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Next to Normal book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A brave and breathtaking musicalThe New York Times. Next to Normal is a American rock musical with book and lyrics by Brian Yorkey and music by Tom Kitt. The story centers on a mother who struggles with. Buy a cheap copy of Next to Normal book by Brian Yorkey. A brave and breathtaking musicalThe New York Times Free shipping over $

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Brian Yorkey received the Tony Award for Best Brian Yorkey received the Tony Award for Best Original Score for his work on Next to Normal and was also nominated for Best Book of a Musical. Next to Normal [Brian Yorkey, Tom Kitt] on *FREE* Next to Normal and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Learn more. LibraryThing Review. User Review - resourceone.infohik - LibraryThing. Next to Normal is a gripping story of the "perfect loving family" that is not so.

One such person was David Stone, who offered to produce the musical after seeing an early rough version at a showcase in To the friends we have made in the course of our research: from doctors and counselors, to mental health experts, to the brave individuals who live with Bipolar Disorder — we are very humbled and grateful to you for sharing a bit of your lives with us. Brian Yorkey knew that the story he was destined to tell in Next To Normal would not be an easy one.

Mental health is an issue that impacts upon our society in numerous ways, and our hope is that this musical will be able in some small way to create more awareness and understanding about mental health in our community.

Theatregoers have contacted them after the show to praise the truthfulness of the P.

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Sunday morning is everyday for all I care. Light my candles. The song seems to be an ode to the most popular medication for Bipolar Disorder. Though there is no evidence that Cobain was on the drug, by the time he took his own life at the age of 27, he was obviously severely Bipolar.

But there is a long way to go in educating the public, combating ignorance, and curing prejudices against the condition. So, what is Bipolar Disorder?

It would be useless to try to delve deep into the subject here, so we will merely skim the surface.

Next to Normal

Bipolar disorder historically known as manic depression is a psychiatric diagnosis for a mood disorder. Individuals with bipolar disorder experience episodes of a frenzied state known as mania or hypomania , typically alternating with episodes of depression.

At the lower levels of mania hypomania , individuals appear energetic and excitable and may in fact be highly productive. At a higher level, individuals begin to behave erratically and impulsively, often making poor decisions due to unrealistic ideas about the future, and may have great difficulty with sleep. At the highest level, known as psychosis, individuals can experience distorted beliefs about the world and have a tenuous grip on reality, manifesting in behaviour from paranoia to promiscuity.

Prevalence is similar in men and women and, broadly, across different cultures and ethnic groups. Bipolar Disorder is often treated with mood stabilizing medications and psychotherapy. In serious cases, in which there is a risk of harm to oneself or others, involuntary commitment may be used. Cause and Effect Genetic - Findings point strongly to heterogeneity, with different genes being implicated in different families. Physiological — MRI studies on bipolar patients and healthy control subjects have revealed differences in the volume of various brain regions.

There is evidence that abnormal modulation between ventral prefrontal and limbic regions can contribute to poor emotional regulation and mood symptoms.

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Environmental - There is evidence that individual psycho-social variables may interact with genetic dispositions, and recent life events and interpersonal relationships contribute to the likelihood of bipolar mood episodes.

Neurological - Less commonly, bipolar-like disorders have been known to develop as a result of, or in association with a neurological condition or injury.

In some extreme cases, in particular where the sufferer is suicidal, Electroconvulsive Therapy ECT is resorted to, whereby seizures are electrically induced in the anaesthetized patient for therapeutic effect. There are, however, after-effects like memory loss and reduced general cognition - which are examined in the rock musical Next To Normal. The study of the condition carries on, experiments continue to be conducted, and new treatments are being researched all the time.

When mental illnesses remain untreated, complications can develop and sufferers become less responsive to any subsequent treatments. The common approach is not to make a mountain out of a molehill, perhaps stemming from the typically Asian fear of discrimination and social stigma. When mental illness is untreated from an early age, this can result in school failure, teenage pregnancy, unemployment, spousal violence, substance abuse and poor quality of life.

The Singapore Mental Health Study found that youths aged 18 to 29 are 1. Late adolescence and early adulthood are crucial periods where young people have to make important life decisions.

Next to Normal Summary & Study Guide

In a society like Singapore, where emphasis is placed on excellence and meritocracy, people are rewarded based on material achievements, and there is constant concern about opinions of peers and family, much more so than in Western cultures. This has serious implications on our society, as the illness can affect the ability to make friends, find a partner or a job, and the ability to contribute to society. According to a Health Ministry report, mental illness imposes the greatest burden on society, more than any other illness affecting people ages 15 to Training in recognition and management of mental disorders is being provided to care givers and grassroots organizations.

And recently more general practitioners are being trained to treat people with mental illnesses. Dr Chong says that schools are important settings for mental health promotion and implementing preventive measures.

But, says Dr Chong, for the average Singaporean, the best way to reduce the treatment gap is vigilance — if you think a family member is unwell mentally, speak to someone who has experience in mental health like your family doctor or a mental health care professional.

Once when I wanted to kill myself I was on the phone to the Samaritans of Singapore for an hour and a half. MIN 33, Youth Development worker : I had always been a high achiever: good grades, sporty, quite an all rounder. For a 10 year-old it was very terrifying. Memorizing lyrics were more important to me than science formulas.

People thought I was crazy, but it was beyond my control. The downside is the uncontrollable temper. In JC One I pulled a knife on my teacher. In my job in advertising I often delivered more than expected. The fact is I WAS insane. I remember at a food court in Paris, a Vietnamese lady at a stall was very rude to me. So there is that genetic element to it.

MIN: At 14, I found out the person I was dating had been cheating on me, so I tried to kill myself; then when I was 18, I became depressed and tried to kill myself by swallowing pills.

Both instances are very extreme and sudden reactions to quite commonplace situations.

I have since learned to manage my stress better to make sure it does not reach that point. It is possible. One day while house hunting, I suddenly just wanted to jump from an apartment window. I knew I had walk away.

I called my doctor, and was told I needed ECT, or electro-shock therapy. She is utterly dedicated to her son, Gabe, and dotes on him completely, letting him get away with anything, even staying out much too late. She is someone that you could see traveling the world, or something equally great and adventurous. Not stuck in a suburban home all day, caring for an overachieving, angry daughter and a son who doesn't seem to know how much control he has over her.

You can see that when she had Gabe, her wild life sort of stopped. She was not made for motherhood; more forced into it. But when she had Gabe "everything seemed to make sense.

Much less so Natalie. Next is Dan Goodman, her husband. He is a sweet, loving, harried man, who works a stereotypical office job. I would say that he views himself as the only thing that holds their fragile family together. He can't quite relate to his flighty wife anymore, but stays by her side through thick and thin.

Another thing I think is that he sees her spiral into madness but almost subconsciously blocks it out, his unrelenting, even puppylike optimism not exactly allowing him to see it. He can't exactly relate to his daughter either, but he does try, constantly calling "Language! He is a thankless character, but heartbreakingly loyal and faithful. In the end, that is his downfall. Then there is Natalie Goodman, their sixteen-year-old daughter.

If there was an option to give more than five stars, this is the one thing that would need it. I am a lover of all mediums of storytelling: While reading the libretto does not give you the complete picture of this show's beauty and importance, it is a great way to dig textually deeper into the show and read into lines that might not seem as significa If there was an option to give more than five stars, this is the one thing that would need it.

While reading the libretto does not give you the complete picture of this show's beauty and importance, it is a great way to dig textually deeper into the show and read into lines that might not seem as significant when listening to the cast recording or watching the show. I discovered Next to Normal about a year ago, and I still find new ways to interpret the characters and constantly feel the emotional impact in new ways. It's a compelling and courageous story that never gets old.

May 22, Julia Curtis rated it it was amazing. Sometimes there are scripts that don't do very well just reading because I find that "Next to Normal" is one of those wonderful exceptions.

It's heart-wrenching, funny, thrilling, and just all around beautiful. And I didn't need to see it. The script of "Spring Awakening" had me constantly searching YouTube so that I could see the scene and read along with it. It made my emotions swing up and down without having to see one actor Sometimes there are scripts that don't do very well just reading because It made my emotions swing up and down without having to see one actor portray the words on the pages that I was reading.

Oct 26, LiMaB rated it it was amazing Shelves: Read this one yesterday for a term paper I am writing about mental illness. I love musicals and I was watching the show at the same time on YouTube. This play had everything. Laughter, tears and made me think about how we perceive mental illness.

There, Amid the Music, a Mind Is on the Edge

It's a shame that it hasn't been brought to much attention in Germany. I can only recommend it. It will tear your heart out, but boy did Yorkey create a master piece. Jul 01, Matthew rated it really liked it. Saw the bootleg I was. Oct 12, Graham Wilhauk rated it it was amazing Shelves: I can't believe I am about to say this. I am starting with a 5 star rating. This could be my new favorite musical. Everything about this was incredible and stunning. The lyrics to the songs, the way the story was told, the way the characters were carefully unraveled in a natural and raw way, the beautiful yet devastating themes of love, family, mental illness, and loss.

While this musical is very popular, it has taken a backseat to other shows in the 21st cent I can't believe I am about to say this.

While this musical is very popular, it has taken a backseat to other shows in the 21st century such as Book of Mormon, Hamilton, and Dear Evan Hansen.

Don't get me wrong, those three musicals are also fantastic, but I think this one is just as good if not better. If you have the chance to see Next to Normal, see it.

Support this show at all costs. See a production, but the script, buy the soundtrack. Support this beautiful and emotional thrill-ride of a musical. It deserves it. I am giving this one a 5 out of 5 stars. Feb 01, Alex rated it it was amazing. This is an amazing musical and even if you've seen it, I really recommend reading it because some of the stage directions are rather funny. View 2 comments. Jun 05, Sylvia Bloom rated it it was amazing Shelves: The best musical since "RENT.

I love this musical with every fiber of my being. Oct 05, Phoebe rated it it was amazing Shelves: This musical was my catalyst, my gateway drug into musical theatre. I'd had a lot of experience with it before——I'd been in amateur productions of stuff like Camp Rock and I went to a performing arts camp, which was where I first saw this——but this was the first musical I ever saw that had a major emotional effect on me and was just really fucking good and authentic.

After this came all my other musical obsessions: I think watching this musical and then reading the libretto signaled a major step in my growth as an art consumer.

I was shifting gears to more mature stories. This is an adult musical. I actually first saw it when I was ten, but it was too inappropriate for me at the time, so I tried to sleep through it.

I remembered snippets. Dan and Diana emerging from their bedroom after just having had sex. Natalie singing about how "Mozart was crazy; flat fucking crazy. Memory loss. All of these topics were too mature for me at the time. I didn't say the fuck word until 9th grade.

Four years later, I saw it again, wide awake this time, and excited. And I cried. And then I bought the cast album and listened to it obsessively. This musical changed my life. But enough about me; onto the musical itself. The characters are endearing and enthralling. Diana, whose refusal to let go of an eighteen-year-old devastating loss takes a toll on the whole family.

Dan, who can't face his problems head-on but is fiercely loyal to his family. Natalie, who's just looking for a means to escape, be it music, romance, college, or drugs. And Gabe, the physical manifestation of Diana's mental illness, who just needs Dan to see him. At its core, this musical is about family, and pain, and the way one family deals with terrible pain that has been gripping them for too long. It asks us whether it's better to ignore our pain, or to feel it and let it hurt us.

The lyrics are brilliant, beautiful, metaphorical, and reach straight into your heart. I'll list some of my favorites. So it's times like these I wonder how I take it And if other families live the way we do If they love each other or if they just fake it And if other daughters feel like I feel too 'Cause some days I think I'm dying But I'm really only trying to get through The sensation that you're screaming, but you never make a sound Or the feeling that you're falling, but you never hit the ground It just keeps on rushing at you, day by day by day by day You don't know, you don't know what it's like to live that way Like a refugee, a fugitive, forever on the run If it gets me, it will kill me But I don't know what I've done Maybe we can't be okay But maybe we're tough and we'll try anyway.

We'll live with what's real, Let go of what's past, And maybe I'll see you at last. Day after day Wishing all our cares away Trying to fight the things we feel But some hurts never heal. Some ghosts are never gone But we go on We still go on And you find some way to survive And you find out you don't have to be happy at all To be happy you're alive. And these are just some. Name any song, I could give you multiple lines of brilliance.

It's no wonder this show won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Oct 25, Julia rated it really liked it. Great songs and ideas, but I was bothered by some of the ways it dealt with bipolar disorder, ie not emphasizing Diana's pain, only what she caused those around her.

Losing all your memories and hurting your family is going to be very painful. And sometimes Diana's mental illness and hallucinations were used for comic relief which felt wrong. Also therapy and medication was portrayed as only harmful which can be true in some cases but I feel like the overall message about medication and therapy Great songs and ideas, but I was bothered by some of the ways it dealt with bipolar disorder, ie not emphasizing Diana's pain, only what she caused those around her.

Also therapy and medication was portrayed as only harmful which can be true in some cases but I feel like the overall message about medication and therapy could have still pointed out that it is very helpful and necessary for some May 04, Libby rated it it was amazing. What an important and beautiful piece of theatre.

Currently listening to the entire recording on repeat Ready to see the play Ready to see the play I listened to the soundtrack while reading the play. I am going to see the play this month and looking forward to it.Outside of singing, Nathan enjoys dabbling in design, music production and video games. Then there is Natalie Goodman, their sixteen-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, Diana is also realizing just how much of a role Dan has recently played in trying to keep her memories of Gabe suppressed, and realizes she has to leave him in order to come to grips with her past, and her memories of Gabe, on her own terms.

Feb 03, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Henry, Natalie Seconds and Years Nov 17, David Valentino rated it it was amazing.