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The Mahabharata Quest Book 2: The Secret of the Druids link - One place for a direct download link for The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret PDF?. Get hundred compilations of book connect to download as well as obtain This is why this book The Mahabharata Secret By Christopher C. Doyle becomes a. Mar 18, Free ebooks Download: The Mahabharata Secret book The The Girl in Room by Chetan Bhagat Chetan Bhagat Books, Ebook Pdf, Book.

The Secret Of Mahabharata Book Pdf

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the+mahabharata+secret+-+doyle+christopher+c - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. book. To ask other readers questions about The Mahabharata Secret, please sign up. I want to read this book..i don't know the u please tell me. 3Ct6Tg7Hy - Read and download Christopher C Doyle's book The Mahabharata Secret in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book The Mahabharata.

Before his death he sent four cryptic emails to his nephew Vijay, who with his business partner Colin, childhood friend Radha and her father, linguist Dr. Shukla, start analyzing it.

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They are aided by Bheem Singh, current owner of Rajvirgarh fort and Greg White, an archaeologist mentioned in Vikram's emails. The group deduce that the emails refer to the Nine Men and their secret, which can be revealed by using a metal disc, a key, a ball of rock and a riddle.

The group find that the metal disc and the key together point to the Edicts of Ashoka. They travel to Bairat and find a hidden library of the Nine, but are imprisoned inside by Farooq and his men. The group find an alternate route and the ball of rock. The Barabar Caves , location of the second inscribed ball. Vijay and his friends travel to the Barabar Caves in Bihar after interpreting a clue in Bairat. Inside the caves they unearth another such ball with inscriptions on it.

However, Vijay and Radha are kidnapped by Farooq. Imran suspects Bheem Singh and investigates in his basement, but gets caught. Bheem explains that the Vimana Parva of the Mahabharata spoke about ancient arsenal which could be made invisible by covering them with an undisclosed element, thus making them fatal.

This was what the Nine tried to protect. Imran understands that Bheem was allied with Farooq and were trying to discover the secret location of the weapons. In an ensuing conflict, Bheem's attack on Imran backfires and he himself is killed. Farooq had given 48 hours time to Vijay's friends to decipher the meaning of the final clue in the ball. They unearth the final secret to be at Hazaribagh , atop a hill called Marang Buru. Farooq and his men escape with Vijay on being notified of Imran's advance, leaving Radha behind.

As the whole group reaches Marang Buru, there it is revealed that Greg was actually an assassin employed by Farooq called Murphy, impersonating the real Greg White. On Farooq's insistence, Vijay and Colin enter the hill and through numerous chambers reach the secret vault of the Nine. There they discover the giant artillery, including the nuclear weapons. Farooq and his henchmen start collecting the weapons, unaware that Imran and Indian commandos had surrounded them.

But his plansfor everlasting glory do not end there and the young king marches towards the Ends of the Earth - the lands of the Indus - on a secret quest.

It will lead him to an ancient secret. It will lead him to an ancient secret concealed in the myths of the Mahabharata; a secret that is powerful enough to transform him into a god.. In New Delhi, the Intelligence Bureau discovers unexplained corpses in a hidden lab. Vijay Singh and his friends, now members of an elite task force, are sucked into a struggle with a powerful and ruthless enemy.

In a deadly race against time, they will need to solve a riddle from antiquity that will lead them to encounter shocking secrets from the past; secrets that will reveal mystifying links between ancient history, the Mahabharata and the ancient enemy with diabolical plans for a future that will hold the world to ransom. The Quest has just begun After the Mahabharata Secret, Christopher C Doyle yet again explores the science behind the enduring mythology of the Mahabharata and brings it alive in a contemporary setting.

The result is a gripping story that will keep you hooked right until the last page. Read more Read less. Enabled Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled Page Flip: Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

The Mahabharata Secret. Christopher C. A Secret Revealed. The Secret of the Druids.

Ram - Scion of Ikshvaku: Amish Tripathi. Keepers of the Kalachakra: Ashwin Sanghi. Doyle is an author who transports the reader into a fascinating world where ancient secrets buried in legends blend with science and history to create a gripping story.

Along the way to publishing his debut novel, The Mahabharata Secret, Christopher pursued a career in the corporate world after graduating from St. Over the course of his corporate career, he has worked with leading multinational organizations as a senior executive and CEO before setting up a strategic consultancy in India in partnership with a US based consulting firm.

Christopher has written articles on management and business for Indian and international publications and is also a regular invited speaker for international conventions and conferences.


He is a certified Executive Coach and now works with senior executives to help them achieve success and better results in their organisations. Work aside, Christopher is a musician and lives his passion for music through his band called Mid Life Crisis, which plays classic rock. Product details File Size: Westland; 1st edition October 10, Publication Date: October 17, Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Not Enabled. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention dan brown present day historical facts line is good waiting for the next history and mythology story line good read better than the first book end of the book next book indian science secret research vijay doyle gripping thriller fiction.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Lovely Connection between science and Mythology.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Just like the last book i was able to get through this book very fast.

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The book has very simple language and the flow is not too complicated either. You can see hints of Da Vinci codes here and there and this one too is inspired by the great Da Vinci Code.

But it does better than the other copycats. The story line is good and the explanations are so close to being true that you end up believing them. The main leads are again Vijay , Colin and Radha with lots of sidekicks.

This time the story starts from Greece where an excavation is ongoing and an Artifact is discovered.

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Alice Vijays ex-GF ends up in India with the artifact. The roller coaster ride starts which sees Vijay going to Afghanistan , Radha held captive and Imran getting Bombed He survives like an Indian movie hero The way the verses from Mahabharata are explained in context of current science is nice and i was almost believing it.

The Science of the Gods Secret was little unconvincing till the author clarified it. Over all a good pacy read, I would have liked a little shorter version as i thought the book had some parts which could have been removed, and also some more mystery. For me the Mysteries were revealed too fast and abruptly. One person found this helpful.

I just finished this book, but am disappointed! Mr Doyle, thinks he is writing some 'real suspense story, trying to relate the world renown epic Mahabharata, to the history of Alexander the Great and the present day geography of the general area! But he miserably fails, in my opinion, since there is no realism in his story telling!

He has used 'bombastic' language to describe medical science which a common reader can't follow! Also,he has tried to copy the 'Clifton Chronicles' of Jeffry Archer, by trying to extend his story to some more books 'yet to follow'! But he has left no 'suspense' or 'anxiousness' in the minds of readers to follow up!

I, for one, am not interested in buying the next book! Do your research first. Distortion of historical facts. Perhaps the author was trying to imitate Dan Brown in Indian mythology, but did a terrible job.

Do your research first, get facts together and then propose a suggestive story. Of course, you did not and hence the rubbish story. Turned out to be a run of the mill spy story with the only intention of the author seeming to display his knowledge or research into micro biology.I will read it out to you. The research is clearly remarkable and the writer does not seem to get lost in the plot. By royal decree. Overdrive OverDrive connects you with your local libraries to check out eBooks on your personal devices.

That Merc was at the toll plaza. This is a top secret project.