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The Jungle Book is a 3D CGI animated television series. This series is based on the original book by Rudyard Kipling. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Characters. Main characters; Seeonee Wolf Pack; Villains; Other animals. 3 Production; 4 Episode list. This contains the full episode list of the Japanese anime series Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli. Episode list[edit]. #, Title, Air Date. 1, "Mowgli Comes into the. The Jungle Book is a 3D CGI animated television series. This series is based on the original book by Rudyard Kipling. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Characters. Main characters; Seeonee Wolf Pack; Villains; Other animals. 3 Production; 4 Episode list.

Jungle Book Episodes

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All episodes of Jungle Book. Baloo the King. 52/52 Baloo gets hit on the head and becomes convinced that he's the King of the Jungle. All episodes of Leabhar na Dluth-Choille/Jungle Book. The Jungle Book is the only episode of The Jungle Book on the Game Grumps channel. Jon is initially positive about the game, saying how much he likes the.

Like in the book, he is sort of friends with Mowgli, Bagheera, and Baloo, yet moody and feared. Daruka voiced by Aaron Albertus - The adoptive father of Mowgli.

Although Mowgli usually lives with Baloo and Bagheera, he visits Daruka's family sometimes. Raksha - The adoptive mother of Mowgli. Lali - The daughter of Daruka and Raksha. Bala - The son of Daruka and Raksha. Villains[ edit ] Shere Khan voiced by David Holt - A man-eating Bengal tiger who is the main antagonist of the series.

He plans to kill and eat Mowgli, but often fails in his attempts. He has a scar on his left eye. Shere Khan lost one of his claws in an earlier fight with Mowgli who keeps the claw as a pendant.

Tabaqui voiced by Nigel Pilkington - An Indian jackal. He is Shere Khan's sycophantic, greedy, devious sidekick where he lacks the courage to disagree with his tiger master.

He is usually the one to set up traps for Mowgli so Shere Khan can eat him. Bandar-log - A group of langurs who like to cause trouble for Mowgli and his friends. They live in the Cold Lair temple ruins. You might think of them as the Aesop's Fables of India. Originally written in Sanskrit and Pali, the stories have been translated into English and a range of Indian languages and illustrated by many artists.

Each story has a moral — hard work, honesty, generosity. Some stories celebrate wit, humor and cooperation between different animals.

And many stories portray a top predator — a lion, tiger or jackal — as vicious, greedy or power hungry. Most stories find them defeated by a weaker animal like a rabbit or a wolf. Sound familiar? The similarity between The Jungle Book and Panchatantra tales feels lilke more than a coincidence to me.

I don't know if Kipling ever admitted to it, but having grown up in India, he must have heard these ancient stories. But the new movie isn't just a trigger for nostalgia. My friend Anannya Dasgupta in New Delhi said the movie made her think of "kinship and family" — and how a sense of belonging can go far beyond the traditional definition of kinship. She was especially touched by the "bond that is asserted between human-child and a wolf and beyond that between a human, a black panther and a bear.

I lived in the United States between and I had wonderful friends here from different parts of this country and the world. Meanwhile, Baloo struggles to survive with both his pain and Darzi's treatments. Mowgli wants to fly with Aliona and the cranes on their migration, but Masha and the Banderlogs want to beat him to it. Tabaqui tricks Bala into daring Mowgli to pluck a whisker from Shere Khan to prove his bravery.

Mowgli helps Rana, a temperamental wild boar, get back at Masha and the Banderlogs for teasing him by beating them at their own games of trickery. Mowgli accidentally makes fun of Queen Masha and finds himself a prisoner in her kingdom. Also, Kaa is out for revenge on Queen Masha. Kala returns and takes over the Cold Lair, running out the Banderlogs in the process. Mowgli and Masha must reluctantly work together to run out the rogue panther.


Hathi has forgotten how to perform the ancient Sun Dance, and Mowgli and Bagheera must find the turtles to help him remember, or else the sun will disappear forever. After suffering a bump on the head from a fight with Jacala, Shere Khan becomes convinced he is a frightened baby kitten. Mowgli crashes into a bird's nest and is then tasked with protecting the birds' eggs from the hungry Kaa. Kala is on the hunt for Mowgli and a young deer named Choo Chip.

Mowgli must protect his new friend, who ends up suffering from weakened eyesight thanks to some berries. Tabaqui saves Mowgli and Bala from Shere Khan, earning the trust of the wolf pack.

Mowgli tries to uncover Tabaqui and Shere Khan's plot and outsmart them before the pack is put at risk. Heeta tries to master her grown-up elephant call with Mowgli's help before her herd's coming-of-age ceremony at sundown. Darzee and Mowgli enter Kala's territory in search of maggots to help cure Bagheera of an infected wound.

Mowgli plays with Baloo's glasses, and ends up chasing Tabaqui throughout the jungle right into Shere Khan's trap. Kaa ends up with the hiccups, and Mowgli must help cure him with a blue flower or else he will starve. Tabaqui challenges Mowgli to a series of challenges to see who is the better animal, but it all turns out to be another trap for the man cub.

Mowgli must use strategy when the traitorous jackal needs saving. Mowgli sets of to guide three relatives of Hathi's, including their young son Rudy, through the swamp and away from Jacala. It's Baloo's birthday and as much as he looks forward to feasting on his favorite bananas, there is something else he prefers: Mowgli sets off to find it, but the villainous tiger lies in wait.

The pack is set for their annual buffalo hunt, and Akela appoints Mowgli as leader of his own hunting party. Mowgli must track down a buffalo and deal with sabotage by Phaona or else he can never lead again. Rangoo prepares a fest for the migrating cranes, but all that may be ruined when Mowgli, and later the Banderlogs, come to play on his slippery hill. Akela becomes gravely ill, and the only cure is in the ancient Temple of the Wolf.

Mowgli and several members of the pack set off to find it, while avoiding Phaona's fatal ploys in his attempt to return as Akela's successor. Mowgli and the pack make it to the temple, but Akela is too weak to enter himself.

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When Phaona traps them in the temple, Mowgli and the others must find a way to escape and bring their leader the cure. Mowgli and Phaona become stranded on a waterfall when avoiding Shere Khan and Jacala. Mowgli and Shere Khan make surprising gestures towards one another when they are in trouble. Ikii's berries are being stolen, and Mowgli and Bagheera must work together to catch the thief - a sleepwalking Baloo!

Tabaqui uses the remains of a man camp to set a trap for Mowgli by isolating him from the other animals. Mowgli becomes blinded by a flower's pollen, and it is up to Darzi to guide him away from Shere Khan's clutches. Mowgli finds a piece of amber and Baloo teels him of the legend of the power it contains.

The amber soon falls into Shere Khan's possession and he declares himself King of the Jungle, ordering his subjects to bring him Mowgli. Mowgli plays with a kite from the human village, which ends up carrying Rikki away. Mowgli and Darzi must save him before he becomes the prey of a passing eagle.

All the animals have colds, and Mowgli must retrieve a cure for them all. Shere Khan attempts to hunt him, but is thwarted again and again by Tabaqui coming down with his own cold. Shere Khan gains a sore throat, and Masha declares it her doing, taking his place as Ruler of the Jungle!

The Jungle Book

Mowgli and Baloo must bring Shere Khan a remedy before she and the Banderlogs turn the jungle inside out. Ponya is captured by the Bandar-Log to build a structure for Masha and Mowgli must free her by using the idea of a springboard.

Mowgli ventures into Shere Khan's territory with Appu and Heeta using camouflage to find a mango for a baby elephant that is about to be born. Mowgli must howl at the red moon, but his howling is not good at all. With a trick from Phaona, Mowgli decides to leave the jungle, but then Shere Khan knows and wants to play cat and mouse for one last time. Mowgli finds a conch shell and starts blowing it for fun but this misleads one of the cranes. But Tabaqui is following them, ordered by Khan to catch prey.

Mowgli is looking after Chota while his mother is ill but a meteor passes by and the earth rumbles under its impact so Mowgli tells Chota that making a wish to a fallen star makes it true. But the next morning, Chota is not to be found and Mowgli knows where he might have gone. Mowgli hurts Rana's feelings after he and the monkeys mock his dance during the tamarind season. A game of hide and seek between Mowgli and the elephants turns into a jungle-wide search for Appu.

Hathi searches for him while Mowgli and Heeta keep Shere Khan from getting to him first. Mowgli and Baloo try various strategies to help Bagheera overcome his longtime fear of water before Jacala makes it back to the river. After a fight, Tabaqui and Shere Khan break up.

Mowgli offers to teach Tabaqui to hunt as the jackal comes to realize how dependent he is on Shere Khan, and competes with Ikki to get back in his good graces. Pavo, Rangoo, Aliana, and Hooter compete amongst one another to determine who is the most beautiful bird in the jungle, with Mowgli as judge.

Meanwhile, Tabaqui hatches a plan to snatch all the birds for himself. Baloo finds a map that shows the way the "Valley of Giants," and Mowgli and Bala decide to go and find it. Mowgli copies the map and shows it to Hathi to see if he has any ideas of where it is. Ravi and Vira think that Darzee is a very strong bird. When the bees get after Mowgli while he tries to get some honey very recklessly, Baloo puts Mowgli to the test to see if he is junglewise.Times are hard for our jungle friends; the lack of prey grows greater every day, and the threat of starvation becomes more and more real.

130B-Jungle Book: The Strength of the Pack

He begins to feel homesick for the den, but his determination to continue his journey is omnipresent. It may sound cheesy but feels quite profound to me now. Rudyard Kipling 's The Jungle Book. Legend of the Jungle