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Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem. All the Novels are almost watermark free. Purpose is to make more and more Urdu material available free. Ankana Novel Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem M.A Pdf Free Download by Mazhar Kaleem M.A. Kobran is another best and latest novel of Imran Series. Mazhar Kaleem all collection of Imran Series novels in PDF Format, Download and Read Online novels and Books. No Bound or Advertising Links. Best Urdu.

Latest Imran Series Pdf

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Sodmaga Novel By Mazhar Kaleem M A Sodamaga novel is authored by mazhar kaleem m a contain an adventurous thriller action spy story of imran series. All Imran Series by mazhar Kaleem M.A, Complete list of Imran Series by Most of the Imran series are scanned by Waqar Azeem, we are scanning latest Imran. Posts about imran series by mazhar kaleem pdf written by sami.

Always shown acting stupid, insane, and funny, he keeps the readers in hysterics at his every action. He never reveals his true side to anyone. He usually dresses eccentrically; for example, a pink coat, a light green shirt, a yellow necktie, white pants, and a purple flat hat with a red rose in it is his typical apparel.

Imran mother's real name is never revealed, she is called as Amma Bi.

Imran lives in an apartment with his two most trusted assistants: Sulaiman , the cook, and Joseph Mugunda , his bodyguard from Africa. He, most of the time, is shown driving a two-seater sports car. Imran purposefully keeps multi facets to his personality. As Imran—Ali Imran—he acts as an opportunist who may turn either a police informer or a blackmailer as the situation demands. A perfect cover to his profession.

His other most significant personality facet is the chief of the Secret Services: X Only three other characters know his secret: Sir Sultan , Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; "Black Zero ," who acts as X-2 in Imran's absence; and Roshee , a long time friend and a trusted partner.

The other two personalities Imran assumes now and then are the Prince of Dhump, a warlord of a fictitious state known as Dhump, and Rana Tahavvar Al Sandooqui, a wealthy landlord and businessman. Earlier on Imran is portrayed as a hired agent of the Secret Service, but afterwards he becomes a regular member of the agency.

None of the other members had a slightest clue of his being their chief officer. They usually laugh him off and sneer at him, but as X-2, they really dread him. Safdar Saeed is Imran's favourite spook. Imran has perfected the art of dodging bullets. He, like Col. He is asexual. Due to his naive appearance and innocent looks, women are smitten with him, but he usually gives them a cold shoulder. Tahir or Black Zero[ edit ] Tahir is portrayed as perhaps the most important member of the secret service.

He knows the identity of X-2 and in Imran's absence plays the role of the chief to the rest of the secret service members. To permanently remove their suspicions, he decides to induct another member into the Secret Service. This spook is codenamed "Black Zero" and his existence is hidden form the other members. Unfortunately, the original Black Zero gets killed in the book. All members of the secret service know him as Mr.

Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem

Tahir who is the caretaker of Rana Palace. Tahir has also appeared as a masked X-2 sometimes in front of the Secret Service members. Black Zero is the most favourite subordinate of X-2 Imran , but none of the members of Secret Service know about his true identity. He has been trained to replicate X-2's deep, hoarse voice; he gives orders to the Secret Service spooks, acting as X-2 when Imran is not available. Juliana Fitzwater Julia [ edit ] Juliana Fitzwater is another very talented member of the Secret Service, and is second in command, deputy chief.

She is a beautiful Swiss girl, who was much take with her Chief, X-2 in the early days when Imran had not yet joined the Secret Services. She always desired to see X-2, though she was also afraid of him at the same time.

However, when Imran joins the Secret Service, Juliana gets so impressed by his qualities that she falls for him instead. Juliana believes that Imran is X-2, and clearly mentions it to him on one occasion; [3] Imran , shocked but, manages to cover his identity with the help of Black Zero.

Imran continuously plays with her emotions that sometime appeared to be harsh, but that what the character of Imran's is all about Safdar Saeed[ edit ] Safdar is the most active and Imran's most trusted field partner.

The best thing Imran likes about Safdar is that he never questions his authority, he, actually, is a man of action rather than words. It is an ironic fact that although Imran always argues and talks back to his peers, his favourite fieldworker is one who listens and obeys. This is in contrast to Colonel Faridi who is more of a decent quiet thinker but Hameed who always argues and talks back to his peers is his favorite subordinate. Safdar is also the only field agent, apart from Imran , who does not have a crush on Juliana Fitzwater.

He is also the only Secret Service spook who is fluent in Shikrali a language spoken in the tribal area of Shikral. Safdar Saeed is the most prominent, respectful, and loyal agent after Black Zero, and Imran relies heavily on him.

Safdar respects Imran greatly, and believes that Imran has similar qualities to those of X This thing hurts him but he continue to pursue Juliana in hope that Juliana may love him in future and detests Imran. He has pure heart and has no harsh in his heart.

But he is the only member of secret service who has jealousy with Imran. This is primarily because he fails to understand why Juliana, who he has a crush on, likes rather loves Imran. His jealousy with Imran often gets in the way of his duty. His primary weakness is that he lacks patience and is very much emotional.

As a result, he has been punished by X-2 on occasions. Tanveer is the most trouble-making member of the Secret Service. He has, on many occasions, either received warnings or punishment from X-2 for his negligence on duty. Please Note that this is not an official site of Mazhar Kaleem.

If any one want to upload these all imran series in single link on torrent. Please contact us. We Do not know about publish dates. Most of the Imran series are scanned by Waqar Azeem , we are scanning latest Imran series from 2.

Dear,Admin many novels still need to upload,can u please do the needful,its long time now,. Mery khyal main ye tariq ismail sagar ka novel hai. Serach kar lo un k naam sy. Or unhe kuch nhi hota Yaha feel hua k novel ki story ko bs majbooran ghaseeta ja rha kisi na kisi trha.

Kher Allah mazhar shb ki maghfirat farmaye.. Woh konsa special novel ha jis ma imran ke shadi aik marwae makhlooq k sath ho jati hai. Please tell the name of novel jis ma imran ke shadi aik jinnati makhlooq k sath hoti hai….

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Waseem Ali March 6, at But he is the only member of secret service who has jealousy with Imran. Zohaib Munawar January 3, at 1: Supreme Force Part 2.

Black Head Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem

Ladies Secret Service. Imran not only defeats Joseph's boss, but he also manages to easily defeat Joseph. He has been trained to replicate X-2's deep, hoarse voice; he gives orders to the Secret Service spooks, acting as X-2 when Imran is not available.

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