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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Timeless and collectible, The Feynman Lectures on Physics are essential reading, not just for students of physics, but for anyone seeking an insightful. Caltech's Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy and The Feynman Lectures Website are pleased to present this online edition of. The Feynman. I want to point out the Caltech website referenced in some of the answers here makes it clear the content is for on-line use only; the implication.

The Feynman Lectures On Physics Epub

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Otherwise, if you must download the basic version, go to the piratebay and search for "Feynman Lectures on Physics (epub,mobi,html) - FIXED". The Feynman lectures on physics. byFeynman Topics Physics. Publisher Reading, Mass. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. English Timeless and collectible, The Feynman Lectures on Physics are essential reading, not just for students.

An authorized free digital version of the lectures appeared on the web!

There is sanity in the world! The Feynman Lectures had been unglued! Vikram Verma , a software developer in Singapore, wanted to be able to read the lectures on his kindle.

Since the digital format used by kindle is just a simplified version of html, the transformation of web pages to an ebook file is purely mechanical. So Verma proceeded to write a script to do the mechanical transformation — he accomplished the transformation in only lines of ruby code, and published the script as a repository on Github.

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So they hauled out the favorite weapon of copyright trolls everywhere: a DMCA takedown. I'm pretty certain that use of Verma's script for personal use would be protected fair use in the United States, under Betamax. There are no terms of use at the Feynman Lectures website for Verma's script to violate; there wasn't even a robots exclusion.

So even a legal theory that Verma's code was inducing others to violate website terms falls flat on its face. But alas, there's no penalty for abusive DMCA takedowns, so Perseus' main downside is having to read annoying blog posts like this one.

The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume I

And Perseus does need to look out for their authors' rights — they probably aren't in a position to asses what some ruby code does. Luckily, Github has a policy of publishing every DMCA takedown notice it receives, which is how I found out about Perseus' action, and Verma's counternotice. Perseus had 10 days to respond to the counter-notice and since they failed to do so, Github has re-opened the repository.

In the meantime, the Feynman Lectures website has taken some steps to break Verma's script. This will take about 10 minutes for Verma to work around.

In addition, the website now has a robot exclusion except for Googlebot. However, it is under copyright. The copyright notice can be found on every page: it is in the footer that your script strips out!

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The online edition of FLP can not be downloaded, copied or transferred for any purpose other than reading online without the written consent of the copyright holders The California Institute of Technology, Michael A. Gottlieb, and Rudolf Pfeiffer , or their licensees Basic Books.

Every one of you is violating my copyright by running the flp. Furthermore Github is committing contributory infringement by hosting your activities on their website.

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A lot of hard work and money and time went into making the online edition of FLP. It is a gift to the world - one that I personally put a great deal of effort into, and I feel you are abusing it.

We posted it to benefit the many bright young people around the world who previously had no access to FLP for economic or other reasons. It isn't there to provide a source of personal copies for a bunch of programmers who can easily afford to buy the books and ebooks!!

Let me tell you something: Rudi Pfeiffer and I, who have worked on FLP as unpaid volunteers for about a decade, make no money from the sale of the printed books.

Click on "GO" and then click again on the title of the book. The force of gravitation; 2: Chemical affinity, heat; 6: Graphic or PDF.

Popular Essays on the Movements of the Atmosphere A handbook of physics measurements, v 1: Lectures on Physics: Einfuhrung in die Maxwell'sche Theorie der Elektricitat. Mit einem einleitenden Abschnitte uber das Rechnen mi. Oeuvres completes d'Augustin Fresnel, v 1: Theorie de la lumiere [optics; wave theory of light; lighthouses].

The Feynman Lectures

Oeuvres completes d'Augustin Fresnel, v 2:What one finds 'classical' is highly relative: All with two terminal and we manure the relation. I don't know about useful -- physics is not currently as useful to a programmer as, say, probability theory -- but I'd recommend volume 1 to anyone ready to follow it, just for the mind-stretching.

August 26, ebook quebec pdf epub torrent gsp at 2: 27 pm. Why does water ice expand when it melts? You may have already requested this item. You'd be saving the lectures, not downloading them, if you did that.