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Tuesday, June 11, 2019 Patterns and Best Practices is packed with examples that will help you work with components. It also gives solutions to common. and Best Practices. A one-stop guide to best practices and design patterns multiple, large, and complex applications using this technology. Swarnendu lives in with PDF and ePub files available? You can upgrade to. Improve your skills with this step-by-step guide to patterns and best practice. It will help you reduce boilerplate in your code and.

Backbone.js Patterns And Best Practices Pdf

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Find them in zip, txt, word, rar, kindle, ppt, and pdf file. There are a Backbone Js Patterns And Best Practices such as: conversational rhetoric donawerth jane. Discover them in zip, txt, word, rar, kindle, ppt, and pdf patterns and best practices a one-stop guide to best practices and design patterns. Ebook Pdf Backbone Js Patterns And Best Practices De Swarnendu contains important information and a detailed explanation about Ebook Pdf Backbone Js.

It only exists with the module's closure and so the only methods able to access it are those with access to its scope i. Notice how the scoping function in the above basket module is wrapped around all of our functions, which we then call and immediately store the return value of. This has a number of advantages including: The freedom to have private functions and private members which can only be consumed by our module.

As they aren't exposed to the rest of the page only our exported API is , they're considered truly private. Given that functions are declared normally and are named, it can be easier to show call stacks in a debugger when we're attempting to discover what function s threw an exception.

J Crowder has pointed out in the past, it also enables us to return different functions depending on the environment. In the past, I've seen developers use this to perform UA testing in order to provide a code-path in their module specific to IE, but we can easily opt for feature detection these days to achieve a similar goal. Module Pattern Variations Import mixins This variation of the pattern demonstrates how globals e.

This effectively allows us to import them and locally alias them as we wish.

This takes as its first argument a dot-separated string such as myObj. Using setObject allows us to set the value of children, creating any of the intermediate objects in the rest of the path passed if they don't already exist. For example, if we wanted to declare basket.

Here, we see an example of how to define a namespace which can then be populated with a module containing both a private and public API. The following example is heavily based on the original YUI Module pattern implementation by Eric Miraglia, but again, isn't vastly different from the vanilla JavaScript version: Y. Ben Cherry previously suggested an implementation where a function wrapper is used around module definitions in the event of there being a number of commonalities between modules.

In the following example, a library function is defined which declares a new library and automatically binds up the init function to document.

For starters, it's a lot cleaner for developers coming from an object-oriented background than the idea of true encapsulation, at least from a JavaScript perspective. Secondly, it supports private data - so, in the Module pattern, public parts of our code are able to touch the private parts, however the outside world is unable to touch the class's private parts no laughing! Oh, and thanks to David Engfer for the joke. Disadvantages The disadvantages of the Module pattern are that as we access both public and private members differently, when we wish to change visibility, we actually have to make changes to each place the member was used.

We also can't access private members in methods that are added to the object at a later point. That said, in many cases the Module pattern is still quite useful and when used correctly, certainly has the potential to improve the structure of our application.

Other disadvantages include the inability to create automated unit tests for private members and additional complexity when bugs require hot fixes. It's simply not possible to patch privates.

Instead, one must override all public methods which interact with the buggy privates. Developers can't easily extend privates either, so it's worth remembering privates are not as flexible as they may initially appear. For further reading on the Module pattern, see Ben Cherry's excellent in-depth article on it. The Revealing Module pattern came about as Heilmann was frustrated with the fact that he had to repeat the name of the main object when we wanted to call one public method from another or access public variables.

The result of his efforts was an updated pattern where we would simply define all of our functions and variables in the private scope and return an anonymous object with pointers to the private functionality we wished to reveal as public.

Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices

It also makes it more clear at the end of the module which of our functions and variables may be accessed publicly which eases readability. Disadvantages A disadvantage of this pattern is that if a private function refers to a public function, that public function can't be overridden if a patch is necessary. This is because the private function will continue to refer to the private implementation and the pattern doesn't apply to public members, only to functions. Public object members which refer to private variables are also subject to the no-patch rule notes above.

As a result of this, modules created with the Revealing Module pattern may be more fragile than those created with the original Module pattern, so care should be taken during usage.

The Singleton Pattern The Singleton pattern is thus known because it restricts instantiation of a class to a single object.

Classically, the Singleton pattern can be implemented by creating a class with a method that creates a new instance of the class if one doesn't exist. In the event of an instance already existing, it simply returns a reference to that object. Singletons differ from static classes or objects as we can delay their initialization, generally because they require some information that may not be available during initialization time.

And what an eventful and tumultuous six many years it have been. Essential C 3.

[PDF] Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices Full Online

NET Framework 3. This absolutely up-to-date variation dives deep into the hot positive aspects which are revolutionizing programming, with fresh chapters overlaying question expressions, lambda expressions, extension equipment, assortment interface extensions, normal question operators, and LINQ as a complete. Extra resources for Backbone. Relation example firstly. Although lightweight, Backbone.

Learning the best practices and design patterns will help you avoid these problems and allow you to ensure that the best standards are followed. It also gives solutions to common problems faced by developers. It gives a complete overview of plugin development, large scale application architecture, and unit testing as well.

Starting with a discussion of why reducing boilerplate in your JavaScript code is essential, Backbone. You will learn about patterns and best practices for Backbone views, models, collections, routers, and events. You will discover solutions to common problems that developers face through simple examples, and delve into the best open source plugins available to solve these problems when they arise.

This book is an excellent collection of design and implementation patterns that will help you structure and develop complex Backbone. Swarnendu De is the director of Innofied Solution Pvt. He manages technical operations and leads the JavaScript development team there. For the last seven years, he has been working with numerous JavaScript technologies including Backbone.

He has been working with Backbone. Swarnendu lives in Kolkata—the city of joy.

He loves travelling, photography, and spending time with his family. You can reach him through his website at http: Sign up to our emails for regular updates, bespoke offers, exclusive discounts and great free content.

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Improve your Backbone.If the subscriber performing the logging crashes or for some reason fails to function , the publisher won't have a way of seeing this due to the decoupled nature of the system. When something changes in our subject that the observer may be interested in, a notify message is sent which calls the update method in each observer.

Discover advanced virtualization techniques and strategies to deliver centralized desktop and application services. Read or Download Backbone. FooSingleton above would be a subclass of BasicSingleton and implement the same interface.

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Although lightweight, Backbone. Either call stopListening with no arguments to have the object remove all of its registered callbacks Starting Accessible to readers adopting the topic, these titles get you into the tool or technology so that you can become an effective user.

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