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A book called Sweet Poison includes the claim that a type of sugar called result , and consistent with nutritional guidelines in Australia, David Gillespie. by David Gillespie. Preview Download Roberts, Nora - Sweet - index 'What's impressive about Sweet Poison is that Gillespie turns. ot. Sweet Poison - David - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. food related chemicals.

David Gillespie Sweet Poison Pdf

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FREE Recipes from the Sweet Poison Cookbook. When you first quit sugar, its handy to have some stand-by recipes. Grab this starter set of recipes from the. Introduction. Sugar makes you fat. It is converted directly to fat by your liver and it destroys your appetite control so that you want to eat more of everything. Welcome to David Gillespie's 'How Much Sugar?' I'm now 41 kilos lighter – simply by understanding and embracing the principles in Sweet Poison.".

When you first quit sugar, its handy to have some stand-by recipes.

So have a good breakfast — preferably bacon and eggs — strap yourself in, and be prepared to have everything you thought you knew about fat turned upside down. The great public-versus-private debate has raged for years. Will the local high school suffice, or do you need to pay big bucks for a private education?

Sweet Poison - David Gillespie.pdf

Imagine for a minute that you are carving your way, machete in hand, through impenetrable jungle in some terribly exotic place. You happen upon a clearing when suddenly you notice…. The Government has just decided to throw another 4.

I had to train myself to read medical journals, to understand what they were saying, and to recognise reputable research from unproven statements. I used my legal training to gather the evi dence for and against the theory that sugar was the cause of many if not most of the chronic diseases we face today — including my obesity I took notes so I could remember how it all worked and those notes turned into a book for people who want to know why sugar is killing them.

Sweet Poison is also a case study of one.

It not only documents what the science says, but it tells the story of how I used my new knowledge to change my life. This is an area of medical science that has expanded significantly in the last few years. The main reason for this is that we are begin ning to gain a much clearer understanding of the mechanics of the way our brain does its thing.

And along with that understanding comes some very clear ideas about how to mess up these mechan ics. Breaking this addiction will not require willpower. And it will not require deprivation. Most people do not feel deprived of cocaine, nor do they have to exercise willpower to avoid purchasing it. This is because most people are not addicted to cocaine. I have been sugar-aware for about 10 days, and have lost 2.

If you think about this process as depriving yourself of sugar, you will never break the addiction. You are not giving up sugar; you are breaking a sugar addiction.

Start the process now by telling people that this is what you are doing. Go on!

Most diet books give you lots of complicated rules and proce dures to follow. You may eat only an organic grape picked by a gorilla from the north-eastern side of Mt Ki! It must be eaten whilst balancing on one foot.

Sweet Poison

And you may only eat it in combination with lettuce on Fridays before midday. But along with all the complexity comes a very basic set of presumptions about how the body works. Fat makes you fat.

Exercise makes you thin. Your liver needs to be detoxified with lemons? This book is exactly the opposite.

The rules are simple and broad. After all, you are not giving anything up. You are simply stopping a dangerous addiction.

See a Problem?

The active ingredient in sugar is fructose and it is now embedded in almost every food in the supermarket. A dry wine contains barely any of the original sugar, but a sweet wine still contains significant amounts.

Alcoholic drinks are OK for the recovering sugarholic as long as they do not taste sweet and they are not mixed with other drinks that contain sugar.

You can keep the dry wines, beers and spirits but you need to toss out the dessert wines, ports, sherries, liqueurs and mixers. The only cereals that contain even remotely acceptable levels are variations on unflavoured oats, Shredded Wheat and wheat biscuits. Everything with more than 3g per g should be banned.

Re-stock and get ready for new life THERE is a surprisingly large array of food available without any sugar or with very low sugar content. You should avoid low-fat foods.

These are engineered to taste the same as the full-fat version. The most common way of achieving this is to increase the sugar content. But I have labelled the fruit section safe for sugarholics for two reasons. First, most fruits contain a fairly large amount of fibre, which can help with blood sugar and insulin control. They also contain a lot of water, which gives bulk. That bulk affects how much fructose you take in from the fruit.

All vegetables contain some level of fructose but it is overwhelmed by the fibre content. NUTS: There is no such thing as a bad nut. Some have more fructose than others but even the worst have huge amounts of fibre. MEAT: Meat does not contain any sugar. EGGS: No sugar. This sugar is all lactose — ignore it. Bagels should be avoided.View 1 comment. Jan 17, Farrah rated it really liked it Shelves: We aren't overweight, nor do we struggle with our weight if we exercise in our house, but I object Borrowed this off a friend and it is very interesting.

Foules calories of. I also eat a lot of sugar. I also eat a lot of sugar.