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English Bites Manish Gupta Pdf

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Manish Gupta (Goodreads Author). · Rating details · ratings · 43 reviews . About the Book: English Bites! My Fullproof English Learning Formula is the. english bites my fullproof learning formula manish gupta. 9EF1FED49EBFBB72EA2D5. English Bites My Fullproof Learning Formula Manish. - Buy English Bites: My Fullproof English Learning Formula book online at best Manish Gupta (Author) . Manish Gupta is a banking professional.

So when the author of this book approached me to review it, I was a little hesitant.

However, I decided to take a chance and read the book and was mildly surprised at how differently a book in this genre could be written. So the book is about how to work on fluency, vocabulary and some tips with reference to written English.

That in its truest form so to say is the summary or the gist of the book.

At the same time, what got me going with the book are the anecdotes. To a large extent, the hilarious take on the language works for the book. Manish knows how to write and the language is simple and breezy.

The examples with the words also are not difficult to understand and that is quite commendable when you set off writing a book of this nature. On the other hand, what did not work for me were the footnotes at every page. They almost did not do anything for my reading experience, but I also understand the need for them in this kind of a book.

The book is full of quips and quotes that the reader can enjoy and at the same time learn from this is purely from the perspective of learning the language in a simpler manner from the book, which I enjoyed. The author has highlighted new difficult words in bold and has shared its meaning in the footnote which definitely saves the reader running for the dictionary. The author definitely deserves special mention for finding such an interesting way to teach the readers new words and meanings.

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From wine to sports every topic is touched upon. We only wish there were more pictures, which added to the fun part of the book. This is definitely a book for anyone who wants to learn English with doses of laughter and fun.

But as mentioned above, give time to this book. You might not grab the format at once, but once you do, you would know, it was all worth it.

See a Problem?

Looking forward to Mr. Gupta next release.

I still remember when I was small my dad used to ask me to learn 10 words from dictionary or newspapers and report to him in the evening. In school we used to hate the English lecture when we had a vocabulary lesson because it used to be the driest 45 minutes of the day.

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If only we had a book like this back then. The book is the story of the author who also was from vernacula English Bites — My Fullproof English Learning Formula is indeed a foolproof formula as it makes learning words total fun.

The book is the story of the author who also was from vernacular medium and fought a long exhaustive war with English to finally conquer it. The journey is scribed in the book with pinch of humor, satire, a bit of emotions, all on a strong base of reality and is adorned with apt comic sketches and a lot of amusing trivia.

The book successfully erases the trite methods of learning languages and sets a new and a trend through this book, reason?

The book not only a compendium of lot of words, it gives you the meaning of all the words then and there, at times with their origin as well. So you could let your dictionary rest and just enjoy the book without any distraction. And if the reader is like me nothing could be better as I am super lazy while reading a book.Then, when you read any literary book, the writer and the publisher knows that a reader will be unable to understand at least words every page but still they don't provide with an easy way to look for the meaning of those words.

Interview with Mr. Little humour, sarcasm and satire could have worked in the favour of the book but author has kept it too professional and formal. Sep 15, Soumabha Chaudhuri rated it really liked it.

It could be read for pleasure, however only when it comes down to the anecdotal parts.