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Full text of "The Kolbrin (PDFy mirror)" . Incorporated in the modem Kolbrin are manuscripts which were traditionally clamed to have been copied from. This public document was automatically mirrored from resourceone.infoal filename: The Kolbrin URL: Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook Unfortunately, the Kolbrin Bible has no authority beyond that claimed by its original publishers. On the Web .

Kolbrin Bible Pdf

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Planet X and The Kolbrin Bible Connection. – Abridged Citations Edition. 1 st. Edition – June 9, Words Greg Jenner. The Kolbrin Bible: Millennia ago, Egyptian and Celtic authors recorded prophetic warnings for the future and their harbinger signs are now converging on these. Information About The Kolbrin Bible - English - Español. - Nibiru and The Kolbrin. - Planet X and The Kolbrin Bible Connection - Why The Kolbrin Bible is the.

The first six books are said to have been scribed by Egyptian writers shortly after the Exodus which should be a red flag right there , and are collectively called the "Bronzebook.

Claimed history[ edit ] These texts are claimed in the introduction to have been kept at Glastonbury Abbey and the first section transcribed to bronze sheets, allowing them to survive the fire of , which the text's publishers allege was set to destroy these and other heretical texts. The texts are then alleged to have been transmitted through a series of owners, including one John Culdy in the early s, eventually being entrusted to "a small religious group in England" and thence to the Hope Trust, "of which little is known.

No old manuscript or evidence of literary or scholarly references to it are available. In particular, the publishers not only have no manuscript to exhibit, but no ownership provenance other than vague allusions to an unnamed religious group and a fictional medieval cult called the Culdians playing on the name of the real but obscure Celtic Christian monks the Culdees.

The foreword states that the text "has been adequately validated and endorsed by Higher Authorities" without naming them. The introduction then adds, "Undoubtedly, additional material has been incorporated with good intent, to fill gaps and elaborate on the original", and further that "No claim is made regarding historical accuracy", but that its origin is unimportant. Available editions[ edit ] At present three editions of the material are available. A hardbound edition has been published, in association with the Culdian Trust, and is divided between two volumes, titled The Kolbrin and The Gospel of the Kailedy; the same group also presents an online edition.

The Culdian Trust claims the softcover version is unauthorised. The connections between the various versions are obscure.

Wisdom From the Ancients

Behold, we found you in bondage to mortal bodies and bestowed upon you the gift of everlasting life. They consider all the geographical options where strange races live, and speculate whether the Motherland might have been Ramakui, Zaidor or some earlier civilisation. The Book of Origins states unequivocably that their cradleland was Krowkasis [the Caucasus.

Its rulers put spirituality and duty to their subjects above all else. Their sacred knowledge is carefully written down and preserved alongside the earliest records brought to Egypt by Osireh and the wise men of Zaidor. These sacred texts are stored in four secret geographical locations. But the land also suffers wars, calamities and cataclysms.

Post Pagination

Four times the stars have moved to new positions and twice the sun has changed the direction of his journey. Twice the Destroyer has struck Earth and three times the Heavens have opened and shut. Twice the land has been swept clean by water. Its appearance and behaviour are described in detail, particularly during an account of the Israelite slave exodus from Egypt [This is described from an Israelite viewpoint in the Book of Exodus. See Manuscripts 6. Chapter 12 verse 23 of the Book of Exodus actually refers to God and the Destroyer as separate entities.

The El Arish stele marks the Place of the Whirlpool where the Egyptian chariots fought their last stand against the Israelites before being overcome by rocks and water.

The Latin author Pomponius Mela refers explicitly to Egyptian written sources for astronomical details which also appear almost word for word in the Kolbrin.

Somehow Egypt survives these cataclysms. But as the centuries roll on, the country begins to weaken.

The Egyptian religion has always been split in two — into, on the one hand, the open religion of the common people and on the other, the secretive mysteries practised by priests within the inner temples. Gradually Egypt becomes idealistically and spiritually lazy. Even as waters are dammed to be drawn upon, so was the united power built up into a reserve of force.

A storehouse of strange energy was prepared. But their memories are vague, and since their priests no longer know how to perform such supernatural feats, they reason that preserving a dead body from decay might mean one day it could be restored to life.

The Kolbrin

So they develop the art of mummification — and charge for it. An attempt by Pharaoh Nabihaton [Akhnaten] to introduce a new sun religion comes to nothing, partly because of his own spiritual inadequacy, partly because of his epileptic fits, and partly because of his licentious behaviour culminating in an incestuous relationship with his daughter which appals everyone who hears of it.

It also says that two sons were born of his incestuous relationship. If the mummy of Meritaten were to be DNA tested, we think it might show she was the mother of Tutankhamun and maybe of Smenkhkare too. A few Egyptians still go through the long preparation and immense ordeal of becoming Twice Born, but the old ways are increasingly frowned on by the majority.

The people who practise them are ostracised; two of the individuals mentioned by name are Pasinesu [two funeral cones for an Egyptian called Pasinesu can be seen in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York] and Panubis [the sarcophagus of a Panubis is in the Natural History Museum of Santiago, Chile].

The Kolbrin Bible is the Rosetta Stone for Planet X

Knowing from past prophecy that their spiritual path lies in another land away to the north, the guardians of the sacred writings make a crucial decision. They leave Egypt, smuggling out a complete set of their writings, and go into exile. He is mentioned in the Kolbrin as one of those who leave Egypt.

From archaeology we know that Athmosis II had prepared a splendid tomb for Qenamun in Thebes which, when it was excavated, was found to be defaced; not a single image of him had survived the chisel attacks of his time. It has now become the story of the Sons of Fire, whose quest is to guard the Great Book of Egypt and find a safe home for themselves. Knowing they must go north, the Sons of Fire make their scrolls and metal-plate texts watertight, load their provisions and set sail.

But the place where they try to settle first and build a city is full of wild men; it is on the edge of the known world and the now-destroyed Land of Mists and Kingdom of the Trees, where the dampness causes sickness and many of them die. After some years, knowing they will all die if they stay there any longer, the Sons of Fire set sail again northwards. They come across a group of Greek refugees from Troy and travel together.

Eventually they arrive on the south coast of Britain. Several different languages are known to have been spoken in Britain at this time. The legendary Corineus and Gogmagog the giant source The Sons of Fire move on and settle in a place named after a brave barbarian fighter called Cluth [this might well be the Clyde valley in Scotland].

The Sons of Fire have brought with them five great book-boxes containing one hundred and thirty-two scrolls and five ring-bound volumes, known as The Greater Book of the Egyptians and The Lesser Book of The Egyptians.

Nothing is known about the Book of the Trojans, once listed with the other books. The story in the Celtic Books Celtic texts make up the second part of the Kolbrin.

The scribes writing them are clearly impressed by the Egyptian books which they have copied and preserved, for they try to set out the ancient history of Britain in the same format as the Egyptian texts.

He came shipborne to Rafinia [Richborough, in Kent], which is by the Mount of Lud [once an island off Dunkirk, covered by rising sea levels in the late Roman period], against Ardmoal [? Passing Insdruk [? It was not captured, as men say, nor could it decay. There it was kept secure with the Grailstone and the ever-virgin vessel which brought down the rays of the sun.

Thus it was that these treasures of Egypt came to Britain.

The Rabbit Hole

This was the secret of Britain. Included in this book is an important retelling of the Flood Tale brought by early immigrants to Britain known as the Wildland Cultivators who come from Krowkasis the Caucasus. In ancient times Armenia was a huge kingdom whose territory included half of what is now Turkey plus areas to the south and east] It also describes the indigenous peoples living in Britain when the first immigrants settle there.

From thence to the river Tarant [River Trent] which flows between the Kingdom of Albany and the Kingdom of Kori [Cornwall], Albany being the land between the Isen [iron-working area to the east?

Here, they were unwelcome, but were permitted to take water and wood and to trade for meat and grain.

Sailing thence towards the rising sun, they came to the place beyond Sabrin [River Severn] called Summerland [Somerset].

Clarke states that this lake village clearly contained areas of specialised activities and structures occupied only by women.

He converted Claudia Rufina, the daughter of Caradew previously called Gladys, who married Pudens, a Roman, and had a daughter Pudentia. In his twenty-eighth year, Caradew was betrayed to the Romans by Arisia, queen of Bryantis.

I have visited the Church and glimpsed the remains of the palace through a grille at the side of the church, though the collapsed remains are too dangerous to venture into. In the year 59 of our Lord, the British rose up under Woadica [Boudicca?At an unknown date some of the manuscripts were transcribed on to metal plates and became known as The Bronzebook of Britain; under this title they were written down in book form in the 17th century.

Se trata de un hecho urgente, porque muchos de sus presagios ya han tenido lugar y con una conclusion ineludible. Terror will eat away their hearts and their courage will flow from them like water from a broken pitcher. A subsequent destruction splits apart the eastern and western mountains so that they stand up in the sea, and tilts the northern land mass over on its side.

The purpose of knowing that such things have happened before and will happen again is just that — to know — and act based on that knowledge. Osireh is not like other men.