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Hilton Hotema authored numerous books on dietetics, fasting, fruitarianism, breatharianism, vitality, cellular The Mystery of Man by Hilton Hotema / FREE Pdf. Hilton Hotema - Ancient Secret of Personal Power, Tetragrammaton - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Hilton Hotema. Page 2. MYSTERY OF MAN. By. Prof. Milton Hotema. Chapters. 1 . 4, cou wa. Evolution. What is Man. World of Illusion. Cosmic Thought. Spiritual.

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MYSTERY IAN OF THE BIBLE. By. Prof. Hilton Hotema. Chapter. Title. Hidden Life of Jesus. Christ Jesus. Life of Apollonius. Constantine the Great. Hotema presents in his various Writings. The author of this work is not open to any engagements, does not receive visitors, nor grant interviews or enter into any . Hilton Hotema, author of Man's Higher Consciousness (), on LibraryThing.

This discovery also establishes the surprising fact that "creation" is a process of condensation of Spiritual Substance, and its transformation into physical forms according to intelligence and law that appear to be inheront in Spiritual Substance.

This new understanding of Spirit and Matter is the greatest miracle of modern times. It enables us to understand scientifically the spiritual origin of all visible things; including Man.

Ancient scriptures contain evidence to show that the Ancient Masters understood those, things. The smallest portion of the elements that may not be further divisible without changing its characteristics, is the atom, which consists of electrons revolving in one or more separate orbits around one or more centrally located muclei, and held in that orbit, and in its motion around that orbit, by centripetal and centrifugal force, acting together intelligently and according to law.

Intelligence is not confined to the brain, as we find these elements rigidly obeying law, and that is more than the possessors of brains usually do. The motion of the electron requires force, which it appears to receive from the cosmic source; and that force, in turn, is emitted by or radiated from the atom.

It is this power that animates the cells of the human body, and is termed vital force, brain force, nerve force, etc.

The atom consists of only one element, divided to the component where it ceases to be that element if further changed. When the atoms of two or more elements are added together they form an entirely different material from the original element of which composed; and when the new material is divided until the smallest portion of it is obtained where it would be different if further divided, that 9 smallest amount is known as a molecule of that particular combination.

Most of the more common combinations of atoms have names: Thus, water consists of 3 atoms, 2 elements of hydrogen and one of oxygen. When the 3 atoms are combined in the proper manner, they form a molecule of an entirely different material, with characteristics different from either of the elements of which it is composed.

This combining of elements continues still further, when molecules of different elemental combinations are themselves joined. They then form more complex combinations that are different from anything else composed of identically the same molecules. Examples of this are the various kinds of tissues and organs in the body.

It is not known how electrons become combined into atoms, just as it is not known how molecules become combined into cells and pretoplasm to build and sustain the living body. But it has become apparent that the body is not built by food. It seems that food is the occasion and condition that activates the vital processes and stimulates their activity. The transformation of visible matter to invisible substance is the reverse process.

The change of matter from solid to liquid and to gaseous substance concerns molecules only, l. The atoms do not change. Within the molecule, in all three states of matter solid, liquid, gaseous , everything remains the same, i. Electrons remain equally far from one another inside the atom, and revolve in their orbits in the same way in all states of cohesion of the molecule.

Changes in the density of matter, i. The world inside the molecule is exactly analogous to the great space in which the celestial bodies move, which space scientists, believed to be void and empty. Electrons, atoms, molecules, planets, solar systems, agglamerations of stars -- all these are phenomena of the same order.

Electrons move in their orbits in the-atom in the cells of the human body, just as planets move in their orbit in the solar systems of the Universe.

The power of movement canes not from food. The electrons in the atoms in the cells of the human body are the same celestial bodies as the planets of the sky.

Hilton Hotema

Even their voicoity is the same. This fact means that the human body resembles the planetary bodies. The Ancient Masters said, "As above, so below.

If the planetary bodies depend not on food for their origin and maintenance, why should the human body? The Law never changes. In the world of electrons and atoms, it is possible to observe all the phenomena that are observed in the astronomical world. There are comets in the atom that travel from one system to another; -- there are shooting stars; there are streams of meteorites.

But it will be another century before it does so. The substance, of which all visible objects consist, including the human body, is constructed in exactly the same way as the solar system. For each atom in the cells of the body is a miniature solar System. We are incapable of perceiving electrons and atoms as immovable points, but perceive them in the form of the complex, and entangled traces or lines of their movements, which produce the illusion of mass.

Could we perceive our great solar system on an infinitely smaller scale, it would produce on our senses the illusion of a mass of matter. There would be, for us, no emptiness nor space, just as there appears to be no emptiness or space in Matter surrounding us. The entire Universe, consisting of innumerable suns and their surrounding planet, rushing 9 10 with terrific speed thru space, but separated from us by vast distances, is perceived by us as an immovable point. Our Sun is a star, and, with its attendant planets, is rushing thru space at a speed of miles a second, travelling around the center of its cosmic system, ruled by the Law of Polarity.

Electrons, as they move, are transformed into apparent lines, like an object swung round and round with such speed as to form an apparent circle. The apparent lines, intertwining along themselves, produce the illusion of mass, i. What appears as solid matter is an illusion created by speed that appears to form the fine web of lines made by the traces of motion of the smallest material points.

An apparently solid bar of steel is as "empty" to certain radiations as the solar system to our eyes. This fat was demonstrated at the University of Michigan in determining the extent of flaws in metal. By using a tube carrying , volts, photographs were taken thru four inches of apparently solid steel.

The illusive impression of solid matter is produced by the speed of movement. When these principles are known, we have a conception of the way the web, created by the motion of electrons, is woven and thickened, and how the whole world of infinite variety of phenomena, is constructed from this web of lines, which are made by the traces of motion of the smallest material points.

The sun, moon, stars, which we think we see, we do not see. What we see are only crosssections of spirals -- a cross section of the web of lines by the traces of the motion of the smallest material points Mass is an illusion and appears as the result of terrific speed of points.

A ray of light is substance; so is electric current. Light and Electricity are substance not formed into atoms, but remaining in the electronic state. One author terms electricity "ions in transit. When Vital Force ceases to operate thru the body, the atoms lose their cohesive properties, and the body disintegrates and returns to the original cosmic elements.

When something occurs to obstruct the current of Vital Force, somatic death is the result. A scientist is he who can explain results and the cause that produces them. He must attain to the Principle, which consists of the Force that produces, and the Law that directs the work. The philosopher, who trusts to observation for his facts, is looking at the wrong side of nature. He lives in the World of Illusion, but knows it not. The great truths which have shaken society to its center, have always appeared insignificant to the superficial observer, while to the discoverer, the scientific observer, the comprehensive thinker, the True Principle is a Pearl of priceless value.

To him who has attained the true vantage-ground by discovering the Principle, mystery fades, specii1ation gives way to knowledge, and empiricism to the certainty of science.

It was not a lack of facts of observation that prevented the discovery of the circulation of the blood in modern times, nor that left astronomical discoveries of modern times to Copernicus, Kepler, Newton. So it is not a lack of biological, psychological and physiological facts that prevent the establishment of a Science of Man, or a true philosophy of existence.

It is the deliberate work of material science which stubbornly refuses to recognize the existence of the Spiritual World and Spiritual Man. It is the Real World, the Spiritual World, the mysterious causes of things, the invisible forces 10 11 and the laws of their operation, which we must discover if we would know the secrets back of Life and Death.

Mathematics is the only exact science -- the only one with propositions that are capable of positive proof and conclusive demonstration.

Download PDF Man's Higher Consciousness, by Prof. Hilton Hotema

All other so-called exact sciences are based assumptions, deductions, inductions and "working hypotheses," which are more or less useful until further investigation and discovery prove them to be but partial truths.

Words are symbols of ideas, but numbers are symbols of Divine Realities, Spiritual Verities eternal in time, which periodically express themselves in the worlds of objectivity. The Ancient Masters said, "The world is built upon the power of numbers, and numbers are the Key to an understanding of the world. They are ever the same, with certain variations only, arising from the first figures.

The Ancient Masters asserted that the doctrine of Numbers, the chief of all in Esoterism, was revealed to man by the celestial Deities; that the World was produced under the Law of Sound or Harmony, and according to the principles of musical proportion. The science of numbers was not slowly developed by primitive man's learning to count on his fingers, as modern science claims in its "face-saving-propaganda.

A system so far ahead of anything that has yet been produced by modern engineers, that the modern world has nothing which can begin to compare with it. Littlefield holds that this system was revealed to the Ancient Masters by "tutelary spirits; who kept their human students under constant guard" Way of Life, p. The mathematical physicists, who have become mathematical metaphysicians, consider the Universe a mathematical structure that is the product and expression of Pure Thought, closely related to, if not identical with, Mind.

Their doctrine of relativity enables them to reach such views as give them a less static and more fluidic Universe that is more the product of subjective interpretation, than the old mechanistic Universe postulated by physical science. These metaphysicians have views of the Cosmos that are strongly idealistic, and their conception of the phenomenal world is that it is a symbol of Ultimate Reality -- and that Reality is Mind.

Eddington says, "Force and dimensions belong to the world of symbols, and from such conceptions we have built the extern world of physics. After exhausting all physical methods without success, we then returned to the inmost recesses of Consciousness, to the great 'I am Consciousness,' to the Voice that proclaims our Personality, and from there we entered 11 12 upon a new outlook. Sir James Jeans, in his Mysterious Universe, quotes Berkeley's statement, which embodies the fundamental idea of his idealistic philosophy, that "all the choir of heaven and all the furniture of earth have no existence without rind.

The Universe can best be pictured, altho still imperfectly, as consisting of pure thought. If the Universe is one of Thought, then its production must have been an act of Thought. For sixteen centuries darkness has reigned because Romanism, in the 4th century, personified the symbols of the Ancient Masters, which symbols represent Universal Principles, and then distorted and literalized the ancient scriptures, which originally told the true story allegorically.

The entire Universe and all its parts, whether suns, stars, planets, mountains or men, are reducible in the finale to one simple science of vibratory waves that affect our consciousness thru our physical senses.

What is Consciousness? That is just another question of many modern science cannot answer. According to the dictionary, Consciousness is: "The knowledge of sensations and mental operations, or of what passes in one's own mind. Behaviorism declares that man has no consciousness.

That statement could possibly be correct. Some authorities hold that the consciousness man appears to have and express, is really the consciousness of God acting upon and thru the brain, but limited by capacity of the brain.


No tribe of people has been too low in the scale of intelligence to entertain such a belief; and no race of men has been too high in the development of intelligence to reject it. This fact constrains scholars to believe that such a word must exist; for they contend that man cannot even conceive of anything this not nor cannot be. It is a self-evident truth that any conviction which sways the entire human race, regardless of rank or quality could not be otherwise.

There is a universal conviction that man, in the case of somatic dissolution, continues to live spiritually. Then that is one self-evident truth. This conviction inheres in the Soul and rises from Spiritual Intuition. There is not one instance of record that spiritual Intuition has ever borne false testimony. Nor has it ever deceived or misled any creature. It is also a fact of that the lower in the scale of individual 12 13 intelligence is the creature, the more potent and vital is the intuition that guides it.

It is a paradox that the cosmic guiding power appears to be stronger in the more natural and less educated people. What is termed "education" appears to lead people from the natural to the artificial. Early man appears to have lived a natural life, and was taught by Spiritual Intuition that somatic death is not the end of him.

This theory is being confirmed by the best scientific analysis of known facts. Modern man has searched for the Spiritual World up in the cold spaces intervening in the sky. He has been taught by the church that tip there is the Kingdom of Heaven, where God sits on his throne and the gospel Jesus sits on his right hand.

Also, that man must be "born of water and of the spirit" before he can inter into that Kingdom dn. From the records that Romanism has permitted to reach the people, it appears that man has bean unable to discover the kingdom of Immortal Souls, and that has led him to doubt that there is such a realm, or anything more than that he sees on the physical plane.

The result of this is that people are rapidly losing faith in the church, and are leaving it annually by the thousands. Physical science has made certain important discoveries, to-wit: 1.

All matter is reducible to vibratory force. Every particle of matter is in a state of constant vibration. Coarse particles vibrate much more slowly than fine ones.

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All visible matter is in a certain stage of refinement and is vibrating at a corresponding rate of degree, as it is termed. The visible world is composed of substance, and this substance may be reduced to an invisible state.

The spiritual part of man is as truly substance as is the physical part, in which the spiritual dwells. Both are substance, and both are in a state of vibration. The physical portion is visible because of its slower vibratory rate. The spiritual portion is invisible because of its faster vibratory rate. This is the conclusion of science. If it be admitted that the physical and spiritual worlds are composed of substance, the question arises, Wherein lies the difference?

Hilton Hotema - Ancient Secret of Personal Power, Tetragrammaton

What you see with your two eyes when you "wake up" every morning is just an illusion, which many people never escape from. Arm yourself with Knowledge!

I urge you! The fire of knowledge must be ignited inside you or your life will never amount to any significance.

I am in college, but college doesn't teach you a single thing about "How to go beyond" It's just all about money. If you really want to go beyond, you'll have to do it yourself. Your not the only person who is questioning the idiotic way of life that many people are living.

Forgive them for they know not what they do. Arm yourself with real knowledge, Go Beyond, and you will understand all that you have been wondering. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

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