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Cbse Class 8 Maths Sample Papers Pdf

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Download Class 8 Mathematics NCERT Solutions for all chapters, latest sample papers and Question papers of various schools with solutions, worksheets with. Scroll down to download pdf file. Mathematics. CBSE Class 8 Mathematics Sample Paper (1). It's always recommended to practice as mane sample. CBSE Class 8 sample papers for free download of all FA1, FA2, SA1, SA2 of class 8 subjects. You can download these model papers in pdf format free of cost. CBSE Class 8 Math FA1 Sample Paper; CBSE Class 8 Math Half.

Which of the following gives the relationship between the whole and its part of the given data? The smallest number by which is divided to make it a perfect cube is a 2 b 13 c 6 d 9 9.

Download CBSE class 8 Maths and Science Question Papers

Page 2. The number of independent measurements required to construct a unique quadrilateral is a 3 b 4 c 5 d 6 6. The side of the square plot is 8. Write five rational numbers that are greater than Evaluate If you interchange the digits of this two-digit number and add the resulting number to the original number.

Sample Papers

Find five rational numbers between When a die is thrown. What is the original number? Find the least number which must be subtracted from so as to get a perfect square. The perimeter of a rectangle is and and its breadth is Find its length.

Section — C Question numbers from 19 to 28 are of three marks each Page 3. One of the two digits of a two digit number is three times the other digit.

Find the cube root of Deveshi has a total of Rs as currency notes in the denominations of Rs Find the smallest square number that is divisible by each of the numbers 4. Write a Pythagorean triplet in which one member is Construct a rhombus whose diagonals are 5. The ratio of the number of Rs 50 notes and Rs 20 notes is 3: Rs 20 and Rs Display the data in a pie chart.

CBSE Class 8 Maths SA1 Sample Paper

This chapter basically offers real-time and practical implementation of time and work. Students can download the solutions of this chapter in the PDF format for free.

Chapter 12 — Percentage The chapter Percentage includes 2 exercises. The step-by-step solution of this chapter basic includes some important topics based on percentage and its various applications.

The total number of question are 54 27 each exercise. It comprises 3 exercises and covers some of the important formulas to find profit, loss, discount and value added tax. Profit, Loss, Discount and Value added tax can be calculated when a person sells something to someone.

Calculating these terms in quite easy and all you need to remember their respective formulas which are mentioned in these solutions with detailed explanation. Chapter 14 — Compound Interest Compound Interest is one of the interesting as well as important chapters in class 8th maths. This mainly teaches the concept of compound interest and how to obtain the same by applying formulas.

There are 5 exercises in this chapter which presents different problems based on compound interest.

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Chapter 15 — Understanding Shapes 1 Polygons This chapter comes under Geometry section and deals with the polygon shape and its related problems. Maths RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8th offered by us will surely help students in solving these problems easily. This chapter includes 1 exercise with 5 questions in total. It comprises of 1 exercise which includes the basic questions related to the quadrilaterals.

By solving this exercise, students will be able to improve their knowledge on quadrilaterals and its construction. This chapter basically covers some special types of quadrilaterals and its associated problems. The problems are solved by professional and experienced math experts in order to facilitate students.

Chapter 18 — Practical Geometry This chapter includes problems related to the practical geometry such as the construction of different shapes as according to the given measurement, how to write steps of construction etc.

Along with this, this chapter will also teach how to use different tools of geometry for constructing different shapes. It comprises 5 exercises in total.

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Chapter 19 — Visualizing Shapes The chapter visualizing shapes covers the topics related to 3D shapes, scale drawing, geometrical solids etc. There are 2 exercises in the chapter with 12 questions in total. In this chapter, students will learn how to find the area of trapezium and different polygons by using concerning formulas. There are 4 exercises in this chapter. First and second exercise comprises questions based on volume of cuboids and cube.

In the 4th exercise, students will have to prove some given equations. Chapter 22 — Mensuration III Surface Area and Volume of Right Circular Cylinder There are 2 exercises in this chapter where students will be able to find out the important formulas to find surface area and volume of right circular cylinder.

Surface area is divided into 2 parts i.

In this chapter, students will have to solve 62 questions in total. Chapter 23 — Data Handling 1 Classification and Tabulation of Data This chapter Classification and Tabulation of Data helps students to know how to classify data and arrange the same in a tabular form.

Test Generator. Mathematics is not only important for success in life, but it is all around us. Solving previous year question papers will give you an idea about the actual question paper and also it will give your brain some training on how to identify different questions from different chapters.

You can download previous year question papers for class 08 maths in PDF format.

These last year question papers are also available in the myCBSEguide website and mobile app for free. CBSE Question Papers for Class 8 CBSE question papers , , , , , , , , , , , , , and so on for all the subjects are available under this download link.

Create Question Papers. Create and Download.We will try to assist you. Along with this, this chapter also teaches how to find rational numbers between any two numbers.

Chapter 1 — Rational Numbers The chapter Rational numbers covers the different properties of the rational numbers such as closure, associative, commutative, distributivity of multiplication over addition and how to obtain the reciprocal of the rational numbers.

Maths RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8th offered by us will surely help students in solving these problems easily. The perimeter of a rectangle is and and its breadth is Find its length.

CBSE Question Papers For Class 8 Maths

Apart from this, students will also learn about different methods of finding square roots. If she has a total of 25 notes. Test Generator for Teachers.