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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

QUESTIONS. REAL TIME INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Thanks For Buying This PHP INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Book. This book hidden features like you can image for games, create files, GTK . PHP Faqs PDF Download Last week I met one of my old friend. He want to know the job opportunities in PHP. He had done a course in PHP from one local. Advanced PHP_ PHP Interview Questions and - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Php Interview Question Answer Pdf

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PHP Interview Questions. Add Your PHP Question. Download PDF. Also Read MySql Interview questions. Which is the latest version of PHP. 2. PHP Interview questions: PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is an open source server- side scripting Download Core PHP Interview Questions PDF. Contains Important PHP Interview Questions with Answers and PHP FAQs helpful Pdf | PHP Technical Questions and Answers | PHP Programming Interview.

How to remove particular value from session in PHP? Ans: To remove a value there is unset function in PHP. How to create a cookie in PHP?

PHP Interview Questions

Explain few loops in PHP? Ans: There are loops like for, while, do.. Define Explode in PHP? Ans: Explode is to break a string into array.

Each of the array elements is a substring of string formed by splitting it on boundaries formed by the string delimiter. Ans: The above function is used to escapes special characters in a string for use in an SQL statement. What is the difference between Split and Explode? Ans: Split function splits string into array by regular expression.

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Explode splits a string into array by string. How to strip whitespace in a string? Ans: There is trim function to remove whitespace from a string. What is header function in PHP?

You need to use this function before passing actual output. You cannot print any HTML element before this function. How can you break PHP script?

Ans: You can use exit function for that. What is the default page in web server? Ans: Most of the times it will be index page. How can you fine string lenght in PHP? Ans: By using strlen function. What is rand function in PHP?

Ans: It is used to generate random numbers. What is the meaning of isset function in PHP? Ans: It is used to understand whether a value is set to a variable or not. Ans: Associative array represents data in the form of key-value pairs. Ans: It is to send form-data to the server.

Which attribute we use when uploading files? How to create an array inside HTML input? How to define a constant in PHP? How to send a mail in PHP? What are arguments in Mail in PHP? Ans: Both are said to be variables.

How to get current session Id in PHP? How to delete a file from the system? Ans: Unlink function is used to delete a file in file system. What is SQL Injection? Ans: SQL injection is pass vulnerabilities into your web application.

Advanced PHP_ 100 PHP Interview Questions and Answers.pdf

It is a malicious code injection technique. What is htmlentities? Describe types of errors in php?

Ans: Fetal errors are critical errors. The result will cause termination of script. Warnings : These are important errors. The notice user to rectify the code but do not result the code.

Notices : These errors are non-critical and trivial errors that come across while executing the script in PHP. How to can we encrypt data in PHP? What are superglobal variables in PHP? This function is not supported in PHP 7. If we want to check whether a variable has a value or not, it is possible to use the empty function. The unlink function is dedicated for file system handling.

It simply deletes the file given as entry. The unset function is dedicated for variable management. It will make a variable undefined.

100+ PHP Interview Questions Answers for Freshers 2017

The addslashes function enables us to escape data before storage into the database. The stripslashes function enables us to remove the escape characters before apostrophes in a string.

GET method simply send the data with url as query strings and it will be visible. But POST method will hide the passing data.

So POST method will be suitable for submitting secure data like passwords and all. GET method url can be saved for future reference without again form submission. So the proper method will select as per the requirement. Maximum limit for data transfer is also different.

See now you have done a good answer for a simple questions from interviewer.Ans: Most of the times it will be index page. Good Experience.

Hire Jad Now. John Chioles Good Experience. How do we change a password for an existing user via mysqladmin? Is PHP a case sensitive language?