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All 13 chapters are present as audio - and there are mobi and pdf files included too Please add more Alistair MacLean books if you have any, they are brilliant. (). cover image of Alistair MacLean Sea Thrillers 4-Book Collection The Guns of Navarone (Series). Book 1. Alistair MacLean Author (). cover image . by Alistair MacLean. ·. ··1, Ratings. Bruno Wildermann of the Wrinfield Circus is the world's greatest trapeze artist, a clairvoyant with.

Alistair Maclean Books Pdf

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Alistair MacLean - Ebooks Alistair MacLean (may or may not work). Author: Maclean Alistair. 18 downloads Alistair MacLean - River of Death1 · Read more · MacLean MacLean, Alistair - Books. Read more · MacLean. Books shelved as alistair-maclean: Where Eagles Dare by Alistair MacLean, Ice Station Zebra by Alistair MacLean, The Guns of Navarone by Alistair MacLean.

In he and the ship served in the Mediterranean theatre , as part of the invasion of southern France and in both helping to sink blockade runners off Crete and bombard Milos in the Aegean. During this time MacLean may have been injured in a gunnery practice accident.

MacLean's late-in-life claims that he was captured by the Japanese and tortured have been dismissed by both his son and his biographer as drunken ravings.

MacLean was released from the Royal Navy in He then studied English at the University of Glasgow , graduating in , and then worked as a school teacher in Rutherglen.

While a university student, MacLean began writing short stories for extra income, winning a competition in with the maritime story "Dileas".

The publishing company Collins asked him for a novel and he responded with HMS Ulysses , based on his own war experiences, as well as credited insight from his brother Ian, a Master Mariner. The novel was a great success and MacLean was soon able to devote himself entirely to writing war stories, spy stories and other adventures. In the early s, MacLean published two novels under the pseudonym "Ian Stuart" in order to prove that the popularity of his books was due to their content rather than his name on the cover.

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They sold well, but MacLean made no attempt to change his writing style and his fans may easily have recognized him behind the Scottish pseudonym. MacLean's books eventually sold so well that he moved to Switzerland as a tax exile.

From —, he took a hiatus from writing to run a hotel business in England. He also struggled constantly with alcoholism, which eventually brought about his death in Munich in He was married twice and had two sons by his first wife, as well as an adopted third son.

Style Compared to other thriller writers of the time, such as Ian Fleming , MacLean's books are exceptional in that they have an absence of sex and most are short on romance because MacLean thought that such diversions merely serve to slow down the action.

[PDF] Alistair MacLean Sea Thrillers 4-Book Collection: San Andreas, The Golden Rendezvous,

Nor do the MacLean books resemble the later techno-thriller approach. Instead, he lets little hinder the flow of events in his books, making his heroes fight against seemingly unbeatable odds and often pushing them to the limits of their physical and mental endurance. MacLean's protagonists are usually calm, cynical men entirely devoted to their work and often carrying some kind of secret knowledge.

A twist that he sometimes employs is that one of the hero's closest companions turns out a traitor. Nature, especially the sea and the Arctic north, plays an important part in MacLean's stories, and he used a variety of exotic parts of the world as settings to his books.

MacLean's best books are often those in which he was able to make use of his own direct knowledge of warfare and seafaring, such as HMS Ulysses which is now considered a classic of naval fiction.

These four novels featured third-person narratives and a somewhat epic tone, and were mostly set during World War II. The Last Frontier contained overt philosophical and moral themes that were not well received.

MacLean, Alistair - River of Death

These six novels including two under Stuart all featured first-person and sometimes unreliable narration laced with a dry, sardonic, self-deprecating humour, and were all set in contemporary times.

These are MacLean's most intensely plotted tales, masterfully blending thriller and detective elements. MacLean then retired from writing for three years, returning with — When Eight Bells Toll through to Bear Island, a varied collection of six novels that still maintained a generally high quality, with some books harking back to each of the first two periods but usually taking a more cinematic approach not surprising since he began writing screenplays during this time.

Finally — The Way to Dusty Death to the end twelve novels. There were no more first-person stories, and his prose is thought to have often sagged badly, with excessive dialogue, lazily described scenes, and under-developed characters.

Some bore these faults more than others, and all the books sold reasonably well, but MacLean never regained his classic form.

En route, members of the movie crew and ship's company begin to die under mysterious circumstances. The crew's doctor, Marlowe, finds himself enmeshed in a violent, multi-layered plot in which very few of the persons aboard are whom they claim to be.

Marlowe's efforts to unravel the plot become even more complicated once the movie crew is deposited ashore on Bear Island, beyond the reach of the law or outside help.

The murders continue ashore, and Marlowe, who is not what he seems to be either, discovers they may be related to some forgotten events of the Second World War.

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Performed by Hugh Dickson. Identifier BearislandAM. Ppi Bob the pig - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 18, Subject: This audio book is complete All 13 chapters are present as audio - and there are mobi and pdf files included too.

My archive here includes all of Alistair MacLean's novels, some multiple copies where more than one narrator is available. Chambo - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 10, Subject: Not a Complete Book Excellent story but there's only 12 chapters on this book.

The book ends and I have no way of knowing what happens next.

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Such a disappointment. Thanks for uploading the last chapter that was missing previously. I have been checking back here on a regular basis and am very pleased to see you have now added Chapter Many of MacLean's novels were made into films, but none completely captured the level of detail and the vividness of writing found in his best works such as Fear Is the Key ; the two most artistically and commercially successful film adaptations were The Guns of Navarone and Where Eagles Dare.

However, most are currently still in print in paperback in the UK. These are MacLean's most intensely plotted tales, masterfully blending thriller and detective elements.

Uploaded by Bob the pig on September 17, Ice Station Zebra. Please add more Alistair MacLean books if you have any, they are brilliant. Note that the Times list consisted of a Top 10 from through , but a Top 15 or 16 before and after; thus, books during that middle period may have had longer stays relative to the others.