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Introduction to. Creo Elements/pro Volume Page 2. Contents. 1. Introduction to Pro/Engineer Basic Modeling process. Pro/Engineer Basic Modeling. Get up to speed quickly on Creo Parametric with five real-world tutorials. This series of exercises will take you through parts and assembly modeling, motion. Sketcher is the main creation tool of Creo Parametric. The sketcher toolbar Entering Sketcher from Part Mode within Creo Parametric. This section assumes .

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Creo Parametric Tutorial and MultiMedia DVD was written for Creo Parametric PTC released Creo Parametric in the Spring of This book is fully. Check these two sites: %20Program/ PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks Creo Creo Parametric und Creo Simulate Konfigurationsoptionen.

If everything is good you can accept the UDF. For any part that is only dimensioned from one orientation this generic box thread UDF will work perfectly when you want to show a tapered premium or API thread. If you need to show the thread from different in section views at a different orientation you will need to copy the cosmetic thread sketch and paste it in that plane as well in order for it to show up on all the right drawing views.


Then you can use those features over and over again easily by just selecting your new references. UDFs really shine however when they are smart and can adapt to a variety of situations via relations or when you use a family table of features.

A family table allows you to create a group of similar UDFs with various feature or dimension combinations that only apply in certain situations. I will show you both relations and family tables in this example. Before we start discuss what we want our feature tree to look like when we are done and why.

There is also an OD analysis feature. In Creo designing a feature that can work both as an ID feature with angles or as an OD feature with angles is impossible as far as I know.

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

The diameter analysis features have been created in order to reduce the number of steps required to regenerate all features.

Let me explain. You can place it on any size ID or OD you want and it will generate accurate Stub Acme geometry assuming that you have modeled to maximum material values. This means that the OD you place it on should be the major maximum diameter of the Stub Acme thread and the ID should be the minor minimum diameter of the internal Stub Acme thread.

This means also that if the user changes the ref diameter after they have placed the Stub Acme UDF, I want it to again regenerate proper geometry.

Second, the regeneration order of features in Creo goes relations first, then features top down in the feature tree. Then it will start trying to make things work as best it can.

PTC Creo Tutorial Guide for Beginners | Creo parametric 3.0

I ran into problems when I first created this UDF in Wildfire 4 because some of my relations were based on features and also drove other relations that drove other features. Everything is calculated based on the reference diameter surface. If I chose to make my ID surface entirely larger than my previous revolves, it needed 2 regenerations in order to both update the relations, then the features, then the relations and features again.

The problem was that during the first attempt at regeneration there was no longer any material for the revolves and it would fail. The geometry features seemed to update before the relations and this allowed for a smooth one regeneration cycle again.

Nevertheless, I would recommend caution when using multi-step relations-features setups. I wanted to give the user the option to choose between having an initial thread relief, an end thread relief or no thread relief at all. In the previous example we had no choice but to use a generic thread form to show the tapered thread because when using premium threads the exact thread geometry is proprietary. With API or Stub Acme thread forms we could actually do a helical sweep to show the precise thread geometry.

The reason I choose to show the thread form as a hidden line however is for regeneration time. Installation PTC Creo 3. However, PTC Creo 3. If you are a new user, or if your license server has never supported any of these products, you must install the new PTC License Server when using floating licenses.

Open the installer, enter your Sales Order Number, and the Assistant begins the automatic installation: Licensing Alternatives for Existing Customers Existing customers can alternatively use the online licensing tools to request an updated license pack via e-mail for installation on an existing PTC License Server.

To run PTC Creo 3.

See the licensing area at http: Direct3D Microsoft Windows 8 Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. Internet Explorer Microsoft Windows 8. Creo 3. See the Note below.

PTC Creo 3. A detailed list of translated materials is available in the document PTC Creo 3. Order Independent Transparency is not available on systems with graphics cards which support OpenGL 3. Help Centers are available on help. Forums Articles. Creo Tutorials? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by: Previous template Next.

Tom E Reynolds. Hi all, I am a new Mentor for a newer team.

I just downloaded CREO and now need a tutorial or something to help get started. Does anyone have any good links for beginners?How to model involute evolvent gear in Creo 3.

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This results in the faster identification and handling of issues. I ran into problems when I first created this UDF in Wildfire 4 because some of my relations were based on features and also drove other relations that drove other features. You could technically edit a UDF based on a production part.

Create object like mobius strip is simple, and should be divided into separate operations. Open the installer, enter your Sales Order Number, and the Assistant begins the automatic installation: Then click the arrow to go to the last feature and it will jump you into defining the features you want. You can see a really useful script I made to generate Stub Acme thread callouts here.