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Where can I find a direct download link for The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret PDF? Where can I download the Mahabharat secret by Christopher C Dayle? In the book written by Christopher C. Doyle, The Secret of Mahabharata, what is the actual secret of it?. THE MAHABHARATA SECRET BY CHRISTOPHER C. DOYLE. PDF. It's no any sort of faults when others with their phone on their hand, and you're as well. Mar 18, Free ebooks Download: The Mahabharata Secret book The The Girl in Room by Chetan Bhagat Chetan Bhagat Books, Ebook Pdf, Book.

The Mahabharata Secret Pdf

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Asoka the Great discovers an ancient and terrible secret—a secret buried To ask other readers questions about The Mahabharata Secret, please sign up. 3Ct6Tg7Hy - Read and download Christopher C Doyle's book The Mahabharata Secret in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book The Mahabharata. the+mahabharata+secret+-+doyle+christopher+c - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. book.

There are many loopholes and irregularities too in this novel. I am mentioning some of them to let you a glimpse of the blunder the author resulted in: 1. The Vimana Parva de-coding really irritated me.! It would contain much more information, apart from that. It was illogical to erase the whole chapter only for that. There were much more disastrous weapon in the great epic. If the use of such weapons were to restricted to the ordinary public, then perhaps all the Kurukshetra episode would have been deleted.

From the current Mahabharata, we come to know the name of various weapons, yet their usage and technology are not known to us and one only hear rumors about them. He decided that he would call him later that evening, when it was morning in India.

The mystery behind the emails would have to wait. He swore as he stretched out a hand for the receiver. Hed just got back on a red-eye flight from an assignment in Central Asia and had hoped to catch up on some sleep.

At the sound of the voice on the other end of the line, however, he was instantly awake and alert. Murphy, the voice was sharp and crisp, with a hint of a European accent. I have a job for you. Its urgent. Murphy exclaimed, as he took in the details. I need you to fly to Delhi immediately. You leave on tonights flight to Delhi from Chicago; American Airlines.

The objective? He listened intently as the caller spoke, giving him instructions. And I report back to you?

Murphy asked finally. He wasnt surprised when he heard the response. Murphy sat in quiet reverie for a while after his call ended. He had worked for his current employers for the last 10 years. His missions had taken him all over the world and had entailed surveillance, assassinations, kidnappings and coercion. But he had never been assigned a mission like this one. Day 4 Jaungarh Fort Vijay sat in a daze. He was still trying to come to terms with his uncles deathhis uncles murder, he corrected himself, and his face flushed with anger.

He had got the news on the same day that he had received the bizarre emails. Homi Mehta, his uncles lawyer, had called to inform him that they had found his uncle in his study. His head was severed from his body. The study had been ransacked but none of the other rooms had been touched.

Vijay had taken the first available flight to Chicago and flown direct to Delhi from there, arriving just the previous evening. Colin, his business partner, was scheduled to arrive tonight after taking care of a few things at the office.

There had been little time to recover from the jetlag. Vijay had performed the funeral rites this morning. The funeral was sparsely attended; his uncle had few friends and his reclusive life over the last few years had only served to distance him from his former colleagues and acquaintances in scientific circles. His death, however, had made news headlines and kept the news channels busy.

The last of the mourners had just left, leaving a handful of people behind. Apart from Homi Mehta, the lawyer, there was Dr. Shukla, a close friend of Vikram Singh, and his daughter, Radha. Shukla was 65 and had sharp and alert eyes. His daughter was in her late 20s, slim, with long black hair and large almond-shaped eyes that gazed with commiseration at Vijay from under thick eyelashes. She had a finely chiselled face. I dont understand why Vijay finally voiced his confusion but his voice faltered and choked as he wrestled with a storm of emotions.

He had been close to his uncle since he was a child, listening to stories of ancient India, and the death of his parents had served to draw them even closer. The lawyer, Homi, had spent most of the previous day at the fort liaising with the local police, who were woefully ill-equipped to investigate this case. The Jaungarh police post was manned by just three policemen and led by a sub inspector who had immediately thrown up his hands, saying he needed help from the state capital, Jaipur.

A special investigation team from Jaipur had descended on Jaungarh. By the time Vijay returned from the funeral, they had completed their inspection of the murder site and collected all the evidence they could find, which they admitted was precious little. There are many unanswered questions, said Homi, Nothing that could provide clues to the motive of the murderers.


It was a perfectly planned break-in. They knew that the butler had his day off and chose a time when all the servants had left for the day. The strange thing is, nothing seems to have been stolen except for Vikrams laptop, which is missing. The study was a mess; books and files had been left scattered all over the floor but none of the other rooms seem to have been disturbed.

It seems they were searching for something specific. Something that they thought was in the study. Each level of security has been breached without any obvious signs of a break-in. The police believe that the intruders knew their technology. Homi shrugged.

It beats me, though, why your uncle installed such an advanced security system. He must have spent lakhs on it. Do you think uncle knew them? Vijay frowned as he tried to sort out the possibilities through his jetlag. Perhaps he let them in? Homi shook his head. The police team from Jaipur brought a tech expert with them when they heard about the security system at the fort.


I think they suspected foul play before they even got here. The records from the security log clearly indicate that each level was manually overridden from the outside, indicating a break-in. And then, there is the manner of his death! Homi seemed to be having trouble hiding the horror in his voice. I know, Vijay muttered, They decapitated him. His voice choked again. Theres more to it, Homi persisted, struggling with words.

Im really sorry to bring this up, but I didntI couldnttell you this before. He paused again. They decapitated him, but there was no blood on the floor! There was silence as the others digested this information. Finally, Shukla spoke up. Perhaps they mopped up the blood before they left, he suggested, though he sounded as if he didnt really believe that the murderers would go to the trouble of cleaning up after a murder.

There was no blood to mop up. Again, Homi hesitated. Then what? Vijay frowned. Homi replied slowly, choosing his words carefully, almost as if he thought they wouldnt believe him. The blood vessels in the neck were sealed. What do you mean?

Vijay demanded, not comprehending the meaning of the lawyers words. It was as if theyd been cauterised at the same time that they had been cut, without a single drop of blood being spilt. A physical impossibility; yet, theres no denying it. Vijay didnt react to this news. A thought had begun to form in his mind. His uncle had secured the fort against intrusion.

But the security system had been breached. And then there was the puzzle of his uncles emails. When he considered the details Homi had provided, it seemed that his uncle had shot off the emails around the time of his death; probably just minutes before his murder. Had his uncle been trying to tell him something? Was there a hidden message in his emails? And how was he to find out? He adjusted his tall and lanky frame on the comfortable sofa and glanced around the room.

It was simple but elegantly furnished. He reflected on the flurry of events that had brought him here; to this farmhouse on the Delhi border.

Three days ago, he had received a call in his office at Boston University, where he was a professor of archaeology and history. An invitation to visit India had been extended to him, with the condition that he had to leave Boston the very next morning. Under normal circumstances, he would have politely declined such an outrageous offer, but two things had made him agree. First was the prospect of a funded visit to India.

His special interest was ancient Indian history, with a focus on the Magadha empire. He couldnt possibly turn down an opportunity like this. The second reason had been provided by his host, in whose farmhouse he now sat.

It was a reason that no archaeologist could ignorean opportunity to research one of the greatest myths of ancient India, dating back to the time of Emperor Asoka the Great. This, more than anything else, had been the trigger for his acquiescence. A large man entered the room. He was tall, well over six feet in height. Though his hair was grey, he was fit, with just a hint of the softening of muscles with age.

White noted the fine cut of his suit and the silk tie and was suddenly aware of his own casual attire. Welcome to India! His host boomed in a deep baritone with a strong British accent. He extended a large hand and shook Whites hand with a vice-like grip.

For his host was none other than the former Maharaja of Rajvirgarh; a prominent businessman who had taken to politics two decades ago and now commanded significant respect and influence in the government. The Maharaja noticed Whites dilemma. I am Bheem Singh, he offered, Please call me Bheem. I dont believe in all the formalities. Though if we meet in public, Ill request you to address me as Your highness. It wont do for my subjects to know that I am so accessible to anyone. White nodded, noting that Bheem Singh had not said his former subjects.

Thank you for flying down to India at such short notice, Bheem Singh said, as he picked up a silver bell from the table and shook it, gently.

As if waiting for the cue, a liveried waiter entered bearing a silver teapot and two cups on a silver tray. Bheem Singh dismissed the waiter with a wave of his hand when he had served the tea, and continued, I truly appreciate your acceptance of my offer. We desperately need your expertise on this project. White decided to come straight to the point.

What is the significant evidence that your secretary mentioned when we spoke? He said youd stumbled upon something that conclusively proved that the myth is grounded in reality. The Maharaja didnt reply, but reached for the bell again. The waiter reappeared. Get me that book, Bheem Singh pointed to a leather-bound notebook, old and worn, that was lying on a side table, not two feet from him.

Its pages were frayed at the edges and the leather was creased and dirty. White was amused. It seemed to be beneath the Maharajas dignity to pick up a book from a table.

He didnt understand. But then, he had never met a Maharaja before. Go ahead, take a look, Bheem Singh invited him after the waiter left, placing the book on the table before them. White did as instructed. This notebook was acquired by an acquaintance of mine from the family of a former US army officer.

He had been a part of the US Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality at Nuremberg, during the proceedings of the war crimes trials.

It was part of a trunk full of Nazi documents that the officer had brought back with him when he returned home from Germany. Its not in English, White observed. It is a diary, written in German. Though there are a few notes in English in a different hand.

Bheem Singh nodded. We got the entries translated into English. And whose diary is this? Have you heard of Bruno Beger? The German anthropologist who was interested in racial research?

The one who conducted his research in Tibet, believing that there were clues to the origins of the Aryans in Tibet? The same Beger. This is the diary in which he kept records of that expedition to Tibet. What drew our attention were the entries that described their stay at the Temple of the Tooth, located around miles from Lhasa.

Read it out loud, Bheem Singh said pointing at an entry in the diary. White cleared his throat and complied. Found a year-old temple called the Temple of the Tooth, miles from Lhasa. Discovered ancient documents from India, in a secret vault one of the monks showed us.

Dont think he was allowed to, since the head monk was furious with him. The documents are in Sanskrit, approximately from ad, according to the monk. He says the vault belonged to an ancient, ruined temple upon which the present temple was built. Apparently, the texts are copies of much older documents that were brought to the original temple by a member of some brotherhood in India.

White looked up from the diary. Bheem Singh was studying him closely, searching for a reaction. Intriguing, but not really conclusive.

White wasnt yet convinced. The Maharaja instructed him to continue. He pointed to some writing in a strange script Thats the reproduction of the verses in Sanskrit. White had studied Sanskrit to help him with his archaeological research. As he read, his jaw dropped open with amazement. Thats right.

This was the reaction his host had been looking for. Here, look at this. He pointed out another entry to White. There were more inscriptions in Sanskrit,longer than the earlier one. Found a way into the secret vault.

Our friendly monk tells us that the texts speak of a secret brotherhood called the Nine Unknown Men, founded around the same time the original documents were written. They also speak of flying vehicles and arrows that wreak great destruction. I have copied the texts. Need to get them translated by Professor Wst. Whites eyes were now shining with anticipation and excitement, mixed with wonder.

So it is true, White could hardly believe it. The legend of the Nine isnt just another myth. A thought struck him. But what is this reference to flying machines and arrows of destruction? That sounds a bit far-fetched. Not at all, Bheem Singh responded. Have you read the Mahabharata?

The epic is full of descriptions of flying machines and arrows that could kill thousands of warriors at one stroke and lay waste to entire cities. Have you heard of the Vimana Parva? The lost book of the Mahabharata that was never recorded when the oral tradition gave way to documentation? Few people know of it. It was discovered by an ancestor of mine, quite by accident, 1, years ago. White shook his head.

Well, then, I must enlighten you.

Bheem Singh looked at his watch. Why dont you join me for dinner, and I can tell you all about it? Just one more thing, Greg. This is a top secret project. We know the legend of the Nine is a true story.

But the government doesnt want to go public with the project. Im trusting you to keep this to yourself. There are people out there, dangerous folks, who would kill to get their hands on the secret of the Nine. Do you know what happened at the Temple of the Tooth?

Whites face showed that he was unaware. And the documents, the texts that Beger has written about in this diary, disappeared. Somebody else knows the truth about the Nine. And theyve been searching as well. Whites face showed that he was beginning to realise the dangers associated with the project. Theres one other person who knows the story is true, White said slowly.

I have a friend, Vikram Singh. He lives in a place called Jaungarh, not far from here. Vikram Singh? The Maharaja frowned.

The nuclear scientist? How would he have known about the Nine? White shrugged. He told me about the Nine a few years ago, that he knew the truth about them. Bheem Singh wore an expression of concern on his face. I had no idea. He looked at White. You dont know, I suppose, that Vikram Singh was murdered just three days ago? They found his body in the fort. Good Lord! White was aghast.

No, I didnt know I wasnt told Do you think his knowledge of the Nine was the reason he was killed? He took a deep breath. Ive got to go to Jaungarh then. He was a good friend. Well go together, his host offered. I had met Vikram a few times though I didnt know him well. Well drive down tomorrow morning; its not too far from here. White was still recovering from the shock.

I think Ill go back to my hotel, if you dont mind. I need to be alone for a while. Thank you for your offer of dinner, but I hope you understand.

Of course, Bheem Singh sounded sympathetic. Im sorry; I should have been gentler in breaking the news. I just wasnt thinking. Through the minute drive to his hotel, Whites thoughts revolved around Vikram Singh.

He recalled how, a few years ago, he had scoffed at Vikram when he had shared his idea about the Nine and their true purpose, over the centuries. And now, he was dead, murdered. He reached the hotel and made his way up to his room, as if in a daze. As he approached the room, he gave a start.

The door was ajar. Was one of the housekeeping staff inside? White cautiously pushed the door open and peered inside. The room seemed to be in order. He reprimanded himself; Bheem Singhs words of caution and the news of Vikrams death had psyched him so much that he was imagining things. The housekeeping staff had probably been negligent in locking the door after them.

He made a mental note to complain in the morning. For now, he planned on having a large Scotch and a light dinner before turning in early. The jetlag, too, was beginning to take its toll. He entered the room and shut the door, double-locking it behind him.

Flinging his jacket on the bed, he bent down to open the mini bar. A shadow fell across the small refrigerator, but before he could react, something hard hit him at the base of his neck and everything went black.

Homi nodded to Vijay. Let me know if you plan to visit Delhi in the next few days. We can schedule a meeting to complete the paperwork related to your uncles will. Or, I can always get the papers to the fort.

Whatever works better for you. Vijay returned to the living room and joined Shukla and Radha. They had offered to stay the night and keep him company. Thanks for being here, he said. It would have been difficult to stay alone in the fort tonight. He looked at his watch. Id better be going. Colins flight arrives at 5.

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You can ask the butler for dinner. Ill eat when Im back. Exactly two hours later, he was pulling into the parking lot of the T3 terminal at Indira Gandhi International Airport. He found a vacant slot for his uncles BMW, and made a dash for the arrival hall.

There werent too many international flights arriving at this time so there was a sparse collection of people who had come to greet the arrivals on the American Airlines flight from Chicago. Vijay swiftly made his way to the arrival area. He quickly spotted the tall, blonde, young man, carrying a laptop and wheeling a large yellow suitcase, scrutinising the faces of those waiting for the passengers.

Vijay shook his head and smiled. Even if he couldnt spot Colin, it would be difficult to miss that bright yellow suitcase! There has to be some limits to preaching hatred and separatism. How can the Indian Government allow these separatists to openly visit the Pakistani embassy in Delhi or travel to Pakistan to take instructions from their masters? No country tolerates that kind of open separatism, be it France with Corsica, or even England with the faraway Falkland Islands, which geographically belong to Argentina.

How to forget too that the Muslims chased out of the Valley of Kashmir Zakir Naik. Zakir Naik tried to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus by denigrating Shri Ganesh; that too, during the Ganesh Festival. By making such comments Naik has hurt religious sentiments of billions of Hindus. Naik also went after Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in the famous debate. Christophe Jaffrelot. Funnily, he regularly comes to India to release the English translations of his books and is feted by the Press corps and gets all kind of laudatory reviews.

I know for a fact that in France, it has an influence on the top bureaucrats and the politicians, as every time something important happens in India — elections, catastrophes, riots, etc, their slanted opinions are sought by newspapers radios and televisions. It is nowadays fashionable in India to always highlight the downtrodden condition of Indian women and their underprivileged place in Indian society.

But no country in the world has granted such an important place to women in its spirituality and social ethos. Karunanidhi and before him his mentor, Anna, exploited to the hilt he Dravidian theory. According to this theory, which was actually devised in the 18th and 19th century by British linguists and archaeologists, who had a vested interest to prove the supremacy of their culture over the one of the subcontinent, the first inhabitants of India were good-natured, peaceful, dark-skinned shepherds, called the Dravidians.

Then, around B. Karunanidhi also exploits this theory and he and Anna have made life for Tamil Brahmins so miserable that many left Tamil Nadu for Delhi or even the US. Wendy Doniger. Rama banishes Sita as Dasharatha has banished Rama. Significantly, the moment when Rama kicks Sita out for the second time comes directly after a long passage in which Rama makes love to Sita passionately, drinking wine with her, for many days on end; the banishment comes as a direct reaction against the sensual indulgence.

Akbar is one of the goody-goodies in Indian History books, like Ashoka because he was a Buddhist, that Marxist historians like to glorify. No doubt, Akbar was one of the better Mughal emperors, but did you know that when he captured Chittor on February 25, , he ordered that the thirty thousand civil population be butchered, including women and children who has taken shelter in the fort?

Michael Witzel, Professor of Sanskrit at Harvard, Witzel must be one of the worst enemies of Hindus in the USA, as shown recently when he tried to prevent the removal of references to India, Hinduism in the curriculum followed by schools in California which parents of Indian origin found to be inadequate, inaccurate or just outright insensitive.

His proximity to Left historians in India is no secret. Amnesty International, which has a large number of Pakistanis in its staff, has always been hostile to Hindus. I remember showing an exhibition on Kashmir in London at the prestigious Commonwealth Club. What did the Kashmiri Hindus do that Amnesty considers them untouchable? And how come that the Muslims of the Valley who chased them by terror and made them flee their ancestral lands and homes are not condemned by Amnesty?

There are many questions asked today about the role of P Chidambaram when he was in power during the ten years of the Congress. Did Chidambaram, with the knowledge of Sonia Gandhi close his eyes on an assassination plot on the person of Mr Narendra Modi?

As the Home Minister of India, it would be a crime. Sitaram Yechury. Yechury is an intelligent man and a brilliant speaker — but he is an enemy of Hindus.

Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa is still the worst publicity for India. No doubt, she did saintly work. This said, one may wonder: What did Mother Teresa really stand for? Was caring for the dying and orphaned children her only goal? Mother Teresa never attempted to counterbalance this negative image of India, of whom she was the vector, by a more positive one.

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She could have said for instance that she was worshipped in a country of million Hindus. Karan Thapar. Does that explain why Karan, though a decent man, is known for his anti-Hindu bias? Once he invited me on a program about the painter M. Akhtar also repeatedly equated the Gujarat anti-Muslim riots to the Jewish holocaust.

Does Alhtar also ignore that 56 innocent Hindus, amongst them 32 women and children were burnt to death like animals in the Sabarmati Express at Godhra? And that this was the spark that ignited the riots? Again we see how anti-Hindus twist facts and truth… Shabana Azmi. Nevertheless she is also a Hindu baiter.

Again the old trick to either equate Muslim and Hindu fundamentalism, or even in the case of Azmi, Rahul Gandhi and others, to say that Hindu fundamentalism is more dangerous than the Islamic one. What a joke… Akar Patel. Arundhati Roy. Arundhati is a pure product of Christianity hiding under an intellectual mask plus hard-core Marxism.

She is most happy in the company of maoists, naxalites Tamil Elam and Kashmiri separatists. Nobody cared… Father Cedric Prakash. This Indian Christian priest has been most active in betraying his own country in the US, amongst Congress parliamentary committees.

Martha Nussbaum. A virulent anti-Hindu American, no doubt supported by Anjana Chatterjee and her ilk. Her interest in India started while working for Amartya Sen, with whom she shared an intimate relationship, a fact she herself bragged about. Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has no great love for India and often leans towards Pakistan her vice chairman of the election campaign is Huma Mahmood Abedin, of Pakistani origin.

Maybe the numerous infidelities of her husband Bill, made her into a hard and cynical woman, but if she becomes President of the US, she will be no friend of India and Hindus.

You can expect continuing support, financial and in armaments to Pakistan if she is elected. Medha Patkar. Another NGO, who very selectively targets only Hindus.

Her Narmada dam agitation had one target only: Narendra Modi. I put it with a question mark, as I consider him as a great soul indeed. But there are many who point out that he never seemed to have realised the great danger that Nazism represented for humanity.

And did not Gandhi also advise the Jews to let themselves be butchered?A physical impossibility. There was no way of knowing if Imtiaz or any of the other guards were on their way here. Footsteps approached and they perceived five men standing outside the car. White shrugged. A network of pipes ran along the roof. These guys are coordinating this chase. It is fascinating to read the way Christopher uses symbols and existing locales to build a fast paced plot.