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NCERT Class XII Maths Book Part I and Part II are given below. Maths Part I. Chapter 1 – Relations and Functions · Chapter 2 – Inverse Trigonometric Functions. Book: National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) NCERT Maths Solutions Class 12 NCERT Plus Two Maths Solutions NCERT Solution. Free NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths (chapter-wise) in PDF format to Download expert teachers from latest edition books and as per NCERT (CBSE) guidelines. In CBSE Class 12 Inverse Trigonometric Functions, there are only two.

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MathematicsPartI. NCERT/CBSE class 12 Mathematics book MathematicsPartI . maths is great .. Like · Reply · Mark as spam · 26 · 7y · Nishad Najeem. Text book published by Government of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu Text Books · Additional Collections. Uploaded by anandology-2 on October 10, Text book published by Government of Tamil Nadu.

The inverse trigonometric functions hold a great value in calculus for they serve to define many integrals.

Matrices are considered as one of the most powerful tools in mathematics. It simplifies our work to a great extent when compared with other methods. There are total 62 questions in 4 exercises of this chapter.

In this chapter, you will be delving deeper into the fundamentals of matrix and matrix algebra. Chapter 4: Determinants In chapter 3, matrices and algebra of matrices will be explained.

Whereas, in this chapter, you will be studying about determinants up to order three only with real entries. Also, the six exercises are distributed in a way that you will study various properties of determinants, cofactors and applications of determinants in finding the area of a triangle, minors, adjoint and inverse of a square matrix, consistency and inconsistency of system of linear equations and solution of linear equations in two or three variables using inverse of a matrix in these exercises.

Chapter 5: Continuity and Differentiability This chapter is the extension of differentiation of functions which you have studies in Class XI.

You must have learnt to differentiate certain functions like polynomial functions and trigonometric functions. This chapter explains the very important concepts of continuity, differentiability and relations between them. You will be learning about differentiation of inverse trigonometric functions. Furthermore, you will be getting acquainted with a new class of functions called exponential and logarithmic functions.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths

There is a total of eight exercises in this chapter so you will have to dedicate some extra time and effort to get well-versed with this chapter. Chapter 6: Application of Derivatives In Chapter 5, you would learn how to find derivative of composite functions, implicit functions, exponential functions, inverse trigonometric functions, and logarithmic functions.

In this chapter, you will study the applications of the derivative in various disciplines such as engineering, science, and many other fields.

For instance, we will learn how the derivative can be used to determine rate of change of quantities and to find the equations of tangent and normal to a curve at a point and many more usage of derivatives.

We will also use derivative to find intervals of increasing or decreasing functions. There are five exercises in total where you will get the detailed insight into the Application of Derivatives. Finally, the derivative is used to find approximate value of certain quantities.

Class 12: Mathematics

Chapter 7: Integrals Differential Calculus is based on the idea of derivative. Derivative came into existence for the problem of defining tangent lines to the graphs of functions and calculating the slope of such lines. Integral Calculus eases the problem of defining and calculating the area of the region bounded by the graph of the functions.

With a total of eleven exercises in total, you will have to learn each and every topic and their related questions with sheer concentration. Chapter 8: Application of Integrals Here, in this chapter, you will study some specific application of integrals to find the area given under the simple curves, also, area between lines and arcs of circles, parabolas and ellipses standard forms only.

There are two exercises in this chapter in which you will also deal with finding the area bounded by the above said curves.

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Chapter 9: Differential Equations In Differential Equations, you will be studying some basic concepts related to differential equation, general and particular solutions of a differential equation, formation of differential equations, number of methods to solve a question based on first order - first degree differential equation and some applications of differential equations in different areas.

There are total six exercises in this chapter for the students. Differential equations are implemented in a plethora of applications in all the other subjects and areas.

Hence, if you study the Differential equations chapter in a detailed manner, it will help you to gain a detailed insight into all modern scientific investigations.

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Chapter Vector Algebra Did you know that quantities that involve only one value magnitude , which is a real number are call scalars?

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Unknown March 4, at 5: The students explore several real valued functions, and their graphs.

We are uploaded the Hindi Medium solutions one by one for all the chapters. Relations and Functions Exercise 1.

Best Reference books for Class 12 CBSE – Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Economics

Class 10th. Which book is best for Biology class 12? Finally, the derivative is used to find approximate value of certain quantities.

We make it a point to provide the students the best help they can get, and the solutions reflect just that.