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Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. Antigone is a tragedy by Sophocles written in or before BC. Chronologically, it is the third of the three Theban plays but was. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Sophocles (c. BCE BCE) was the second of the three ancient Greek tragedians whose work has survived. His first.

Antigone Sophocles Ebook

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Antigone (Focus Classical Library series) by Sophocles. Read online, or download in secure PDF or secure EPUB format. Author: Sophocles Title: Antigone Series: Oedipus Cycle: Chronological Order (3) [|] Original publication date: 5th century BCE Publisher: Boston: Ginn, Heath. SOPHOCLES (? B.C.). Antigone. An English Version by Dudley Fitts and 1 Oedipus, once King of Thebes, was the father of Antigone and Ismene, and.

This is because we value or time and our efforts and because we can afford to do that. Others must struggle to find food, to find shelter.

Let's examine these questions from four different perspectives: the question itself What is the value of life ; whose life; religious perspective on the matter; sociological perspective on the matter. For example, a secretary in the administrative office of a Catholic church, a poor and illiterate factory worker in India, and a stockbroker who works as a managing partner in a prestigious firm would all hold different and maybe even opposing morals. Instead, a win-win situation might be to firmly decide that the Daze line would become high-end and…… People are becoming increasingly more used to the sounds of cell phones ringing, which proves that the technology has already altered our perception of the environment.

Mellor suggests that Frankenstein was the first creature that was created by a single man and Shelley created her myth "single-handedly" Mellor Viewed as a natural enemy to a Communistic regime - based on a measure of wealth and education - the mostly teenaged "Red Guards" invaded homes and workplaces in search of people disloyal to Zedung and the political environment of the day.

Humanity today is imperfect because of several motives. We will then proceed to examine the question from the perspective of diverse thinkers. The secretary would probably be opposed to working on a Sunday so that she had the time to attend church, while the stockbroker would feel compelled to work even on Sunday so that he did not feel lazy and unmotivated, and the factory worker would not have the option of making such a decision as he would have to work every…… [Read More] Values and Beliefs: Transformation and Change Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the human psyche is how one's personal values and beliefs can transform and change.

Portrayals of crime, race, and aggression in "reality-based" police shows: A content analysis. Mobile phones are now a pervasive part of our culture; people of all ages walk down the street with telephone in hand.

Victor teaches us some valuable lessons and the most important might be to never forget the law of unintended consequences. Considered "too aggressive and too independent in mind and spirit for a Chinese woman," Ms.

One of the aspects in which humanity fails from letting justice prevail is determining the value of life. What is the value of life We can talk about something having value when we touch it, feel it, examine it under the microscope, assess it in various ways and can physically measure it against something else. Frankfurt, H. Whereas, one previously might have imagined that one's value systems and beliefs were "set in stone," events, circumstances, relationships, and changing community membership can either slowly or suddenly work to change one's central beliefs quite unexpectedly.

However, cell phones also raise a lot of controversial social values issues. In Whale ider, a whale's tooth that has been cast into the ocean serves as a symbol of leadership, and the protagonist's retrieval eventually cements her ascendance to the role of a tribal leader. Victor never considered that his creation would be hideous and that oversight ruined everything for him and the creature. Cheng would be humiliated in "town meetings" where false and unfounded accusations were used to force a confession of subterfuge and espionage, tortured, imprisoned for over 6 years without news of her only daughter, Meiping, who had been murdered by Maoists revolutionaries for refusing to denounce her mother as a spy, and placed under house arrest.

Nowadays, life has a price, and people usually determine what that price is depending on the circumstances. Morris, T. Ford Pinto During the s, Ford designed and manufactured an inexpensive passenger vehicle known as the Pinto which exploded when the vehicle was rear-ended and the gas tank was ruptured. Although many individuals can experience a real sense of personal internal resistance or struggle to changing beliefs and values perhaps akin to the stereotypical "midlife crisis" , some respond to value change quite readily and without emotional crisis.

There is no refuting that technology will continue to alter education Cornell, Her positive arc moving away from traditional values is shown in her appropriation of certain physical symbols of this traditional value system. Victor's desire to know more lead to more destruction than he could have ever imagined. Even here, however, some points of continuity with other research can be found. Clearly, it would seem barbaric to try and decide the value of a human being. Senior management became aware of this design failure after a number of serious injuries and fatalities occurred involving the car.

However, regardless of how one responds, belief and value change is a normal and typically inevitable for those who function in a wide variety of relationships, communities, and situations. Socialization is the development of a sense of being self connected to a larger social world by way of learning and internalizing the values, beliefs, and norms of one's culture.

Internet Alert: FTC warns against false health claims. In this way, the protagonist both literally and symbolically adopts and yet transforms the traditional values of her tribe in order to achieve her own identity.

Truthfully, it is barbaric even to associate the words value and human because of the fact that in the civilized world the human life is meaning much more than something you can put a price on. Management then requested a cost-benefit analysis to determine the least expensive way to deal with the problem. Relationships and Communities: Their Central Function Cultural anthropologists have long known the important role that community, and the relationships within…… During socialization people learn to carry out certain roles as citizens, friends, lovers and workers.

Artifacts are out to a much different use in Franz Kafka's the Metamorphosis. It found that the cost of fixing the design problem with a global recall of all Pintos would be an estimated 7 million.

In the course of internalization our culture becomes second nature. In order to be eligible, the Medicare must only receive services from a Medicare-approved facility, and must have a "qualifying hospital stay" just before entering the nursing home; this stay is generally three days or longer "Nursing Homes: Paying for Care". Of course, the arc that the protagonist of this story travels is also markedly different from that of the protagonist in Whale ider; Gregor Samsa is quite happy his traditional role of a grown…… This can happen because all people have a conscience and…… On the other hand, the cost of dealing with litigation and paying out settlements for deaths and injuries resulting from exploding gas tanks was estimated to be.

The Ford Pinto case: a study in applied ethics, business and technology. Business ethics, an introduction debunking the myths. Based on these reasons, there is a long list of reality TV shows that are being produced. People learn to behave in socially suitable and adequate ways.

In light of these potential medical costs, one must be careful when advising this couple. The entire look and feel of Kunming was different because of the way factories were developed and houses were built. In spite of the hardships that communism posed for Chan and her family, she remained strong.

This is why it will always give you something to wear and give the veterans community something to be proud of. Therefore, the estimated net benefit savings in not fixing the design problem was. Retrieved December 14, from Marquette University Web Site: Not all of these shows are successful, but the one that are successful have achieved great deal of profits, cultural prominence and popularity.

Some social institutions have precise roles in socializing the young and others have less deliberate but still powerful roles in the process. Retrieved July 30, , from Writing Web site: - Values and Ethics and Asylum Seekers Ethical awareness is a necessary part of the professional practice of social workers and their ability to act ethically is an essential aspect of the quality of service offered to clients Ethics pp.

Lives of the Saints: Vittorio's Grandfather's Self-Marginalization Nino icci's novel, Lives of the Saints, centers on the scandal occurring in the small Italian village of Valle De Sole, an area which houses a society dominated by the notions of religion and superstition.

The goal of retirement is to allow them to maintain their quality of life, but their quality of life is not maintained if they are constantly sick or worrying about their health.

She never lost hope that one day she would start a new business. No matter what specific values or ethical systems are being applied to a given situation, there are certain limitations to the actions and behaviors that can be taken and the choices that can be made. Vet-Life raises awareness about PTSD, helps the homeless veterans get off the street, and helps the disabled have access to living conditions through nonprofit charities Vet Life The question that arises here is that if these shows should be produced or should they be aired for the audience.

The mass media is a very influential socializing force. Retrieved July 30, , from Web site: Cornell, K. According to the International Federation of Social orkers, professional social workers are dedicated to service for the welfare of human beings, and to the use of scientific knowledge concerning human behavior International pp. Cristina Innocente, a local woman whose husband has left for the United States years before finds herself pregnant from an encounter with a mysterious blue-eyed stranger, and her seven-year-old son Vittorio is left to face the narrow-mindedness and judgment his family faces from both their own relatives and the inhabitants of the small town they live in.

The father's skepticism about taking out a policy that would cover nursing homes or home nursing services is warranted. It was years before her dream came true, and it was not easy.

For instance, the case of price fixing between two major soda manufacturers and distributors could have been handled in two ways, each with its own set of short- and long-term effects on te careers of the individuals involved. Value of Moral Ethics in the Life of Ex-President Clinton In today's world, working in organizations means working in an environment with people from multicultural backgrounds. The objective of this report is to discuss a marketing plan that can help the company increase its overall sales.

The Ford Pinto Case: the valuation of life as it applies to the negligence-efficiency argument. Many definitions have been given for reality TV but one of the most important definitions is a show that showcases situations that have actually happened. Media affects how people learn about the world and interact with each another. Country of asylum by choice or by chance: asylum-seekers in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.

One character who deals directly with the scandal within the Innocent family is Vittorio's grandfather. First of all, no one wants to think about the time when they will no longer be able to take care of him…… The move to the United States was challenging because it made Chan feel "like a baby, starting again. The decision to engage in price fixing led to the imprisonment of at least one of the men; though the short-term effects lived up to the promise of a more lucrative career, security for the executive's family, and other benefits, in the long-term his career was…… Values and Ethics A person's worldview is shaped in many ways starting from birth.

If one were asked what type of organization they would like to work in, the chances are the reply will be "ethical organizations. Retrieved December 14, from Spr New Media Web Site: in a Godless orld For as long as mankind has contemplated its own creation philosophers have pondered the meaning of life largely within the context of humanity's relationship to the divine, from Aristotle's metaphysical conception of God as all actuality to Descartes' systematic attempt to develop a proof of God's existence.

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Apparently, there is no scripting in these shows as in the case of dramas and serials. According to the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social orkers: The social worker should act to prevent practices that are inhumane or discriminatory against any person or group of persons.

The social worker should not practice, condone, facilitate or collaborate with any form of discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex,…… Retrieved October 27, from: Federation of Social Workers. The narrator is simply being human in his desire to control and understand things but Kafka is demonstrating how we cannot always know everything and how we must be at peace with that, lest we become insane. In living with the now societally-scorned Christina, Vittorio's grandfather, torn between his family duties and his position as the town's mayor, is forced into a powerless position despite his high political status.

Gradually, though, she put together the financing for the business. The values held by his family, friends and community are impressed upon him during the first years of his life, and form the basis by which he interacts with the world and through which he understands his experiences. Are they really functioning to benefit the workplace such as the government, which was constantly plagued by lawsuits of sexual harassment, especially during the terms of the Clinton administration or are they just operational in the documents where they rest for the staff to read on new employment?

Cooper, The Responsible Administrator, 4th edition. Nelson, Managing Business Ethics, 2nd edition, pp. The phrase may be original, but the sentiment certainly is not.

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The dominance of Christianity throughout much the civilized world invariably constrained the ability of great thinkers to challenge many of the religion's most fundamental precepts, from the concept of free will to the nature of good and evil, leaving much of the early philosophical canon regrettably limited by a reliance on unquestioned faith.

Our company is also determined to significantly engage in the life of the community of which we are part of. A small group of people are showcased in these shows who are not trained actors but these are chosen as they face unusual situations.

Retrieved October 27, from: The narrator becomes repulsed by Bartleby and decides that he must be suffering from some type of mental problem. It is also important to point out that some things are simply not meant to be known or completely understood. Religious counseling is an important field and one that works on the same principles as general counseling but integrates religion into it.

The energy balance of our planet is also affected by changes in the transparency of the atmosphere as a result of man's production activities. Population growth intensifies the whole process through which anthropogenic interventions alter the climate. More people exploit more natural resources, cut more trees, use more fossil fuels, produce more wastes, build more roads, dams and cities, pollute more soil, water and air, and contribute more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere ' which may lead to the ozone depletion and global warming, i.

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Prices are budget friendly and you can enjoy great savings too. The Irish were stereotyped as uncivilized, unskilled and impoverished and were forced to work at the least desired occupations and live in crowded ethnic ghettoes. Nativists reacted to increased Irish immigration with violent riots and increased demands for limits on immigrants' rights. These nativist groups considered the immigrants as a threat and regarded the Catholicism of the Irish as an alien and rebellious religion and culture.

During the mid-nineteenth century anti-Catholic riots struck the major eastern cities and vandalism against Catholic institutions became such a common practice that many insurance companies refused to cover Catholic schools and churches. Many nativists urged policies that would limit Irish political power and immigrants' rights to vote and to hold public office, to be passed. In The Order of the Star-Spangled Banner, a clandestine society of nativists, emerged; its members pledged to only support native-born Protestants for public office, to fight the Roman Catholic Church and to support an obligatory year waiting period for naturalization.

This society, later reformed into the American party, when asked about their anti-immigrant activities would simply reply "I know nothing," earning them the name the Know-Nothings. This party with its motto "Americans Shall Rule America" won many city and state elections throughout the s and produced a multitude of political cartoons depicting the Irish as a barbaric civilization. Anti Irish cartoons for magazines such as Harper's Weekly featured cartoons by Thomas Nast and depicted Irish immigrants as ape-like barbarians prone to lawlessness, laziness and drunkenness.

The Conscription Act of made all white men between the ages of twenty and forty-five years eligible for the draft by the Union Army. Blacks were not drafted or forced to fight and white men with money could legally hire a substitute. Lower-class whites many of whom were Irish resented the draft.

This print shows the riot in New York City by a mob of lower-class whites including many Irish stereotypes. First and foremost, Bradbury's novel gives an anti-censorship message. Bradbury understood censorship to be a natural outcropping of an overly tolerant society.

The Oedipus Trilogy, by Sophocles

Once one group objects to something someone has written, that book is modified and censorship begins. Soon, another minority group objects to something else in the book, and it is again edited until eventually the book is banned altogether. In Bradbury's novel, society has evolved to such an extreme that all literature is illegal to possess. No longer can books be read, not only because they might offend someone, but because books raise questions that often lead to revolutions and even anarchy.

The intellectual thinking that arises from reading books can often be dangerous, and the government doesn't want to put up with this danger. Yet this philosophy, according to Bradbury, completely ignores the benefits of knowledge. Yes, knowledge can cause disharmony, but in many ways, knowledge of the past, which is recorded in books, can prevent man from making similar mistakes in the present and future. Though both works definitely have an anti-government theme, this is not the core idea of Bradbury's novel.

As Beatty explains in part one, government control of people's lives was not a conspiracy of dictators or tyrants, but a consensus of everyday people. People are weak-minded; they don't want to think for themselves and solve the troubling problems of the world. It is far easier to live a life of seclusion and illusion-a life where the television is reality. Yet more importantly, Fahrenheit is an anti-apathy and anti-dependence and anti-television message.

People in the novel are afraid-afraid of themselves. They fear the thought of knowing, which leads them to depend of others government to think for them. Since they aren't thinking, they need something to occupy their time. A whole host of problems arise from television: violence, depression and even suicide.

Thus, Bradbury advocates the idea that men should think for themselves, not let the government or the television do their thinking for them.

The easiest way, Bradbury argues, to think for oneself is to expand one's knowledge of history and politics and religion. This can only be achieved through the study of books. Though this study may cause discomfort, all in all, it is necessary for any society that doesn't wish to repeat the mistakes of the past. Professional help with writing a business plan Aeon email newsletters are issued by the not-for-profit, registered charity Aeon Media Group Ltd Australian Business Number 80 This Email Newsletter Privacy Statement pertains to the personally identifying information you voluntarily submit in the form of your email address to receive our email newsletters More generally, when visiting the Aeon site you should refer to our site Privacy Policy here.

This Email Newsletter Privacy Statement may change from time to time and was last revised 5 June, How do i write my business plan It is here that he prepares himself for the stage of life. The memory of my first day in school is still fresh in my mind. There were ten teachers including the physical instructor. The school had a compound with lush green lawns and flowers bedded.

Here he forms new associates, comes in contact with boys of different temperaments and forms new ideas and habits. I had with me English primer and got my first lesson in alphabet. So the right type of educational school is for great importance for him. He gave me a packet of toffees to be distributed among my classmates. When you are starting to learn Java Script, I recommend that you program in it for a while before moving on to the rest of the language.

He borrowed from several programming languages: Java syntax, primitive values versus objects , Scheme and AWK first-class functions , Self prototypal inheritance , and Perl and Python strings, arrays, and regular expressions.

On one hand, Java Script has quirks and is missing quite a bit of functionality block-scoped variables, modules, support for subclassing, etc. Given its influences, it is no surprise that Java Script enables a programming style that is a mixture of functional programming higher-order functions; built-in Semicolons are optional in Java Script. On the other hand, it has several powerful features that allow you to work around these problems.

However, I recommend always including them, because otherwise Java Script can guess wrong about the end of a statement. The details are explained in Automatic Semicolon Insertion. There is one case where you will see a semicolon after a block: a function expression is an expression that ends with a block.

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If such an expression comes last in a statement, it is followed by a semicolon: are names that play various syntactic roles in Java Script. For example, the name of a variable is an identifier.

To switch it on, type the following line first in a Java Script file or a Sometimes you want to introduce a new variable scope—for example, to prevent a variable from becoming global. But there is a pattern for using a function in a block-like manner. It is called Be sure to type the preceding example exactly as shown apart from the comments. An IIFE is a function expression that is called immediately after you define it. Inside the function, a new scope exists, preventing Like all values, objects have properties.

You could, in fact, consider an object to be a set of properties, where each property is a key, value pair. The key is a string, and the value is any Java Script value. In Java Script, you can directly create plain objects, via A property key can be any string.

So far, we have seen property keys in object literals and after the dot operator. However, you can use them that way only if they are identifiers see Identifiers and Variable Names.

However, Java Script objects also support a feature that is truly object-oriented: inheritance. This section does not fully explain how Java Script inheritance works, but it shows you a simple pattern to get you started. There is a way discussed in Reg Exp.

Personal statement for cv writer Let us pretermit that long comparison betwixt the active and the solitary life; and as for the fine sayings with which ambition and avarice palliate their vices, that we are not born for ourselves but for the public,—[This is the eulogium passed by Lucan on Cato of Utica, ii. The corrupt ways by which in this our time they arrive at the height to which their ambitions aspire, manifestly enough declares that their ends cannot be very good.

Let us tell ambition that it is she herself who gives us a taste of solitude; for what does she so much avoid as society? A man must either imitate the vicious or hate them both are dangerous things, either to resemble them because they are many or to hate many because they are unresembling to ourselves.

Merchants who go to sea are in the right when they are cautious that those who embark with them in the same bottom be neither dissolute blasphemers nor vicious other ways, looking upon such society as unfortunate.

He cannot think himself sufficiently rid of vice, if he must yet contend with it in other men. Charondas punished those as evil men who were convicted of keeping ill company. There is nothing so unsociable and sociable as man, the one by his vice, the other by his nature. And Antisthenes, in my opinion, did not give him a satisfactory answer, who reproached him with frequenting ill company, by saying that the physicians lived well enough amongst the sick, for if they contribute to the health of the sick, no doubt but by the contagion, continual sight of, and familiarity with diseases, they must of necessity impair their own.

They often think they have totally taken leave of all business, when they have only exchanged one employment for another: there is little less trouble in governing a private family than a whole kingdom. Wherever the mind is perplexed, it is in an entire disorder, and domestic employments are not less troublesome for being less important.

Who is the man that by fleeing from his country, can also flee from himself? You do a sick man more harm than good in removing him from place to place; you fix and establish the disease by motion, as stakes sink deeper and more firmly into the earth by being moved up and down in the place where they are designed to stand. Quantae connscindunt hominem cupedinis acres Sollicitum curae?

Quidve superbia, spurcitia, ac petulantia, quantas Efficiunt clades? How many bitter anxieties, how many terrors, follow upon unregulated passion! What destruction befalls us from pride, lust, petulant anger!

Now, since we will attempt to live alone, and to waive all manner of conversation amongst them, let us so order it that our content may depend wholly upon ourselves; let us dissolve all obligations that ally us to others; let us obtain this from ourselves, that we may live alone in good earnest, and live at our ease too. Stilpo having escaped from the burning of his town, where he lost wife, children, and goods, Demetrius Poliorcetes seeing him, in so great a ruin of his country, appear with an undisturbed countenance, asked him if he had received no loss?

To which he made answer, No; and that, thank God, nothing was lost of his. This it is to make choice of treasures that can secure themselves from plunder and violence, and to hide them in such a place into which no one can enter and that is not to be betrayed by any but ourselves. Wives, children, and goods must be had, and especially health, by him that can get it; but we are not so to set our hearts upon them that our happiness must have its dependence upon them; we must reserve a backshop, wholly our own and entirely free, wherein to settle our true liberty, our principal solitude and retreat.

And in this we must for the most part entertain ourselves with ourselves, and so privately that no exotic knowledge or communication be admitted there; there to laugh and to talk, as if without wife, children, goods, train, or attendance, to the end that when it shall so fall out that we must lose any or all of these, it may be no new thing to be without them. We have a mind pliable in itself, that will be company; that has wherewithal to attack and to defend, to receive and to give: let us not then fear in this solitude to languish under an uncomfortable vacuity.

Virtue is satisfied with herself, without discipline, without words, without effects. In our ordinary actions there is not one of a thousand that concerns ourselves. He that thou seest scrambling up the ruins of that wall, furious and transported, against whom so many harquebuss-shots are levelled; and that other all over scars, pale, and fainting with hunger, and yet resolved rather to die than to open the gates to him; dost thou think that these men are there upon their own account?

No; peradventure in the behalf of one whom they never saw and who never concerns himself for their pains and danger, but lies wallowing the while in sloth and pleasure: this other slavering, blear-eyed, slovenly fellow, that thou seest come out of his study after midnight, dost thou think he has been tumbling over books to learn how to become a better man, wiser, and more content?

Who is it that does not voluntarily exchange his health, his repose, and his very life for reputation and glory, the most useless, frivolous, and false coin that passes current amongst us?

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I, We have lived enough for others; let us at least live out the small remnant of life for ourselves; let us now call in our thoughts and intentions to ourselves, and to our own ease and repose. Since God gives us leisure to order our removal, let us make ready, truss our baggage, take leave betimes of the company, and disentangle ourselves from those violent importunities that engage us elsewhere and separate us from ourselves.

We must break the knot of our obligations, how strong soever, and hereafter love this or that, but espouse nothing but ourselves: that is to say, let the remainder be our own, but not so joined and so close as not to be forced away without flaying us or tearing out part of our whole. The greatest thing in the world is for a man to know that he is his own. Our forces begin to fail us; let us call them in and concentrate them in and for ourselves.

He that can cast off within himself and resolve the offices of friendship and company, let him do it. In this decay of nature which renders him useless, burdensome, and importunate to others, let him take care not to be useless, burdensome, and importunate to himself. Let him soothe and caress himself, and above all things be sure to govern himself with reverence to his reason and conscience to that degree as to be ashamed to make a false step in their presence: Socrates says that boys are to cause themselves to be instructed, men to exercise themselves in well-doing, and old men to retire from all civil and military employments, living at their own discretion, without the obligation to any office.

There are some complexions more proper for these precepts of retirement than others. Such as are of a soft and dull apprehension, and of a tender will and affection, not readily to be subdued or employed, whereof I am one, both by natural condition and by reflection, will sooner incline to this advice than active and busy souls, which embrace: all, engage in all, are hot upon everything, which offer, present, and give themselves up to every occasion.

Why therefore should we, contrary to their laws, enslave our own contentment to the power of another? I do not think Arcesilaus the philosopher the less temperate and virtuous for knowing that he made use of gold and silver vessels, when the condition of his fortune allowed him so to do; I have indeed a better opinion of him than if he had denied himself what he used with liberality and moderation. I see the utmost limits of natural necessity: and considering a poor man begging at my door, ofttimes more jocund and more healthy than I myself am, I put myself into his place, and attempt to dress my mind after his mode; and running, in like manner, over other examples, though I fancy death, poverty, contempt, and sickness treading on my heels, I easily resolve not to be affrighted, forasmuch as a less than I takes them with so much patience; and am not willing to believe that a less understanding can do more than a greater, or that the effects of precept cannot arrive to as great a height as those of custom.

And knowing of how uncertain duration these accidental conveniences are, I never forget, in the height of all my enjoyments, to make it my chiefest prayer to Almighty God, that He will please to render me content with myself and the condition wherein I am. Every one should do in like manner, and, moreover, if they find themselves subject to some more violent disease, should furnish themselves with such medicines as may numb and stupefy the part.

It appears to be reason, when a man talks of retiring from the world, that he should look quite out of [for] himself. These do it but by halves: they design well enough for themselves when they shall be no more in it; but still they pretend to extract the fruits of that design from the world, when absent from it, by a ridiculous contradiction. The imagination of those who seek solitude upon the account of devotion, filling their hopes and courage with certainty of divine promises in the other life, is much more rationally founded.

They propose to themselves God, an infinite object in goodness and power; the soul has there wherewithal, at full liberty, to satiate her desires: afflictions and sufferings turn to their advantage, being undergone for the acquisition of eternal health and joy; death is to be wished and longed for, where it is the passage to so perfect a condition; the asperity of the rules they impose upon themselves is immediately softened by custom, and all their carnal appetites baffled and subdued, by refusing to humour and feed them, these being only supported by use and exercise.

This sole end of another happily immortal life is that which really merits that we should abandon the pleasures and conveniences of this; and he who can really and constantly inflame his soul with the ardour of this vivid faith and hope, erects for himself in solitude a more voluptuous and delicious life than any other sort of existence.

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