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Ravan Samhita Book

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Weight of the Book: kg. Price: $ Shipping Free. Look Inside the Book Items Related to रावण संहिता: Ravana Samhita (Hindu | Books). Apr FEBKART - Ravana Samhita - रावण संहिता, Books on Tantra, Books on Ravana, Chaukhamba Books on Tantra, Religious Books, Ravana. Asli pracheen Ravan Samhita Religious Text, Religious Books, Lord Yantra, Mantra, Tantra Aur Rudraksh Ke Chamtkari Rahasya - Hindi Book Hindu Mantras .

Whosoever shall accept what I have revealed , it shall be of benefit to him.

Ravana replied, this boat ark — of moral guidance — shall help me cross the ocean of life. What capacity have I to sing its praise? Protect me; that is to say, instruct me further.

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Then Siva understood that Ravana was his foremost officer, and instructed him: O Ravana! If another being asks for some food, do not be indifferent to his request. If one fulfills the request of another, this virtue cannot be equalled upon this earth.

Because, in the happiness of a living being is found the happiness of God. Do not beg, borow or steal. Be satisfied with what the Lord Almighty, in his kindness, has given unto you. On hearing this, Ravana praised Siva, and requested him to dispel his ignorance… O Ravana!

A person who is sitting in the company of other persons, and brings some food along with him, he should not eat alone.

If something has been given to you for safe keeping , and you deny it, your woman shall go barren. A person who praises himeself, or is pleased upon hearing his own praise from others, no good will come of it!

The man who abandons his lord or master in the midst of battle out of cowardice he shall be damned. To hurt your tribe, to kill a living being, or to speak ill of someone without basis , this constitutes sin.

The man without offspring to continue his family line , has no place in this world! On hearing this, Ravana asked who will offer water to long-dead ancestors [a form of ritual or prayer to appease the spirits of the dead] if the man is without issue? Replying to this, Siva said that if a man is without issue, a devoted and chaste wife may pour water to deceased ancestors. Only after a great deal of effort, and a good deal of prayer and devotion, does a man attain to his ends.

Man should be satisfied with what God has given; happiness and sorrow, gain and loss, good and bad, these should be seen with equanamity. When the end approaches, mother and father cannot help you, nor can your brother; it is only your good deeds that stand by you.

Cutting down a Mango tree is no less than killing a Brahmin; and the merit gained from planting a garden full of trees is equal to a thousand sacrifices. Hindi only.

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More wisdom Click to enlarge. Detailed Product Info: Ravana ISBN: Hard Cover Language: Review by shanu: Review by Bishnu: He's great scientist of ancient era.

Asli Pracheen Ravan Samhita

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Ravan Sanhita Book

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