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A beautiful keepsake gift book, Meditations on the Purpose Driven Life, magnifies the groundbreaking message of Rick Warren's book, The Purpose Driven Life. Also by Rick Warren. The Purpose-Driven® States of America. The Scripture versions cited in this book are identified in appendix 3, which hereby becomes. RiCk WaRRen. Welcome God's Word is unlike any other book. It is alive. this plan in the next 40 days you will read and meditate on The Book of Philippians.

Rick Warren Books Pdf

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Books by Rick Warren. The Purpose Driven® Life. The Purpose Driven® Church. Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods. What on Earth Am I Here For? Living with. Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods. Adobe® Acrobat® The website addresses recommended throughout this book are offered as a resource. These websites. PDF ISBN: Mobipocket ISBN: . Rick Warren is founding pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake. Forest, California. . the thinking-loving- doing triad we are developing in this book. As. Scripture makes.

The state of Christianity in Thailand is not negative, even though the Christian population is miniscule. Firstly, the church, although small, is growing. According to Mandryk Thailand is on the verge of a great breakthrough in church growth.

And missionaries are more understanding towards Buddhist worldviews and Thai culture which makes them more effective in communicating the gospel. These examples indicate that the missionary opportunities are varied and extensive. I have chosen this book for several reasons.

This book and Warren are very well known to western culture. I am curious to know if his book which was written in the s is still applicable to church planting and growth in the twenty-first century; if those practices are biblical; and if they can be used in church planting and growth in Thailand.

I am aware that these are deep questions requiring serious and thorough investigation which would not be adequately achieved in a seven thousand word essay. This would be unrealistic and not my intention. Accessed: 25 September Something that I can take with me and continue to build upon in my new life in Phuket, Thailand.

This essay comprises firstly, of a background in which I will provide a context to the research concerning the biblical foundation to mission work in general, and specifically to church planting.

I will then present my findings in the conclusion. Background to the research According to Rick Warren the biblical foundation for church planting can be based on two biblical texts: Matthew and Matthew pp. The great commandment recalls Deuteronomy , and is what Jesus claims to be the greatest Law which is to love God with all your heart, mind and soul. The great commission is what Jesus proclaims for all followers of Christ which is to go throughout the world, making disciples, and baptizing them.

The connection between these two passages is that if you love the Lord then you will obey His commandments Matt ; John Dennis In line with this, Robert Vajko states that planting churches in the twenty-first century comes from the example Paul set in the Corinthian church.

All his research was applied to the Saddleback church which indicates a life-long interest in the secular and divine conditions for church growth p. The purpose of the book is to help any church through principals and processes to be driven or refocused according to purposes of the New Testament p.

Warren read the United States census data and other demographic studies and found out that Saddleback was the fastest growing community, and therefore based his decision to plant a church there in p. Saddleback church p. Twenty-four daughter churches is therefore a rough estimate. Warren also states that some churches may do well in a particular area but are weak in others, therefore balance needs be maintained which leads to a healthy church p.

And the life development process illustrates what Saddleback does for those specific circle groups which are: assimilating new members on purpose; programming around their purposes; and educating their people on purposes which link up with four of the New Testament purposes: maturity, membership, missions and ministry that are developed into discipling classes p.

Warren claims that the five New Testament purposes through the circles of commitment and life development process can be used to quantify and validate how successful Saddleback is at fulfilling the great commandment and the great commission p.

Scottsdale, PA: Herald Press. Secondly, the incarnation of Christ, sees Christ as the source of inspiration for church planters and models discipleship after Him p.

Rick Warren

Without Christ as the source of inspiration, discipleship will be superficial and weak as churches are more likely to focus on themselves than go out into the world and preach the gospel to the nations. Further, Warren models the church plant, specifically the attraction of the unchurched to the church services, after Jesus. Warren states that the success of church plants should rely on the purposes of God and be done through the power of the Holy Spirit p. I shall firstly describe a biblical basis according to Vajko and then discuss how Warren has addressed it.

Warren makes clear that we are not only called to be faithful but also fruitful. In being fruitful we glorify God and please Him, and that fruit is growth through conversion. Secondly, the Holy Spirit plays an integral role in leading and birthing new churches Acts 13 Vajko Thirdly, when the church as a body is filled with the Spirit it recognises and acts upon establishing new churches 1 Cor Vajko Warren aids unexperienced members into a ministry of their choice through the programme S.

E which unpacks the understanding of lay ministry in combination with the Holy Spirit p. Hayes recounts that the preacher although not Warren , spoke of a God made relevant and understandable to a middle-class twenty-first century audience through specific connections which he felt did not compromise the gospel. Warren makes clear that the church should not become so laden with theological study that the church body or individuals within the church never begin to apply what they learn.

Warren demonstrated this in his own life as he has trained over three-hundred thousand pastors in church growth at Saddleback church Greenberg The decline is because Warren is placing much focus, energy and funds into his P.

E plan which started in E stands for Plant churches; Equip leaders; Assist the poor; Care for the sick; and Educate the next generation Morgan In Warren brought in the next phase, P. This replacement does not mean an eradication of church plantings but rather a handing over of the authority of church plants to the respective indigenous peoples which is a similar objective that Ehlers has which will be discussed later in section V. What Warren aims to achieve with the P.

MacArthur, who also has a church in California like Warren, can be seen in YouTube videos pronouncing criticisms against his neighbour Warren but are these criticisms valid? Accessed: 30 September Although, MacArthur often unfairly uses the most extreme case as the norm, his criticism in valid to a certain degree. Stortz maintains that the motivational, self-help style of the book follows in the steps of Robert Schuller, Norman Vincent Peale and Dale Carnegie, rather than in the humble, servant-style of Jesus Christ p.

According to MacArthur , any Christian leader should strive for and maintain integrity p. The church never has. I 28 came to serve. If you're guilty of any of these issues, Saddleback is the church for you.

This is a community of forgiven sinners. There are no perfect people in this church and it is not a place for self- righteousness. It is a place to come and get your act together and a place to come to find forgiveness and healing and a new life and break the power of temptations that you don't think you can break on your own because you can't without God's help.

This is the place to do it because we're all working on it together. He wants you to tell other people. He wants you to bring others to Him just like somebody brought you.

The Purpose Driven Church: Every Church Is Big in God's Eyes

Why is that important? The vast majority of people go all through life not knowing God loves them, not knowing God has a plan for their lives, not knowing that Jesus Christ died on the cross for them. Part 2 The sermon as a whole is based on the story of the paralytic who was brought to Jesus by his friends.

Millions of them. Three million 30 right here in Orange County. Will you be a stretcher bearer? Lost children that He loves and He wants found and He 31 wants brought home. People need Christ who can change their lives, and this is what moves his disciples to share the Gospel. Nothing changes lives like Jesus Christ.

This is why we abandon all distractions. God does not intend for you to spend all your life with Christians. You need to have some non-Christian friends. He uses quite a strong analogy to illustrate this point: Christians are kind of like manure. If you pile them all up together they stink. But if you spread them around a lot it does a lot of good.

It fertilizes the world. He teaches the congregation specific steps each of them can make in order to pray for their friends and lead them to Christ. Besides prayer, friendship always remains the key as it has a strong potential for introducing them to the church and the Gospel, as well as for destroying false and distorted ideas about Christians and their faith.

In keeping with his view of culture, RW calls Christians to develop relationships with unbelievers in a variety of settings and activities: It may be a friend who has the same hobby that you do. It may be a friend you met at a Pampered Chef or Tupperware Party.

It may be a friend who plays on a sports team. It may be a friend in a club. This last point on fear and stereotypes deserves additional attention. Religion will not help you stop worrying. You don't need religion. You need a relationship. You need a Shepherd -- somebody who provides, protects, guides and corrects.

Especially, he focuses on difficult parts of the Gospel that are often misunderstood. He might tell me something hard. He might tell me to do something unpopular. He might tell me to do something I think I can't do or I don't want to do. So I'm afraid. If I let God speak to me, I might become a religious fanatic.

Or wear shiny leisure suit. And say all kinds of weird stuff. Maybe God will make me some kind of loony religious nut. I'm afraid I'll loose my freedom. I'm afraid I'll lose my fun. I'm afraid I'll loose my fulfillment in life. The world is hungry for spiritual truth… They may not know what that hole in their heart is.

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They may call it emptiness, they may call it loneliness, they may call it boredom, they may call it fear, guilt, worry, whatever. The truth is they need God. In fact, he openly proclaims the Lordship of Jesus: Jesus is 36 Lord. Instead, it is the Good News itself: It may look like the other side is winning right now, but Jesus is Lord. You may think you cannot cope any more, there is too much pressure, but Jesus is Lord. You may think your problems are too great and you can't handle them, but Jesus is Lord.

Circumstances may pile up against you and people may thwart you and fight you, but Jesus is Lord. Say that phrase when you're discouraged - Jesus is Lord. When you're tired, when you're worried, afraid - Jesus is Lord. Say it when you don't think you can go on another mile.

Say it when you're grieving and you don't know why somebody has died - Jesus is Lord. Say it when you're lonely. And say it at Christmas.

Make it the theme of your life. That's what it means to be a believer. By virtue of his deductive reasoning, JM tends to view culture negatively and humans dualistically. Hence, his listeners are encouraged more to separate themselves from society than to engage with it. Rick Warren, on the other hand, holds a more positive view of culture. He tends to identify with the experiences of people outside the church and seeks to relate the biblical message to their needs and concerns.

His listeners are encouraged to engage with unbelievers by building friendships and developing relationships that can serve as a vehicle for their salvation. Society is portrayed as fallen but potentially redeemable because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is powerful to transform individuals, their values and choices. From my perspective, the first position has a significantly lesser missiological potential for Baptist churches in Russia, and, over the long haul, can actually be detrimental to any serious attempts to meaningfully engage with society for the sake of the Gospel.

It fosters an attitude about culture that is based not on avoidance, but on a discerning involvement. These positive relationships are fostered by creating fun group church activities and addressing needs, such as teaching English p. A desire by the L. This is one of the important and positive paradigm shifts that Vajko notes in church plants in the twenty-first century p. When Warren started his church he wanted to understand the mind-set of the peoples of Saddleback Valley, and Warren therefore spent the first twelve-weeks, before starting an official church service, going door-to-door speaking to people Warren Warren adds to that line of thought by stating that people generally want to know firstly that you care 12 about them before they care about your concerns, such as delivering the gospel message.

By engaging with the peoples of Saddleback Valley in an unassuming manner, Warren was able to gauge why the unchurched did not want to attend a church and what their cultural needs were. By doing this Warren found out that churches were often not attended because they seemed irrelevant to the unchurched because they did not meet their needs.

Warren could also strategically design an evangelism service that would be relevant to the unchurched p. Warren achieves this with his S. The reason that Saddleback church would be able to continue is that Warren has always aimed to have leaders serving in a ministry. He has worked out leadership programmes such as S. E and believes in providing the necessary support for those leaders, such as material, communication, promotional and moral support.

He claims that lay ministers need to be invested in for successful leadership to continue pp. After this phase is complete, the same strategies can be used again in a different location.

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Vajko identifies this as another paradigm shift of traditional church plants in the twenty-first century p. S missionaries. Warren has trained many hundreds of thousands of pastors with his purpose-driven courses, showing his commitment to investing in current and future leaders; he also aims to reach the people groups with the gospel by The book is based on five New Testament principles: magnify God through worship Matt ; evangelise through mission work Matt ; fellowship in the form of membership Eph , developing maturity through discipleship Col ; and ministry to God through service Eph Warren based his life work, Saddleback church, on a personal calling as a minister and as obedience to the great commission and great commandment.

Warren has also noted the power given by the Holy Spirit in which he achieved in his ministry work up to date. The purpose for the comparison was to establish whether an American model could be used in an Asian context.

Both Ehlers and Warren believe in creating a purposeful vision. Both wanted to disciple church members on an individual basis. And both wanted to invest in the future leaders of the church and assist them in off-shoot church plants.

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Finally, both wanted to hand over authority permanently so that unique and authentic churches could develop. It was also discovered that Warren has achieved this last point 15 successfully as he has specific programmes which are already taking place in preparation for his retirement from Saddleback in The contemporary relevance of both were noted by their commitment to fulfilling the great commission Missio dei in which focus was on and in Christ Incarnation in order that the Kingdom of God would be enlarged through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Martin W He wants you to bring others to Him just like somebody brought you. The purpose-driven church: growth without compromising your message and mission. Warren achieves this with his S. So I'm afraid. The L.