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Dream Chronicles Book Of Water Full Version

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Get delighted with Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water, a Hidden Object Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without. Free game downloads & online games at Big Fish Games - A new game every day! PC games & mac games - Play puzzle games, arcade games, mahjong. Review for game Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water. Lyra has found her way home only to find her town hit by a devastating storm. In search of power, the.

Collect the 5 pieces of wood, then look at the airship again and use the pieces of wood on the hole. Solve the jigsaw puzzle, then use your weld jewel to finish the repairs. Inside the airship, use your weld jewel again.

Find 5 dream pieces and also pick up the fuel stones. Use the fuel stones on the fuel device, then look at the map on the wall and select the Herbalist. Herbalist Look at the front door lock, then back out and collect the 8 numbers and the pumpkin.

Put the pumpkin in the bottom of the door, then look at the door lock again. Insert your numbers, then drag the numbers across to line up with their matching colors and the lock will open. Head inside and go through to the kitchen. Open the book on the counter and read it. Try to take the purple potion, then try to take the glass container on the left and it will break.

Collect the 3 broken pieces, then use your weld jewel to fix it. Use the empty container on the purple potion to get some, then back out of the kitchen. Head outside and into the airship, then look at the map and travel to Wish. Wish Return to your house and use the potion on Fidget. Go back to the airship and travel to Barge City. Barge City Pick up the 2 pieces of hammer and use your weld jewel to mend it.

Use the hammer to smash the barrels until you find a key, then pick this up and use it on the door on the right. Head inside. Find 10 dream pieces and also pick up the dream jewel of reveal.

Open the book of water and look inside. Use your reveal jewel, then click the Check button at the bottom of the first page. Decode the message on the right to say "You must stop them". Pick up the key from the right bench, and read the note just to the left. Look at the map high up on the right to add more destinations to your airship map, then exit out to the docks. Use your key on the door to the red house and go inside. Find 5 dream pieces, and also get the rib, chisel, grip, reel, ring, fishing line and hook.

Open the second drawer from the left of the middle bookshelf to find the next key. Look at the clamp on the bench. Put your rib in the clamp and use the chisel on it to make a rod. Now add the other 5 items to complete the fishing rod. Back out of the shop. Use your key on the door to the green house and go inside. Find 5 dream pieces and also pick up the dream jewel of vision. Read the note on the floor and pick up the small paint brush from the floor, then look at the art table.

Use the paintbrush on the paints, then leave then building. Enter the orange building on the right. Look at the book of magic colors on the right bench and take the note from inside.

Now return outside and into the green house again.

Look at the art table and the note will appear. Mix the correct color using the paints yellow, red, blue, red, blue, then white if required and you will get the paint.

Leave again and enter the red house. Look at the clamp again and use your paint on the bait; you will get the fishing rod. Head back outside. Use your fishing rod in the water between the walkways and you will get the dolphin figurine.

Use your vision jewel, then return to the airship and travel to The Obelisk.

The Obelisk Use your vision jewel here, then pick up the metallic object on the right and use it on the mechanism to the left. Now you must solve 4 patterns puzzles; each time click on the obelisk to look at it, then click on the symbols to recreate the top image. The order of these puzzles is random. When you are done, take the pixie figurine. Return to the airship and travel to Merrow.

Merrow Use your vision jewel again, then find 5 dream pieces and read the note on the right. Pick up the key from the ground on the left, then enter the hangar to the left. Find another 3 dream pieces, and also pick up the key from the left and the 3 pieces of gramophone.

Place the gramophone on the pedestal on the left, then look closer at it. Read the note here, then pick up the wood tile and disc piece. Look at the books on the left and find 3 more disc pieces, then back out and use your weld jewel to repair the disc.

Use your silver key on the door on the right and go inside. Find 3 dream pieces as well as 3 wood tiles and yet another key. Use your small key to unlock the box here and you will get another wood tile. Leave and return to the hangar. Use your final key on the other locked box to get the last wood tile. Now look at the gramophone again.

Put the disc on the top and the wood tiles at the base. To solve the puzzle, play the disc, then click on the wood tile corresponding with the sound that was played.

Continue until all tiles have been used. When you are done, take the mermaid figurine. Return outside and into the airship and travel to the Clockmaker. Clockmaker Enter the tower and find 5 dream pieces, then read the note. Ring the bell on the left and talk to the Clockmaker. Leave and return to your airship to travel back to the Herbalist.

Herbalist Pick up the 3 pieces of key and use your weld jewel to fix it. Use the key on the gate and go through to the field. Find 5 dream pieces and also pick up the shovel and 5 pieces of paper.

Use your vision jewel here before going back and entering the herbalist's house. Go to the kitchen and take the book, then return out to the field and put the book on the stand. Look at the book for a closer view. Use your pieces of paper on the book, then solve the jigsaw puzzle.

You will see the number ; match these numbers with symbols on the left page and remember them. Back out of the book and use your shovel to dig up the garden to the left and behind the pergola and you will eventually find a chest.

Open this with the combination of symbols corresponding to from the book leaf, fruit, grass. You will get the unicorn figurine. Go back to the airship and travel to Craters. Craters Use your vision jewel here. There are seven doors around the crater and you can enter them in order from left to right. Door 1: Swan Find the dream piece then use your reveal jewel and take the magic symbol that appears.

Door 2: Pixie Look at the door and recreate the symbol of the pixie, then head inside. Find the dream piece, then place the pixie figurine on the pedestal. Press the button on the right to spin the figurine until the magic symbol appears, then take it. Door 3: Griffin Find the dream piece then use your reveal jewel and take the magic symbol that appears. Door 4: Dolphin Look at the door and recreate the symbol of the dolphin, then head inside.

On arriving in the Wind Music Island, Lyra is notified that the music eons in this island was once created by fairies who used to live here. Lyra finds her grandfather's notified note confusing but she gradually believes what is happening with her is touched by fairies' hands: the magical chalkboard, the hidden airship, the strange whisper After finding all 3 keys, Lyra backs to the Crater of Time to finish her mission here and can finally head back to her original dimension with so much questions are yet to be answered.

But instead of welcoming Lyra with sunshine, the Village of Wish becomes dark and full of thunders. Lyra wonders what will be waiting her next. Characters[ edit edit source ] First 4 people listed below are the main characters, the half rest are recurring characters.

In the Dream Chronicles series, characters normally appear in cut-scenes, but there are some exceptions: Fidget appears in person in the last scene of both Dream Chronicles and Dream Chronicles 2, and Lilith appears in the 24th scene of The Chosen Child. File:Dream Chronicles 2 Cutscene.

Waking up from a dream, Faye realizes everyone in Village of Wish is falling into a magical sleep spell and her family has already vanished. Faye embarks on a dangerously lonely quest to rescue her husband Fidget, her daughter Lyra and can finally save them. On the quest, Faye explores many secrets about her in-law family: their identities, their fairy roots and a lots of Dream Realm's mysteries. According to her husband, Faye is a smart and strong and persistent woman, who never gives up hopes and always tries hard to get her family back to their old peaceful days.

Though being the main character but Faye hasn't appeared yet in person because you play as her point of view. She is the main antagonist of the first Faye's Journey trilogy. Lilith was betrothed to Fidget before he married Faye and is determined to claim Fidget as her husband.

She repeatedly abducts Fidget, as she believes marrying him will make her powers stronger.

Dream Chronicles (series)

Lilith also casts an enchanting sleep spell on everyone in Village of Wish to make sure that her plans go smooth and no one can disturb her bringing Fidget back to the Land of Fairies forever. She often appears mostly and almost in cut-scenes. Lilith finally appears in person in The Chosen Child to reveal Lyra's fate with Faye and seems like she's hatching other evil plans in the future.

Fidget is the beloved teacher in the Village of Wish and the son of parents highly placed in the fairy world. His parents broke from fairy tradition and married out of love.

Considered outcasts, they settled in the mortal town of Wish. He was raised as a mortal though born a fairy. As Fidget grows older, his parents tell him of his roots and teach him the Way of the Fairy. Fidget is well educated by his parents, both in things of his mortal world and things of the fairy world.

The secret of his fairy roots was once safe, until Lilith snatched him away. Already being aware of Lilith's evil plans, Fidget tried to protect his family but when things goes wrong, Lilith abducts and buys him to the Dream Realm. She finally releases Fidget at the end of Dream Chronicles 2, unfortunately she sends him into a crystal ball. Fidget has appeared in all Dream Chronicles games, also plays as Faye's guider in the original Dream Chronicles.

He only appears at the end of the first game, the beginning and the end of the second game and along with Faye in the third one as her helper.

File:Dream Chronicles 3 Cutscene. Lyra falls into Lilith's sleep spell like any other person in Village of Wish in the original game and then Lilith kidnapped her too before she releases Fidget. Lyra is believed to be the Chosen Child who is prophecised to replace the missing Fairy Lord.

Her destiny is revealed at the end of The Chosen Child. Lyra plays a minor role and only appears 3 times in each Faye's Journey trilogy's game. But in the second series, she replaces her mother Faye as the central character. She fell in love with Tangle, and they escaped to the Mortal Realm together. Aeval not only talks to plants; they talk to her. There are plants throughout the Mortal and Fairy Realms, they can communicate with each other through their root systems, through fallen leaves captured by the wind fairies, and through pollen and seeds carried by the water fairies.

All these plants ultimately communicate with Aeval. If there is trouble far away, the plants are able to transmit this information to Aeval. Her bestfriend is actually a carnivorous plant named Herbert. She and her plants try to help Faye to find Fidget in Dream Chronicles 2 and is not mentioned much in this installment. He and Aeval escaped to the Mortal Realm together to make sure that their children will be bought up naturally and humanly.

As Fairy King of Knowledge, reading books is his "endless pursuit", said Fidget. Tangle was the Dream Librarian's most devoted student, and is almost as knowledgeable as her. Tangle has the advantage of knowing more of mortal life, having lived in the mortal world for so long, but the Dream Librarian knows more of the Fairy Ways. Tangle did not appear in the first series but he plays as Lyra's guide in The Book of Air.

Like her wife, Aeval, he's only mentioned and plays a minor role in the first trilogy. Merrow is a fairy who left the Fairy Realm to pursue the study of science without the interference of magic.

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water

This angered Lilith's mother, who stripped him of his fairy powers. When Tangle and Aeval escaped with baby Fidget, Merrow helped them. In gratitude, Aeval gave him the ability to communicate with plants. Though he is eccentric, he is knowledgeable, and knows secret passages into the Fairy Realm.

Only he can guide a mortal there. In Dream Chronicles 2, he - as an insect-eating plant - helps Faye to reach the Tower of Dreams and then disappears strangely. Dream Librarian holds all knowledge, history, and wisdom, and uses it to create countless volumes of books in her enormous library. She has, or can find, the answers to every question involving the Fairy Realm. Because of her vast knowledge, she is the primary advisor to the Fairy Lord. Lilith once reveals that Dream Librarian believes that Lyra was the Chosen Child and that she is actually the one who tries to separate Faye and Fidget.

This character hasn't appeared yet, she's only mentioned by Lilith and through Dream Jewels' secrets in Dream Chronicles 2.

Setting[ edit edit source ] KatGames design a mystical world of realistic fantasy where mortal and fairy realms collide for the Dream Chronicles series, which no casual game developer has done before. In every game, players have to travel back-and-forth between 2 realms and gradually discover the history of each location.

There are many notable locations in the series: [10] The Village of Wish: This is the tiny town of Wish, where Faye lives with her husband Fidget, her daughter Lyra and Fidget's parents, Tangle and Aeval. The town is surrounded by tall walls, not to keep the residents inside, for they have no desire to leave the safety and warmth of their community.

The walls are there to keep the outside world outside, and are secured with complex weighted locks first seen in Dream Chronicles. The streets are cobbled, lined with colorful dwellings and stores. Beyond the walls of Wish lie lush forests and winding roads that, eventually, lead to other larger towns. But the folk of Wish have little desire to visit those distant places. Their homes are secure in their beloved village where, they believe, no harm can come to them.

Before Faye, no one had left this village in many years. This is where Faye to start her journey for the first time. Lilith's Mansion: This is Lilith's temporary home.

In the original Dream Chronicles, she executed her plans to kidnap Fidget from this location. The Forgotten Prison: There are 3 chambers in this prison. Fairies that fought the elements of nature were imprisoned here. This is where Faye to start her journey for the second time. Fairies have kept its location secret from mortals for thousands of years. It is protected by an impenetrable force field, making it an ideal spot for Lilith to imprison a mortal like Faye in Dream Chronicles 2.

The Mortal Maze: This is the underground tunnel that leads from the fairy realm to the mortal realm. Merrow's Cottage: Merrow's cottage was once a sanctuary for fairies escaping into the mortal realm. The Tower of Dreams: It holds all the knowledge, wisdom, history, and insights of the fairies.

Because of the value of its contents, it is guarded by five ancient Fairy Knights and each floor is protected by ingenious locks. The upper floor is where dreams can be made and watched. The Eternal Maze lies near this tower. The Eternal Maze: As a final safeguard so that no mortal could ever enter or leave the Ancients' Place, the fairies created an underground maze with no light and no map.

Unfortunately, this made fairy passage almost impossible as well, and so some of the fairies created a map to help them find their way between realms. The Treehouse Village: The people of this village believe that strange occurrences will befall them if they don't live high in tree tops. This is where Faye to start her journey for the third and final time.

This is also a part of the green belt that runs through the fairy world. Though others may doubt it, Aeval always knew that the trees saw and remembered everything. Over time they have been used to hide treasures and secrets.

The trees are being used to protect a key — the very key the Clockmaker needs to fix his Time Synchronization Machine. Lyra must help the trees in order for the trees to help Lyra. The Nexus Gateway: This is the transportation hub that fairies use to travel quickly from the fairy realm to the mortal realm. The Observatory: The magic telescope is used to convert constellations into molds. The Herbalist's House: The herbalist is a mortal who acquired fairy knowledge and experimented with potions from various plants.

In The Chosen Child, after releasing Fidget, Lilith decides to go there to restore as she's pregnant. But she still sends notes, instructions, a crystal ball to help Faye unite with Lyra. The Crater of Time: This is a distant frozen tundra from where the Clockmaker, a powerful if solitary fairy, synchronizes time both in the mortal and fairy worlds. The low temperatures at the Crater of Time are useful for slowing any clocks that might consider racing ahead.

The Wind Music Island: This is the place where fairies created the first music, using the instruments that can be found there. Mortal music, it is said, is born when mortals hear bits of fairy music while they sleep.

Before the fairies moved on from Wind Music Island, they created a stone instrument band—musical instruments of stone that played music on their own so that the music would continue forever.

The Water Collector: This is the basis of the infrastructure for fairy civilization. Here water is collected, purified, and dispersed. For many years Aeval took a proprietary interest in the Water Collector, to be certain all plants were adequately nourished. There is a system inside the cottage which tests not only the purity of the water, but the amount of elements within each measure of water.

Water from different sources carries different properties, which are utilized by fairies responsible for different aspects of the world. The Barge City: This is a town built over the water, well south of the Village of Wish, and is the home of many fishermen and merchants. Lyra's journey will take her here in the fifth game of the series, The Book of Water.

Clicking items place them in your inventory at the bottom of the screen. However, unlike most hard-core adventures, players never lug around any unnecessary inventory items here. All the items players collect can be used only within the location players found them in, but not in future puzzles. Solve the poser at hand and players unlock the door to the next location. Objects will stay in inventory until players need to use them.

All objects that players are able to pick up will serve a purpose, whether they are used in that scene or not.

A lot of times in this game the pieces players pick up may only be used as they get to the next scene. Some items may not become visible in a scene right away, players must perform other tasks first before they become visible. Most involve searching for and making use of hidden objects, while others are logic puzzles.


The players are required to do is collect a lot of items from the scenes or areas and put them back where they belonged.If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the CNET's Site Terms of Use , you can report it below this will not automatically remove the comment. I truly believe that the developers better lift their game, or any future releases will again be a disappointment, and they will lose their followers. Find 5 dream pieces and also pick up the fuel stones. Spiderman 2 Web Of Words.

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