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The nine billion names of God. Arthur C. Clarke. “This is a slightly unusual request,” said Dr. Wagner, with what he hoped was commendable restraint. “As far as. Science Fiction Friday | The Nine Billion Names of God by Arthur C. Clarke · Download the PDF file. Story Source. Tweet. Share. Share. Mail. "The Nine Billion Names of God" is a science fiction short story by British writer Arthur C. . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Nine Billion Names Of God Pdf

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Arthur C Clarke - The Nine Billion Names of God - Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online. The Nine Billion Names of God. I've found The Nine Billion Names of God as a nicely-presented free You will have to add the ".pdf" suffix or you will not be able to open it. ISBN: File Name: pdf. Download Link: Clarke Arthur C. Nine Billion Names of God.

When I was a kid down in Louisiana we had a crackpot preacher who once said the world was going to end next Sunday. If we time matters properly. Look a t it like this. The human race will have finished what it was created to do. It's our ma chine they've been using. They won't be able to catch us then.

I guess some of them still do. I like them. Yet when nothing happened. When we finish our job. When the list's completed. I get it. God steps in and simply wi nds things up. That would make things worse. And do you know what happened? He looked at me in a very queer way. But all the same.

The Nine Billion Names of God and Other Stories, 1951-1956 by Arthur C. Clarke (1967, Hardcover)

The transport calls in a week. I don't like the situation one little bit.

The machine will finish its run four days from now. I wish I was somewhere else.

But this sort of thing's happened before. I don't see that it makes the slightest difference to us. There are just two of u s and hundreds of these monks. Hundreds of peop le believed him-even sold their homes.

They just decided that he'd made a mistake in his cal culations and went right on believing. OK-then all we need to do is to find something t hat needs replacing during one of the overhaul periods-something that will hold up the works for a couple of days.

Arthur C Clarke.pdf - Short Stories Short Stories by Arthur...

But there's nothing we can do until the contr act's finished and the transport arrives to fly us out. We'll fix it. I'll sit tight and take what comes. Commit suicide?

When the list's complete and the Last Tr ump doesn't blow-or whatever it is they expect-we may get the blame. This was the l ast place from which one could get a clear view of the lamasery. The only sound would be the incessant patter. No one would be saying anything. It was d ue about now. There was not the slightest danger.

He began to sing. At least there would be no risk. He could just see Chuc k's face. After that -well. How much longer would they share it? This vast arena of mountains. The swift night of the high Himalayas was now almost upon them.

It was a thought worth savoring like a fine liqueur. Would the monks smash up the computer in their rage a nd disappointment? Or would they just sit down quietly and begin their calculati ons all over again? He knew exactly what was happening up on the mountain at this very moment.

The h igh lama and his assistants would be sitting in their silk robes. Wonder how Sam wi ll take it? George turned in his saddle and stared back up the mountain road. Before I completed this work, I was well aware of the many egregious flaws throughout. But I also felt that it was good enough that it deserved to be completed.

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And I knew I could leave myself open to revisions later, as Clarke had done in the rewriting and renaming of his first novel as The City and The Stars, published in The novel, Against the Fall of Night, is set in the distant future. The story is about a young man in an isolated society who questions why his people have become so few and why his culture has become so stagnant.

As the story develops, we come to understand that the boy Alvin is considered an eccentric misfit by many of the people who know him.

He questions the understood history of his society and the believed perfection of their existence. In the end, by pushing his society into directions they would not have gone on their own, Alvin saves them from their gradual extinction that they were allowing to happen. Some monks in a monastery in Tibet have been researching the real names of God for 3 centuries - apparently, the familiar names of god are not good enough.

They know the written real names of god will be exactly 9 letters long - letters drawn from their special alphabet.

And no more than 3 consecutive occurrences of the same letter are permitted. Problem is to write down all permutations of characters meeting these criteria. When a correct name is spelled, the universe we know will lose meaning.

Monks have been doing this permutation writing for 3 centuries.

The Nine Billion Names of God

Now they think the computers can speed the job up - from several more centuries to a few months.Other Related Materials pages. Presently George glanced at his watch.

In the years following its publication, Clarke had expressed dissatisfaction with and regret over perceived flaws in his initial work. Other Worlds, Other Gods: September 9, Sci-Fi Friday: This is among the best sites Ive ever before read.

The Magus.