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THE NEW WORLD. PATRICK NESS. There it is, my mother says, and what she means is that the dot weve been nearing for weeks, the one thats been growing. In this dramatic short story -- a prequel to the award-winning Chaos Walking Trilogy -- author Patrick Ness gives us the story of Viola's journey to the New World. Whether you're new to Chaos Walking or an established fan, this prequel serves as a fascinating introduction to the. Patrick Ness is a multiple Carnegie award winning author – and I’m sure winner and nominee in numerous other awards too. His A Monster Calls still gets me: lump in throat, eyes prickling kind of getting. Patrick Ness’ trilogy Chaos Walking is brilliant: a wonderfully realised.

The New World Patrick Ness Pdf

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Labels: Chaos Walking trilogy, patrick ness, the new world it is only 24 pages long so it is easy to read on a computer if it supports PDF files. In this dramatic prequel to the award-winning Chaos Walking Trilogy, author Patrick Ness gives us the story of Viola's journey to the New World. Whether you' re. Read "The New World A Chaos Walking Short Story" by Patrick Ness available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase.

So, no spoilers really for the book series. The story is told from Viola's point of view, about their descent to the New World with flashbacks over their long journey from the ship, her past life and how they were picked to go.

The book is set before anything in the Chaos Walking series happened so it is a clean slate, for those like me who can't remember everything that happened in that series. Being a prequel, having read the series before, you know what happens ultimately because we know from reading the series. But there are still surprises and a side to Viola I had never seen before or learnt of in the books.

It is worth reading if you have read the series, it does show this other side to her relying on her parents and wanting desperately to get away from them. This book is written in the style of typical Patrick Ness which I love. Those short sentences followed by a beautiful description where you just read and read and then. Big shock that you're not expecting. I felt the fear, the excitement, the anticipation of Viola as the events happened with a sadness as I has knowledge of what happens when they do reach ground.

Through this sequel, I could see the future Viola that Todd and I love mixed in with this unusual side to her. The scout ship feels like its going to fly apart at any second. The atmosphere is bashing us around and its all my mother can do to keep us upright. She calls occasionally for my dad, but theres still no answer. Viola, where are we?! Were coming back around! I shout over the roar of it all. Were going too fast, though.

I think were going to overshoot it. Ill try to get us down as best I can. Can you see anything on the scanners? Anything beyond that bit of the river where we can land? I press through my screens but theyre jumping around as much as everything else on the ship.

The engines are still firing us forward and so were pretty much falling towards the planet, too fast, with no way to slow ourselves down. Were zooming over a huge ocean right now and I can tell my mother is worried that well have to put down in the middle of it But the continents coming up on our screens now, looming dark as night and way too fast and suddenly were over it, the ground whipping by down below us.

Are we near it?! Hold on! I check the mapping. Were south of it! About 15ks! She wrestles with the manual controls, trying to turn us a bit more north. The ship lists and I slam my elbow into the control panel, losing my maps for second. I say, worry and fright in my voice as I try to bring the maps up again. I know, sweetheart, she says, grunting with the controls.

What about Dad? She doesnt say anything but I can see it all on her face. Weve got to find a place to put down, Viola! And then well do everything we can to save him! I turn back to my maps. Looks like a prairie of some kind first, I say, but well probably overshoot that.

I dial through. A swamp! My mothers got us heading north again, back towards that river we saw, which seems to peter out into swampland. Will we be low enough? I dial through a few more screens and projected landing arcs. Itll be close. The ship gives a huge jolt.

And then theres an eerie quiet. Weve lost the engines, my mother says. The vents never opened. The fire choked out. She turns to me. Were gliding in. Program me a flightpath and hold on tight. I dial quickly through a few more screens, locking in a landing arc into what Im hoping will be a nice soft swamp. My mother pulls the manual controls hard with her fists, lining up her screen with the path Ive laid out.

Out the portholes I can see the ground far too clearly now, treetops getting closer and closer below us. I say, watching as we get lower in the sky. Hang on! And we hit.

Happy birthday! Thanks, I mumbled. Wed left the convoy three months earlier, watching it blink out of sight behind us as we sped away fast, fast, fast.

We were still eight weeks away from the new planet, eight. You could at least try to look pleased, Viola, my mother said.

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Thanks, I said again, a bit louder. I opened the first present, a new pair of boots, meant for hiking through rough terrain, completely the wrong colour, but I made sort of fake thankful sounds for them anyway. I opened the second. Binos, my father said as I took them out. Your mother had them upgraded by Eddie, the engineer on the Alpha before we left. These do things you wouldnt even believe. Night vision, in-screen zoom I looked through them and found a giant version of my fathers left eye looking back at me.

Shes smiling, my father said and his own giant grin filled the binos. I am not, I said. My mother left the room and came back with my favourite breakfast, a stack of pancakes, this time with thirteen motionactivated fibre-optic lights glittering on the top.

They sang me the song, and it took four goes moving my hands before I got all the lights to go off. Whatd you wish for? If you tell, I said. It doesnt come true. Well, were not turning the ship around, my mother said, so I hope it wasnt that.

Thats what we should all wish for. I frowned because there was that word again. We brought this out, too, my father said, touching Bradleys still-wrapped present. Just in case you wanted to open it now. I looked at my parents faces, my father bright and happy, my mother annoyed with all my moaning but trying to make me have a good birthday anyway.

And for a brief second, Isaw their worry about me, too. Their worry that I didnt seem to have any hope at all. I looked at Bradleys present.

A light against the darkness, hed said. He said it was for when we got there, I said. Ill wait until then. The sound when we crash is so loud its almost impossible. The ship smashes through trees, snapping them into bits, and then hits the ground with a jolt so violent I knock my head against the control panel and pain rips through it but Im still awake, awake enough to hear the ship start to break apart, awake enough to hear every crash and snap and grind as we carve out a long ditch through the swamp, awake as the ship rolls over again and again, which can only mean the wings have broken off, and everything in the cabin falls to the ceiling and back down again and then theres an actual crack in the structure of the cockpit and water rushes in from the swamp but then were rolling again And were slowing.

The roll is slowing down The grinding of metal is deafening and the main lights cut off as we take another roll, replaced immediately by the quivery battery lights And the roll keeps slowing Slowing until It stops. And Im still breathing. My head is spinning and aching and Im hanging almost upside down from my buckle in myseat. But Im breathing. I say, looking down and around.

I hear. I twist round to where her seat should be But its not there I twist round some more And there she is, resting against the ceiling, her chair ripped from the floor And the way shes lying there The way shes lying there broken Viola?

And the way she says it makes my chest grip tight as afist. No, I think. And I start the struggle to get out of my chair to get to her. Big day tomorrow, Skipper, my dad said, coming into the engine room, where I was replacing tubes of coolant, one of about a million chores theyd come up with in the past.

Well finally be entering orbit. I clicked in the last coolant tube. He paused. I know this hasnt been easy for you, Viola.

The New World: eBook (Reflowable ePub)

Why do you care if it wasnt? I didnt have any say in the matter. He came closer. Okay, what are you really frightened of, Viola? Is it what we could find there?

Or is it just that its change? I sighed heavily. No one ever seems to wonder what happens if it turns out we hate living on a planet. What if the skys too big? What if the air stinks? What if we go hungry? And what if the air tastes of honey? What if theres so much food we all get too fat?

What if the sky is so beautiful we dont get any work done because were all looking at it too much? I turned and closed up the coolant tube cases. But what if it isnt? But what if it is? What if it isnt? What if it is? Yeah, this is getting us somewhere. Havent we raised you to be hopeful? Wasnt that the whole point of your great-grandmother agreeing to be a caretaker on this ship, so that one day you could have a better life? She was full of hope. Your mum and I are full of hope.

He was close enough now for a hug, if I wanted it. Why cant you share some of that?

The New World

And he was looking so caring, so worried, that how could. I tell him? How could I tell him how much I hate even the sound of the word? Thats all anyone ever talked about on the convoy, especially as we got closer.

Hope, hope, hope. As in, I hope the weathers good. This from people whod never actually experienced weather except in immersive vids. Or, I hope theres interesting wildlife. From people whod only ever met Scampus and Bumpus, the ships cats on the Delta.

Or, I hope the natives are friendly. This always said with a laugh because there arent supposed to be any natives, at least according to the deep space probes. Everybody was hoping for something, talking about our new life to come and all that they hoped from it. Fresh air, whatever thats supposed to mean. Real gravity, instead of the fake kind that broke every now and then even though no one over fifteen would admit that it was actually really fun when it did.

All the wide open spaces wed have, all the new people wed meet when we woke them up, ignoring completely what happened to the original settlers, super-confident that we were so much better equipped that nothing bad could possibly happen to us. All this hope, and here I was, right at the very edge of it, looking out into the darkness, the first to see it coming, the first to greet it when we found out what it really looked like.

But what if? Is it because hope is scary?

I looked back at him, startled. You think so, too? He smiled, full of love. Hope is terrifying, Viola, he said. No one wants to admit it, but it is. I feel my eyes go wet again. Then how can you stand it? How can you bear even thinking it? It feels so dangerous, like youll be punished for even thinking you deserved it. He touched my arm, just lightly.

Because, Viola, life is so much more terrifying without it. I swallowed away my tears again. So youre telling me the only choice I have is which way Im going to be terrified for the rest of my life? He laughed and opened his arms.

And at last a smile, he said.

And he did hug me. And I let him. But in my chest, there was still fear, and I didnt know which kind it was. Fear with hope, or fear without it. It takes what seems like forever to unbuckle my belt, hard to do when youre hanging upside down against it. When it finally comes undone, I fall away from the seat, sliding down the wall of the cockpit, which seems to have folded into itself. I say, scooting over to her. Shes face down on what used to be the ceiling, her legs twisted in a way I cant really look at Viola?

Im here, Mum. I push away the things that have fallen on her, all the files and screenpads, everything broken as we tumbled, everything that wasnt fastened down broken to pieces I pull up a large metal plate off her back.

And I see it The pilots chair was torn from the floor, tearing away the back panel of it, turning the backrest into a shard of metal A shard thats gone right into my mothers spine Mum? I say, my voice tight, trying to lift it further off her But when I move it more, she screams, screams like Im not even there I stop.

Her voice is high, broken. Is that you? Im here, Mum, I say, lying down next to her so I can get close to her face. I push away a last bit of glass thats covering her cheek and see her eye looking wildly around Sweetheart? I say, crying, brushing away more glass. Tell me what to do, Mum. Sweetheart, are you hurt?

I dont know, I say. Mum, can you move? I put a hand under her shoulder to lift her, but she screams again, which makes me scream, too, and I let her go back to how she was lying, on her stomach, on the ceiling, the metal shard in her back, blood coming out of it slowly like it was no big deal, and everything around us broken, broken, broken. Your father, she gasps. The fire Your father loved you, she says. I stop and look at her. I see her moving her hand, trying to worm it out from under herself and I take it gently, holding it with my own.

Ilove you, too, Viola, she says. Dont say that Listen, sweetheart, listen to me.

No, listen And she coughs and the pain of it causes her to scream again and I hold her hand tighter and I barely even notice that Im screaming along with her. She stops, gasping again, and her eye looks up at me, more focussed this time, like shes trying really hard, like shes never tried harder to do anything in her entire life. Theyll come for you, Viola. Mum, stop, please Youve been trained, she says. You stay alive. You stay alive, Viola Eade, do you hear me? Her voice is getting louder, even though I can hear the pain in it.

Mum, youre not dying Take my hope, Viola, she says. Take your fathers, too. Im giving it to you, okay? Im giving you my hope. Mum, I dont understand Say youll take it, sweetheart. Say it to me. My throat is choking and I think Im crying but nothing feels attached to anything and Im here holding my mothers hand ina wrecked spaceship on the first planet Ive ever been to, in the middle of a night I can see through a crack in the ships hull and shes dying, shes dying, and Ive been so horrible to her formonths Say it, Viola, my mother whispers.

Ill take it, I say. Ill take your hope. Ive got it, okay?

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But I dont know if she hears me Because her hand isnt gripping back any more. And thats when something happens, something that makes everything now, something that cuts all the past away, the convoy and everyone on it gone and past, and its just me, here, now, so fast, it doesnt seem real. My father. The crash. My mother. Its not real.

Its like Im watching it all, including myself, from somewhere else. I watch myself stand up next to my mother. I watch myself wait there in the wreckage for a while not knowing what to do. Until enough time passes that something has to be done, so I watch as I climb to where the wall of the cockpit has come apart and look out into the planet for the first time. The girl that can't speak or the first girl that appeared for years in Will Todd 's place. The whole story evolved in the first 5 months of her life, from her farewell party to her journey with her parents passing through the Earth's orbit.

The hesitation and the hope that terribly frightened Viola for 5 months to explore feral things in the New World after a great destruction.

The changing time phase of the novella made it more fun to read, while reading a part f the present, Patrick Ness will input some of the snippets about Viola before the journey. Her life in space and how she manages to say goodbye to her old friends. Do you know what separates us from the beasts, Viola? He laughed. It allowed us light to see in darkness, warmth against the cold, a tool to cook our food Review posted on I'm planning to create a blog for YA, stay tune.

Book for Feb 13, Dannii Elle rated it liked it Shelves: This is a prequel short story to the Chaos Walking trilogy and can be found here. This is less of a prequel and more of a describing of events from an alternative character's viewpoint. Viola Eades is travelling with her family, via spaceship, to the new world they are hoping to inhabit. They have been chosen as the leading family to begin terraforming the new land in preparation for the rest of their community's arrival. Viola is less than thrilled about their task.

Whilst this was an enjoyable e This is a prequel short story to the Chaos Walking trilogy and can be found here. Whilst this was an enjoyable enough story and the ending was painfully poignant, it did nothing to enhance my experience of the main trilogy.

The events detailed are already known to the reader and this only divulges a few extra particulars. It was a good stand-alone short story, but added no extra dimensions to Viola's character, for me.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Okay, so when I found out about it I thought it was a whole book, so I totally flipped out, but then I found out it was a free short story … Well, still pretty exciting!

I wish it had been longer! It was really cool to find out a little more about Viola's life before she met Todd. Reading it was kind of painful though, considering I knew all along how her parents were going to die and all.

Her mom's death scene was sooo sad: He is a flipping genius, I tell ya. I kind of worship him, just a little. And I need to see more books from this guy. Anyway, this short story was brilliant! I kind of wished we got to see Viola's perspective on meeting Todd! But, oh well. I still loved it. View all 15 comments. Jan 19, Azrah rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm excited to see what happens next! Veoma emotivno napisano: What a tear-jerker!

Set before the events of The Chaos Walking Trilogy, The New World is a fabulous short story that makes for a great introduction to the series. I loved Chaos Walking Trilogy. I don't think I've ever read a better YA trilogy. Patrick Ness is a wonderful storyteller. His writing is electrifying and insanely compelling. I recommend this short story, as well as The Chaos Walking Trilogy, to not only every YA fan out there, but to everyone who enjoys great books, filled with well-drawn character Set before the events of The Chaos Walking Trilogy, The New World is a fabulous short story that makes for a great introduction to the series.

I recommend this short story, as well as The Chaos Walking Trilogy, to not only every YA fan out there, but to everyone who enjoys great books, filled with well-drawn characters, shocking plot developments, action, adventure, love, betrayal, friendship and hope. I guarantee, this story will stay with you. View 2 comments. This was so good!! This series is just great! I'm more interested in Viola's story than in Todd's. Young Adult, Science Fiction fans. What a wonderful start to a series.

Young Viola is traveling with her parents to settle a New World. Viola is not happy about her family being chosen to be the first on this world, but she is making do. I enjoyed how the story flipped back and forth to Viola's life before the voyage and her life on board the ship. I will definitely be looking at reading this series soon.

View all 9 comments. It was so nice to get a glimpse into Viola's life before she met Todd. I presumed she was a nice quiet girl before she met Todd but the short story showed me she was actually quite different. It was a great short story and the writing was brilliant like it usually is. I would definitely recommend it. View all 3 comments.

This was a great introduction to the Chaos Walking series and I quite enjoyed getting to know more about how Viola arrived to the New World. She was one of my favourite characters in the first book so I was excited once I started reading this and realized it was from her perspective.

It was great to get the whole story of her arrival and all in all, I really enjoyed this story! Jan 31, Chelsea chelseadolling reads rated it really liked it. This series is so damn sad. The characters can't catch a break anywhere: Jan 28, Alja alyaofwinterfell rated it liked it Shelves: I was hoping that this prequel to The Knife of Never Letting Go would expand the universe a bit more, or explain certain events before the books started such as the settling process, the war etc , so I was slightly disappointed.

The story focuses on Viola and her trip to the New World, and since we already know what has happened, it failed to bring anything new to the story.And so I sit in front of Bradleys fire, on the surface of a dark, dark planet, and I have their hope, if not any of mine.

If you tell, I said. We both watch as the continent rolls away from underus. I dont know, I say. And thats when something happens, something that makes everything now, something that cuts all the past away, the convoy and everyone on it gone and past, and its just me, here, now, so fast, it doesnt seem real. He didnt have anything good to say about it, he said.