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Monday, October 14, 2019

The Little Black Book contains essential facts and figures for financial services professionals and is available for both Apple and Android devices. Download it. Simply tap the bookmark icon anywhere in the app and we'll create a shortcut that will appear here. Calculators. Personal income tax rates; SAPTO; Account. The Big Black Book is an extensive reference tool containing financial planning related facts and figures for the use of financial services professionals. Superannuation accumulation phase. The Big Black Book has been updated to include the latest tax, superannuation and social.

Macquarie Little Black Book

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Macquarie's Little Black Book contains the essential facts and figures that financial advisers generally access on a daily basis. It incorporates the taxation. Macquarie's 'Little Black Book' app is now available for Android devices. Macquarie Group has launched a Self Managed Super Funds Toolkit the re- launch of Macquarie's Little Black Book app and The Macquarie.

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It incorporates the taxation, superannuation and social security rates and thresholds for the current financial year. We hope you, as a financial adviser, find it a valuable tool.

Little Black Book updated for the 2015/16 financial year

In particular, the introduction of a market-linked complying pension will increase competition and the choice available to consumers. However, individuals must be able to understand the risks associated with market-linked complying pensions.

This is because, while at times these products may offer very high returns, they are not guaranteed and they come at a higher risk. Looking more broadly, the true nature of "risk" is something that many consumers seem to ignore or be unaware of. Staying on the topic of superannuation, ASIC and the ATO recently issued a stern warning to consumers to be aware of 'early release' scams for superannuation.

These schemes specifically target people on low incomes, and those in financial difficulty who are having trouble paying their phone bills, credit cards or mortgages. In the worst cases these people have had their superannuation stolen. Clearly, this situation is avoidable if a consumer is financially literate enough to be aware of the scam.

Superannuation is a long term investment for retirement and the Government is committed to keeping it safe, secure and to ensure it is not diverted for other purposes. Many of you here today would be aware of the thousands of Australians who chance their hand in high risk money-making schemes. Of course, promoters refer to them as "schemes", while we here today would probably be more comfortable in referring to them as "scams". And, it is really a lack of awareness of how these systems work that result in the consumer following the false promises of instant wealth instead of prudently investing in products that will ensure genuine wealth creation.

By now many of you would be aware of the so-called Nigerian scam where a letter or email is sent from a person claiming to have a legitimate fortune that they are trying to transfer out of Nigeria.

The scammer asks for your bank account details and a payment to assist with the transfer.

Macquarie launches 'Little Black Book' app for brokers

Of course, when you send your money you never hear from the scammer again, or they get back to you and ask for more. This type of scam dates back to the 's and, with the event of the war in Iraq, has resurfaced again in the form of an email from a person asking for help in retrieving hidden riches from Iraq.

In one case the person claimed to be a concubine of Uday Hussein! Information about these and many other scams are documented on a number of Government websites, including fido.

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The Government also publishes the very popular Little Black Book of Scams which is now in its fourth edition. As a general rule, consumers should be very wary of investments that appear to be too good to be true. This is also the case for property investment where recent cases have illustrated the need for consumers to seek independent information and advice rather than necessarily relying on the word of the property promoter.

Many people will say "why don't you just prosecute more of these scammers? Money lost in scams is almost never fully recovered and the cost of investigating and prosecuting scammers can be difficult and costly; particularly where the scam involves multiple jurisdictions. Which brings me back to where I started and that is that we need to recognise that many of the issues that we face are behavioural ones rather than regulatory ones.

Just as we cannot totally legislate away financial fraud and scams, we cannot rely on legislation to stop people wasting or mismanaging their money.


But in both instances, we can look to do more to shine the light on practices that we consider to be undesirable. And we can also build people's capacity to deal with the financial decisions they need to make throughout their life.Explore the Little Black Book by topic: Points will be allocated within 7 days of the shipment date.

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