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Chapter 9: The City of Heaven. Chapter Weed's Role in the Punitive Force. download: pdf. Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 2. Chapter 1: Land of the . Light Novel The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor volume 1 - 34 Bahasa Volume 16 PDF Full Volume 01 - 34 Rar (*Proses Upload Link Lama Dead T_T). Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Korean Novel EPubs and PDF Download. JUMP TO THE LEGENDARY MOONLIGHT SCULPTOR NOVEL EBOOK.

This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him. In this Novel, you will find: Is it really psychopathic when someone is obsessed in obtaining money so that he could support his Family?

Every MC has a quirk, in this case, Weed is obsessed in obtaining money because he was traumatized by his past experiences. The MC is actually quite caring when it comes to his family.

Who cares if his sister claimed that someone is a perfect match for the MC? Is her sister the MC? However, he does get a girlfriend in the end. And vice-versa. Other people can do it too.

Basically, the MC is not the only relevant character out there. There's an important call for you, Director Kang. If it's Lee Hyun Then he explained to the Head Director and other Directors.

Then please speak with him. More importantly, I received the money you deposited, thank you. The salary from the Palrangka Battle had been deposited into his bank account. Since he was given incentives based on the ratings and even gained a profit each time the broadcast was downloaded, it was actually a considerable sum!

Lee Hyun laughed in a very satisfied manner! I contacted you because of the broadcasting of the quest I'm currently doing. How is it? Since it was an S-rank quest and was the focus of attention, as broadcasters, of course they wanted to broadcast it.

While earnestly expressing his very anxious feelings, he conveyed the difficulty of the situation. The rating needs to rise to get commercials. If it's for the station and the viewers, won't your company's public relations be able to do a lot of marketing?

Lee Hyun was explaining the necessity of the broadcast to Director Kang, who was a veteran in the field! What do the viewers want? Fun and the answers to their curiosity! And don't they want to enjoy it together? Is that okay? If you respect your viewers, don't you need to put swift coverage and delivery of information first? It was a lecture only to happen in a broadcasting association's gettogether!

Naturally, there were many comments asking to broadcast the quest on the station's viewer forum. Director Kang explained with concern. Lee Hyun had known this from an early age. Despite that, is it still okay to broadcast? For Lee Hyun's sake, the station had been on the verge of suspending or cancelling the broadcast. Lee Hyun's answer was firm. However, immediately afterward he asked with a trembling, choked voice.

There was an incentive on the contract conditions. He didn't trust promissory notes, coupons, or anything like shares, whose values could rise or fall unpredictably. They're a good station who succeeds on the trust of the people.

He wants it, and If we do the broadcast, we estimate the ratings will be considerable. This time, the Head Director asked Director Kang. However, is he not the Weed with the nickname 'God of War?

Whether he succeeds or fails, he will make something out of it.

He had never been in an easy fight. At other times, he didn't show the absolute authority or charisma from his time in the Continent of Magic. He went freely as a stingy person, grinding machine, Chef, Sculptor, Blacksmith, Tailor, and borderline scammer.

But when the battle broke out, with the appearance of the Orc Karichwi and the Origin of the Skeleton, he made the truth of who he was plenty clear to the viewers. The station had absolute confidence. They had just been indecisive about the broadcast because his enormous fame might be harmed. There was no one involved in the station who would hesitate to broadcast about God of War Weed.

The Head Director finally gave his decision. Gather our best staff and get to work right away. The church formed a group to chase them again. The Dark Knights were riding swift coursers, and the Soldiers and Priests rode carriages. After improving their mobility, they pursued Weed again. An item absolutely necessary for the existence of the Matallost Church, it is in severely damaged condition.

One of the five relics. Because it is a dangerous item, if it falls into the hands of the wicked, the probability of it causing chaos is high. Although it was being protected by the Holy Knights of the Matallost Church, it was forcibly taken by the Embinyu Church. As damage is severe, there is a limitation to the power it can display. While it is impossible to repair by normal means, it can be repaired with the holy power of the Matallost Church's Pope.

The durability will decrease even more if used. Limitation: Must receive the recognition of the Matallost Church. Faith 2, Special Effect: Lead the dead to their resting place. Then, he pulled out something enclosed in his two hands.

The bird sang out with a bright voice as it went around and around the Sculptor Guild. This is the sculpture that our ancestor made! The comical sculpture in the shape of a sparrow flew in between the Dwarves. The Dwarves had on a shocked expression that looked like they had seen a new world.

Their jaws didn't drop this much even when they were guzzling down beer. How is this a sculpture? From the stereotypes they possessed, they could not be convinced that the bird made of water that was flying around was a sculpture! If it was something a Sculptor made, and was visible or if the idea could be grasped, anything could become a new attempt.

The Dwarf instructor grabbed his hand. Now, no matter what race, they won't be able to look down on us Dwarves when it comes to Sculpting.

The legendary Dwarf Sculptor Kendellev's sculptures were in Kuruso. After finding out about his sculptures, Humans and Elves that are wise craftsmen will no longer be able to criticize the Dwarven Artists. Dwarves will throw aside the pickaxes to help you in your work. The Sculpting instructor held out a pair of black gloves. Honestly, Weed was more expectant of the reward item than the levels or fame.

In the case of the Humans, you could obtain fame, a reward, or a special status or profession. With the Dwarves, especially Thor Kingdom's case, through quests they gave you good items; it matched Weed's tastes perfectly.

Wow, amazing. The people really are endless.

Though it's not Kendellev-nim, the Dwarf who wore this glove was extremely outstanding. Gloves that delicately gleamed with a black luster. Defense Even while doing Blacksmith work he had adventures, so in order to make the gloves perfectly comfortable while catching Orcs, he made them through a lot of trial and error.

Although they were produced for Blacksmiths to use, they can be utilized in a wide variety of uses. Intermediate Handicraft and over. Level When using long-range weapons, casting speed is improved. As he'd expected, it was a high-class item. Though the level requirement was low, with the Intermediate Handicraft limit it was an item that not just anyone could use.

Will you do more searching for that trail? Kendellev's Hidden Sculptures The very talented Dwarf Sculptor's artifacts are still suspected to be left somewhere.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Find and restore the additional sculptures that Kendellev left in Thor Kingdom. Dwarf Race Sculptor quest. Honor of the Dwarves. Quest requirement: Limited to Dwarf, Sculptor. The still unfinished Kendellev's quest! However, Weed shook his head.

Since the Humans and Elves have been sufficiently informed of greatness of the Dwarves, I want to entrust this to a different Dwarf in my stead. The Sculpting instructor nodded morosely. Even if it's not you, ordinary Dwarves should now be able to do this work. Your intimacy with Sculpting Instructor Jorbid has slightly fallen.

Although intimacy had dropped a little, the Sculpting instructor liked Weed all the same. What will you do from here?

Only that I may have to go to Dale Kingdom to meet my colleagues. Come back sometime and make a sculpture for Iron Hand Village. Undiscovered Dungeon Ahn Hyun Do cleaned his sword with a clean cloth. The famed sword that the craftsman had completed with his soul and by smelting even the purest part of iron. As famous swordsmen used it generation after generation, the sword's value had grown. Only when a big decision was ahead did he meditate over the resolve of his time of youth while cleaning the Radiant Sword.

The years when I was so bent on just fighting that I didn't have time to look around. I received my undeserved Radiant Sword at that time. This is the sword that let me realize that the days of the sword had no meaning, that in the end people were more important.

The azure sky and the clouds drifting away that shone through the office room's window were also reflected on the blade. The sunlight made him squint his eyes.

Wow, amazing. The people really are endless.

If the motive of fencing is merely strong swordsmanship, what worth is there in learning it? Like the flourished weed of the rough wilderness, in the end, a human also had to pass through training.

There was a need to learn not just in the small dojo, but the vast world. Then I will book two tickets. On about what date should I reserve the departure? Around summer should be fine. Might you be rushing it too much? For a sword faster than anyone else's, repetitive effort and studying are necessary. However, simply possessing such a fast sword doesn't equate to winning matches.

A heavier sword or developing muscular strength didn't mean winning in matches either. The reason for learning the sword was to see one's self clearly. In Ahn Hyun Do's opinion, young people these days were weak. If they spend ten or so years like that they'll end up running into the world without knowing what they like or what they want to do. At their workplace, after working in the store and earning money, they would see that the precious times had completely passed and were gone.

Time doesn't ever come back. It would be great if you could cheat time, but that was an impossibility that only happened in movies. You would discover yourself through the sword. Here, there was also the reason of victory by the sword.

Observation of yourself and your opponent! As you compared each other's might, you would crave for greater heights. Seeing themselves clearly, swordsmen fought with the appetite for advancement. Why you must learn the sword, what a true swordsman is I should be able to show him what those are through travels. Though Lee Hyun didn't need to learn because he was quite well-versed in cooking, there was no time to rest because he had to teach the other students.

These days, instant and delivery foods were set up too well. There were many cases where kids who had been conditioned to only study never even once made their own meal until they enrolled to university.

A Cuckoo is a popular brand of rice-cooker in Korea. Lee Hyun controlled his frustration and endured as he taught the students the basics of cooking. It's probably better if you use olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Don't slice pineapple with a fruit knife! Nevertheless, Seo Yoon was on the side of learning cooking quickly. Although she burnt the vegetable pancake buchimgae as black as coal, once he taught her the trick of it, her next attempt was beautifully fried. With her chopsticks, Seo Yoon held out a bite of the kimchi pancake she had fried to Lee Hyun.

As he stared at the kimchi pancake, Lee Hyun's eyes became as sharp as knives. There are no problems based on the ingredients.

The kimchi pancake went into his mouth, and the rich aroma of kimchi fully diffused throughout! It's the taste of local kimchi after all. The cabbage grown in neighborhood gardens with the pickled fish and red pepper powder mixed in well And its fitting rebirth as a pancake, good!

It's a wellmade kimchi pancake. There was no way it wouldn't be hot since she had given it to him fresh off the pan.

Eyes with a look that could kill! Even as he glared, he raised his thumb for the taste. Keep making them like this. However, the beauty she had shown for just a short moment's instant was the smile he had imagined when he had made the first Goddess of Freya.

Seo Yoon made the fruit salad well too, and the skill with which she arranged it in the platter was also excellent. The cooking practice they did in the Department of Food and Nutrition's classroom that they had borrowed ended like that, and they did the planning for the opening of the bar separately. Doing that will reduce the expense, too. Looks like about 5 tents in an array will do, so what do you think. The festival wasn't going to end in a day, so they also had to prepare for rain. We'll be able to set them up before the festival starts, right?

She had seen the construction ability that used all sorts of materials at the MT as well, so she thought that at that level, a tent or the like would be nothing. She actualized the place where they would set up the bar and the tent size as she drew the blueprint on the spot. Is that too much? Since there are really a lot of students from other schools and people who are coming, many customers will gather.

We can borrow the chairs from the classrooms so let's get plenty of them. The guys merely occupied space; in truth, the female students and Lee Hyun took on the bar preparation. All the bars in Korea University progressed with their own concepts.

To attract amiable customers, it was vital that they dressed up and put out their individualized bar. I still have my uniform But I put on a few pounds The short skirt, clothing that exposes her bare shoulders and back that Seo Yoon would wear in a club. Seo Yoon dressed as a pure, innocent schoolgirl. If only to win in the pride competition with the other school bars, they needed to plan out a concept that stood out.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor - Volume 41.pdf

The girls will think about the concept more and try to choose. Hope you choose a worthy concept. If it was the festival today Club girl, schoolgirl, office uniform. Although they had initially chosen concepts that were enough to excite the guys, all of them were cancelled.

As we serve, a lot of people will see us, so isn't there something that's elegant yet alluring, that can bring femininity to life but never prods our conscience to wear? May is known as the month of weddings in Korea. That's pretty good.

Bride of May. With student brides in wedding dresses and even bridal veils, I think it's gonna have a lively feel. Can't we just look at a fashion magazine and make it roughly similar? Didn't they say the clothing that made women the most beautiful was the wedding dress? It would also be an opportunity for them to wear a wedding dress once before they married.

Because they had to complete the exploration before the festival started, they were really pressed for time. However, Lee Hyun also had an excuse. You walked here. Choi Ji Hoon, who uses the in game name Zephyr had taught the elder brothers this; Lee Hyun tried to use the method to pacify girls. Lee Hyun wagged his finger, and spoke with his most sweet voice. Are you doubting my words right now? Even if you mixed peanut butter and cheese and made ramen, it wouldn't be this bad.

For now let's just hurry and start. Though he was even harder to deal with than her hair-splitting cousins that her uncle left from morning to evening, she demonstrated patience. We're already all gathered, and we also did a lot of exploration practice. I'm almost all the way there. We'll go in first and wait. Please come quickly.Of course, he needed to prepare for some nagging every time she was asked to use the skill.

His body staggered and he was unable to steady himself. Low Class Skeleton. Smash the siege weapons! At least that is what the Hermes Guild users are saying through their gaze. The protagonist is often oblivious to feelings that are directed towards them and sometimes doesn't realize them at all. In fact, Sculpture Resurrection couldnt give the original equipment. They were happy even if their colleagues died.

Find a good dungeon. Naturally, there were many comments asking to broadcast the quest on the station's viewer forum.