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Monday, December 2, 2019

Welcome to the ultimate. Kiwi travel guide! Are you ready to experience the real. New Zealand? We're delighted to partner with New Zealand Self Drive Tours. This travel guide is for your general information only and is not intended as advice Airport, New Zealand packs a lot of adventure and exploration opportunities. Want the best guide to all of Stray's destinations and what to see and do around New Zealand? Here's our handy FREE travel guide written specifically for our.

New Zealand Travel Guide Pdf

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New Zealand, 'Land of the Long White. Cloud', is a small, sparsely populated country consisting of two major islands, North and. South Island, and a scattering . Create your own New Zealand travel guide! All you have to do is select the type of places you'd like to include (restaurants, museums, etc.). When you're done. New Zealand Travel Guide: Tips, Tricks. & Info From A Local. This post first appeared on ​​ on August 1st, New Zealand So .

Is it a good time to visit New Zealand in winter?

Plus information on arrival cards, customs, duty free goods, departure tax, agricultural restrictions, quarantine and other prohibited items. Links to New Zealand Government services for more advice Exchange Rates and Money - Currency, exchange rates, banking, tips and service charges, goods and services tax GST , how much does it cost?

Health, Medical and General Insurance - General insurance and safety, health and medical advice, accident compensation scheme, accident advice for visitors and safety precautions Visitor Services - Visitor information network, Qualmark accommodation ratings, Internet cafes, tourist FM radio, disabled facilities Utilities and Holidays - Information on electricity voltage , public call phones, mobiles and laptops, public and school holidays Entertainment - General business hours and what you can buy.

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8 INCREDIBLE New Zealand Road Trip Itineraries (+ Travel Tips!)

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Heavy rains can result in landslides, and wild winds can be difficult to drive in. There are several mountain passes and dangerous roads on the South Island which allow you to drive between the East and West coasts.

Watch out for the Wildlife New Zealand is universally beautiful and outside of the cities also remote and rugged. Let faster traffic pass you As a tourist, it is likely that you will be a little more cautious when driving — and for the first few days at least — as you get your bearings.

Just remember there is no rush, pull into the slow traffic bays where available and allow the locals who have grown up on these roads to go past you safely. Understand Single Lane Bridge Etiquette New Zealand has hundreds of beautiful roads and it may feel like as many rivers with the number of bridges around. What tourist drivers really need to be aware of though, are that quite a few of these bridges are single lane. This means that you need to check the signage before the bridge to see who had priority indicated by a larger arrow in the direction of travel — and wait your turn if it is not you!

Keep Your Tank Topped Up Depending on how far you are planning to drive each day, it may be the case the the distance between one petrol station and the next may be too far for you to manage on anything less than a full tank. Plan your Toilet Breaks Again, on the remoteness front, if petrol stations are few and far between, so too are toilets.

Keep that in mind and go when you can. Nobody likes to be caught short — but if there is just no other option — be responsible and ladies either drip dry or take your toilet paper with you and dispose of it either in a trash bag in your car until you can find a bin.After being wow-ed over and over again, head off to another beautiful place, the Catlins, mostly uninhabited with coastal rainforest and rugged beaches.

It is beautiful and relatively unexplored by travellers. Insurance for your New Zealand backpacking Adventure. Here you will be spending up to 5hrs or overnight if your budget stretches in the beautiful Milford Sound.

You can book adventure activities like skydiving, canyoning, rock climbing etc here!

Is it a good time to visit New Zealand in winter?

Check out this post for a full breakdown of the best stoves to take backpacking. Then go to the Waitomo Caves: damp, underground tunnels home to glowing worms! The far south of New Zealand has some of the most remote and wildlife-rich landscapes in the country. Download PDF. A perfect week long honeymoon through the centre of the South Island.