is very useful to share and discuss strategies together in class.


Visual memory is strongest in 3D, so spend some time constructing your own mental images of concepts. Number your points try to remember how many points there are to jog your memory. Identify and improve your performance in nonpreferred exam tasks. You could elicit an example for each sentence in an open class before students do this individually. Within each unit there are several opportunities for students to practise speaking and record their conversations for the dossier in their CEFR portfolio.

They could record their conversations, date them and include them in their portfolio. Ask students to assess their performance in each speaking activity and give themselves a mark from 1 to 5 according to the following self-assessment criteria: Content: Did I say what I wanted to say?

Was I interesting? Did I speak in English for a long turn? Did I hesitate a lot?What are Katie get hot.

This bestselling book advises the reader on how to make friends.

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You can visit expressions in italics. End-of-term test 1 7 Complete the sentences with the correct words. Are any of your sentences the same?