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NOTA: Aos alunos que desejam cursar os Níveis Intermediário e Avançado 1 que Certificado Básico de Inglês de pelo menos h/a no ato da Matrícula ao . APOSTILA DE INGLÊS BÁSICO – PRONATEC/UNEP/FUNECE. 2. AUTORES. Júlio César Ferreira Lima. Ludovica Olímpio Magalhães. Maria Helena Clarindo . to put, to replace, to charter, to store, to containerize. Types of ships. Documents papers. Simple Past. Lesson One. CURSO AVANÇADO DE INGLÊS TÉCNICO.

Apostila Ingles Avancado Pdf

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Vamos logo à primeira lição! “Amais a vida? Então não desperdiceis tempo, pois é dele que a vida é feita.” - Benjamim Franklin. Exercícios em Inglês. Letras/Inglês. Caderno Didático - 5º Período. How to beat your flying phobia by KATE BAILY Figura 6: Trip. Fonte: Blog Viagens e Turismo. Baixe no formato PDF, TXT ou leia online no Scribd . CURSO AVANÇADO DE INGLÊS TÉCNICO. to answer Vocabulary related to customs and cargo Vocabulary .. APOSTILA+DE+INGLÊS+OFFSHORE. Enviado por. Leonardo Oliveira.

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India Israel Nigeria South Africa English is slowly becoming more than one language, because in every country it is spoken there are differences in some vocabulary words in some grammatical structures.

Apostila de ingles intermediario visit the Philippines with the Smiths. Some facts prove that: I can use it for finding information. He is the best cook out of apostila de ingles intermediario all. B Robots are sometimes used Some situations use gerunds is more appropriate.

It is software that makes the machines do their magic. I can use the World Wide Web to find information. In other situations you can use both. You cook much better than before. How many pizza pies? Good — better — the best Bad — worse. Japanese is more difficult than Chinese. I guess the German ship is the most modern ship in the world. The Japanese ship is modern too. Those containers are heavier than these ones.


Chinese is very difficult too. In my opinion. Follow the example below: The German ship is more modern than the Japanese ship. The stevedore is thin.

Write five sentences in the superlative: Future using will. What time will the duty officer travel tomorrow? The tally clerks will help the agent next Monday.


When will the chief mate help the master? The plan is not working out. The other containers are very heavy too. The duty officer will not travel tomorrow morning at 8 a. Change the sentences into future time using will a The master travels every week. Can you help me? Write a composition describing what you will do next week try to use the days of the week — Sunday.

The verb May Vocabulary related to parts of vehicles. Take care!

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Maybe pode ser. We have to load the ship today. Take a look at lesson six. Tomorrow may be too late. Maybe I will talk to the master tonight.

May I take my stuff into your office? The weather is sunny today but it may rain tomorrow night. Perhaps the stevedores will unlock the gate in the morning. The agent may not take his stuff aboard. Review the comparative forms and do the exercises below: I gave him the papers and then he gave them to the master.

Complete using the appropriate pronoun: The verbs must. Half an hour meia hora Can you do me a favor? Should I come early tomorrow morning?

Make six sentences talking about your obligations at work: Make six sentences talking about things you think your friend should do: The sentences can be in the negative or affirmative according to the information given.

The verbs: Text Telephone Talk: The use of safety equipments is the best way to avoid accidents.

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How can I help you? I need some informations about the cargo you are just shipping. Please ask him to call me when he gets back. I want you to measure the length of the deck. The swimming pool is 25 yards long. After meals we must brush our teeth.

This container weighs pounds. Grammar Points The door is six feet tall. Can you move this container a little bit to the right? Should we move the cargo backward or forward? We must wash our hands before meals. Who is in gharge of the loading operation? Pedro All right!

The shore is 10 miles from here. This is Pedro speaking. Do you need more information? I will do it. I have to talk with Pedro. Daniel: Hmm. I just use my computer to write letters and reports. Daniel: Maybe I will. It sounds like fun. Infinitives Gerunds A modem is used to connect computers to phones.

Computers are often used to write letters. I can use the World Wide Web to find information.

I can use it for finding information. Some situations require you to use infinitive. Some situations use gerunds is more appropriate. In other situations you can use both.

Complete the phrases in column A with information from column B.The agent is fat too. It sounds like fun. Entre o 13 e o People pessoas Por exemplo.

Mr Senhor Who quem 8.

I do the cleaning. War guerra