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All books of Tin Goyenda Series - free download or read online. Mar 4, All Books of Tin Goyenda Series | Page-1 | Amar Books. Tin Goyenda Volume Free Pdf Download Detective Series, Free Books Online. All Books of Tin Goyenda Series by Rakib Hasan Free Books Online, Book Free bangla pdf book download site. Bengali Book Pdf, Bangla Pdf Book,tin.

Tin Goyenda All Series Pdf

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List of Tin Goyenda series eBooks by Rakib Hasan: 1. Akhanew Zamela Durgom Karagar Dakat Sorder(allfreebd Com). 2. Bangladesh-E Tin. VOL GUPTODHONER SANDHANE, SAYTANER JALABHUMI, SERA GOYENDA Tin Goenda is a series of detective and adventure novels. Tin Goyenda is a series of juvenile detective novels written by Rakib Hasan and published in .. The Goenda Raju series stories were all converted into 'Tin Gonda' books. Therefore, all . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Often he provides the comic relief for the books.

Musa lives with his parents: Mr. Rafat Aman, special effect technician in a film producing company. Musa hates to read books. He has also shown a great passion for animals as can be seen from his love for dogs. It has also been mentioned that insects and soldier ants are greatly attracted to him for some special element in his blood. Occasionally, he engaged in arguing with the female character Jina.

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He has an younger cousin named Fariha. Loyalty to the team, deep respect for the teammates and occasional heroism: these qualities set Musa apart from other characters.

He has also faced life-threatening risks many times for helping others including a time when he climbed a burning house to save a little boy. According to the cover pages of the original series he is a 13—14 years old white American with golden hair. He is the Book-worm although Kishore reads a lot of books too. This bookworm, also known as the moving encyclopedia, is the researcher and documentation specialist of the team. He works part-time in the Rocky Beach Library and the leading local music company.

He collects valuable information related to the current case of Tin Goyenda. The first books of the series shows him to be a skinny and short boy, but later on he grows taller and becomes very efficient with the ladies.


He is known as a hunk. Like Musa Aman, he also lives with his parents. His parents are journalists.

Robin Milford is also said to be an expert mountain climber, though it is mentioned that he broke his limbs several times when climbing. He has a strong sixth sense but lacks karate skills of an expert level.

Although he is quite peaceful in nature, he's often found teasing Musa and others.

Georgina or George is boyish, courageous, short-tempered and loyal. Rashed Pasha Kishore's paternal uncle bought a house there. The city is full of paranormal things. Other characters Davis Christopher David Christopher is a famous film producer and director in Hollywood In the original series- Alfred Hitchcock , he was a real person.

At the height of his success, his name was commercially licensed to promote several book series. He gave the Tin Goyenda their first break. Almost all of Tin Goyenda's cases have been transformed into juvenile movies produced by Mr.

After the first case, Mr. Christopher often calls on Tin Goyenda to solve another puzzling mystery. Omar Sharif Omar Sharif is an Egyptian adventure-loving pilot in his late twenties or early thirties. He was the favorite pilot of Davis Christopher.

Tin Goyenda Volume- 1-1

Later he became Tin Goyenda's favorite Omar Bhai. He took part in a number of adventures with Tin Goyenda.

He is a very wealthy man keeping a special relationship with the boys. He keeps passing them cases time to time just like Mr. Sometimes Mr. Simon and Tin Goyenda work together on the same case. He is a bulky man and a bit bald. He also gives cases to the three investigators and highly praises them.

Any assistance given him will be appreciated. He is a few years older than Jupe, Pete and Bob. Unlike the three investigators, he had a driver's license. He got it from a state where the required age for a license was younger. Whenever he comes to Rocky Beach he tries in his crooked methods to prove himself better than the three investigators.

Tin Goyenda hates Shutki-Teri very much. Musa hates him the most. He has a team of his own. The rivalry began in a small village called 'Greenhills' where Robin, Musa and Fariha Cousin of Musa lived in their childhood and Kishore paid a visit time to time.

He has a bad habit of telling the word 'Jhamela' trouble. He was mainly mentioned in the series Tin Bondhu. Despite his uncle's rivalry with the young detectives, he was in a great bond with the boys. He also directed parts in some cases of Tin Bondhu.

As time passes, he also becomes a confidant and helper in the boys' investigations Dr. Moon Dr. Moon is a very talented scientist and also a great enemy of Tin Goyenda. He have some time machines named Time Travel-1,Time Travel-2,etc.

It is nothing but a mobile van which Mr. Rashed Pasha bought a long time ago and then forgot about its existence. Tin Goyenda took this chance and made it their headquarters.

It is hidden under junk and has several entrances. All the entrances are well hidden and have their own names. Despite its small size, the headquarters accommodates the needs of Tin Goyenda.

Apart from sitting space for them, it also contains a darkroom for photo processing, a storage portion for keeping the track of their cases, a periscope, a telephone,a computer etc. But when manufacturing was finished the Sheikh had rejected it. From then on, the company had used it as a publicity tool. RSS Reader. Friday, March 10, Together, they form a teenage detective team with a view to solve unsolvable mysteries.

These juvenile detectives are courageous, nearly invincible and are capable of overcoming all challenges thrown their way. Upon receiving green signal, Rakib Hasan penned his first book entitled Tin Goyenda , which was published in August Having received positive feedback he continued writing and ended up on interesting books. Upon his retirement from the authorship in , Shamsuddin Nawab took over and contributing to date.

Later on, the stories were also borrowed from a number of other foreign writers such as, Enid Blyton — , Christopher Pike , and Franklin W.

Tin Goyenda Series Volume-45 Free Pdf Download

It was definitely a wise step since readers are more interested to get more than one novels in a single book. Although the Tin Goyenda series was a milestone of Sheba Prokashoni, its huge popularity is gradually declining owing to lack of good story. Now-a-days the stories are more inspired by science fiction than thriller; hence the publisher changed the series name from Kishore Thriller Juvenile Thriller to Kishore Chiller Juvenile Chiller. Due to its enduring popularity the books were adapted for TV serial by Maasranga Television.

Kabya, Badhan and Ayan played the lead roles. Over the past few decades Sheba Prokashoni has published considerable number of Tin Goyenda books.

Today we are sharing one of them, which is Tin Goyenda Series Volume-9 by name. Hope you will thoroughly enjoy it. Book Details.

Posted by T. Share it Please: Newer Post Older Post.Later a new book was published every month. Georgina or George is boyish, courageous, short-tempered and loyal. As time passes, he becomes a confidant and helper in the boys' investigations Dr.

In stories of Green-hills a village the three detectives are much smaller in age and solves small cases most of the time police helps them.

These juvenile detectives are courageous, nearly invincible and are capable of overcoming all challenges thrown their way. Later books were based on other western detective juvenile thrillers. Retrieved from " https: